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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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Fosterers are a valuable part of greyhound rescue in that another greyhound is living life away from the kennels and taking the first steps towards getting used to the family way of life. If you live in the South Lakes or the surrounding area and would like to foster a greyhound until we can find him or her a new home.
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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
(also pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines and tuna in oil, dog biscuits, Dentastix)

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
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which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Red arrived Sunday 17th October 2004
Went to his new home on 14th November 2004
He arrived back with us on Wednesday 23rd March 2005
and went to his new home on Wednesday 30th March 2005
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Red's arrival and a brief history
Red on the 18th October 2004
Red arrived into Greyhound Rescue on Sunday 17th October 2004 and was born in Ireland on the 13th July 2002, which makes him just 2 years and 3 months old. He is dark fawn colour and weighs 76lbs (34 kilos). At the time of his arrival he was living in kennels so wasn't house trained and had never been in a house before. He is now neutered, house trained and his inoculations are up to date.

Red went to his new home on Sunday 14th November 2004. but sadly, he returned to Greyhound Rescue on the 23rd March 2005. As we fostered him originally and he knows us we requested he stay with us until a new home was found for him. Having lived with his new family for
four months it was felt that although he loved the companionship of Anna the other Greyhound the hustle and bustle of family life with three small children was not the best environment for him. He is very friendly, gets on well with people, thrives on cuddles and being loved, loves playing with his squeaky toys and being a couch potato. He walks well on the lead, travels well in the car and gets on with other dogs, unless they decide to bark or growl at him then he will bark back.
Red's Diary
18th October 2004
When we got Red home last night we walked him round the garden to toilet him then showed him round the house. We had an awful job getting his collar off because it was on so tight. We couldn't cut it off and were so frightened that if we took it off normally we might strangle him but it had to come off so we did our best and thankfully we got it off him and put a new one on him that was on the right hole. We kept him on the lead because he was so anxious and under stress. That done, we gave him a good bath, which he wasn't too sure of to begin with, but once in, he stood there whilst we washed him - he looked a shade lighter when he got out and we are sure his skin felt better without all those visitors! He enjoyed his dinner then we took him for a walk. When we got back home he settled down in the living room for the evening and slept.
He settled well at bed time but woke us at 1am by coming into our bedroom. It took us 40 minutes to settle him again but then he slept till 4.30am when we thought we heard movement but it must have been one of the others dreaming. However, as we were up we decided to let him out and afterwards he settled till the morning. He stood fairly quiet whilst making his breakfast and walked well round the garden on his lead. Shows no inclination to jump up to work surfaces but will sniff along them to see what is there. Stairs are no problem and the television doesn't bother him. He's very friendly, loves having his tummy rubbed and a cuddle but at times he feels very unsure of his new environment as he whimpers.
21st October 2004
Red has settled in well and loves coming to us for cuddles, sleeps through the night, doesn't whimper as much, lies on the kitchen floor with the others waiting for his meals and has started playing with Indi's soft and squeaky toys. His coat is becoming much softer and beginning to shine. On Tuesday he was neutered and received his first inoculation. Whilst there, the vet also checked his back right molar because she was concerned about the way the gum was formed, however, further checks showed nothing wrong with the tooth or gum and it may be he was born with it that way.
House training is going well but we are not there yet. He's only been with us 4 days and part of that time he's been in the vet and then recovering so he's not doing too bad. We are trying to get him to scratch the door when he wants out because he shows no sign yet of letting us know but he recognises a verbal reprimand if he tries to 'cock' his leg in the house. He really wants to please but is still unsure of his new way of life and responds well to a cuddle. Although his name is Red we've found he doesn't usually respond to it so we are working on making his name familiar to him.
24th October 2004
We've had Red just a week and in that time you wouldn't credit he was the same dog. He gets on well with the others, sleeps all night, hasn't tried stealing food off work surfaces (but is partial to my maltesers and recognises the packet straight away). He lies on the floor waiting for his meals and is more relaxed and confident - in fact he's growing into a big softie. Last night we took him into the local pub where a number of people made a fuss of him before he settled to sleep on the floor until someone put some wood on the fire that began to 'spit', which un-nerved him a bit causing him to whimper. However, it didn't seem to put him of too much because each time we passed the pub door today on our walk he insisted on trying to go in. We've allowed him off the lead in the garden for short spells today when he's on his own and he's followed us around (we don't want him running with the others until his stitches come out) and tonight we found him sleeping on the settee with his head on Bobby. House training is improving and he's beginning to recognise his name and understand a couple basic commands.
28th October 2004
Red now seems to be house trained and is so relaxed he takes liberties by getting onto which ever settee is available whether its the one allocated for them or not. He is also going to his bed on his own in the evenings for short spells, which is a sign he's feeling more comfortable with his surroundings. He loves going to the pub, seems fine with the children he meets in there, is partial to Guinness and wants to say hello to everyone who comes through the door. Yesterday he picked up the newspaper by the front door and was trying to carry it to us but struggled part way as it began to fall apart. He loves to play with anything and yesterday he decided it was my sandles' turn, which he took from the kitchen to his bed and began chewing the heal. Luckily, it was an old sandle but he seemed to understand it's not the 'done thing' so it was taken off him and he was given his toys.
7th November 2004
We've been to Co. Wexford in Ireland for a week and Red coped with the change of environment extremely well. He travelled well in the car and stayed in it for the 3 hour long ferry journey across the Irish Sea. When we came back to the car to drive off we found them all fast asleep together. When we arrived at the cottage he settled in immediately and was soon flat out in front of the fire with the others. In the morning we got a lovely welcome when we came downstairs and he began playing with our hands in his mouth. This was the first time he's done this and it was a bit un-nerving because he's a big strong dog. However, he did it very gently and we now know its his way of greeting you but we are trying to persuade him there are other, much better ways of greeting people. We walked along the beach most days but he remained on his lead as its not safe to let him off somewhere like this for some months, if not longer and then only with vigilance (time and his progress over the coming months will determine this - see born to run and bred to chase). We also took him for a long walk around Woodstock Gardens, which he thoroughly enjoyed and behaved well on the lead until he thought he heard something in the undergrowth. He was convinced there was something there even though the others ignored it and he was keen to see what it was. However, after a short time we calmed him down and continued with our walk. All in all Red adapted very easily to the change of environment and routine and because everything is so new and exciting to him he is a pleasure to be with. He's very curious, full of life, seems fine with other dogs but not sure about cats (we think he would probably chase them and therefore needs to be watched for a while), walks well on the lead and tends not to 'pull' unless he's excited about his surroundings, which loves to examine as he's so curious, is very friendly, loves a cuddle, playing with his squeaky toys, travels well, follows and learns from the others very quickly and is happy to teach them a few new tricks as well!
14th November 2004
This afternoon Red went to live with a couple and their three small children in a village near Kelso in Scotland. He will also have Anna, another greyhound as his companion and we wish them a long and happy life together.
23rd March 2005
It was a long way from where Red had been living to our house so he had been in one car or another most of the day. He seemed to know where he was in our car and I gave him a
Red on the 18th October 2004
Red on the 18th October 2004

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar

This picture of Red was taken in
October 2004 and is the October
support shot in the calendar.
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Red thinking 'This is the life'
Red thinking 'This is the life'
27th October 2004

Red - 31st October 04
Enjoying an afternoon nap
using Indi for his pillow
31st October 2004

Red on holiday in Ireland
On holiday in Co. Wexford, Ireland
1st November 2004

Enjoying a walk
Enjoying a walk on
the 5th November 2004

. . . and back home again

couple of tidbits to remind him. When we reached home he trotted up the drive and went straight into the house where he was greeted by Bobby and Indi. An hour after he arrived home Jill came back from the vet after her operation and Red was marvelous with her. Not having met her before we were concerned he may be a little boisterous around her but he was so gentle - it was almost as if he'd understood where she'd been. Although he was a little nervous to begin with he soon settled back into our routine and was flat out on the living room carpet by the end of the evening.
25th March 2005
Red has settled back into our routine extremely well and has been no trouble at all. Its lovely to have a new dog that is house trained, can wander round the garden freely from the beginning and not try and steal things. He enjoyed his first trip to the pub and at meal times he sits on the floor with the others and waits quietly for his food. He also waits quietly whilst we are eating ours then comes to lick the plates with the others when we finish. Because we have four dogs at the moment each time we go out for a walk we put him on a double lead with one of the others and he walks well with whichever one he is with.
28th March 2005
This afternoon we took Red to meet Bess an 11 year old Greyhound who lives in the South Lakes and who recently lost her companion, which was her brother. Her owners have had rescued Greyhounds for the past twenty three years, are now retired and looking for a companion for her. However, Bess can be a little snappy with new dogs, especially since her brother died so we took Red to meet her today. We took them for a walk together up towards the fells so they could get to know each other. By the end of the walk they were sniffing the same bit of grass together but inside the house she was a little protective of her bed if he got too close to it. Red is a very friendly dog and loves all Greyhounds so he was a little taken aback at first, however, he took it in his stride and each time she voiced her opion he just backed away and gave her more space.
29th March 2005
Red went to meet Bess again this afternoon and although he had to be careful how near he got to her when she was in her bed everyone felt that given time she would realise he was not going to be just another strange dog but her new companion.
30th March 2005
This morning we took Red over to live with Bess and as we were leaving they were both going out for a walk together - we hope they soon settle down and are very happy together.
31st March 2005
We phoned this morning to see how things were. One of Red's new owner's slept downstairs with them last night and Red decided the place to be was up close with his head on his owner all night. This morning Bess and Red were getting to know each other better and even drank from the same water bowl. Apart from one grumble from Bess things seem to be going well so let's keep our fingers crossed.
9th April 2005
We bumped into Red, Bess and his new owners this lunch time in our local pub. He greeted Indi, Bobby and Squire with a lovely tail wag and a sniff and Bobby touched noses with Bess, which was wonderful. Indi went to say hello to Bess as well but when she was about 6" away Bess gave a low grumble, but that's because Indi is a bitch. Red whimpered a little at first, which he used to do with us when he first went into the pub but we just told him to 'go down', which he did and promptly went to sleep on the floor with the others. When it was time for Red to leave he just got up and walked out with Bess and his owners quite happily - it was lovely to see and we were so pleased he walked out without showing any distress at having to leave us.
26th April 2005
We had a visit from Red this afternoon so he could have a good run off the lead in our field. Since going to live with his new owners they haven't been able to let him off anywhere because all the fields around them are full of sheep and lambs. He ran round chasing Indi and her ball on the rope or with Bobby and Jill who came to stand with us after a while because she found Red a little too boisterous for her. Towards the end he even tried on a couple of occasions to hold the ball, but each time letting go as soon as he got hold of it, however, if he watched Indi a couple of more times he would soon get the message and be chasing after it himself. Red seems to be getting on well now with Bess and his new owners have a photograph of them lying down and touching noses. Red, as we all know loves sleeping with his head across someone and is beginning to rest his foot on her rump without her bothering, so he's getting closer! Red sometimes gets quite lively around Bess but because of the age difference finds him a bit too lively at times and is not adverse to telling him so.
30th April 2005
We saw Red and his new family this lunchtime in our local pub, which upon our arrival then had 6 Greyhounds asleep on the floor. Red looked well and enjoyed saying hello to everyone. His new owners told us they had let him off in a field now empty of sheep and were pleased with the way he kept coming back to them. It was the first time of trying so they are now going to build on this and keep him off the lead a little longer each time.
13th July 2005

13th July 2006

3rd October 2006
We called in to see Red and his owners this afternoon so we could show them the new 2007 calendars. I knocked on the door whilst Stuart was parking the car and Red recognised me immediately even though he hadn't seen me for eighteen months. He came to the door with no collar on and due to his excitement I had to go inside and shut the door to stop him running outside. He was so excited we had to go into the living room where there was more room so he didn't knock Bess over as she is quite elderly and has been ill recently and had come out to see what was going on. He ran around greeting me then ran between my legs getting caught up in the dress I was wearing which caused us to almost fall over with laughter. He just about calmed down when Stuart came in and off he went again but this time giving Stuart a little nip on the back of his leg, which was Red's trade mark when he first cameto stay with us. He really was pleased to see us and it was lovely that he remembered us. Once we sat down he calmed and lay on the floor watching us, occassionally coming over to say hello again. He looked well and his owners say he is very settled in their routine and loves his walks when they let him off the lead most of the time in certain places. Hopefully, we will see him again shortly as we want to join them on their morning walk so Stuart can get a picture of him for the 2008 calendar. It really was lovely to see him again after all this time.
29th November 2006
Called in this afternoon to see Red and his owners as we promised to show them the Christmas and other greeting cards we had produced. Red was just so excited to see me again and once calmed down lay at my feet and rolled onto his back so I could stroke his tummy, which he loved as I could hear him 'purring' - the big softie. He was looking well and is such a fine dog. His companion Bess who was 13 years old last August
Red Greyhound with cows
Red is so used to the cows on his local
fells he simply ignores them.
21st August 2007

Red Greyhound
21st August 2007
came up to say hello and have a stroke then went back to her bed for a rest. Red, although quite bouncy when he gets excited is really good with her and knows she's getting old so doesn't knock into her as he's jumping around in excitement.
13th July 2007
21st August 2007
This evening we received an email enclosing some photographs of Red running on the fells near where he lives. The fells often contain sheep and cows and Red is so used to them being there he simply ignores them.
10th October 2007

This evening we received an email from Red's owner enclosing this stunning photograph
Red Greyhound
October 2007
opposite. It shows Red during his walk on one of the fells near where he lives.
13th November 2007

We did a photo shoot today with three red Greyhounds one of which was Red who visited with his owners especially for the occassion. It was lovely to see him again and looking so well. He gave us a lovely greeting then did a tour of the house and garden to make sure all was as he remember it! Boy, what fun we had taking those photographs because it was a mad house trying to get all three of them do do what we wanted but we got the picture in the end. The other two Greyhounds were Sandy and Max and I think Red and his owners looked forward to going home for some peace!
11th December 2007
Had a surprise visit from Red and his owners today when they called in to collect a new bed for him. He looked well, gave us a lovely welcome then made himself at home by checking each room that all was where it should be!
23rd December 2007
Red and his owners called in this afternoon to see Daisy with a view to adopting her if she and Red get on okay. There were no problems when they met and before long they were milling around with the others as if they had known each other for ages.
30th December 2007
Red's owners called today to collect Daisy who they are re-naming Izzy. Red never came because they wanted to
introduce them up the lane near their house then back home. From an email received this evening it seems they are both getting on with each other and Izzy has found Red's toy box - that should be fun!
1st January 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that with it being New Year's Eve last night fireworks could be heard close to home. They say Izzy was a bit frightened at first but they feel this was probably because Red doesn't like them. After a while she settled but Red took ages to settle. He was still panting a great draught down his owner's neck where he went to bed on the emergency bed in the lounge, which is where he is sleeping a while to encourage Izzy to sleep downstairs with Red.
Happy Greyhounds asleep
Izzy and Red relaxing on New Year's Eve
31st December 2007
23rd January 2008
We called in this morning to do Izzy's follow up visit and were greeted by two very happy dogs. Izzy and Red seem to be getting on well together and it's lovely to see him happy and relaxed with his new companion.
13th July 2008

7th October 2008
Received an email this evening from Red and Izzie's owners letting us know that Red has become very upset with a bird scarer a local farmer has been using to keep birds off his land. It has so upset him that he got away on the fell and in the woods near their house so they have started taking him to a new place slightly further away where he can run and be let off the lead in the woods but can't hear the scarer. Red has had bald thigh syndrome for a long time so his owner took him to the vet for a blood test last week, which was prompted by an article in the Greyhound Star. The test came back as slightly low in the thyroid output so he was put on a low dose of Thyroxine. There isn't any new hair yet, results should show in 3-4 weeks, but he has reverted to being a 3 year old dog instead of 6 - his owner is amazed. As for Izzy, they say she is a little sweetie. 
25th October 2008
Received an email from Red's owner this evening letting us know he is to have another blood test next week to see if the Thyroxine dosage is sufficient. At the same time, because he gets frightened by fireworks and the bird scarers at grass cropping time on the local farm they bought a CD of fireworks along with a dog pheremones dispenser to see if this will help him. They are slowly going to increase the sound level of the CD as approach the 5th November in the hopes it will help him on the night.
10th November 2008
Received an email from Red's owner this evening letting us know that they followed the CD programme each day and evening right up to the 5th November and had the pheremones on continually through November, and guess what? there were very few fireworks, only one not very loud bang when Red was in the garden after tea on the night, he took no notice, and the massive firework display normally held each year up at the farm didnt happen,
but they feel the effort to be worthwhile. The next test will be on New Years Eve. 

30th December 2008

Received an email from Red's owner this evening letting us know that Red has had his quota of blood tests and is now on a low dose thyroxine tablets for the next 6 months to see how he goes. There is a definite spark to him without being too much. Izzy has been with them one year and is an absolute sweetie.  
13th July 2009

13th July 2010

13th July 2011

13th July 2012

13th July 2013

23rd December 2013
We received a Christmas card today letting us know that both Red and Izzy are fine.
13th July 2014

10th December 2014
We received a Christmas card today letting us know that Red is much weaker on his back legs now so he only goes for short walks these days.

2 Greyhounds
Red and Izzy
22nd December 2011

2 Greyhounds
and Red again.
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