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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Lester and Laila's Diary

Hi I'm Lester and here is a continuation of my diary which Jenny & Stuart started for me when they started fostering me in February 2006.
You will probably know by now that my litter sister Laila (Plum) has emigrated with me to Jersey in the Channel Islands. We now live with our new mum and dad Lesley and Chris.


Tuesday 25th July 2006
Laila & I started off very early in the morning for our 5½hr drive to Poole to catch the ferry to Jersey. It was a very tearful good bye to Jenny and Stuart who I will never forget and will always be grateful to. We all stopped at about 9.30 am at a service station so that Laila and I could be fed and relieve ourselves but we were not having any of that so after just stretching our legs we were off again. At around 12.30pm we arrived at Poole. We got out and went for a walk around the boating pond on the front but it was very busy with people and we were scared, mum and dad were sitting in the shade with us, hello what is this they are offering us? it is white and creamy and oh very cold no thanks we don't want any of that. We are off again to the port, checked in and parked in the shade, offered our food again but still not eating it. Mum says she is worried we might be hungry so she tells dad to get us a pigs ear each to chew on for comfort, now your talking because we are not going to refuse that so mum now knows we are not ill !! Dad checked on us twice during the sailing and we arrived at our new home around 20.45hrs and are led straight out to the garden to have a sniff around and a long awaited pee! Still refuse our dinner but settle very nicely on our beds which have been put in the hall which all the other rooms lead off from.
Wednesday 26th July 2006
We woke early desperate for a pee but mum and dad were still asleep so I jangled the keys in the front door and that soon woke dad. Did'nt want breakfast myself but Laila could not resist having a little. Had a good nosey around today, but hey where are the stairs? Oh it's a bungalow - now where am I going to hide if strangers call? We went for a little walk around half of the reservoir and we managed to pass a few strangers without a lot of fuss - not bad eh! I ate a little dinner tonight and Laila and I have decided we are going to sleep in mum and dad's bedroom tonight.
Thursday 27th July 2006
Woke at about 7am and we both had breakfast although mum has to hold the bowl for me! Went for a walk all around the reservoir today and phew! it was nearly 2 miles around so back home for a good sleep. One of Mum's friends came for tea and she seems very nice as she even brought us some biscuits. Mum says she will sometimes look after us if they need to go away so I suppose that will be alright. We all went for a walk on the beach tonight it was strange and the waves breaking on the shoreline frightened Laila a bit but I just walked on by - good eh!
Friday 28th July 2006
We went to meet Hugh today as he's going to be our new vet and he checked our paperwork, checked our micro chips and gave us a general look over. My examination was done with me huddled on the floor in the corner of the room as is the norm for me. Ha! he tried to give Laila and I a treat but sorry Hugh you don't get away with it that easy! Dad's little boy Alex came tonight and he apparently he comes every other week-end to stay for two nights. I'm not to sure who was more nervous, us or him for he was very quiet and kept giving us pats whilst we lay on our beds. He and dad then went and played football in the garden, which was to energetic for us so we stayed in our beds.
Saturday 29th July 2006
We had fun on our walk this morning because Dad and Alex went fishing so mum took us on her own. She had us on the double chain and Laila the cheeky madam was walking with her head resting on my shoulders, talk about being lazy! Met a few dogs on the walk and one of them growled at us so we were a bit frightened but mum told us all was okay and we just waited for the dog to go on ahead of us. Forgot to tell you I have found a hiding place at home after all, the bathroom! if I lie alongside the bath and hide my head behind the bidet I can't see anyone so I figure they can't see me either!
Sunday 30th July 2006
Quite a lazy day really till we took Alex home at 4.30pm. We then went to the reservoir for a walk where we met a different dog called "Gunner" he's a border / bearded collie cross, he seemed okay and is apparently going to be staying wiih us next week whilst his folks go on holiday. We got home about six o'clock and yes, that's right, Gunner came too. Ah well, he can sit in the garden because Laila and I are going to the bedroom where we stayed till he'd gone before venturing out in the garden again.
Monday 31st July 2006
Laila and I think we can start to relax more as we've decided this is going to be our permanent home and apart from the odd visitor for holidays it is going to be just us two. Went on another new walk today along the old railway line, hang on a minute, we not only have other walkers to contend with but we also have joggers and bicycles and what's this huge thing coming towards us? It's black, brown and white and very fury but we are encouraged to walk on by and then we get praised for walking quietly past a Burmese Mountain dog! More friends popped in today - quick Laila you run outside and I'll go in my bathroom. No good, they have still found us and insist on patting and talking to us, mum says it will be good for us! Dad is fitting some cupboards into the bedroom at the moment so our beds are moved out each morning into the lounge so we have been watching T.V. in the evening for the first time since arriving here. Hey what's that noise? Come on Laila lets go and investigate, oh look it's raining and the garden smells completely different, it's great in fact - are you ready Laila? Mum look at this, bet you can't catch me Laila, round and round we go, are you dizzy yet? mum is laughing and says it's fantastic to see us so relaxed and enjoying ourselves. What's this, oh mum has got a towel to dry us off - cor that feels great.
Friday 4th August 2006
Into the car kids, where are we going? Oh no not the vets again! yep Laila has got to have her second innoculation and after talking with Hugh last week we are having a 2nd rabies jab to make sure we get a positive reading for our passport so that we can go to France next year with mum and dad. Not so bad this time and do you know there is a resident black and white cat at the practice who has the cheek to sit on the reception desk for all to see so we thought it best to ignore him.
Sat/Sun 5th & 6th August 2006
A quiet weekend two walks a day and a few visitors popping in but
we just tend to stay put and ignore it all now. We went onto a different beach tonight and because it was a lovely evenning Laila and I decided to go for a paddle in the sea upto our tummies no less - it was fun.
Monday 7th August 2006
Oh look Laila dad has got us some new collars, come on kids into the car we are off to the beach and the tide is up. Cor blimey dad has got changed into a pair of swimming trunks - Ah that is why we have new collars, yep good thinking dad, thread a long rope through them and we can swim with him and mum waits on the shore with our towels. That was fun maybe we will do it again soon! 
Tuesday 8th August 2006
Forgot to mention that we have dicovered that luxurious thing called the double bed, which is nice and soft and comfy too, we had been having one of our mad dashes around the garden back into the house and Laila could not stop so she jumped up onto the bed next to mum. Well later that morning I thought I might give it a try as well and yes you've guessed it we spend a lot of time there now, but mum has said only when they are not in it.
Wednesday 9th August 2006
We had a trip to the town today as mum had to go for some new glasses as Laila had chewed hers on our last night at Jenny and Stuart's (and she still came to live in Jersey!!). It was very busy and we stayed outside with dad and lots of people came up to speak with him mainly about us. We got through it with not much bother but then I have had similar experiences on meet and greet days with Jenny and Stuart. A first tonight - I ventured into the lounge of my own accord tonight, mum was eating a bag of crisps and she gave me one, which I liked so much I decided it was one for her and one for me. Laila was asleep on the bed so she missed out. Mum drew a line at me sharing a Magnum ice cream with her though because I was trying to get lick for lick!!
Thursday 10th August 2006
"GUNNER" arrived tonight for his holiday. Oh no now our peace has been shattered. We gave him a run for his money out in the garden before bed because he did'nt know which way to turn. Ha, ha, he's not a greyhound.
Friday 11th August 2006
Alex is back this weekend and so is his Aunt here from Spain as it's his birthday on Sunday. That Gunner is running around like a lunatic, he never seems to stop, looks all very tiring to Laila and I so we'll just stay on the bed.
Sunday 13th August 2006
Big birthday B.B.Q. today and as you guessed Laila and I stayed on the bed till everyone had gone then we all went for a walk round the reservoir.
Monday 14th August 2006
A first today as I ate my breakfast in the kitchen from my bowl in the stand, up till now I have only eaten if mum has held my bowl for me and usually in the bedroom with the door closed. Mum says there are so many little quirky things that I do she would love to get inside my head and see what really happened to make me so nervous! but she also says she is happy that I'm slowly coming out of my shell as I seem to be less nervy as each day goes by. Dad took us to the reservoir on his own this morning and Laila must have still been hungry as she lunged forward on her lead trying to catch a duck but dad was not having any of that and pulled her back. He said if she was going to become that confident he will have to think about muzzling her! Oh heck you had better behave Laila. Now we have to tell everyone about the missing turkey breast. The story goes like this, mum took out a large turkey breast from the freezer and put it on the drainer to defrost. Dad was busy fitting the bedroom cupboards so mum took Laila and I out on her own. When we returned I jumped onto the bed as usual but Laila stayed in the kitchen. The next thing mum found Laila licking a kitchen knife on the floor so she picked it up and checked Laila was okay and she called out to dad and told him. He then asked what was for dinner, "turkey" she replied " you had
better come here a minute" he said there was I (Lester) on the bed with the remains of the turkey wrapping and polystyrene tray licking my lips, well lucky for us they both burst out laughing and dad said "fish & chips tonight then". Who ate the turkey? Dad says me and mum says Laila, the trouble is over the next couple of days neither of us passed any condemning evidence, but Laila did have the runs for 2 days. Over the last six days a lot has happened, I'm eating most of my meals in the kitchen, Laila and I are now spending a good part of the day on the sofas in the lounge instead of the bed (well a change is as good as a rest) and we do it to annoy Gunner because he is not allowed to - his mum's instructions! but best of all it seems that Gunner has given Laila and I a whole new confidence, so much so, that mum and dad have scouted around the island and have located 2 beaches which are totally secure when the tide is down twice daily and they are only about 10 minutes drive away. Well, they have taken some video footage which has being sent on to Jenny and Stuart of the three of us running our little hearts out. They will not believe what they see, the song "young hearts run free" springs to mind and today we have been for a lead walk along a local breakwater which is always busy with people fishing. A man held out his hand to Gunner and Gunner let him pat him then he held it out to Laila and although she had to tuck into dad's leg she was happy for him to pat her! I just stood still and didn't come forward but I also didn't pull to move away either.
A note from my mum and Dad: We are over the moon that we have been lucky enough to give Lester and Laila a happy home, Lester has a lot to thank Jenny and Stuart for and Chris and I can't thank them and AL and Judy Todd from DGR enough for allowing us to adopt two fantastic greyhounds. They have deffinately got a safe and happy home for the rest of their lives, which we hope will be long and happy. We will be keeping in touch with them all to let them know how Leste and Laila are doing and Jenny is hopefully coming over in September to see for herself - she will be in for a shock and a happy one at that. Bye for now from all in Jersey on the 20th August 2006.

2nd November 2006
I flew over to Jersey on the 31st October and stayed a couple of days so I could see Chris and Lesley to do Lester and Laila's follow-up visit.
Only Chris met me at the airport and when I arrived at their house Lester was on the settee in the living room and Laila on their bed. We stood talking in the kitchen and when Laila heard
my voice she popped her head round the door then ran back to lay on the bed. A minute later we saw Lester peep round the corner of the door, look at me, nod his head from side to side the way he does and walked back to his settee. From the way he looked I'm sure he recognised me but as things were out of context the penny hadn't dropped as to who I was. We giggled, the Malteser packet came out and I went to see him. I went confidently, not cautious and my chatter was the same as I'd used to use with him. As I approached he leaned back into the settee and looked at me but a Malteser or two and a cuddle soon made him realise who I was. Within a short time he was out of his shell and being the Lester I knew and was if we hadn't been parted.
Laila took a little longer but then we only had her a short while and she was still a little nervous when she came to Jersey. She's still a little nervous of strangers but Chris says she is getting better all the time and eventually this will disappear the more she settles in.
Had a lovely couple of days touring the island and seeing the dogs so happy in their new home was just wonderful. Went for some nice walks, or should I say hobbles with my fractured pelvis still not healed and my leg still very sore. We walked round the reservoir and along the beaches where Lester and Laila run. As they go so fast and do such wide circles Chris and Lesley put muzzles on them as others are walking their dogs, not that they go for other dogs but someone seeing two huge greyhounds charging towards them and their pet can be a bit frightening but with muzzles on the panic disappears as they go running past them.
Had to be tough when it came to leaving them and when that plane took off my heart went heavy as I was already missing them and hoped it wasn't going to be the last time I saw them.
20th November 2006
Lester and Laila are doing well, no more problems now they are in their hard beds, which lie 'back to back' making the divide in the middle slightly higher.
We knicknamed Laila ' rat attacker' as she killed a huge rat when going around the reservoir with Chris. He said it all happened so quick - from walking close to him to lurching the length of her lead and appearing with this huge rat in her mouth. He thinks she must have broken its back as when she dropped it it's legs were still twitching so he put his heel into it's neck to finish it off. Lester couldn't have cared less he just carried on.
21st January 2007
Lester no longer wears a muzzle on the beach as he hated it. Kept rubbing it against our legs making them sore. Removing the muzzle has given him more confidence and he's beginning to go over and meet people although he won't let them touch him.
12th February 2007
Lester and Laila have come on so much we just can't believe it, we have progressed from the small beach that we started to let them off the lead on to a much bigger one. Lester has fallen in love with my friend's German Shepherd Zeelah and looks for her on the beach all the time. Unfortunately my friend has a Jack Russell puppy called Zac whom Laila thinks is her lunch on a plate because he cowers and whimpers when she goes near him, so we are waiting for him to toughen up a bit before bringing them together again. She has met loads of adult Jack Russells who stand up to her and she is fine with them.
We have now got both Lester and Laila off their muzzles, we did it with Lester first and what a difference to his confidence because he runs on quite happily in front of us and turns every so often to make sure we are still there. Occassionally I will turn and call him to come if I think he's going to far ahead and he does an about turn and comes running back, then we turn again to carry on going the way we were.
A couple of weeks later we decided to let Laila off her muzzle as well as she seems more tolerant of other dogs when she's no muzzle on. She also plays more with Lester rather than looking for other dogs first. She's learnt the word 'leave' very quickly and obeys it well.
Christmas was very good and we bought loads of musical toys for them. Lester's face was a picture with the first one, which was a Father Christmas that said 'Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas' when pressed. Lester very quickly learnt to push it with his nose to make it go again and again. Unfortuately, he broke it on the second day because he became very rough with it and pierced the box inside with his teeth!!! He also broke Laila's snowman which when pressed would say 'Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow'. At one point we had them being pressed together again and again so it was like being at a musical! They then went through about another 6 toys.
Chris's son stays with us every other week-end and he always kisses them both on the top of their heads. They are very good with him and with any other children who visit.
We had some builders working at the back of our house the last couple of weeks and Lester and Laila both coped very well with them being there. They were even quite happy to go to the toilet on the lead whilst the men were working and Laila sometimes looked at them through the window as if to keep an eye on what they are doing.
Well that's about all for now so we will send some photos of them when we get some decent ones on the beach without the muzzles. All the best to anyone who reads this and they are both doing great. Lesley and Chris.
20th March 2007

2nd May 2007
Lester is doing well, coming out of his shell and loves playing with the dogs on the beach - even stands and barks at them if they won't play with him.
30th May 2007
Lester and Laila recently went on their first trip to our cottage in France. They settled on "holiday" very well, had their own "human" sized beds and as usual were spoiled rotten. They were let off their
leads on the beach a few times without any problems where they had a few mad minutes running around before coming back to our sides and walking with us.
June 2007
Lester's owners had a bit of a scare this month because whilst walking along the beach they passed some young lads fooling around, which spooked Lester causing him to run off. As normal his owners walked in the oposite direction calling him, which usually makes him turn and come running back to them, but not this time. One of his owners went back to the car in case he ended up there whilst the other and a friend went with Laila along the beach looking for him. It's only a small beach but the tide was coming in and he could easily have been cut off with the tide so it was a bit of a worrying time. His owner eventually spotted him sitting in seaweed amongst some rocks. He was totally camouflaged and had he not turned his head so the sun caused his name tag to glisten his owner wouldn't have noticed him. As soon as Lester saw his owner he came running to him but when he got close had second thoughts and went past him to his friend who was a woman. Perhaps Lester still has this 'thing' about men and being told off!
Since the incident on the beach Lester's owners have been taking him on the beach on the lead, which he wasn't happy about and looked miserable all the time. As a result his owners visited a mountaineering shop and purchased two bright orange collars that fasten with a buckle and have a bell attached, which they now wear when out walking. The incident must have frightened Lester because since getting the collar he's become much more confident. In fact, when he hears the bell ring as the collar is being picked up he comes rushing to go for his walk. Once the collar is on he stands very still, looks at his owner, shakes his head to hear it ring then gives her a very happy look, which is quite apparently quite funny to watch.
27th September 2007
Received a call this evening from Laila's owner saying she'd hurt herself last night and was in the vet hospital on the island awaiting an operation. Her owner had been out and when she arrived back Lester and Laila were very pleased to see her. They were let into the garden when suddenly their owner heard a tremendous scream and Laila was lying in a heap near the flower bed wall. She looked in a bad way so her owner ran in the house to ring the vet only to turn round to see Laila crawling into the conservatory behind her. The garden is a long rectangle and has a two foot raised flower bed down both sides and across the end. In front of the flower bed is a path so its almost 'U' shaped and Laila uses this path as her 'run'. Unfortunately she does it at speed round and round the garden usually with Lester sitting in the middle of the lawn watching her! It had been windy that day and a plant had fallen across the path. Laila doing her normal run, suddenly saw the plant in the semi-darkness and went to jump it but running so fast meant she couldn't turn the corner in time and ran into the wall. She'd cut her head and chest open and banged her legs on the raised flower bed as she was going over it breaking her back leg.
The vet and a nurse came to the house to sedate her and help her owner get her into the car and take her to the vet hospital where she was examined and put on morphine. The vet was a little worried about Laila the first night as she suffered a nose bleed following the hit to her head but as it was only the one the vet said it shouldn't be anything to worry about so long as she had no more. Today she's had the wounds in her head and chest stitched up, which turned out to be superficial wounds. Her eye just below the stitches is blood shot and doesn't look nice. She's also been x-rayed to see what other damage had been caused. Thankfully her spine was alright but they found she'd broken her back leg in four places. Steel plates and rods have been ordered from the UK and she's being sedated till they arrive, which will hopefully be tomorrow.
28th September 2007
The plates arrived from the UK so this afternoon Laila underwent a 4 hour operation to repair her leg. Because of the size and strength of Laila the vet acquired plates made of the toughest steel he could get. A steel rod has been put in her leg with impacted bone around it and plated. There is a screw in her knee. At one point there is a 25mm gap where there is no bone so the vet inserted a steel sheet to support the leg whilst the bone repaired itself. If for any reason it doesn't, then the vet at some later stage will operate again and include another two or three pieces, however, it was felt that under the circumstances one may be enough and they didn't want to put her through more than was necessary at this stage.
Received a call this evening saying the operation went well but she needs rest to come round from the anaesthetic.
29th September 2007
Laila's owner wasn't going to see her today but she recovered from the operation much quicker than the vet expected and was trying to sit up to drink water so vet phoned her owner asking if she would like to visit, which of course she did.
30th September 2007
Laila's owner has been going to visit her 4 times a day as she won't take food from the nurses. She's holding her own at the moment but she's very swollen from her chest to her tail and her skin is the colour of beetroot. One worry is that she has to rely on her kidneys to disperse all this and even though she is young and healthy it's a lot of work for her kidneys to do. The vets and nurses have been getting Laila up 4 or 5 times a day to go out to the toilet and they are supporting her with a sling around her tummy. She's apparently putting her foot down which is a good sign that she's not severed any main nerves in her leg. Laila's recover is remarkable and today the vet was talking of a day for her to go home but her owner asked the vet if they could keep her till her other owner came home after being away at work as she feels it would be best for the two of them to take her home and look after her initially till she feels better due to her size and being with Lester. The vet agreed this was probably sensible. Her owner has seen the x-ray taken after the operation, which aparently looks fantastic. The section where the bone is missing will close up in 3 - 4 months time as the two other pieces of bone grow down and fuse together, but it is going to be a few months house rest for her. She has won all their hearts down at the hospital and everyone calls her a little star. Poor Lester can't keep up with his owner's coming and going because each time she comes back smelling of Laila and chicken wings. Laila is going through about 12 a day at the moment as it seems to be all she wants to eat!! The vet said not to take Lester in as it could unsettle Laila and with him being so nervous of the vets it could worry Laila to see him shaking. Lester has been looking for his owner to run with him on the beach!! barking at her to run then nips her bum so he's missing his running companion. A friend working shifts this week is dropping her dog Zelah off as she knows Lester well and will keep him company.
1st October 2007
Laila got up on to her feet of her own accord today and the vets were talking of letting her home tomorrow. But are happy to keep her till Friday as discussed earlier. Laila must be feeling better because when the nurses give her some food she's eating it so long as they put it down in  front of her and leave the room!! Her owner bought her some fresh beef, liver and prawns as a treat today but she only wanted her chicken wings. Lucky Lester will have the beef, liver and prawns tonight.
3rd October 2007
Received a phone call this evening saying Laila had just arrived home. She was doing so well at the vets and looked sad each time her owner left it was decided not to wait till Friday evening as planned and a friend helped get her home. Laila was pleased to be home but not so sure at having her bed moved out of the bedroom into the hallway. Getting on her owner's bed is a definate no for some time so both dog beds will be in the hall of the bungalow, which is in the centre of the house till she is better. The hall being where it is means they can see all that is going on but they are wondering 'why the change!'.
5th October 2007
Laila's other owner came home tonight, and his little princess was pleased to see him. She went all coy on her bed as if she was saying 'look at me daddy, I'm in a bit of a mess' but lapped up all the kisses and cuddles. He bought her a pretty collar pink with little sparkling stones and she does look pretty. Her owner spent a long time massaging her yesterday and her right leg has gone back to its right size but her injured one is still swollen but is beginning to go down, and her tummy is starting to go a pink colour rather than beetroot red. She is walking quite well on her leg and is managing to squat to do toilets so all in all for just one week she is doing really well. Lester is very subdued but that may be because his routine has changed slightly and he is being shut out of the bedroom because Laila isn't allowed up on the bed. He is quite happy being taken to the beach and runs off looking for another dog to play with and if there aren't any down there he barks at his owner to get her to run so that he can chase her and when he catches her he nips her on the bum!!
6th October 2007
The swelling on Laila has gone down tremendously but her stitches in her chest are beginning to come away. They should have been removed today but the vet is going to do it on Tuesday. When her owners spoke to the vet about it he said it was due to all the fluid that built up around the wound and there wasn't anything they could do because it just had to heal itself. As a result her owners have put an old T shirt on her to stop her from licking it and making it sore. Lester is very subdued, but they think it's because the bedroom door is closed, so today after his walk they allowed him in there and shut the door. When his owner went to check on him he was asleep on her bed happy as a sand boy. He is getting quite good on the beach because he has'nt got Laila with him so he is looking for other dogs to play with whereas before he used to wait for Laila to go first.
9th October 2007
Laila had the stitches removed from her chest and head this morning but the vet is leaving the staples in her leg till the end of the week. He was really impressed with her progress and has explained that she has to be on very limited exercise for 8 to 10 weeks i.e. on the lead and round the garden only, so that the bone gets a good chance to knit together. He also said that because she didn't injure her knee joint, he doesn't expect her to suffer with arthritis so that was good news. Laila slept in her bed in her owner's bedroom last night so that would have made her happier - and Lester!
10th January 2008
Received an email this morning from Lesley and Chris letting us know that Laila has had a bit of a set back. As a result of the severity of her operation she has a lot of scar tissue which in turn is making her tendons tight so bending her knee joint is becoming impossible without her patella jumping out of the groove. Unfortunately she is going back to the vets next Wednesday 16th for a further operation to try and correct this for her. Lesley says she is such a brave trooper, she never complains and allows you to do anything you need to do. She has made up a new competition with Lester because she can't run at the moment she is competing against him for the bed furthest away from the bedroom door, she eats her breakfast as if she has not been fed for about two weeks then she sneaks past Lester to claim his bed!! job done, Lester enjoys his breakfast too much to scoff it down that quickly so he just saunters in later and looks at her, he either lets her win or he squeezes himself into the bed as well. Lesley has been doing some training with Lester to stop him looking over his shoulder to see who's behind him when out walking, he is doing really well and is looking around less and less which means he does not get worked up when people come up behind us. Lesley has been giving them dry tripe sticks as a treat and found that both Lester and Laila love them, they stink, but Lester actually drools as he is eating them and does not leave a crumb.
17th January 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Laila had her operation today and the vet is quite pleased with the way it went. It was quite difficult because he had to cut into her scar tissue to free the muscle then tighten the tendon on the opposite
side. Everyone is hoping the muscle doesn't get too scared again when it's healing. Laila is staying in the vets tonight and will be going home tomorrow all being well.  
19th January 2008
Received an email this morning letting us know Laila is home and recovering from the effects of the sedation. This morning she hobbled into the lounge to see her owner, quickly followed by Lester. The swelling seems to be going down and she is going to the vets on Monday morning to have her dressing checked so we are all keeping our fingers crossed and hope she feels better soon.
21st January 2008
Received an email this afternoon letting us know that Laila had her bandage removed this morning and is attempting to put her foot down occasionally. The vet doesn't want her to walk at the moment, only toilet trips. She will be going to physio twice a week and her owners will be using a pulse machine on her. This they feel will be no problem as she is so accommodating and say she is a real poppet. Lester has given her leg a good sniff and is missing her on his walks.
Lester is coping quite well with the change in family routine but he still finds it hard coping with strangers close up - the last time he visited the vet, the vet couldn't hear his heart beat because he was shaking so much - poor Lester!
1st February 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Laila is doing okay. The vet says recovering from this operation is a slow process and he wants to avoid having to do it again. Laila's owners are giving her six sessions of phsyio each day as well as looking after Lester, which is quite tiring as he doesn't want to go out without his sister!! However, he thoroughly enjoys himself once he gets on the beach. Laila is only allowed two 5minute walks along the road each day and thats at a snails pace, which is being done to make sure she puts her leg down. Laila's owner says she is a non demanding patient and accepts everything they do to her and they've had to cut down the quantity of food they give her because she is becoming a bit tubby due to lack of exercise!! Will keep you informed on her progress.
23rd February 2008
Received an email this morning letting us know that Laila saw the vet on Monday and he was really pleased with her progress and said she was doing better than he expected her to, he said all her soft tissue has healed well and she is getting a good bend in the knee joint. He wants to leave the wire in her knee for another four weeks then he will put her under sedation and remove it, it will only be a small cut with a couple of staples to close it. Chris and Lesley have just come back from a few days at their house in France and Chris is worn out with carrying Laila up and down the stairs night and morning as she was not going to sleep downstairs!! They left Lester down stairs with her but she did nothing but whine and scratch the door all night so although she's heavy it was easier to carry her up and down the stairs. In Jersey they live in a bungalow so it hasn't been a problem before.
2nd March 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Laila is booked in at the vet on the 17th March for an x-ray and to hopefully have the wire in her leg removed, which her owners think is the only hindrance she has with the bending her knee fully now. She is allowed in the garden off the lead but only on her own for the time being, so when she is out Lester stays in and visa versa so there is a lot of whining through the window at each other!! Laila has managed to sneakily jump onto the bed a few times and looks at her owners as if to say "see I can do it". She seems to be walking really well now with no limping and only holds her leg up if something scares her - as if she's safe guarding it. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for her because it would be a shame if she couldn't run on the beach anymore as she really enjoyed it. However, the most important thing is that her leg has been saved.
9th March 2008
Received an email this evening saying there's just a week to go now before Laila's x-ray and perhaps her operation to remove the wire then hopefully she will be fit and healthy again. She has been doing a little bit of running in the garden on her own during the past few days and is keeping the leg down so it's fingers crossed for next Monday.
17th March 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Laila had her operation today and the vet was really pleased with her progress. He removed the wire from her knee so she has four stitches which will come out in ten days. The vet seems to think she will be okay now and her owners are to start to build her running up gradually.
20th March 2008

23rd March 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Laila's had a couple of good little runs on the beach over the last couple of days and hasn't been limping at all, so things are looking good.
28th March 2008
Received an email this evening with some really great news - Laila had her stitches out today and the vet has given her the all clear. She came out of the vets to the car and jumped in the back with no problem. She's also been running gently on the beach for the last week and seems to know what limit she can push herself to. It's seems a long time since that awful night on last September when she broke her leg so badly and a lot has happened in the meantime but at last she is their happy little girl again and Lester loves having his partner in crime back again.
5th May 2008
Received an email this evening saying Lester and Laila recently stayed in their owner's cottage in France. Apparently Laila was really funny because the last time she was there she had to be carried up the stairs because of her injured leg. This time she just stood at the bottom and looked at owners as if to say "hurry up then". Needless to say she wasn't very happy when she was told she had to walk up them this time, however, it did her good because she was having to bend her knee. Whilst in France they also spent 4 nights on a camp-site in their new caravan. Their owners said that was comedy capers because Laila wasn't happy and refused to sleep in the lounge area with her big brother. In the end her owners shared their double bed with her and Lester had the equivalent of a double bed in the lounge area all to himself. One of their owners said she would have slept with him if they'd had an extra quilt!!! When they go touring in it they will make sure they have a sleeping bag or quilt so they are not squashed up like that again!
19th May 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Lester had been in the wars earlier this week because he'd been bitten by a terrier type dog on the top of his bum. The dog was off the lead and ran down the beach and for no reason because Lester had his back to him it pounced. Laila was on her lead at the time as she'd pulled a muscle in her neck a couple of days earlier whilst jumping out of the vehicle. Apparently, the dog's owner ignored the incident and carried on walking then turned back to walk to the car when the dog ran towards Lester again but this time Lester was facing it and barked in it's face which caused the dog to back off. The dog's owner eventually agreed to pay the vets bill as Lester had quite a large bite and needed an antibiotic injection. He is okay now and Laila is off the lead again and back to her mad happy self.
20th March 2009

15th July 2009
Lester and Laila along with their owners are over in the UK for two or three weeks and today they arrived at the caravan park at Meathop, which is not far from where we live, where they are keeping their caravan a few days so they can visit us on their way north touring Scotland.
20th March 2010

20th March 2011

20th March 2012

19th April 2012
We received a sad email this evening from Laila's owner letting us know she was unwell, and they emailed because of the difficulty in talking without getting upset. They had to take drastic action with Laila and had her left hind leg amputated, which was the one she broke over 4 years ago. Laila was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma tumour which is a very aggressive cancer of the bone. Her outlook is not great as in most cases the cancer re-appears within 3 to 6 months and usually hits the lungs next. Her operation was 2 weeks ago and she is managing to get around  on 3 legs, but she has been very depressed. She had her staples out yesterday and they took her on the beach with Lester for the first time since January! Lester was over the moon to have her back out with him. She has seemed to cheer up a bit now and all they can hope for is that she can enjoy whatever time she has left with them. Her owners have both decided to spoil her rotten and will make the right decision when the time comes.
20th April 2012
Laila's owners emailed again today letting us know they have already made arrangements with their vet that when the time comes Laila will be put to rest in her own bed at home and Lester will see her before and after. Today on the beach they met up with a few people they see regularly with their dogs and all the dogs gave Laila a gentle sniff and just carried walking along with her as normal. Out of the 4 of them, including Lester they seemed to make sure one of them was by Laila's side all the way.
6th December 2012
We received an email today letting us know that it is now 9 months after Laila's leg was amputated and she is still running around on the beach terrorising the seagulls. An x-ray was taken 4 weeks ago because she had a lump that was growing on her shoulder, and the vet said the cancer has definitely returned on her lungs where she had 5 tumours. The vet was very surprised to see that 4 of them were the size of grapes and 1 was the size of a cherry tomato, he said if they continued to grow slowly she could be with them for another 3 to 4 months. The lump on her shoulder is growing at quite a fast rate, but it does not seem to bother her at all so we have agreed not to put her through surgery to remove it, she is on 4 steroids per day as her one remaining back leg was starting to get a bit weak and was giving way on her, she is coughing a little but no more than if she is trying to clear her throat. Her appetite is normal. All in all she is a marvel and such a strong brave girl, every one who has got to know her over the years, are amazed at how well she has coped.
Lester, well there is an amazing change in him, he no longer runs into the rocks on the beach, he stays within about 3 to 4 feet of Laila. He has made a huge effort to play with all the other dogs that Laila has always played with, its as if he knows that he will have to depend on them for company when Laila departs, he also now comes to greet people who come to the house.
20th December 2012
We received a very sad email this evening letting us know that Laila passed away this afternoon with the help of their vet. She went downhill so fast her owners found it hard to believe. Lester was with her at the time and he lay with her a while after she'd passed away.
Oh my dear, how sad, and after all she's been through.

Rest in Peace now my pretty Laila,
now free of pain,
go run with the angels.

Click HERE
to see the first movie of us
playing on the beach with Gunner.
(20th August 2006)

Lester in hiding from visitors
August 2006
I decided to hide in the wardrobe
dad was building away from the
visitors. Well, how was I to know
they wanted to be my friends !

Laila with Lester and their new mum
Laila and I with our new mum during
our walk around the local reservoir
August 2006

Lester with Laila on the bed
Laila and I on our mum
and dad's bed
August 2006

Lester with Laila on their mum and dad's bed
. . . . and again . . .

Lester and Laila having a nap
. . . and again.

Lester and Laila in the car
Going out for a drive in the car
August 2006

Laila and Lester enjoying their pigs ears
. . and enjoying our pig's ears.

With Lester and Laila on the beach
Lester and Laila with Jenny
1st November 2006
(sorry about the muzzles but
they tend to wear them on the
beach at the moment)

On the beach
On the beach
1st November 2006

Laila on the beach
Laila on the beach
4th April 2007

4th April 2007

Lester with his friend
Lester with his friend Zelah
4th April 2007

Playing with some dogs on the beach
Playing with his friends and Zelah
on the beach - 4th April 2007

Running on the beach
Playing on the beach
19th April 2007

Two brindle Greyhounds
Bramble and Lofty are Lester and Laila's
litter brother and sister who now live in
retirement together in Cumbria. This
photograph was taken by Stuart at the
Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound
Rescue Show in Dumfries on the
18th November 2007, which
they attended with their family.

Two brindle Greyhounds
. . . and again.

Brindle Greyhound
Laila recovering from her second
operation, which took place
on the 16th January 2008

Two brindle Greyhounds
. . . and feeling a bit better
with Lester on their bed.


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