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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
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Flash (2)
Arrived on Saturday 7th April 2007
Went to his new hom on Sunday 29th April 2007.

Flash's arrival and a brief history
Flash is a handsome blue greyhound weighing 74lbs (33.7k) who was born on the 6th June 2004 making him almost 3 years old. At some stage in his past Flash fractured his right wrist, which is still a little swollen and an X-ray shows it to be wired. The web between his two middle toes has also been damaged, which probably occurred at the same time as he injured his wrist. To look at Flash you wouldn't think anything wrong with him and the vet feels in time it should heal properly but will need monitoring may remain a little weak, but it's too early to say as yet. He is neutered, inoculated and house trained. Loves playing with his toys, travels well in the car, walks nicely on the lead gets on with other dogs both large and small. He is a very friendly dog who loves a cuddle, gets on well with children and loves meeting people.
Flash's Diary
7th April 2007
We met Flash at the Greyhound Awareness Day being held today in Carlisle City Centre. Shortly after we arrived he was handed over so we could introduce him to our dogs and he could get to know them before getting in the car to come home with us. He was a very popular dog at the event and many people commented how lovely he was especially as he sidled over to people as they approached and leaned into them for a cuddle. One couple even remembered him as we were walking back to our car after the event and came over to say hello again.

Although Flash isn't small he met a Great Dane and a St. Bernard who dwarfed him and neither dog bothered him - he just wanted to have a good sniff and say hello. Two or three small dogs walked past him and Stuart said he never bothered with those either. He is a very friendly dog, enjoyed all the fuss being made of him and got on fine with all the children who came over to say hello and stroke him.
At the end of the event he walked nicely on his lead through the crowds back to our car with the others, ignored a small dog as we passed it in the street then jumped in our car and settled down for the journey home. We
stopped off at a pub on the way back to break the journey and relax a few minutes. All the dogs crashed out on the lawn in the beer garden but Flash didn't lay down with the others and spent most of the time pressed into us for reassurance and panted quite a lot with nerves.
We introduced him to the garden when we got home then took him inside where Stuart showed him round the house on the lead whilst I prepared their dinners. Wooden floors don't bother him. He went up the stairs as if he'd done it all his life then appeared to know how to come down again. That was until he was almost at the bottom when his back end tried overtaking the front and he fell in a heap at the bottom, however, Stuart was with him and broke his fall and Flash jumped up as if nothing had happened - will have to watch him more carefully next time! We kept him on the lead whilst he ate his food as he was a bit picky, kept wandering off to see what the others were doing and needed encouragement to eat it all. Out for a walk after tea then we all settled down to watch television in the evening. He was quite nervous and kept coming to us
for reassurance before settling on the floor with the others for a few minutes.
When it came to bed time he was really unsettled so Bobby put his word in to shut him up. This caused Flash to have a wee against our bed, which meant a change before we could get into it then he refused to lay on his bed for more than a few seconds before jumping up again. In the end we resorted to the water spray and each time he wandered we squirted him saying 'go down'. He soon got the message because he didn't like the water spray so laid down to sleep.
8th April 2007
Never heard a word from Flash till this morning when we guided him down the stairs and out into the garden then back in for his breakfast, which he ate better than the one last night. He was very unsettled and started pacing the rooms upstairs so Bobby snarled at him to stop which caused Flash to wee against our bed again! Trust him to be in the same place twice and it was a good job the weather was so nice as there was plenty of bedding to wash. After that we kept him on the lead most of the day so as not to encourage Bobby again into telling him to settle down and stop being
stupid as he does with nervous dogs. We also didn't want him going down the stairs until we were sure he could safely manage on his own and because he was forever wanting to mark his spot around the house. He drove us crazy - two steps, cock his leg, two more steps, cock his leg again. We had to watch him constantly and every time we saw him balance ready to cock his leg it was a sharp 'Ah, Ah, Ah' and out into the garden where we walked around till he did a wee, received a huge praise then back in the house. We must have walked miles today just going from the house into the garden and back in again - by this evening we were both worn out, Toby and Mindy got fed up of hearing 'Ah, Ah, Ah' in case it was aimed at them and went quiet and Bobby and Indi went to their beds for most of the day out of the way.
This evening Flash settled much better in the living room and slept all evening by the side of the settee, which was just as well as both Stuart and I were shattered.
9th April 2007
What a difference a day makes!!!!
Flash went to bed last night with no problems at all and woke up a different dog. Perhaps he's decided that this place isn't that bad after all. He went in the garden off the lead, did what he had to do and came running back in the house and sat in the kitchen whilst we got his breakfast ready. He waited more patiently whilst we gave all the dogs theirs afterwards started laying in the kitchen or in my office close to me without that constant pacing. His need to cock his leg every second in the house has almost gone and we've only had a couple of accidents in the house. We walked him down the stairs two or three times this morning then suddenly he just went down on his own. Our hearts were in our mouths to begin with but by the end of the day he was running up and down the stairs with the others as if he's been doing it for years.
At lunch time we called in the pub as it was Toby's last chance before being re-homed tomorrow and Flash was wonderful. He greeted everyone and seemed thoroughly at home. This afternoon he discovered the toys in the toy box and thinks they are great, loves playing with Toby and Mindy at every opportunity and has been strolling round the garden looking thoroughly relaxed.
During our walk this evening he walked lovely on the lead, never bothered looking at the sheep in the adjoining field and ignored a dog as
Flash in the garden
Enjoying the sunshine
12th April 2007

. . . .and again

. . . . and again

and again.

Blue Greyhound
April 2007

Greyhound in bluebells
With Mel Rook
in the Bluebells
April 2007

it walked past. He's now getting on brilliantly with Bobby so Bobby's reprimands yesterday did the trick - they've been walking together, playing in the kitchen together and even sleeping in close proximity with each other - something some new dogs take a couple of weeks or often more to achieve. This evening he took to laying on the bed in my office on his back with his legs up the cupboard doors just as Lester used to do.
Flash loves a pig's ear and happily lays in the garden chewing them. This is good because his teeth are a bit grubby and they should help to clean them, however, when we book him into the vet to be neutered we shall ask if they can scale them at the same time to give him a fresh start.
What a difference a day makes!!!!
10th April 2007
Flash was good last night and has mastered the stairs by leaning against the wall as he's coming down. If he won't be quiet whilst we are preparing their food we find that by pointing the water spray at him and saying 'down' makes him walk away and lay down to wait with the others. Toby's new owners came this morning to collect him and Flash gave them a wonderful welcome to the point we almost had to restrain him. After they left, Flash was a bit unsure of things for a while as he kept running round looking for Toby, however, back to the office with the radio on and he soon lay on the bed on his back with his legs in the air, seemingly quite content again. Shortly after we spotted droplets of blood on the conservatory floor and wondered where it had come from. It wasn't much but I remembered seeing the end of Flash's tail had no hair on it when he first arrived and that it was quite dry. We soon realised that Flash had wagged his tail so much for Toby's new owners he had banged the end on something and made it bleed.
Flash is settling more by the hour, loves his toys and will play tug with you if you hold a toy and try to pull it from him, he loves playing with the others but can get a bit boisterous because of his size so we have to stop them if they start in the house. We've had no accidents today, he loves coming for cuddles and looks very content when asleep on his bed.
12th April 2007
Found Flash and Mindy playing tug-o-war with a toy this morning - they were having a great time together and Flash will miss her when she goes to her new home tomorrow morning.
13th April 2007
Called in at Penrith yesterday afternoon after visiting a client to pick up our new foster dog Sonny. There was a bit of grumbling between him and Flash when they first met but they soon settled for the journey home. Whether it's because they are both 'whole' dogs are are setting the pack order or because Sonny is still so unsure we don't know but there have been a few 'bedding in ' issues between the two of them and every time Flash walks near him he receives a low grumble. However, Flash just ignores him.
14th April 2007
Took a trip to Fellfoot Park on the edge of Lake Windermere this lunch time as we are going to do a calendar photo shoot there soon and wanted to check out the location in readiness. The park was very busy and we turned a few heads as four greyhounds walked elegantly down the path. We even had people coming over to us to say hello to the dogs and Flash was in his element with all the attention.
Don't know if it's since Sonny arrived because I can't remember Flash doing it before but when it's time to go for a walk the two of them dance around like lunatics as I am trying to put their collars and leads on. Trying to get out the door is some event as we have to restrain them both to let Bobby and Indi out first then keep them back with the water spray so we can walk through the doorway before them (setting pack order). Asking them both to wait quietly together is something we will be working on.
15th April 2007
I went to collect some dog food and bric-a-brac this afternoon that had been donated and whilst I was unloading the car, which was about ten trips Flash and Sonny both became quite excited and a little fraught at my coming and going. We are not sure what happened but there was a disagreement. It only lasted a few seconds and they were parting as Stuart came in to see what was happening. Sonny was injured but there were no marks on Flash. Having reviewed the situation we think as they pacing about waiting for me to come back in the house Sonny thought it had become a game and tried to mount Flash who disapproved and told him so - which he would. Sonny is quite an amorous dog so the sooner we can get him neutered the better. This is the first time in all our 46 foster dogs that we've had two whole dogs of about the same age at the same time and it may be this that has been causing the friction.
17th April 2007
This morning we took Flash to the vet to be neutered and whilst there he was given a full examination and we asked about his teeth and the lump on his wrist. He had his first inoculation because he came to us without his own inoculation card. The vet checked his teeth whilst under the anesthetic because of the state they were in when he arrived but they didn't need scaling because the daily pig's ear he's had, had cleaned them very well. They counted his teeth because we thought he'd had some missing but the vet assured us they are all there and the gaps are just him. With regards to the lump on his wrist, this they x-rayed and when we called in to collect him late afternoon we were shown the results. We were quite surprised because the lump is the result of a fractured wrist that has been wired. They also noticed he had no web between the two middle toes, which may have been from the same accident. We were surprised as he's shown no signs of problems when running and playing. As we have no idea when it happened the vet suggested the swelling may be part of the healing process, which may take some time or if the break is old it may be an indication that all is not well. As Flash isn't very old, doesn't limp and shows no sign of pain, it was felt the lump is part of a healing process and we are keeping our fingers crossed that all will be well. When Flash goes to a new home his injury needs to be considered and if he starts limping or showing signs of pain he may need an operation to have the fracture treated further and if necessary the wire removed. We mentioned that when Flash leans against us for a cuddle he tends to fidget and was that an indication he's in pain, but the vet thought it more likely to be the lost web between his toes as these affect balance.
This evening we spoke to our homing coordinator about Flash's wrist and asked if it were possible to contact his previous owner for more information. This is because if we can find out when he broke it, it would help us move forward because as it stands at present we are moving in the dark. It may be we are being over cautious with regards to choosing the right home for him but it is felt at the moment, and we say at the moment, it may be best not to do very long walks of say five or six miles at a time as this may be too much for him. As with any fracture it isn't advisable to let him off the lead at the moment to run until the vet thought it safe to do so and then to be wary of rough ground where he may get caught or go down a hole. To give him some freedom off the lead a home with a garden would be ideal to run and play in. Additionally, a home that doesn't have narrow stairs with a steep incline as found in some older terraced houses may not be best as these may put too much pressure on him as he comes down them until more is known about his injury. Flash doesn't need wrapping in cotton wool because he wouldn't thank us for that as he enjoys life but it should be taken into consideration so he doesn't harm himself further. Having said all this Flash really enjoys life and if you saw him playing in our garden or going up and down our stairs you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with him, which is a really good sign.
When we take him back to the vet in ten days time for his stitches out we are going to talk with the vet again because by then we will have had more time to think of other things to ask him.
18th April 2007
Flash has been licking his stitches where he'd been neutered a bit this morning but an 'Ah, Ah, Ah, and 'leave' is often enough to make him stop and look at us with sad sorry eyes.
Went to the pub this evening where Flash was very good. He just stands next to you until someone comes near him then he goes to greet them as he's a really sociable dog and loves saying hello to everyone.
19th April 2007
Had to put the muzzle on Flash last night as he was quite adamant he was going to lick his stitches about 3am. He wasn't too pleased with having it put on but in the end he gave up trying to take it off and went to sleep.
Flash loves playing tug-o-war with a toy with you but will keep pulling till he wins then runs off to his bed with it. So as to ensure he knows he must let us have it if we want we follow and ask for the toy back, which to begin with he wasn't too keen on, however, after a while he realised that when we ask for his toy he let us take it even if we had to encourage it with an 'Ah, Ah, Ah,' or 'Leave'. This is something we also do with their food dishes and pig's ears because in the pack order hierarchy the pack leader is allowed to have anything the members of the pack have and they have to let the pack leader have it without complaining.
In addition to playing with toys he also likes to play with us and does this by crouching very low then jumping around in front of us, which is really funny to watch.
20th April 2007
We put the muzzle on Flash again last night to dissuade him from licking his stitches, which worked as we never heard a murmur from him all night.
22nd April 2007
This afternoon we attended an event at a local kennels and cattery where we set up a stall in aid of Dumfriesshire Greyhound Rescue. The weather wasn't very nice considering how glorious it's been over the past few days which was a shame but a number of our foster dogs and their owners braved the weather and gave their support. It was lovely to see them all. Flash was very good
and was admired by everyone there. They all thought he was a stunning dog and so friendly because he kept sidling up to lean against them for a cuddle. There were loads of other dogs at the event and he wasn't bothered with any of them. At the end of the event all the dogs paraded round the yard and he won the certificate for the one with the 'best eyes' - good for you Flash.
After the event we were all given a doggy bag and inside was a yellow Frisbee. The other dogs looked at it as if to say what on earth is that and walked off but Flash's eyes lit up and he wanted us to throw it for him. This we did and the way he was playing makes us believe he's seen one of these before - he loved it.
Our homing coordinator has left three or four messages on the mobile of Flash's previous owner but as yet there has been no return call so whether we ever find out more about the incident where Flash fractured his wrist we don't know, which is a pity.
23rd April 2007
The weather has been awful today so walks were a minimum because our dogs detest the rain, won't do their toilet and drag back all the way till we are on our way back then they almost run home. Flash has been a pain all day trying to get him in the garden to do what he has to do because there was no way he was going out in that rain. Whether he thought he was going to be locked out in it or not we don't know but he refused to go anywhere near the door. The others went, did what they had to then came running back in but trying to get Flash out was like trying to get hold or a slippery eel and when he was out refused to go further than to cock his leg by the pond not two yards from the door. Consequently, this evening we found an accident by the back door and from the way they all acted we think it may have been Flash so we will need to watch him in future when we get weather like this again.
24th April 2007
Flash has over the past couple of days has come out of his shell further. He loves running round the garden and playing with Sonny who now get on very well together. To see him you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with his leg. He's becoming quite cheeky as he's taken to helping himself to things. He's discovered that things in waste paper bins are fun to play with or eat! apple cores, yoghurt pots, cardboard boxes and paper. He took a hair brush to his bed yesterday but thankfully didn't chew it although the handle was wet. This morning I was taking some small vine cherry tomatoes out of their packaging to put in a dish when Flash reached up and plucked one off. I was quite amazed as this was a first and I thought I would find it on the floor having been rejected but no, he thought it was good once he worked out he had to bite into it then he munched away till it was gone and he turned to us with a sparkle in his eyes looking for another! This lunch time we saw from the corner of our eye the serviette disappearing off the table and turned to find Flash with it in his mouth about to walk off with it. This afternoon he dragged my cardigan off the table and bit one of the buttons off - I saw him laying in the corner of the kitchen chewing something only to find it was the button, which when retrieved and examined was in no condition to be sewn back on again. Flashy boy you are funny but we are going to have to watch you till you pass through this inquisitive stage!
25th April 2007
Flash is much better at waiting for his collar and lead being put on and likewise at waiting whilst we walk through the doorway first especially if we show him the water spray. The problem is they are just so excited at the idea of going for a walk because as soon as they are outside they settle immediately.Sonny is still a bit excitable and we think Flash may be the way he is because he's copying him so as we continue working with them they will both settle.
Don't know what this evening marked in Flash's life but it certainly was something as he did two things for the first time. One was to jump on our bed and go to sleep on his back, legs in the air and head on our pillow. The other was to climb on the settee, lay down and fall asleep with his head and front leg on my lap. Both occurred quite out of the blue and took us aback a bit as he's never attempted either before now.
28th April 2007
Today we all went to Barrow in Furness for our very first Greyhound Awareness Day in the town centre where Flash made friends with everyone. He sidled up to anyone that came close, leaned against them and looked up with those lovely eyes asking for a cuddle. He loved the day and everyone who met him loved him also.
29th April 2007
This morning Flash went to his new home in the Whitehaven area where
he will be living with a couple and their three

young children. There are plenty of walks in the area and his new home has a secure garden where he can play or lay in the sun as he so wishes. We didn't have Flash very long and we shall miss him but we hope he has a long and happy life with his new family.
8th May 2007
Received an email this afternoon from Flash's new owners letting us know how he's getting on in which they say:

He seems to have really settled although he still follows us from room to room even to the toilet!  He is good on the lead with the pram and is getting used to his frequent walks and the noise from the traffic on some of the roads. The hair is starting to cover the pink patch on his nose again and in general his hair is starting to get a nice shine on it. He knows where his treats are kept and is right behind us when we go to the utility room. We've had a couple of incidents where he's taken a liking to one of the kid's toys, but a quick 'LEAVE' and he drops it with no bother. We've not had any accidents in the house the whole time he's been here but for some reason when the kids were having their bath last night Flash decided to come up to their bedroom and wee on their toybox!  We took him to the beach last Saturday and he really wanted off the lead because the kids had a ball which he wanted to play chase with. We felt really sorry for him not being able to let him off the lead but we know its in his interest to stay on the lead until he knows us better and understands recall. A few photos are enclosed.
Flash in his new home
In the garden of his new home
May 2007

Fast asleep on the lawn
fast asleep
in the sunshine
Flash with Josh
With one of his new owners
Relaxing on the settee
. . . and relaxing after a hard day!
When Flash was with us we found he hated the rain and getting him to go in the garden to do what was needed when it was raining generally involved a push out the door. Sometimes we wondered if he felt he was being shut out rather than just be out a short time to empty his bladder. If it had been raining the day day he did a wee on the children's toy box he may have been holding it too long and hearing the bath water running was just too much for him - why the children's toy box? It may have been a coincidence or it may have been him protesting at not being able to share the toys - only Flash can tell us that!
6th June 2007
6th June 2008
6th June 2009
6th June 2010
23rd April 2011
We received an email today from Flash's owners letting us know he is now the perfect pet. He walks alongside his owners without use of a lead, and comes back on recall with no problem. He doesn't try to bolt out the front door when it's opened and he will gladly sit in the car all day if they let him!
24th April 2011
We received another email from Flash's owner today saying he gets lots of admiring looks and is well stroked and hugged! He is feeling sorry for himself at the moment as he has a neck collar on to stop him licking where his wound is on his back leg - he was attacked by 2 staffie x's on the cycle track last week!! He's not happy about what happened but he's taking it in his stride - bless him!
6th June 2011

6th June 2012

6th June 2013

17th December 2013
We received an email today letting us know that Flash is doing fine, but he is starting to look old!!! A little white around his muzzle!
6th June 2014

5th July 2014
We heard today that Flash is now on joint supplements because he has a touch of arthritis in his leg where it broke!! His owner says he's like a pup again!!

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