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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
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Arrived on Sunday 3rd December 2006
Went to her new home on Sunday 25th March 2007
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Ruby's arrival and a brief history
Ruby is a white and black greyhound bitch who is covered in tiny black flecks. She was born on the 14th September 2000 making her just 6 years old. She's an ex-racing greyhound whose original name we didn't think very becoming so we've changed it to Ruby, which is much more feminine and suits her so well. Ruby came with no paperwork, weighed 58 lbs (26.5k), walks well on the lead, has a lovely sweet undemanding nature, gets on well with other dogs, travels well in the car but isn't suitable for a home with cats.
When Ruby arrived her oral hygiene was priority because her breath smelt dreadful and her teeth and gums were in an dreadful state. Since being with
us her bad teeth have been removed, her gums have hardened up and now healthy so she can eat a pig's ear as fast as any of the others. She has PlaqueOff on her food each day as part of her oral hygiene and has her teeth cleaned daily. She knows her name, has been spayed and gained a little weight so is looking so much better.
Ruby's Diary

3rd December 2006
Collected Ruby this morning who travelled well in the car and got on with the other dogs when they first met. She gave Troy a bit of a growl to put him in his place when he showed too much interest in her and Indi made sure Ruby knew her position within the pack but within an hour all settled to their beds and from then on they were fine. After about three hours we found her playing with Troy who thought his new playmate was wonderful and never left her side. She was a bit unsure of going up and down the stairs to begin with but after just a couple of goes she had that mastered as well. From what we can see she has a lovely temperament, ate her tea well and in the evening climbed upon the settee to settle down every opportunity that arose.
When she arrived she smelt awful, the smell of a pig sty. We knew her teeth weren't in a very good condition so wasn't sure whether it was her coat or her breath so we bathed her to find she wasn't very dirty and the smell didn't disappear. Upon a closer examination of her mouth we found it in a real state and the smell was definitely her breath - it is so foul that first thing tomorrow morning when the vet opens we shall be on the phone to make an appointment to get her seen as I'm not sure how long I can stand the smell! We did a home check during the afternoon and her breath was so bad in the car I had to sit with my coat over my nose and mouth to prevent me from being sick and needless to say we didn't take her in for the check.
4th December 2006
Ruby's breath isn't quite so bad this morning and we survived the night with her sleeping in our bedroom! When it was time to go to bed she was a bit unsettled to begin with but once the others lay in theirs she lay down on her's and we never heard a word from her till morning. Her foul breath yesterday may have been made worse by nerves but we are concerned about the amount of water she drank yesterday. This morning her breath doesn't seem as bad or else we are getting used to it!. The vet couldn't see her today so she's booked in for a visit tomorrow when hopefully we can start along the road to getting her sorted.
We think she may have been in a house before because she seems very settled with all the noises that a home brings, she's not shy about climbing on the settee, knows to have a wee before coming inside and last night we thought at one point she was actually asking to go out so it may be she's lived in a home part of the time during the day and perhaps slept in a kennel outdoors at night. Ruby is an ex-racing greyhound and has a few old scars on her body as a result and she is apparently not cat friendly.
5th December 2006
When Ruby woke this morning there was a discharge down the side of her mouth where her teeth or gums had been weeping during the night. As we were going to see the vet today we decided to leave it alone so the vet could see it. Ruby's appointment with the vet was for 2.20pm. In the waiting room she wanted to say hello to the other dogs there but shook quite badly when a large boisterous Basset Hound came through the door so I kept her by my side so as not to frighten her any more. The vet was so shocked with the state of her mouth she wanted to operate immediately due to the infection and the amount of pain she would have been in so I came home without her.
The vet gave her a first inoculation whilst under anesthetic because she came with no paperwork and removed 28 teeth. It really upset us to hear this but thankfully all four large canine teeth were okay. She's had just over half her teeth removed all of which were bad and some were so loose they were at the point of falling out. The vet said she would have been in a lot of pain - but how long have they been like this and thus how long has she been in pain! It's just so awful to think about. Anyway, now all her bad teeth are removed we shall work towards getting her gums healthy again and to keeping those remaining clean and healthy.
We collected Ruby from the vet's at 7.30pm. She was still very wobbly, her nose and muzzle had blood from the operation and she was dribbling a lot of blood from her mouth. As soon as I got her home the other dogs came to see what had been done - they were all very subdued. I put her bed in the living room and lay her down on it. Bobby and Indi lay on the settee and Troy bless him lay on the floor by her side. I lay her head on soft cloth to absorb the blood running from her mouth and covered her up with a blanket as her breathing was very shallow and she went quite cold. I was very worried for her because she had a funny stare in her eyes and on more than one occasion I thought she had stopped breathing. I was still laying on the floor next to her when Stuart came in from working late so he took over from me for a while when he heard the story and my concern for her.
After a couple of hours she drank some tepid water with a drop of milk in for flavour, which washed some of the blood from her mouth and helped her body remove the anesthetic. By midnight we'd managed to get her outside to do her toilet and when she came in she stood by the fridge looking for food so I made her some scrambled egg, which she devoured ravenously then covering her bed with an old sheet we all went to bed.
6th December 2006
Awoke this morning to find Ruby fast asleep on the end of our bed.

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A happy and relaxed Ruby
A happy and relaxed Ruby
7th December 2006

. . . and again . .

What was that noise?
Was that a noise I heard?

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Ruby was taken
in the Nature Reserve on the 8th December 2006 and is our main
October calendar shot
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Iv'e no idea what time she climbed on but she obviously felt she needed to be near us. However, she'd been dribbling blood during the night and it was on our bed where she had been laying so the duvet and cover had to be washed. Deep down I didn't really mind because I'd been very worried for her and this morning she looked so much brighter in the eyes, she ate her antibiotic tablet and painkillers with some soft tepid food and afterwards walked a lot more steady around the garden. At lunch time I washed her face gently with warm water and cotton wool to wash the dried blood from her and afterwards she looked a lot better but her breath still smelt of blood, which is not surprising.
7th December 2006
Ruby looks so much better today and her breath smells normal now her mouth has stopped bleeding. She is still struggling to eat her food and she's on her normal food again but we are soaking it and giving it to her tepid so as not to hurt her mouth. We must do this for the next week until she goes back to the vet for a check up. She struggles with the last bit of food because her small front teeth are gone so has nothing to scoop the food up with so we scrape the last bit up and tilt her bowl so she can get it better.
We let her off the lead in the garden today because we felt she wasn't going to try to escape - you never know what a new dog will do so we tend to keep them on the lead till we are sure of them! We didn't keep her out long because it was cold but she enjoyed having a good look around.
8th December 2006
Ruby is definitely not cat friendly. She was walking around the garden this evening when she saw a cat moving about in the field. Her ears went up and she ran back and forth along the fence looking for a way through. If the gate had been open she would have gone for it - teeth or no teeth!
9th December 2006
Ruby came with us and the others to Dumfries where we were walking along the city centre with a number of other greyhounds for the annual city centre walk. It was a cold morning so we had her well wrapped up and a number of people were admiring her and her bravery at having so many teeth out. On the way home we called in to the DGR homing co-ordinator who microchipped her, which she wasn't too keen on.
Out in the garden this evening she decided to look for the cat again and paced back and forth along the fence looking for it. Luckily the cat decided it was not a good place to be and we hope Ruby soon forgets it ever existed.
10th December 2006
Today we visited my mum. Ruby was very good and enjoyed her day out.
12th December 2006
Ruby had her last antibiotic tablet this morning and we took her back to the vet this afternoon for a check up. When she saw her walking down the passageway towards us in the waiting room Ruby decided it was just too much and had a wee. I've not had one have an accident in the vets before so it took me a bit by surprise because she's been good in the house, however, the vet said it was probably fear at seeing her - and who could blame her after what they did to her. In the consulting room Ruby let the vet check her mouth - she was pleased with the way it was healing but said to keep her on soft food another two weeks to allow all the sockets to heal then to start introducing slightly harder food and before long she will be able to eat her food as the others do. Also, at the end of the two weeks we are to start cleaning her remaining teeth EVERY day so as to help those left and reduce the risk of others having to be removed.
This evening she was very bright, the brightest we've seen her and she was looking forward to her food, which she ate ravenously. Her eyes sparkle and she's looking so much happier. When she first arrived we thought she was no beauty because her ears lay in a funny position and her face looked out of shape and pinched. We now realise this was due to the pain she was in because she's now a different dog - she has a very pretty face, she's looking very

alert and her ears are back to normal.
14th December 2006
Since having some of her teeth removed, including all the small ones at the front Ruby struggles to eat the last few bits of food in her dish as she has nothing to pick it up with and 'chases' it around the bowl. As a result we've started helping her at the end by tilting the bowl and keep scraping the food down to the bottom with our fingers until she's eaten it all. She doesn't mind your hand in her dish whilst we are scraping it down - almost as if she knows we are trying to help her. With our help the lot disappears.
17th December 2006
Ruby is a real couch potato, she loves being on the settee next to you and will roll over on her back so you can stroke her tummy. I quite often go to bed before Stuart with a cup of tea and my book and Ruby has taken to coming with me. If she climbs on the bed before I get in I tell her to budge up and gently push her over so I can get in then she snuggles back up again and falls asleep till Stuart comes to bed. When he does she refuses to move so we have to gently push her off so she lands on her feet then she walks over to her bed and that's the last we hear of her till the morning. Sometimes she grumbles at us for pushing her off the bed but we tell her we are having none of that and continue removing her from the bed using the command 'off' so she will learn to get off the bed when we ask her to.
Ruby doesn't grumble at Troy the same these days so she's obviously got across to him that when he plays near her he doesn't do it quite so boisterously. Her earlier grumbling at him was her feeling vulnerable being ill and teaching him to respect his elders!
20th December 2006
This evening Ruby came with us to the Bay Dog Training Christmas Party. We laid the duvet on the floor in the corner and made our 'base'. There were lots of dogs there and although Ruby wondered what on earth was going on she soon settled and was very good with the other dogs as they ran and played around her.
21st December 2006
Ruby is very undemanding in the house and we hardly know we have her half the time. She loves being stroked and cuddled and can't get enough of close contact with us. She often sits on the mat in the kitchen in front of the fire and looks longingly at us as we are working there. She follows me everywhere so which ever room I am in she will follow and lay there until I go somewhere then she's there with me. The only time she doesn't do it is when she's on the settee with Stuart then she's quite happy knowing I'm not around.
22nd December 2006
Ruby proved to be a real lapdog this evening when she came up to the arm chair I was sitting on and climbed onto my lap. Settled herself comfortably and lay there for the evening - that put a stop to the sewing I was doing and she felt like a hot water bottle on my lap. It was lovely having her there but boy wasn't she hot! She's the first one whose wanted to do this and I couldn't believe what she was asking of me.
23rd December 2006

more soon ......

31st December 2006
We were in the garden this morning collecting leaves when Troy and Ruby decided to have a run around the trees. I thought my lawn wasn't doing too bad until after they had finished and they both seemed to enjoy the run together, however, by the time we went in we noticed Ruby following us quite sedately with her back foot off the ground. Upon getting her inside and washing her foot we noticed a lot of blood and one of her nails at a funny angle. She must have caught it on something when she was running but we never saw her do it and neither did we hear her cry out. We bathed her foot in Hibiscrub, gave her Metacam and because it wouldn't stop bleeding we later phoned the vet for advice. He said to continue as we were and to bring her in next week if things got worse. We never walked her this evening and when she went into the garden to do her toilet we covered her foot to keep it from getting dirty.
1st January 2007
Ruby's foot is still sore today, bleeding a little but nothing like last night. We've bathed it a couple of times with Hibiscrub diluted in warm water to help keep the wound clean but she's been struggling to walk, especially with the bag we put on her foot. When I took the others for their walks today she stayed behind with Stuart because we think she would have struggled walking.
2nd January 2007
Ruby's still struggling to walk and this morning refused to have the covering on her foot to protect it from the dirt so we rang the vet for an appointment to see them. We never took her out for a walk again today as her foot looks quite sore and by evening was beginning to swell so there must be an infection in it. She won't let me touch it and even with Stuart holding her I struggle to even soak her foot to relieve the pain.
3rd January 2007
As Ruby's foot looked quite bad I never fed her this morning before taking her to the vet in case they wanted to keep her in and she needed an anesthetic. She struggled walking to the car and I had to pick her up to put her in it as she didn't want to jump in. We put a muzzle on her in the vet and held her close whilst the vet examined her foot. She said her nail was barely on so with a quick tug the she pulled it off, which caused Ruby to jump and cry out. At least now it should start feeling more comfortable for her and allow her to lick it clean without the pain of the loose nail. When she did it we didn't
In the garden
17th December 2006

Ruby is truly a lap dog
Ruby loves to climb up for
a cuddle on our lap. She is
our first true 'lap dog'!
December 2006

Relaxing on Christmas Eve
Relaxing on Christmas Eve
24th December 2006

Ruby on Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve in front of the tree
24th December 2006

Black and white greyhound
28th December 2006

Ruby by the fire
Her favourite spot in front
of the kitchen fire where
she lays watching us.
1st January 2007

think it was as loose as that so it must have become more loose since it happened. She licked it all the way home in the car and when we got home I made her some breakfast and gave her one of the antibiotic tablets she's to take over the next few days. In order to keep it clean we never took her for a walk again today - she never really wanted to go in the garden either but we forced her out to prevent an accident indoors. She was sitting in the kitchen in front of the fire, which is one of her favourite places, this evening watching us have our tea and she looked a lot happier.
4th January 2007
Ruby's foot looks a lot better this morning and the swelling has gone down quite a bit overnight. She's walking more normally and not hopping quite so much. After her breakfast I saw her venture to the far end of the garden to do her toilet which is the first time she's been so far since she hurt it so that was a good sign. To keep it clean we swished her foot in a bucket of warm water to remove the soil then in diluted Hibiscrub to help it heal.

more soon . ........

20th January 2007
Ruby's feeling quite brave and at home now because she climbs on the settee next to Bobby. He sometimes grumbles at her but she just ignores him and gets up anyway.
22nd January 2007
This morning Ruby went to the vet to be spayed. She weighed in at 29.70k so she's gained just over 3k since she's been with us. The vet gave her a clean bill of health and I asked if they could check her teeth whilst under the anesthetic as I found it difficult seeing how well the ones at the back were doing. Her teeth are looking really well so using 'PlaqueOff' on her food each day and cleaning her teeth seems to be working and should help to prolong the life of the ones she has left. She came out of the vets looking very sorry for herself and once home just wanted to sleep on the bed in front of the fire in the kitchen. At tea time we tried her with a drink, which she didn't want and neither could we tempt her with a little scrambled egg. She didn't walk much and when she did it was very cautiously. The rest of the evening she spent upstairs in her bed and after being let out last thing we tried her again with the egg, which she didn't want so she settled down in our bedroom for the night.
23rd January 2007
This morning Ruby wouldn't come down stairs so we carried her down to let her out in the garden. She very cautiously did what she had to do then slowly walked back inside. She lay on the bed in front of the kitchen fire and wouldn't drink anything nor ate any breakfast. We gave her Metacam this morning straight from the syringe down her throat because she wouldn't eat so we couldn't put it on her food. We then gave her a few syringe fulls of water because she needed fluid and we hadn't been able to get her to drink. She lay on the bed in front of the fire in the kitchen most of the morning looking very sorry for herself and slept. When it came to take the others out at lunch time I decided she should stay in the warmth so put her food and some milk mixed with water next to her so she could have it if she wanted when we were out. She never even bothered getting up off her bed and when we came in she was at the door waiting for us but her food and liquid hadn't been touched. She took a pig's ear along with the others so that was a good sign and she ate that in the living room before going back to her bed in front of the fire.
Ruby looked a bit brighter in the eyes this afternoon and when it came to feed her she was there with the others

waiting for her tea, which we were really pleased to see. However, when I took them for a walk I insisted she stay behind in the warm even though she wanted to join us. She lay in the kitchen in front of the fire whilst we had tea then followed us into the living room where she spent the rest of the evening on the settee. Hopefully she will be feeling a little better tomorrow.
24th January 2007
Ruby is so much better today, eaten all her breakfast and wanted to join the others for their walk. She must be feeling better because she'd tried licking it today so we've had to tell her to stop.
26th January 2007
Last night we put the muzzle on Ruby to stop her licking her stitches during the night. We have a special muzzle that is taped up so they can't lick through the gaps - she was NOT pleased at having to wear that and this morning we were awoken to her trying to scratch it off.
When we took Ruby to the vet this morning for a routine check up the vet was very pleased with the way it was looking.
27th January 2007
When we woke this morning Ruby's back legs had dried liquid on them and it seems her wound had 'weeped' during the night. It didn't happen again during the day and we wondered if she tried to lick it in the night to find she couldn't because of the muzzle.
28th January 2007
Set of at 7am for a long drive to Dunblane where we were meeting Britney to do some photographs for the 2008 calendars. Before we went we bathed Ruby's wound as it had been 'weeping' again in the night and the stitches looked a bit red with blood. She was alright in herself and once she had been cleaned it looked much better. Ruby travelled well in the car and ate her breakfast in the back along with the others when we stopped part way. We did the photo shoot at the Cromlix Hotel and used Ruby for the 'blocked fire escape' 'Safety' calendar shot. We also got her to stand next to Britney on a low wall for a 'Lifestyle' calendar shot. She was very good and we have some lovely pictures. We later took some pictures of her with Britney in the trees around the back of the hotel. They were cutting wood for the log fires so we asked if we could do another shot and they said yes so Ruby did another picture with Britney concerning safety whilst chopping logs. It was rather dark under the trees so the area had to be lit carefully but we got some lovely pictures of her looking at us as if to say Britney was mad!.
29th January 2007
Ruby's stitches didn't weep last night so perhaps it's settling down.
Ruby is getting very good at having her teeth cleaned. When she sees me pick up the chicken flavoured tooth paste and brush her eyes light up and she comes to me waiting. We do it last thing at night so she has no food after they are done and the enzymes in the toothpaste can work during the night. It's a bit of an art cleaning her teeth because she has so few but now I can tell with the brush when I'm cleaning teeth instead of gums, which is tricky when she's chomping her jaws trying to eat the toothpaste. She now lets me clean the inside of her canine teeth as well as the outside, which I am pleased with because people don't realise she has so few teeth as they see her canines and her tongue covers where her others were so people don't notice any missing.
30th January 2007
Realised this morning the vet had given us an appointment for nine days instead of the normal ten for her stitches to be removed so I phoned to double check and asked about her stitches weeping at the weekend. They changed her appointment to the tenth day and suggested we took her in just to be on the safe side especially when I mentioned I thought it may be little swollen. After the vet examined her he used a syringe to drain the fluid from her wound, which he said had healed so could no longer seep out through the stitches and put her on antibiotics to be on the safe side. Poor Ruby, she's certainly had more than her share of visits to the vet since she's been with us so here's hoping her trip on Friday to have her stitches out will be the the last for some considerable time.
31st January 2007
When we collected Joe this afternoon and allowed them all to meet outside the car we half expected Ruby to give him a grumble but no, not a word and she was fine with him. Perhaps all her earlier grumbling was because she'd been unwell and felt vulnerable so grumbled to keep them at bay. Having said that when she's on the settee next to Stuart in the evening there's a little grumble if one of the foster dogs comes too near as if to say 'this is mine, go away'.
1st February 2007
Draining the fluid from her wound a couple of days ago certainly did the trick along with the antibiotics because everything is looking really well and this evening we even thought she was about to play in the living room, which sadly we had to gently stop so as not to cause any problems with her stitches. After tomorrow Ruby, you can play to your heart's content and the more you play the happier we will be, for it's so lovely to see her looking so well and happy. She's a lovely, lovely dog and I have become really attached to her so will find her hard to part with when a new home is found for her. She is so much like our darling Penny in so many ways, so caring and considerate and I think it's the way she sits watching me with those loving eyes just like our Penny used to do.
4th February 2007
Ruby has learnt to scratch the door if she's in one room and we are in another and she wants to come in.
12th February 2007
After Ruby had her teeth out she struggled for sometime to eat the last few pieces of her food in her dish so we used to tilt her bowl and scrape it down into the bottom to help her. We no longer need to do this as she's mastered how to pick up everything - even the odd bit that ends up on the floor.
Teeth cleaning is going well and her eyes light up when she sees me coming with the tube and toothbrush. She's much better at letting me clean her teeth and doesn't chew the toothbrush the same as she used to do but she does enjoy the taste of the enzyme toothpaste. We keep her toothpaste and brush in our bathroom so last thing at night when we clean our teeth we clean hers as well. This way we don't forget to do hers and it means the enzyme toothpaste is still in her mouth overnight and working.
20th February 2007
We've noticed Ruby has a tendency to feel the cold, which is probably why she likes to lay in front of the fire, with he back against the carpeted step in the kitchen or climb on the settee or bed. When we visit our local pub we put a blanket or our coat on the stone floor so she can lay on it otherwise after a while she shivers and you can feel the vibration up the lead. She never complains but then that's Ruby but for us she is painful to watch. When someone comes into the pub and it's cold or there is a draft she shivers something awful so we've even covered her over to keep the draft of her back. When out walking if its wet and cold so long as she is moving she is fine but if we stop to talk you can see her shivering even with her coat on.
Ruby loves her warmth and comfort and loves cuddling up to you on the settee in the evenings, laying on the bed next to you when you go to bed to read and when its cold she even snuggles down inside the bed! Yes inside the bed.
2nd March 2007
Ruby became fully accepted by Bobby this evening when she climbed on the settee and settled down next to him. She's done this before on a few occasions without him grumbling at her but this evening she climbed on so as to sleep with her head on his hip and back where she stayed all evening.
3rd March 2007
This afternoon a home check was carried out in Essex for a lady who lives with her son and who contacted us wanting to re-homing both Ruby and Joe. A reference from her vet has been received and because the home check was a pass Ruby and Joe will be going to live together in Essex. However, the lady is looking to buy a bed and breakfast establishment in the Dumfries area so it looks as if their home in Essex will bring them both up north again before too long.

24th March 2007
It was a beautiful morning, Spring was in the air and the dogs were going mad in the garden at 7.30am whilst I was hanging our the washing. Toby and Ruby were the main culprits racing after each other - round and round the trees then back into the house and out into the garden again. In the end I called a halt to it before one of them got hurt as it became quite boisterous by the end. They both came back into the house puffing and panting then crashed out on the kitchen floor to recover.
This evening Joe and Ruby's new owners arrived to collect them and because they came from Essex they are staying over night and taking them home tomorrow morning. Both dogs enjoyed the attention they received and seemed to get along with their new owners.
25th March 2007
Around 10am this morning we said our farewells to both Ruby and Joe who jumped onto their new beds in the back of their new owner's car and settled down for their long journey home. It was very difficult watching them both leave but we hope to see them again sometime in the future if their new owner's plans of moving to the Dumfries area materialises and we hope the two of them have a long and happy life together.
We phoned this evening to see how their journey had been - it was long and Ruby lay on her bed all the way. However, they stopped on occassion to let them out to stretch their legs and when we called they were both eating a pig's ear having just explored their new home and surroundings.
26th March 2007
Received a call this evening letting us know they were both fine. Had a good night last night, enjoyed their walks today and everything seems fine and they are beginning to settle into their new routine.
12th April 2007
Received an email from Ruby and Joe's new owner this evening enclosing a couple of photographs and letting us know they are a pleasure to have. Both are as good as gold in the house and when out walking. They've met their new vet who said all was well and who are now fully aware of the problems Ruby had with her teeth.
Ruby at Cromlix Hotel
At the Comlix Hotel, Dunblane
28th January 2007

2nd February 2007

Ruby in the garden
Enjoying the winter sunshine
2nd February 2007

Ruby in the garden
.... and again.

Joe and Ruby
Joe (left) with Ruby
2nd February 2007

Black and white Greyhound
11th March 2007

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
Joe and Ruby
This picture of Joe and Ruby was
taken on the 18th March 2007 and
is our September supporting
picture for the calendar
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Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
Ruby and Joe
This picture of Joe and Ruby was
taken on the 18th March 2007 and is
our inside cover calendar shot
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Ruby in her new home
In her favourite armchair at her
new home - April 2007

Ruby asleep on the bed
. . . and on her favourite bed
April 2007
14th September 2007
12th January 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that both Ruby and Joe are in the best of health and enjoying their retirement.
14th September 2008
14th September 2009
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