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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

(Now called Remy)
Arrived with us on Wednesday 30th March 2005
Went to his new home on Saturday 9th April 2005
Sadly Remy passed away in the Autumn of 2014
following the diagnosis of a wasting disease.

His arrival and a brief history
Schmeichel was born on the 2nd June 2004 so he is almost 10 months old. He is white and brindle with brindle spots and weighs 58lbs (25.4k). He is house trained and for the past three months been living in a house with children. He's a happy, friendly dog who walks well on the lead and gets on well with other dogs.

:Schmeichel the day after he arrived
Schmeichel (Remy's) Diary
30th March 2005
Schmeichel was rather nervous in the car on the way home this afternoon but then it was the first time he'd been away from his mother so it was understandable. He wouldn't jump in the car to come home and when here wouldn't jump out so we lifted him. He got on well with Bobby, Indi and Jill but was a little nervous of his new home so we all stayed in the living room for an hour or so to give him time to settle. The others crashed out on the settees and before long Schmeichel followed their example and began to relax. We soon found he was a couch potato and is on the settee at every opportunity. We had to encourage him to eat his tea this evening and he wouldn't eat it all then afterwards we took him for a walk with the others. As the evening progressed he settled on the settee and began to relax.
31st March 2005
We had a problem getting Schmeichel upstairs last night. He didn't want to stay down on his own and refused to follow the others up. Nothing would entice him so in the end we put pieces of ham on the steps - he ate the ham till he couldn't reach the rest without moving his back feet off the floor. The other three were at the top of the stairs with eyes popping at the ham sitting there. However, with Stuart behind him and giving a push and my encouragement we eventually got him upstairs. It took us a while to settle him, which we expected because it was the first night away from his mother. Once he did settle he stayed in his bed till morning and today he's been much more settled. We walked him up and down the stairs a couple of times this morning to get him used to them and after that he was off - now you'd think he'd been going up and down them all his life.
We kept him on the lead in the garden at first but this afternoon we let him off to eat his pig's ear on the lawn with the others. He's never had a pig's ear before and to begin with not sure how to tackle it but once he got the taste it soon began to disappear. Whilst out he came face to face with a lamb in the field next to our garden and both he and the lamb were most curious of each other - it was almost like 'well what are you' then that was that, and off he wandered. He was fascinated with the fish in the pond and a couple of times we had to stop him trying to climb into it so he probably hasn't seen a pond before and if he's not careful will quickly learn it's a place you get wet. We had one accident in the conservatory at lunch time but that was probably because we haven't yet learn't his way of telling us he wanted out. We went shopping this afternoon and all the dogs came with us. Schmeichel jumped in and out of the car this time as the others did and was fine in the car, settling well whilst we were away in the shops. He still won't eat all his food yet and this evening he was a little unsettled in the pub for a while. We took him out part way through and after that he settled better. He's met the farm and pub dogs and showed no interest. He's a really lovely dog and this evening he's a lot more settled so hopefully we will have a little more sleep tonight.
1st April 2005
Schmeichel didn't want to sleep with the others last night and settled in the corner of our bedroom, where he stayed all night without a sound. This morning he showed us he wanted out by going to the back door and whining and this afternoon he came into the office and paced the floor whining so again we let him out. He's settling in now and not crying for his mother quite so much, which is a step in the right direction. He's really, really nice and has such a lovely temperament you fall in love with him the minute you see him. He's still not eating his food as the others do but he's getting better. He enjoys a run round the garden with the others and likes his daily walks along the road and through the woods. He's a monkey for jumping on our bed but is quickly learning its not the place to be. He loves being on the settee and will get on it at every opportunity and has started lying on the floor on his back using the settee as a prop. We caught him and Jill running round the house with their toys and playing as pups do with Indi not far behind - sadly we had to put a stop to it as they were getting too boisterous and we were worried about Jill's stitches.
2nd April 2005
This morning we took Schmeichel to his potential new home where there are two cats because we wanted to see how he got on with them. We introduced him to them one at a time and both times he backed away when they hissed at him. He was curious as to what they were because he hasn't seen a cat before but he was also very cautious when near them. We kept the quieter of the two cats in the room all the time we were there to allow them to get used to each other. Schmeichel, being curious kept going up to it but the cat must have been able to see there was no anger in him and before long they were within inches of each other. The cat sat on the back of the settee
all the time he was in the room and near the end of our visit we were surprised to see him climb on the settee, have a close look at the cat, which was eye level with him then lay down under where the cat was sitting and went to sleep. We were very pleased with the outcome and all being well Schmeichel will be going to live there after he's been neutered.
This afternoon we drove over to see my mother then went for a walk to the Janet Foss waterfall at Malham in Yorkshire because it was such a lovely day and Stuart wanted to take photos of it. He was good in the car and this type of outing was probably a new experience for him. He was good at Mum's house and during our walk he met a lot of new people and dogs. A number of children thought he was wonderful and he loved them stroking him - and eating ice cream!
This evening all the dogs had a good run round the garden with Jill because her stitches came out this morning and its been the first chance she's been able to run in the past 10 days. They all loved it and when they came in we noticed Schmeichel had a bit of a limp, which could have been caused by anything as they were all going mad in the garden. They loved it but it wasn't so good for my lawn as in now looks even more like a mud patch.
4th April 2005
This morning we took Schmeichel to the vet to be neutered and given a routine examination. The vet gave us a worming tablet for him because although we wormed him the day he arrived we spotted a round worm in some stools on Friday evening when clearing it up at the top end of the garden. We wormed all the dogs the following morning and watched each one to determine who it was - it was Schmeichel, so we asked further advise from the vet this morning. When we called to collect him from the vet this afternoon he was really pleased to see us. The operation doesn't seem to have bothered him too much other than when he's getting off the settee, which he does by putting his front feet on the floor and sliding his back end off - then we get a little cry as he slides off. Stairs are no problem either because he 'bunny hops' up them and not once has he tried licking his stitches..
7th April 2005
Schmeichel is getting on well after his operation and his limp has disappeared. He is settling down and his true character
is coming out. He loves running around the house playing with Indi, which we have to monitor carefully because of his stitches. He's a one for going in the waste paper bins to see what's of interest and he loves taking slippers to his bed. He is quite happy sleeping with the others during the day but at night he still prefers to sleep on the floor in our bedroom. He loves looking out the bedroom and conservatory windows to see what's going on and if he sees a bird walking on the lawn he now growls and barks at it. He has a really deep growl and bark, which is strange for such a young dog and usually brings Indi and Bobby running to see what's going on. Sometimes, however, he growls and barks at 'shadows' because no matter how hard we try, we can't see what he is barking at. This evening during our walk he wandered up to a farm gate to have a sniff around the grass but a sheep was standing just the other side and regarded him as being too near so she stamped her foot at him. He was quite taken a back by this and came scuttling towards us and hid behind our legs - it was quite funny! He's a really nice dog and greatly admired by people in the local pub where he now lies quite happily on the floor with the others or wanders round saying hello to people as they come in.
9th April 2005
This morning Schmeichel went to live at his new home in the Kendal area where he will be living with his owner and her son and their two cats - we hope he has a long and happy life.
16th April 2005
We called in to see Schmeichel today because his owner kindly offered her cats for 'cat testing' new dogs and we wanted to see if Jill and Squire were cat friendly. Schmeichel looked well and gave us a lovely welcome.
23rd April 2005
We saw Schmeichel this afternoon (now renamed Remy because local children kept making fun of his name!) in Carlisle City Centre as there was a DGR gathering for Carlisle Awareness Day. We received a lovely greeting from him and he enjoyed hanging around us all for the occasion. I think he had a good day and the experience would have been good for him.
1st May 2005
We saw Remy this afternoon because he came to visit us at Highgate Vets Open Day in Kendal where DGR had a stall. He looked well and gave us a lovely welcome.

2nd June 2005

16th July 2005

Remy and his owners joined us at the Greyhound Awareness stand at Witherstock this afternoon, which was being held in the car park and area surrounding the Derby Arms at Witherslack. We pitched our stand on the back road and parked the car so the dogs could sit in the back and out of the sun. Four bands were playing during the afternoon and evening and Remy just loved walking amongst the crowds and wasn't the least bit concerned with the noise. He looked well and enjoyed meeting the other dogs and the many people who were there. Occasionally he jumped into the back of the car with Indi, Moss and Joe for a lay down and to keep out of the sun. He was really good and it was lovely to see him again.
9th August 2005
Remy came this morning to do a calendar photo shoot and to stay a few days whilst his owners were away on holiday. He came in then ran round the garden with Joe and Indi barking behind him. They all had a good time and when we took his toys out of his bag Joe and Remy ran side by side
round the house with one in their mouths - both wanting the same toy and neither willing to let go!
28th September 2005
Remy and his new owners came to our calendar press launch at Cartmel Racecourse today and Remy took part in the short fashion show with the models. When Remy arrived he looked very happy and enjoyed his day.
30th September 2005
Remy appeared on Border TV this evening as part of a four minute slot about the calendar.
28th November 2005
Received a call this evening saying Remy won his Kennel Club bronze 'Good Citizenship Award' tonight, which is all part of his training to become a PAT (Pets As Therapy) dog.
15th December 2005
Received a call saying Remy has been limping quite badly over the past couple of weeks so he's been to the vet for a check up and x-rays. These found calciferous bone growths forming around joints on both back legs. The leg he was limping on was worse than the other but that also had some because of the way he started walking to compensate. I visited his owner and sat with her a while. When I arrived I received a lovely greeting from Remy then sat with him on the settee as he draped across my lap. As you can imagine his owner was very upset as the vet she saw made everything seem doom and gloom. He's been put on Metacam, which is a painkiller and anti-inflamitory to ease the pain and encourage him to walk correctly thus helping both legs. By the end of the evening there was a more positive outlook on the horizon as we felt it might not affect his therapy training due to his nature, in fact it may well help because the children he will be involved with will have empathy with him as he has something wrong like they may have. His owner was going to book an appointment to see a more senior vet at the practice for more information and we are also going to look into his therapy training, diet and specialists. It's very upsetting because Remy was our youngest foster dog and he has such a lovely nature. He loves children and small babies crawl all over him without him bothering - he's such a little angel.
23rd December 2005
Received a call from Remy's owner saying she has been back to the vet during the week and had a long chat with them. It's not all the doom and gloom as was initially intimated, he can stay on the Metacam as long as is necessary and his dose is being monitored and adjusted to get the correct balance for him. He is also going on special supplements, which should help to slow the growths down and help him extend his leg properly so he can put his foot on the ground without pain, however, they have advised not to let him off the lead to run as Greyhounds do but they can let him 'trot' on a long lunge lead and 'power walk' him so as to help keep his muscle tone but give other things a chance to settle down. They talked of seeing a specialist and this is something they are considering for the future should the need arise and the vet is supporting her with his therapy training work as he doesn't feel his ailment will impede it.
15th January 2006
Called in to see Remy and his owner this afternoon so we could cat test Raven and Ellie. Remy looked well, gave us a lovely welcome and after we did the cat test he settled on the settee whilst we had a coffee. He is seeing the vet again this week to monitor his dose of Metacam and supplements and the vet wants to check how well he is extending his leg now he's been on the medication a couple of weeks or so. Lets hope all goes well because he's such a cutie.
25th January 2006
Received a call this evening to say Remy had his PAT (Pets As Therapy) assessment this morning and he passed with flying colours and is now classed as an 'assistance dog'. His assessor said he was just perfect for therapy work and because he's been having training sessions with Kevin and Kath Wilson from Bay Dog Training on and off since he went to live with his owner he needs no further training before starting work. All Remy needs now is the paperwork completing and the arrival of his new therapy coat he will wear whilst working - Remy will be working with disadvantaged children so well done Remy.
15th April 2006
Saw Remy and his owners this afternoon during the Greyhound Awareness Day in Carlisle City Centre. When he saw us he gave us a lovely welcome, looked well and enjoyed all the hustle and bustle of the event.
25th April 2006
Collected Remy from his owner this morning so he could take part in the photo shoot with Michelle Monroe for our calendars. As usual he gave us a lovely welcome and soon made himself at home in the garden with the other dogs. He did his 'amusing' photo shoot for the calendar in the morning and in the afternoon we drove up to Kendal Castle where he did his 'lifestyle' photo shoot for that calendar. We got some lovely pictures of him, and so many that we will have a problem choosing the one for the calendar. When we finished he came home with us and had his tea with the other dogs then in the evening we took him back home to his owner.
4th May 2006
Received a call this morning from Remy's owner who was very upset because she has just received bad news about the condition of Remy's leg. We don't know the full details yet but it seems his hip has deteriorated more rapidly than expected, he's in pain so needs more painkillers and will require an operation to remove the femural head or even a hip replacement to ensure it doesn't cause harm to his other leg and to give him a better quality of life - he is just 1 year 11 months old.
11th May 2006
Received a call this afternoon from Remy's owner who, since we last spoke has looked into all the options open to them and he will be having an operation on his hip next Thursday. The operation will remove his leg and the femural head and reimplant his leg back into the muscle wall to prevent the ball joints rubbing together. It is quite a serious operation and he will require months of therapy to teach him to walk differently and strenthen his muscles holding his leg. This will reduce the calciferous growths and also the risk of arthiritus in later life. We wish him the best of luck and we shall be thinking of him.
18th May 2006
This morning Remy went to the vet for his hip operation and our thoughts were with him all day. This evening we received a call from his owner who was still in a state of shock. Remy trotted in to the vets this morning in his usual bouncy way and saw the surgeon who prepared him for his operation. The vets brought in an Orthopedic Surgeon to do the operation and as he was about to insert the blade to remove the leg he said something just didn't gel. He didn't know what it was but he remembered seeing him trotting through the surgery that mornin and thinking something was a miss. Instead of continuing with the operation he decided to do more tests first for which we are eternally grateful for. He did another xray of the hip and some other tests.
The surgeon and three vets who have been involved with Remy since his new owner adopted him were gobsmacked. They could find no explanation for what happened and the surgeon said he'd never seen anything like it before in his life. The first xrays they did showed severe growths and his leg wouldn't extend fully. You could see the growths on the xray. The three vets all confirmed their diagnosis and that tests done regularly over the past few weeks and months showed deterioration. The xray done by the surgeon this morning showed nothing wrong with his hip and his leg had full flection. Both xrays were of the same leg and no the earlier xray didn't belong to another dog - both were Remy's.
The surgeon found the right hip had a tiny bit of arthiritus and was slightly inflamed but nothing to be bothered about. He said this was from a dislocated hip when he was younger. When he dislocated his hip he learned to walk a certain way to reduce the pain and it became a habit and why he now walks with a 'gait' sometimes and not extending his leg.
The surgeon asked Remy's owner to take him home, give him some pain killers and steroids for a couple of days for the inflamation and at the weekend find a good open space and let him run as fast as he wants to. After he's finished running she is to watch him carefully and note when he limps, for how long and how he does it and let him know the outcome the following week.
They still can't explain what happened or why with regards to the xrays and the deterioration in the flection of his leg giving the diagnosis of hip displaisia. If the condition had existed there would have been something to show it, but there was nothing. The muscle wastage of a short time ago was now none existent and the surgeon said he had beautiful muscle, was well exercised and an ideal weight for his build. With regards to the way he walks with a slight 'gait' at times - he's never seen anything like it before and they were of the opinion that perhaps when he first dislocated his hip he'd learn't to walk a certain way to reduce the pain. After it had healed his brain continued telling him to be careful in case the pain returned. This may have become a habit and the way he walks at times now is the way HE wants to walk so there is nothing to worry about whatsoever. The surgeon advised that if he ran and limped afterwards to simply ignore it and over time it may disappear. With regards the xrays, other tests and the whole affair they are all at a loss as to why he suddenly became fit and well. He couldn't explain that one and had never encountered anything like it in his life. All we know is that Remy is fit and well and we are very thankful the Orthopedic Surgeon questioned it all before inserting the knife.
2nd June 2006

11th June 2006
This evening we met up with Remy and his owners and visited a location full of buttercups where we took his photograph for inclusion in the 'Long Legged Beauties' Greyhound Calendar 2007. It was a beautiful evening, we all enjoyed our walk and Remy looked well.
30th July 2006
Called in this evening to cat test Breeze and received a wonderful welcome from Remy - it seems all his therapy training goes out the window when he sees us because he goes crazy for a few minutes. He is going to the vets on Tuesday morning for an operation on his foot because following further examinations they've discovered a corn under the surface of his pad on the foot he keeps 'hopping' on. Perhaps at long last we have found the root of the problem and hopefully once the corn is removed he will be able to walk properly again. We wish him well for Tuesday and our thoughts are with him.
1st August 2006
This morning Remy had his corn removed and was a little subdued this evening because of the anasthetic and from visiting the vet again! The corn was apparently very large and would have caused him considerable pain so his pad has a number of stitches in it where it had to be cut to remove everything. He came home with a lovely pink bandage so no one can miss his poorly foot when he's out and about. We wish him well and hope it's the last time he needs an anasthetic for a long time.
10th August 2006
This morning Remy had his stitches removed then came over to stay a couple of days whilst his owners were going away for a short break. Because of his foot we arranged that our dogs meet him in two lots, however, Paddy greeted him in the second batch and was a little too boistrous and trod on his poorly foot causing a bit of a rumpus. We put our dogs in the other room and checked his foot, which was a little red around a toe nail where we think Paddy caught it then I made a cup of coffee and allowed him to settle. After he settled we introduced the other dogs again but one at a time over about half an hour. Because they were coming in individually the greetings were more sedate and once all together they were fine apart from Reggie who thought Remy was wonderful and kept wanting to mount him but the water spray soon persuaded him to leave well alone and we all got on with the rest of the day in peace. By evening everyone was crashed out in the living room in their rightful places as if Remy had been here weeks! His foot has settled but we are being careful, and so is Remy that no one accidentally hurts it again.
11th August 2006
Yesterday afternoon and again today we let Remy off the lead whilst walking around the nature reserve, which he thoroughly enjoyed to the dismay of the two foster dogs who wanted to join him off the lead to explore as well.
12th August 2006
Remy's short visit with us came to an end this morning and we dropped him off at his home on our way through to Dalston Show with the others.
24th November 2006
We met Remy this morning at the Fleece Inn in Kendal because Border Television were meeting us there to make a recording about Remy's owner's 'Doggy Dating' evening on Sunday. They did the television feature and showed it on the Border 'Lookaround' programme this evening. Bobby, Indi, Romeo and Mandy all featured with Remy along with another dog called Odo.
26th November 2006
This evening we attended the 'Doggy Dating' evening at the Fleece Inn in Kendal and received a huge welcome from Remy when we arrived. Stuart put up a back drop for anyone wanting their photograph taken with their pet. Remy being Remy posed beautifully for his photograph.
20th December 2006

This morning we received a lovely welcome from Remy when we visited with Izzy to cat test her. As we were leaving he did his best to get inside the car along with her to say hello to the others. Remy looked well and it was lovely to see him again.
7th April 2007
We met Remy and his owners this afternoon at the Greyhound Awareness day being held in Carlisle City Centre. It was a beautiful day and lovely to see him again and looking so well. However, we never received the bouncy greeting we normally get from him which surprised us until his owner explained it was because he was wearing his Pets as Therapy (PAT) jacket and lead. When Remy wears his jacket his owner says he knows he's 'working' and behaves accordingly. He looked smart in his jacket and proudly showed it off to all the people in the vicinity. His owner was telling us she'd heard last week that Remy was now the highest qualified PAT dog in Cumbria. He is shortly to begin learning sign language and will be taught about forty five symbols as his training continues. It's also possible he may be attending Crufts dog show next year on the PAT association stand. The news made us so proud of him so well done Remy and well done his owners.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre and were so pleased Remy and his owner was able to join us for an hour or so. Remy was looking much better after being ill and seemed to have gained a little more weight. He was wearing his 'Pets as Therapy' coat so was in 'work mode' when he came over to say hello us so didn't jump up and greet us as he normally does. A little girl who was very wary of dogs was introduced to him and within a few minutes she was enjoying giving him a cuddle and being very relaxed in his company - good for you Remy!
2nd June 2007

15th August 2007
Today we heard that because Remy's corn had come back he went to the vet this morning to have it removed. It's not surprising really because the original one was so large, he'd had it a long time and it would have been very difficult for the vet to remove all the roots in order to eliminate it completely.
16th August 2007
Heard today that Remy has quite a large hole in his pad following yesterday's operation and he was a bit poorly with the anaesthetic but he's feeling much better today and more his normal self. However, his owner says that from now on she is going to soak his pad in Olive Oil and should the corn come back again she will rub it down regularly with an emery board to make it more comfortable for him and thus reduce the need for another operation. We've also heard of a new laser treatment for the removal of corns that destroys the roots but its a very new thing so something we are going to look into as it sounds as if its a more permanent solution.
28th September 2007
We heard today that Remy's foot became quite infected following his operation to remove the corn last month so was on a course of antibiotics for a week. He's now fine and is having his foot bathed in Olive Oil in an attempt to keep the pad supple and to reduce the corn coming back and causing him discomfort again.
Remy's owner doesn't posess a car and likes cycling so she recently purchased a dog trailer that attaches to the back of her cycle. This means they can now take him with them when they go cycling and go walking in areas away from public transport routes they couldn't do before. Remy loves the trailer and whilst in his harness is able to sit up if he wants and pop his head out the top to see where they are going.
3rd February 2008
This morning Remy and his owners collected Jazz a little brindle Greyhound who is going to become a companion for Remy because he's been quite lonely since the family cat died.
5th February 2008
I called in this afternoon with a new collar and coat for Jazz who is now being called Faith and received a lovely welcome from both her and Remy. When I sat on the settee Remy jumped up beside me and lay with his face as close as he could to mine. His owner smiled and said the look on his face was almost saying 'look, this is my foster mum and I love her' - he never moved from my side the entire time I was there.
As part of his training Remy is in the process of learning sign language so he can work with children who are unable to speak. He's got about forty seven different signs to learn and at the moment is fully confident with about seven, which is an excellent start and many still in the process of being learnt.
7th March 2008
This morning I called in to collect Faith because she is sadly coming back into Rescue. With Remy being a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog who works with young children with behavioural problems, often in his own home, his owner found that having the two Greyhounds along with everything else was a bit more than she could handle at this time and rather than exclude Faith from Remy and the children when he was working she thought it was in Faith's best interest.
Both dogs gave me a wonderful welcome when I arrived and whilst having a coffee and chat Remy lay on the settee most of the time cuddling up to me.
Remy's owner didn't really want to return Faith so she phoned this evening to see how she was - Remy has been miserable all day and refused to eat his food tonight so he will be getting some extra tender loving care over the next few hours and days to help him adjust to Faith not being there, especially as they slept together each night. It was such a shame - perhaps the best answer is for his owner to get another cat as Remy's companion.
21st March 2008
Heard today that Remy has been attacked by a dog while on their walk. He was on his lead, but the dog wasn't and it went for him as they were passing it's house. Remy needed a visit to the vet who stitched him back up.
26th April 2008
This evening Remy's owner phoned to say Remy was ill. He'd got Colitus and his body wasn't digesting food. He's been slowly loosing weight over the past couple of weeks and been to the vet a couple of times including a visit yesterday afternoon. The vet suggested he be fed on rice and white fish, but it went straight through him so tonight he's on pasta and white fish. If that doesn't stay in him his owner is to contact the vet again as he may have to go in for tests to find out what is happening.
27th April 2008
Heard tonight that the pasta last night didn't work and came from him in a liquid format. Because of his loose stools he's beginning to become de-hydrated and the vets are concerned that he's not keeping his food down so his owner has to get as much warm water down him as possible tonight to try and re-hydrate him and he's to go to the vets first thing in the morning for a check up. He's to have warm water because this is more acceptable for his stomach the way it is at present.
Remy was fit and well before he was attacked by the dog a month ago, but since he's had two lots of antibiotics and then the Colitus set in so everyone is wondering if there is a connection.
28th April 2008
Remy went back to the vets today who are pleased that giving him warm water all last night worked, because although he's lost more weight he's not dehydrated.
The vets are quite baffled and have taken blood tests to rule out or confirm what may be wrong. His symptons lead them to believe he could have liver failure or Hepititus, but although the whites of his eyes are cloudy they are not yellow and neithe are his gums, which could be a good sign that whatever he has they have caught it in the early stages. Although Remy is fully inoculated apparently some pups are imune to the inoculation, but there is no way of knowing this until they catch something they shouldn't. If it is one form of Hepititus it can be controlled by drugs, but if it's liver failure or another type there is nothing they can do. If the tests come back clear tomorrow then the vet will be investigating to see if it's some form of bowel disease.
29th April 2008
Remy's blood tests came back today showing it is not cancer, nor Hepititus, but it does show his liver isn't functioning as it should be. There is also no sign of toxins sot it could be something in his food, something he's picked up and eaten while out walking or the vet says it could be the stress of the recent dog attack that has triggered the Colitus. He's caught quite a bad form of Colitus and has lost a great deal of weight. However, the pasta he had last night came out today in a better consistency than before so it seems his body is able to cope with that.
Remy's owner is currently going over everything he's eaten or done in the past couple of months to see is she can work out what caused it. He is still on antibiotics and the vet has suggested they try a few plain Chappie biscuits or Chappie to see if he can accept those. Tonight he was having pasta again with some tinned Chappie (not the one containing rice) to see if he is okay on those. The vet is hopeful that by carefully introducing new foods one at a time it will highlight if it's one particular type of food that is triggering it.
Three months ago Remy's owner changed his dry complete food, so he's not on that anymore and even though he is a very laid back dog it may have been the dog attack on Good Friday that triggered it. As the liver is an organ that self-repairs, then with care with his diet at this stage he should make a full recovery, but the vet's think it may weaken him in some way that may affect him later on in life.
27th May 2008
We had a surprise visit this evening from Remy and his owner who happened to be passing. Since being ill he's been gaining weight and beginning to look much better. It was so lovely to see him especially as he's been so poorly. He's still a bit jumpy if another dog touches his back end where he was bitten because the memories are still very painful, however, his owner keeps touching him a lot in the area to help reduce the nervousness. His owner is slowly adding new foods to his diet one at a time in an attempt to find out what it was that caused the adverse reaction that made him so ill. He's now on a few Bonio biscuits and a little bread in his diet and so far all is well.
2nd June 2008

14th January 2009
Remy's been rather poorly over the past couple of weeks or so and the symptoms were exactly the same as last April but worse and the vets now believe there is a connection between the two incidents. All the food he eats goes straight through him and he's been loosing weight so fast he's been weighed each day as there was concern that it wouldn't stop dropping and become fatal. It dropped to as low as 23.2k but when he was weighed today he weighed in at 24k so things seem to be turning round at last.
The results of the blood tests taken on Monday arrived back today showing his liver is working as it should be, there are no tumors, he's not anemic, nor jaundiced but there are some high elevations in his blood indicating all was not right. Because his liver is okay these elevations are a symptom of what is going on in his upper intestines. There is some form of sensitivity occurring there and his owner and the vets have to work out what it is. It isn't gluten or wheat because the tests were taken for those last week and they came back okay. It appears it may be a protein causing the problem and something in the Otaki food he was put on last April may be the trigger. Unfortunately, the protein types are not included in the contents on the bag so everyone has to try and work out which protein source is causing the problem.
A protein source he's never had before is venison so for the next two weeks he's to eat NOTHING other than potatoes and venison and if he's okay then another protein source can be introduced. He's been eating fish whilst he's been ill so they are thinking of trying that one after the venison. If the venison causes no problems then he will need to be fed on a food containing both venison and potato and the vets are recommending one produced by Burns.
Whilst he's been ill Remy has been on antibiotics and steroids, the latter of which was being reduced almost as soon as they were started. It turns out he also has a sensitivity to those because as soon as his dose was being reduced he started to improve. He's to have one steroid for another week and more antibiotics so after another week he will be on nothing.
The aim now is to find out what protein source he is sensitive towards. As he was away for a week in Cockermouth last April and again over Christmas we are wondering if he's eaten anything there that may be the trigger so his owner is going to try and think back to see if any food is eaten there they don't tend to eat at home as this may be a clue to what is causing the problem.
27th March 2009
This evening we received a phone call from Remy's owner letting us know the Burns Brown Rice with Venison seems to be the food his system can take because he is slowly gaining weight and his stools are fine. He is also on some 'fishy' chews as well now, which is much better for him because he's got a little bit more variety in his diet. His owner says he always seems hungry at the moment and stole a cake she recently baked, which thankfully had no adverse effect on him but in view of this she is going to increase the amount of brown rice and venison food she gives him because he seems to be be trying to 'catch up' to bring him back to the weight he should be.
Remy's teeth became awful as a result of his soft diet since Christmas and not being able to eat chews so he's been using 'plaqueoff' on his food for a couple of weeks now to see if it helps his teeth and gums. If it doesn't then after a few more weeks of using it the vet will have him in for a dental but they didn't want to do it just yet with him being through what he's been through.
2nd June 2009

16th June 2009
Received a telephone call from Remy's owner this evening saying Remy had been in the vets today having his teeth checked. Because of his illness they thought some may have to be removed but it turned out not to be the case. All his teeth are in a good condition and were just cleaned. His back teeth are a bit sensitive due to Gingivitis but time should heal this and he's to stay on Plaqueoff, which he's been on for a few weeks to help them improve. So apart from Remy feeling a little sorry for himself after the anesthetic it was all good news.
22nd June 2009
Received a telephone call from Remy's owner this evening saying Remy had recovered well from having his teeth cleaned and over the week end he excelled himself by coming first at a dog show they attended.
14th September 2009
Received a phone call from Remy's owner today letting us know he's become ill again, has a temperature, loosing a bit of weight and not his usual happy self. A visit to the vet and Remy is on antibiotics to rule out any form of infection and they are monitoring things over the next few days hoping its not another allergy to his food.
25th September 2009
Received a phone call from Remy's owner today letting us know that Remy is much better so the vet thinks he had some kind of infection rather than a reaction to his food again.
2nd June 2010

14th June 2010
We received a phone call this evening to say that Remy has been to the vet today with a lump on his neck, which was noticed a couple of weeks ago and has got larger. The vet said it wasn't cancerous and using a needle drained it. The fluid that came off was saliva and arterial blood. A saliva gland in his neck is believed to have perforated an artery and the saliva, instead of going into the mouth as normal is mixing with the blood and being held where the lump has formed. Due to the blood being from an artery it was deemed an operation should take place as soon as possilbe to avoid the risk of the artery erupting. The operation is very intricate and classed as high risk.
16th June 2010

Remy had his operation this morning, which lasted over 4 hours. The lump has filled with fluid again and on the outside of his neck it was as big as a Satsuma. However, inside his neck it was as large as an orange!  The vet drained the lumps and removed 2 saliva glands, which were causing the problem. Remy was slow to come round from the anaesthetic, which was a bit concerning but it was a long operation involving two vets and he may have been weakened by what the saliva glands were doing to him. We will know more later but we think he's okay.
At 6.15pm I received a phone call from Remy's owner who was very distressed saying the artery had erupted and Remy was bleeding to death. Remy had come round and the vet said he could go home so she had gone to collect him. As she was entering the vets she spoke to one of the vets who did the operation and hearing her voice Remy, who was in the recovery kennel suddenly stood up ready to greet her only to cause blood to gush from his body. The nurse ran from the surgery calling the vet to come back, another vet doing a routine consultation dropped what he was doing and ran to help. They told Remy's owner they had to do emergency surgery on Remy again and because she could do nothing she was to go home and wait. I told Remy's owner to call the vets and let them know that if they needed blood for a transfusion we had four fit and healthy greyhounds here and they were to call me if they needed us. Upon putting the phone down I thought it best to ring the vet because thankfully, Remy's vet is the same as our own, so I phoned to confirm that if they needed blood they were to call me. I put the collars on Indi, Sandy, Solo and Blue, shut all the windows and got my car keys and bag ready should I get the call then emailed the owner of Romeo to ask if she could call me on my mobile as I didn't have her phone number and could she have Romeo ready as standby in case he was needed as well.
The phone call arrived at 7.15pm so I put all the dogs in the car and drove to the vets. I decided that because Solo and Sandy were the bigger, stronger and younger of the four they would go in first and because Solo was nearer the door he came out first. In the surgery we were met by one of the vets who took him from me and I went to get Sandy. As I brought him in I met another vet who informed me that 'fingers crossed' they had stemmed the bleeding, Remy was very weak but was beginning to stabalise. They took Sandy from me and as there was nothing more I could do there I drove round to Remy's owner's house where I stayed until the phone call came to say Remy was getting his blood transfusion and that we could see him for a couple of minutes while I collected Solo and Sandy.
Solo was in the left hand kennel being his normal laid back self, Sandy was in the middle one looking a little scared and Remy was in the right hand one. He was laying down with tubes coming from him, there was blood everywhere and with him being white he was now red! As we slowly walked in he stood up and walked a step nearer the kennel door so he could say hello to us and us to him. He was still having his blood transfusion and the bag of blood was tied to the kennel wall. We gently stroked him, which was difficult because as well as the cut to remove the lump he now had a cut from one ear to the other where the vets had to cut his throat to get into his neck to find the hole in the artery and seal it. As the vet said, there was no time for niceties because they had to get in there and get in there fast to stop him bleeding to death so they needed the space to see what they were doing. Remy was covered with blood still and some was leaking from the hole in his neck where the drain tube from his first operation was. In saying hello to him there was no way of avoiding it getting on us. We only stayed a very short time so as not to stress him too much, but long enough for him to know we were there for him.
We put Solo and Sandy in the car with the others, took Remy's owner home then came home to look after Solo. A greyhound has about 3.5 pints of blood and Solo had donated 1 pint to Remy so when home we gave him some food then peace and quiet in an area on his own to recover and replace the blood he'd lost. A vet was staying with Remy all night and although Sandy never gave blood he was on standby in case the vet phoned during the night asking us to bring him in.
17th June 2010
Thankfully the vet never phoned during the night so on this occassion no news was good news. Remy's owner kept us informed regularly all day on his progress and late afternoon it was deemed best if Remy went home rather than spend another night at the vets. He was allowed home with strict instructions from the vet as to what to do and what not to do. His owner was going to stay up with him all night and told to ring the vet any time during the night should she be worried about anything.

18th June 2010
Received a phone call from Remy;s owner this morning letting us know he had a good night and seems much happier this morning. He's still dripping blood and discharge from his neck but the vet says that is normal after an operation like the one Remy had. The vet commented he still had a long way to go and asked that his owner take him for a couple of five minute walks this afternoon.
A phone call this evening to let us know he was a different dog, but then he's had a huge lump removed from his neck which would have been causing him pressure and/or pain to his eyes, ears, teeth and head. Removal of the lump and saliva glands has possibly removed this pain and this is why, despite his stitches he's happier!
He's not been out for a walk as the vet suggested because he's been going in and out to the garden all afternoon and his owner thought that was enough. The stitches look good, the discharge from the drain hole in his neck is more watery than blood and the bruising on his neck is looking less angry. He keeps scratching one of his eyes which the vet suggests is possibly as a result of his eye drying out a bit due to the rapid response surgery he undertook and to call in at the vets for some eye drops if he didn't stop it over the next few hours.
19th June 2010
Received a phone call from Remy's owner this evening letting us know he was still showing improvements and beginning to be more himself, but they haven't been out for a walk yet, just around the garden. He's still on his antibiotics and Metacam and this morning his owner gave him a 'bed bath' so his coat is looking less pink and beginning to smell more like himself rather than of old blood. The swelling around his mouth is going down and likewise the one under his tongue. The bruising is beginning to disappear and he's moving his head more, which are all positive signs. Because of the nature of the cut needed to stem the bleeding there were concerns about muscle or nerve damage to his face, but so far there doesn't seem any evidence of this, which is wonderful.
20th June 2010
Received a phone call this evening letting us know Remy is still improving and went for his first short walk this afternoon.
13th March 2011
Remy and Pat, his owner called round this afternoon along with a Staffie/Whippet puppy Pat is looking after for a while. The puppy was so full of energy she let him run in our paddock to let of some steam, and while they were doing this Remy stayed with us in the house with us. He looked well.
2nd June 2011

24th February 2012
Pat called in this afternoon with Lily and Remy so they could have a run in our small paddock. They loved it and Stuart got some lovely pictures of them enjoying themselves.
9th March 2012
Pat called in today to give Remy, Hendrix and Lily a run in our small paddock, and as usual they came in the house and said hello to our greyhounds whilst we had a coffee.
2nd June 2012
10th September 2012
Pat said she cant' believe it's been 7 years since she adopted Remy. Her best friend in the whole wide world.
2nd June 2013
2nd June 2014
Autumn 2014
Sadly Remy passed away in his sleep following the diagnosis of a wasting disease that saw the Remy we know and love change into the shadow he became.

Rest in peace and without pain
our handsome Remy.
Such an honour to have known you
- and to have to have loved you.
Such a special boy.
Go fly with the angels and be with God.
Birthday Card of Remy
Birthday Card of Remy

Schmeichel standing on our bed
'Is this my new bed'?
Schmeichel - the evening he arrived
30th March 2005

31st March 2005

In the garden
31st March 2005

Schmeichel relaxing in the garden
Relaxing in the garden
31st March 2005

'Long Legged Beauties'
2006 Rescued
Greyhounds Calendar
Sammie Brooks with Remy
This picture of Remy was taken with
Sam Brooks and is the main February
calendar shot

Remy at Carlisle City Centre on the 15th April 2006
Remy at Carlisle City Centre
on the 15th April 2006

Remy at Carlisle City Centre on the 15th April 2006
. . . and again . . .

Remy at Carlisle City Centre on the 15th April 2006
. . . and again.

Click image for a larger view

White and brindle Greyhound
Remy whilst visiting
Kendal Castle, Kendal
26th April 2006

White and brindle greyhound
Looking towards the Lakeland Fells
from Kendal Castle, Kendal
26th April 2006

White and Brindle Greyhound
Posing for the Greyhound Calendar
26th April 2006

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2007 Calendar
This picture of Remy was taken
amongst the buttercups in the old
moat of Kendal Castle on the
11th June 2006 and is our main July calendar picture.

At the 'Doggy Dates' evening
Remy posing for the 'Doggy Dates'
evening on the 26th November 2006

Remy in his PAT uniform
Remy in his Pets as Therapy uniform
at the Greyhound Awareness Day
in Carlisle City Centre
7th April 2007

White and brindle greyhound
On the 26th February 2010
Remy visited our house and here
is one of the photos we took of him.

White and brindle greyhound
. . . and another . . .

Remi - brindle & white greyhound
. . . and another . . .

Remi - brindle & white greyhound
. . . and another . . .

Remi - brindle & white greyhound
. . . and another . . .

Remi - brindle & white greyhound
. . . and another .

Remi - brindle & white greyhound
20th July 2011

Remi - brindle & white greyhound with Shani
With Shani
15th September 2011

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