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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
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Max arrived on Wednesday 3rd October 2007
Went to his new home on Saturday 13th October 2007
Came back to us on Friday 19th October 2007
Went to his new home on Thursday 17th January 2008

Max's arrival and a brief history
Max is a red Greyhound
Max is a stunning dark fawn / red Greyhound who was born on the 18th February 2005 making him just over 2½ years old. He is neutered, inoculated, microchipped and weighs 75lbs (33.9k). Max is a very intelligent Greyhound who gets on well with people, travels well in the car, walks lovely on the lead, has a beautiful nature, is okay with other dogs and can open doors!
Max was re-homed on the 13th October 2007 but was returned to us through no fault of his own on the 19th October 2007.
On arriving back an abcess erupted in the location of the wound above his front left leg, which he had when he came to us. This was quite nasty and required surgery at the vets from which he is now recovering.
Max's Diary
3rd October 2007
Max came into Greyhound Rescue rather suddenly. The Homing Co-ordinator was away, their was no time to shuffle the Greyhounds around to make a kennel space and as we had a foster space free with Sammy just being rehomed Max came straight to us.
I met the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue member who collected him and Max looked so frightened in the back of his car my heart went out for him. He had a good sniff in the back of our car and during the first part of our drive home he stood close behind me whilst I talked to him. After a while he settled down in the back for the rest of the journey.
We'd been told Max was a 'bit of a lad' as he wanted to mount everything he saw so I left our Greyhounds home whilst I fetched him. At the front door Beano became so excited at seeing another Greyhound he wanted to say hello. Bobby and Indi stood half way down the hall and barked in unisome at him to which Max thought it all too much and backed out the house. All was a bit chaotic for a moment because Beano wanted to follow his new friend and the last thing I wanted was them all meeting at the front of the house near the road. To organise Beano I shut the front door with Max on the other side attached to his lead. He couldn't go anywhere because his lead was trapped by the door and this gave me two hands to get all the dogs back into the kitchen so Max could come in on his own and have a walk around the garden before meeting the others one at a time. All was well, there was no grumbling and Max didn't once try and mount any of them.
He tried to cock his leg in the house a couple of times but that was just nerves and wanting to 'mark his spot' as often 'whole' dogs do. Stairs are no problem and neither are wooden floors.
We called in at the pub this evening 'early doors' and Max took it all in his stride. He wanted to say hello to everyone and when the little girl who lives their came to say hello she was all over him and he loved it. When all the greetings were complete he simply lay on the floor and went to sleep till it was time to leave. Back home he wimpered a little before settling on one of the beds in the living room, which I suppose is understandable as a lot has happened to him over the past couple of days or so and he was probably wondering what on earth was happening to him. When it came to going to bed he quickly settled and went to sleep once he was shown which was his bed.
4th October 2007
This morning Max went to the vet to be neutered and to have the scabs at the top of his left leg and on his chest looked at. They confirmed he wasn't microchipped and said the injury at the top of his leg was healing and the one on his chest was a nasty graze that had healed. As the scab was loose but stuck to his hair they shaved it off, which was easier and less painful for him than soaking it. He gave us a lovely welcome when we collected him this afternoon and the operation didn't seem to overly bother him because by tea time he was looking for his dinner. However, we've had a couple of accidents this evening but we think they were out of protest at what he's had done.
6th October 2007
Max has done very well since his neutering operation and only tried to lick the area a couple of times but soon stopped once told to do so. When he first arrived he was a little wary of very close contact especially when we wanted to give him kisses and cuddles but now he's thriving on them, and what a difference it's made - he's turning into a super dog.
Max knows his name and loves strolling around the garden and enjoys the freedom it gives him.
Max walks lovely on the lead, doesn't pull, when you stop he does and when you start walking again, he sets off with you. We saw a dog during our walk this afternoon and he showed no interest in it which is a good sign. However, from his history he is probably used to town life and therefore probably used to seeing other dogs out and about during his walks. Back home and he had his dried pig's ear, which he enjoyed. Today, however, I went to take it of him to see how he reacted - he never bothered, just looked at me as if to say 'why did you do that?' so I gave it back to him.
8th October 2007
Max has really settled in and is a pleasure to have. When we let them in the garden to do their toilet he will bark at the door asking to come back in. This evening last thing Stuart said he heard him bark so was going to let them in when he saw Max dropping from the door handle and the door opening for them all to come running in. We were shocked, but it explains why this afternoon when I let them all in the garden, shut the conservatory door and went back in to tidy the living room I turned to find them all behind me. I was sure I'd shut the door to make sure they stayed out to do what was necessary but then doubted myself as they'd all come in. Now I know it may have been Max that let them in.
9th October 2007
When I let them out today I thought I would stand out of sight and watch to see if it was correct about Max being able to open doors - it was! He went up on his hind legs with his right foot resting on the part of the handle that goes through the door. He was doing a kind of hop whilst his left foot was hitting the part of the handle that goes down to open the door. After about three hits, hey presto, the door opens. This was a door that opened TOWARDS him and the hop was obviously being done to jerk the door ajar when the handle went down. Once the door was ajar he simply went onto all fours again and pulled the door open wider with his foot and nose before happily trotting into the house followed by the others. We were gobsmacked. This isn't a door that opened away from him so he could use his body weight to open it, this one opened towards him and that's some intelligent dog to do that. Luckily, we've found it out so can keep an eye on him but it's a nice thought to think we've only seen him doing it to come IN so he's obviously happy here.
Went to the pub again this evening where Max just lay on the floor and went to sleep next to the others whilst we had a quiet drink.
10th October 2007
Because Max came without any documentation this afternoon he visited the vet for his first inoculation. Whilst there the vet routinely checked him over again and found all was well - he's due his stitches out on Saturday. On the way home we collected some dog food and the cat who normally shows herself proudly walked round the car with the dogs inside looking out. Indi normally barks like mad at it but she was quiet today, which may have been because Stuart was closeby with a water spray ready to fire it at whoever decided to bark. Max looked at it, showed no concern and lay down in the back of the car again, which makes us think he may be cat friendly!
Tonights the night Max discovered the toy box! He's also decided it's great fun chasing Beano and Indi round the house and being chased by them - he's coming out of his shell!
13th October 2007
This lunch time we visited the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue Homing Co-ordinator's house in Carlisle where we were meeting Max's new owner and collecting our new Greyhound, Katie. Max got on fine with all the other Greyhounds and wanted to play with Roma but she was having none of it. When it was time to go Max jumped into his new owner's car and they drove off to the Dunfermline area where he will be living. As they were driving away Max was watching from the rear window of the car and the look on his face really upset Stuart and I so much so we had to fight off the tears. The look was almost saying 'what have I done wrong? why are you sending me away?' - it was just so awfull. However, this is what happens with fostering and despite our heartache we wish him well with a long and happy life in his new home.
Don't know why, perhaps it was the look on Max's face when he left but I couldn't settle tonight so we phoned to see how he was and discovered he was okay in the car driving back, ate his dinner and had a walk but since then he keeps pacing the house, wimpering and barking. His new owner wasn't sure what it was he wanted or how to stop it and I suggested she make herself a cup of tea, take it in the living room with some biscuits, shut all the doors so Max could only walk round the living room. Sit on the settee with the television on low, watch television and talk quietly to him every now and again and let the calm settle. Whilst we chatted I could hear him panting heavily and pacing the floor but after a few minutes and with the aid of a biscuit he climbed on the settee next to his new owner, off he got, then back on, then off again. After a while he stayed on with her and after about an hour or so he was fast asleep on the settee on his back with his new owner
Greyhound face
7th October 2007

Ex-racing Greyhound
. . . and again

Fawn Greyhound
Walking in the nature reserve
21st October 2007

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again
but this one shows his injury.

Red Greyhound
During a photo shoot
13th November 2007

Red Greyhound
... and again

Red Greyhound
... and again.

caressing his paw, which a lot of dogs like, and stroking his chest. Shutting the doors and settling down with a cup of tea worked. It's what we do with a fretful dog, sometimes we even keep them on the lead in the living room till they calm down. Poor Max has had so much happen to him over the past few weeks he probably didn't know whether he was coming or going and more than likely a bit upset at leaving us.
14th October 2007
This afternoon we phoned to see how Max had been since last night and found he'd been fine and settled to his bed last night in his owner's bedroom. His new owner awoke in the middle of the night to find him laying on the floor by her bed looking up at her. When she acknowledged him he went back to his bed and didn't move again till 8.30 am when he went in the garden, back in for his breakfast then his morning walk. Since his initial fretting last night he seems more settled today and things are looking good.
17th October 2007
Received information today saying Max was coming back into Greyhound Rescue. His new owner had considered her health following her operation so poor Max was coming back to us through no fault of his own.
19th October 2007
We met the Homing Co-ordinator this evening at Tebay Services and found Max walking towards us wearing a muzzle, which was rather upsetting. Apparently, when Max was returned the Homing Co-ordinator noticed a lump on Max's shoulder the size of a tennis ball and upon examination it suddenly burst and a lot of blood and puss came out. He was immediately taken to the vet where it was believed an abcess had burst. It was cleaned up, antibiotics prescribed and we were asked to bathe it in salt solution and take him to our vet on Monday if the swelling surrounding the abcess hadn't softened and gone down. In the vets he met a number of small dogs all of whom he ignored and once with the vet he never flinched whilst he was cleaning the wound. The Homing Co-ordinator was extremely pleased with him.
Bobby grumbled at him when he jumped in the car but that may have been because he was wearing the muzzle and Bobby hadn't realised who it was jumping in the car. After a while they all settled for the journey home and upon arrival Max did a tour of the garden and house to make sure all was as it should be. He didn't want much food and we gave him Metacam to ease the pain then bathed his injury and settled in the living room for the evening. As we could supervise him we took the muzzle off, which made him happier but you could tell he was in pain. We let him in the garden just before bed time then went to get the muzzle from where we had left it but it was gone. We were at a bit of a loss because neither of us had touched it but following a search we found it tucked away behind the settee - Max had decided to hide it!
20th October 2007
Max slept well last night but still didn't want all his food today and this evening we gave him more Metacam. The wound doesn't look as angry as it did last night and Max was wonderful each time we came to bathe it. He just stood there and let us clean it for him. He still doesn't like wearing his muzzle and bashes it against anything he can in an attempt to get rid of it but we daren't take it off unless we can watch him because we don't want the wounds getting any worse.
21st October 2007
We phoned the vet this morning because both wounds looked very red and angry but were asked to continue bathing them in salted water today to allow all the badness out. They couldn't do anything until they were sure the abcess had stopped oozing and the salted water and treatment we were giving him was the best at the moment but to bring him to the vets tomorrow morning so they could decide the next step.
This afternoon we decided to trim some bushes down the drive so left the conservatory door open so the Greyhounds could wander round the garden, watch us through the gate if they wanted to but not come down the drive whilst we were working. Max wasn't happy with this arrangement and as he couldn't open the gate he wandered back in the house and opened the front door. This didn't have the snib on because we were wandering in and out and the next thing we saw was Max and Beano happily trotting down the drive to join us. The gates were shut but because Stuart was working the other side of the wall where the road was and he was worried they might try and jump the wall to join him hence them being kept off the drive. Once on the drive however, Max settled so we let them stay but kept an eye on them. There was no need to worry because all Max wanted was to be with us. He just followed us about whilst we were working and to and from the place where we were stacking the bushes we'd cut down. We will need to watch Max if he can open these heavy doors so easily and keep them locked whenever we can. Luckily, so far he's only opened doors so he can come to join us and not to run off, which shows he's happy here.
22nd October 2007
The second the vets opened I was on the phone and was asked to bring him in. I didn't feed him because I was 99% certain they would keep him in and operate. We gave the vet all the details we knew along with the name of the vet who saw Max on Friday evening in case they wanted to speak to him. Max was kept in and this afternoon we collected him after his operation. It seems the abcess may be a knock on affect of the injury at the top of his left leg that looked almost healed when he first arrived. The vet cleaned the area and inserted a drain through the old injury up into the cavity caused by the abcess. It's difficult to see but it looks as if he's about twelve stitches in his shoulder where the abcess was plus a couple holding the drain in. The vet says it's strict lead exercise only with as much house rest as possible because injuries like this with stitches in the shoulder where there is so much muscle can be difficult for the stitches to hold. Max looked a bit sorry for himself and the vet showed us how to bandage him so as to hold a pad over the drain to catch the drips as they drained out so they didn't go all over the house.
Arriving home all he wanted was his tea with the others so we gave him some bread and warm water with scrambled egg, which he ate as if he'd not eaten for a week! He then lay on a bed in the living room close to the radiator as he was feeling a little cool and slept the rest of the evening. The drain is working well and we are having to reposition the pad each time Max stands up to ensure the end of the drain is under the pad as it keeps popping out when the bandages change position as he moves. I remember we had the same problem when Bobby had a drain in after an operation a few years ago with trying to keep the bandages where we wanted them because of their physique.
23rd October 2007
Max managed the stairs and settled quite well last night and we put his muzzle on to make sure he didn't try to remove the drain over night. He woke us at 3.30am, didn't want to go out so we took off his muzzle, straightened his bandages in case part was pulling, gave him a drink of water then sat with him for a few minutes before putting his muzzle back on and going back to bed. This settled him till it was time to go out this morning. He looked much brighter in the eyes, but was a little stiff walking downstairs and went in the garden on his lead - as he has to till his stitches come out. Back inside for breakfast - he was ravenous and ate the lot after which he went to the other bowls looking for left overs.
As he hates the muzzle so much and bashes it against my legs asking to have it removed we've started taking it off when we can supervise him. However, if he goes to lick the bandage covering the drain we say 'leave' and put the muzzle back on. After a couple of minutes or so we take it off until he tries to lick it again then we put it back on. Max is a very clever Greyhound and it shouldn't take him long to realise what we are doing so when the bandages come off we are hoping he will leave the stitches alone.
Max is really good when it comes to changing his bandages and pad because he just stands there and lets us do it with not so much as a flinch - he's super.
Don't quite know when or how it happened because I've been checking the drain regularly but after our walk this evening we noticed more discharge on the crepe bandage than we thought there should be and upon examining things found the stitches holding the drain in place had come undone and the drain was beginning to slide out. It may have happened when we were getting ready for his walk and one of the others may have bumped into him. It's really hard keeping them all quiet so as not to knock him. We phoned the vet who said to bring him straight in. The vet removed the drain as it was coming out anyway and was no longer leading from the right place. We were given instructions on cleaning the area and asked not to let the hole the drain was in scab over so it would continue letting the fluid run out. The vet said that because the drain was out and there was minimum discharge not to bother with the bandages so we removed them. However, about an hour after we got home Max wanted to scratch the wound so badly that Stuart sat with him to distract him. After a while he seemed to calm down so stood up and wandered in the kitchen where I was drying the dishes after tea. Max looked at me and shook himself - what a mess, blood flew all over the walls before I could get to him to stop him shaking. Stuart came running and we rested the tea towel against him to catch the watery blood and discharge as it ran from the hole then with a pad Stuart held the compress against him whilst I prepared more crepe bandages to bandage him up again. The pad and bandages stopped the blood like discharge which may have collected following the tube being removed and afterwards Max settled.
24th October 2007
The pad and bandages did the trick during the night but this morning Max looked as if he'd been pulled through a hedge backwards as they'd moved in the night and parts were hanging loose - he looked rather funny. He was a bit stiff going downstairs again this morning but that soon disappeared. We took the old bandages off and cleaned the area as per the vet's instruction then Max had a good breakfast.
25th October 2007
This afternoon Max visited the vet for a routine check up. The vet was very pleased with his progress and considering the drain came out early the wound was dry and the original wound, where the drain was had remained open. The vet asked if we could keep it open another couple of days then we could allow it to heal.
26th October 2007
This evening we noticed fluid beginning to collect in the pocket where the abcess was so Stuart and I massaged the area as shown by the vet to release it. We managed to massage quite a lot out but couldn't get it all so we will have to keep an eye on it.
27th October 2007
This morning we took a trip to the vet because over night the amount of fluid increased and we thought it best he saw the vet. The vet confirmed the small area above the original wound but below the area where the abcess was had healed inside hence us not being able to massage it down as before. The vet tried to tease a stitch to produce a gap for the fluid to run out but Max had healed so it didn't work. A large needle was inserted instead and the fluid drained out. The wet hoped that the hole made by the needle would stay a while and help any more fluid produced to drain out. Max was very, very good whilst the vet was treating him and didn't flinch once - he was quite a star.
29th October 2007
This afternoon Max visited the vet again because the fluid has come back. Although there has been a bit of seepage through the stitches they couldn't tease it any bigger to allow the fluid out. Max was very good and very patient considering this time it will have been more painful because it took the vet longer to remove the fluid. As the gap was healing instead of there being one pocket of fluid there is about four much smaller ones. Instead of the needle being inserted once it had to go in about four or five different places. This is apparently a good sign along with a slight reduction in the amount of fluid removed. This time, in order to discourage more fluid forming in the space we are going to try a pad over the area and wrap him with a bandage so as to encourage the skin to stick to the flesh. We did this with Bobby after his operation when exactly the same thing happened but it was very difficult keeping the bandage where we wanted it because of his shape! Let's hope that when we visit the vet again later in the week for his stitches out the fluid hasn't returned.
30th October 2007
After twenty four hours of using the bandage and pad we gave up because we couldn't get it to stay in the right place for more than five minutes at a time. However, every time he lay flat on the floor or on his bed we encouraged him to lay on the side with the stitches so his body weight helped to 'stick' things together.
Discovered this evening that Max likes melon so it was a case of a piece for me and a piece for him - he loved it.
31st October 2007
The little time we used the pad and bandage along with encouraging him to lay on the stitches seems to have worked because the area hasn't filled up with fluid again and it's looking much better.
1st November 2007
Max saw the vet again this morning who was pleased with his progress and removed all but three stitches. The three remaining ones are in the centre where the fluid seeped because of the pressure and the vet was concerned that because of the location of the wound the area might open again so he wanted these to stay in a few more days just to be on the safe side.
Had visitors this evening and Max became quite excited at seeing them before we could stop him. This seemed to make his wound area a little red and a drop of blood seeped from where one of the stiches was removed so we hope he hasn't caused any damage by all the jumping about. We went to the pub later where Max quickly settled and we tried to keep him quiet the rest of the evening. Just before going to bed we noticed him trying to scratch the area and so to be on the safe side we gave him a measure of Metacam to settle things and reduce the risk of him scratching himself in the night, which could be disastrous.
2nd November 2007
Max looked much better this morning so we intend to keep him as calm as possible today so as not to inflame the area again. This has been quite difficult to do as he's been so playful this afternoon and obviously feeling much better.
Visited the pub again this evening where Max lay on the floor and just watched people coming and going. There was a live artist on this evening and Max took the noise of the guitar and singer in his stride.
4th November 2007
This morning I drove to Carlisle Racecourse to attend a Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue event and to collect Sandy. Stuart stayed at home with the others because he had work to catch up on, it was quite a cold wind that we thought was too cold for Bobby and we'd been told Sandy was a difficult dog so we thought it best he came home with us on his own in the car. Max was not happy that I'd gone out without him and for the entire time I was out he paced the floor and wimpered for me. No matter what Stuart did to distract him nor ignoring him would stop him but the moment he saw me walking down the drive he was a different dog and back to his normal 'laid back' self..
7th November 2007
This afternoon Max had the remaining three stitches removed. The wound still looks a bit red and scabby in places but in general its healing okay considering it's location and the amount of fluid that kept building up there.
13th November 2007
We did a photo shoot today with three red Greyhounds one of which was Max and boy, what fun we had - it was a mad house trying to get all three of them do do what we wanted but we got the picture in the end. The other two Greyhounds were Sandy and Red. Red visited us with his owners especially for the occassion.
15th November 2007
Max's wound is healing nicely, not looking quite so red and his hair is beginning to grow back where they shaved it for the operation. Max and Sandy are great mates - they love playing together and its often a case of where one is the other's not far behind.
Max is great in the car and is often still laying down when we open the door to put their leads on ready to get them out. Sometimes we have to call him more than once to stand up and come over to the door. Having said that the odd time he's tried climbing over the front seat to follow us out the car that way and on more than one occassion he's been curled up on the front seat when we come back to the car having been away shopping or the like.
Max is a very sensitive dog and very a tune to the way you are feeling so often responds accordingly. If we are relaxed, calm and happy he is so easy to have around but we've noticed that if we are tired and irritable he becomes upset by it. Today I've been really, really tired and not myself at all so the fostered Greyhounds reacted and, as a result, they had two accidents in the house for me to clean up and Max decided to chew the corner of our bedside table and bite Indi's collar in half - thankfully, she wasn't wearing it at the time!! It had been on the kitchen table and for some reason Max decided to chew it in two. Chewing is a way of relieving stress in dogs as the act of chewing releases endorphins in the brain that induces calms. As I was feeling off colour today and it's something he's not seen before it had upset him.
18th November 2007
Had a long day today because we went to Dumfries where the Annual Greyhound Show and Christmas Fayre was being held and we had a stall with our calendars and greeting cards. Stuart was also setting up a studio there where he could take family and pet photographs for people. Max was really good all day greeting people as they came to the stall or simply laying on the duvet behind us and going to sleep. Part of the time he lay behind us without his lead being held or tied to anything and he just lay there as good as gold. Although Max has been pencilled in for a couple who want to rehome him after Christmas he still walked round the ring with the other homeless Greyhounds when the 'Parade of the homeless' took place.
22nd November 2007
There was a bit of a cafuffle between Max and Sandy this evening. We were a little later feeding them and whilst I was preparing their food I was interupted by a phone call so they didn't get it straight away. The incident occurred because the food was out and Max didn't want Sandy eating his dinner - or visa versa. We've had a couple of grumbles from them before at meal times that I've nipped in the bud but I think Max and Sandy were both getting anxious at not being fed so I missed the vibes with being on the phone. Thankfully it only lasted seconds because I split them up and neither were hurt but we decided that from now on we will feed Max on the step in the kitchen and Sandy in the conservatory to reduce the risk of it happening again.
1st December 2007
Max has really bonded with me and doesn't like me going out the house without him. I just hope that when he goes to his new home in the New Year he doesn't become too upset about leaving me. His new owners will have to give him a lot of time, reassurance, love and body contact to begin with otherwise he may pine for me. He doesn't bother when Stuart leaves the house but he seems to get quite upset and wants to be with me all the time - perhaps it was because I was the one who first collected him when he came into Rescue and nursed him through the erupted abscess. I don't know, but they often say they never forget - and he's a very intelligent dog. Ever since I went to Carlisle on the 4th November to collect Sandy , and perhaps we've just been so busy workwise I've tended to take them all with me even if it's just to the post office and back because if he stays in with the others and Stuart, Stuart says he becomes very stressed, wimpers and paces the place till I get back.
5th December 2007
Max's hair from his operation is growing back nicely now and you can hardly see the scar but when you touch the area you can still feel where he had been stitched, which is not surprising as it was a bit of a nasty one. The original wound that he had when he came to us is still a little red and I'm not sure the hair will cover all that area so it may leave a scar.
6th December 2007
Max doesn't bark much but when he does he's ALWAYS asking for something. It may be to go out to do his toilet, time for his walk, his dinner, his denta-stix or a piece of your toast. However, his barks all sound very similar so it's up to us to work out what he wants - ignore him at your peril because he always wants something and will do something naughty such as cock his leg or find something from the bins to chew if you ignore him. We learn't this the hard way - now we do our utmost to work out what he's trying to tell us.
Since splitting Sandy and Max up at feed times things have been fine and both are now quite happy at being around each other in the kitchen whilst I'm preparing their food. It seems they have sorted their 'pack order' out, come to realise each dog is given their food by order of whose been with us longest and the penny has dropped that there is no need to worry at meal times because all will be fed.
9th December 2007
Carrie went to her new home this morning and because the others were a little subdued we took them all for a walk after she'd gone. It was a lovely day so we took them into the nature reserve where we let Max off the lead for the first time. At first he just sniffed around then trotted behind Bobby and Indi before dashing off at top speed into the trees, which he loved. We knew he couldn't get out because the reserve is fenced to keep deer out so we knew Max was okay. Even so we were pleased when he came back to our calling and mingled around us before dashing off again. When he came back this time we put him on the lead as we thought it was enough for his first venture off the lead.
11th December 2007
Max seems much more settled today. We don't know if he's got over the idea of Carrie not being here anymore or whether it's because there is one less Greyhound in the house so he knows there is more attention for him.
12th December 2007
We discovered this afternoon that Max loves fresh pineapple. He's not keen on satsumas, or anyway not with the rind on - he'd taken one off the table that I was going to take to my office and took it to his bed. I found it later with a couple of teeth marks in but still in tact.
Max also discovered the wood in the log basket, which we filled for the first time yesterday. He though it was a great game until we found pieces of partly chewed wood strewn all over the living room floor and in his bed upstairs. He looked a little disgruntled when we spoilt his fun by moving it to another room out of the way and clearing all the mess up. Unperturbed we found a few minutes later he'd pulled the wood off the fire that had been laid to re-light this evening along with an half burnt log from last night spread all over the carpet. Looks like Max is a mischievious monkey when he wants to be and needs plenty of bones to chew to occupy him when he feels bored or up to mishief.
It's been quite wet recently and Max has decided that walking on wet grass isn't for him so when he's being let out to go to the toilet he's leaving mounds along the path leading to the coal shed, in front of the greenhouse and coal house door so when we go down in the semi-darkness to get coal we have to beware of the little 'traps' he's laid. I must admit Indi does this when it's frosty as she doesn't like walking on the grass then and it's a lot easier to clear away because it's more easily seen than in the grass but if we are not careful he will catch the coalman out next time he does his delivery.
Max has been a bit picky with his food recently. He seems to eat half his then hangs about waiting for Indi and Bobby to leave their dishes so he can eat what's left in theirs then go back to his to fill up. This became a bit of a nuisance because he kept trying to eat theirs before they'd finished. As he seems to like their food better a couple of days ago I started feeding him half his food and half theirs and since then he's been eating all his dinner. It's almost as if he prefers their food to his own and since doing this the problem has been solved and he seems happier because of it.
13th December 2007
Discovered today Max loves chewing large dried knuckle bones and will hold them on their end using his pawes so he can chew the top. It seems that if Max has bones to chew he will leave other things alone. He just loves his bones.
It was very cold last night and this morning when they all went in the garden Max went to take a drink from the bowl by the pond and found the water frozen. Whereas the others would just lick the ice and walk off, not Max, he's seen this before. When he took a drink and found ice he slammed his paw on the top a few times to break the ice so he could get a drink - he's done this before!
Max nearly gave me a heart attack this afternoon. I'd just come into the house having collected some wood for the fire to find him crunching what I thought was glass on his bed in the living room. Where on earth could he have got that from and why on earth was he eating it. When I went to pick it up to stop him hurting himself I realised it was ice. He'd got the ice from off the bowl of water by the pond, brought it to his bed in the living room and was happily crunching it. Panic over, but what next will he do!!
14th December 2007
This afternoon we did a home check and took Max in to meet the couple as we felt Sandy wasn't the right dog for them and he wasn't really ready for such an ordeal just yet. Max was very good with the resident dog and lay on the carpet most of the time we were there eating the resident dog's chew. When she came over to see what Max was doing with her chew he just ignored her and he later allowed Stuart to demonstrate to the couple how you should be able to take a chew from a dog showing leadership then give it back to him. Max was just perfect and the lady amazed as she dared not take one from any of her dogs before.
16th December 2007
During our walk this afternoon we came across two horses standing near the gate and both Max and Sandy wanted to go and say hello. They both stood looking up at the horses, then sniffed and touched noses when the horses leaned over to see them. It was lovely to watch.
Max loves playing with his toys and enjoys having a soft one thrown for him to catch. He also likes you to play a game of tug-o-war with him over one. When he does the same with Sandy, Max just holds on and it's always Sandy who gives up first and lets go.
Over the past few nights Stuart has slept in the spare bedroom as he has a terrible cold and cough and I wanted as much as possible to avoid getting it because I'm so busy packing Greyhound calendars that the last thing I wanted was a cold. Was I going to be lonely - no. Max decided to sleep on the bed next to me each night, head on pillow, as close as he could get to me. The first couple of nights I had to move him over in the middle of the night as his breathing in my ear woke me because he was sleeping so close - as I said to him - 'this is a king size bed so if you want to join me keep to your half!!' After the first couple of nights he got the message so we both got a better night's sleep after that but he tried to cuddle up as often as he could - he just wants to be near me. He wasn't too keen on moving back to his bed on the floor when Stuart was feeling better but as Stuart said 'I'm not being kicked out of my bed by a dog!'
17th December 2007
Last night it was so cold we covered them all over with blankets. At 4am Stuart woke to find them all still covered up - not one of them had moved so it must have been cold.
This morning we found Max asleep in the kitchen in front of the solid fuel fire with his head and shoulders on the hearth. If he got any closer he would have burnt his nose. It was at this point we realised he hates the cold and he looked so miserable we put a housecoat on him. He stayed asleep on the mat in front of the fire most of the day but with his housecoat on he slept on the mat with his back to the kitchen and his tummy and feet facing the fire to warm.
Max was a bit of a monkey tonight - We collected Daisy this afternoon and after tea when we knew they weren't going out again I decided to bath her. Max walked in the bathroom, stood and watched me washing her then walked down the landing and did a wee in the toy box. Luckily Stuart heard him so stopped him and told him off. What a monkey - it was just so obvious he wasn't happy that he wasn't getting the attention that Daisy was and got a bit jealous. However, we think that when he goes to his new home these problems should stop once he gets used to his new owners as he will be the only dog so will receive all the attention. The thing with Max is he only seems to demonstrate this behaviour when a new Greyhound arrives. Once the new Greyhound has settled in and Max realises it's not a threat to the attention he's getting he's fine.
20th December 2007
Went out for the day visiting Mum and Max loved his trip in the car and seeing Mum again. It was a bitterly cold day so he wore his housecoat in the car and in Mum's house then his thick coat whilst out for a walk. It was late when we arrived home but Max decided there should be another walk - firstly he tried pulling my scarf off the table then trying to get my coat off the hook. Thinking he wanted out in the garden again we opened the door to find he wouldn't go. We obviously misunderstood him and he wanted to tell us so because five minutes later Stuart caught him trying to cock his leg against the Christmas tree - oh well one had to do it! He was brought back to the tree and told off, which he didn't like then put outside whilst we cleaned up the few dribbles he made. Back inside again and looking very sheepish he settled - what a little monkey he can be when he wants to be and what a character!
21st December 2007
Max came to tell me this evening that Indi wanted out. It's very unusual for her to want out at this time of the evening and she was standing in front of the door asking but we hadn't heard her. Max stood in front of me and barked and thinking he wanted out went to let him in the garden only to find Indi standing by the door. When we opened the door Indi went out but Max stayed in the conservatory and jumped in a circle on the spot the way he does when he's happy. It was then I realised he had come to tell me Indi wanted out.
25th December 2007
Father Christmas arrived last night and left Max a soft squeaky toy and a huge dinosaur bone, which Indi helped him unwrap as he didn't seem to know how to take the wrapping paper off. When he realised it was a bone, well, that was that - he found it wonderful as did all the others with their bones and we had a very happy crunchy Christmas day!
28th December 2007
Max has picked up one or two commands since he's been with us and knows what the word 'chew' means because he lifts his ears up and cocks his head to one side when you say it then stands in front of the cupboard door where they are kept. He also understands 'biscuit' and 'home', which we often say as we are heading home from our walks.
29th December 2007
Max climbed onto the settee for the very first time this evening and it was up next to Bobby who never muttered a sound as he climbed on. We were quite surprised at seeing him there as he's shown no interest before.
30th December 2007
Max likes the idea of the settee as he was fast asleep on one this evening when we went in the living room after tea. Bobby was on one, Max on the other and Sandy was curled up in the easy chair - oh well looks like it's the floor for us!
2nd January 2008
Max loves his bones. He will get them any time of the day and crunch away at them unlike most Greyhounds who get fed up of them after a while. He's still eating his way through the dinasaur bones they received at Christmas and my goodness won't his teeth be white. Max is really clever as he will hold the bone on it's end with his front feet so he can chew the top. It's something we've not seen the other Greyhounds do.
3rd January 2008
Max has really bonded with me and although I try to discourage it knowing he's going to his new home shortly the more he latches on - may be he can tell how fond I am of him and would like to keep him. However, I know I can't as it will close the door to others needing our help. Max going to his new home will be a traumatic time for both of us. I don't know it it's because I nursed him through that awful abcess or what it is but he doesn't like to be away from me. If Stuart goes out he isn't bothered but if I go out he can be quite difficult for Stuart by whimpering, barking and fretting until I come back to which I get a lovely greeting and he settles immediately. When Max goes to his new home next week I think his new owners will need to spend a lot of time with him at first and give him a lot of body contact so as to bond with him and help ease him being away from me - we've not had a Greyhound that has bonded quite so heavily with us before.
4th January 2008
Woke up to snow this morning and Max asleep on the end of our bed! He climbed on the bed so as to be a bit warmer but off the bed and in the bedroom he curled into a ball and looked so sad. Downstairs in the kitchen he took his place on the carpet in front of the fire as he did when we had all that cold weather before Christmas where he never moved till we put his housecoat on until the snow melted later in the afternoon.
Late this afternoon Bobby wanted out in the garden so Max and Sandy followed him. As they came back in I closed the door from the conservatory to the kitchen behind them as I'd done hundreds of times to loads of dogs over the years. However, tonight I caught Max's tail in the door. I hadn't realised I'd done it at first thinking he'd caught his foot on the side of the door as he dashed through I bent to check and 'rub it better' as you do. It was then I spotted a drop of blood on his tail and upon closer inspection realised what I had done. Stuart held tissue against it to stem the flow of blood and to look at the extent of the injury. The damage wasn't to the tip but about an inch above and somehow a thin slither of skin about 1mm wide had peeled down his tail for about 2½ inches. Holding tissue on the injury stopped the flow of blood but having phoned the vet they said to take him in straight away. The vet examined his tail and found no bones broken but as they couldn't stitch it and from the damage caused the vet felt amputation of the bottom three or four inches of his tail would be required. I was shocked so we discussed the possibilities in more detail and it was decided to bandage it as a first resort. The vet snipped off the loose piece of skin and washed the area then sprinkled a good dose

of antibiotic powder over the wound before bandaging it with a new style bandage that didn't stretch and would allow the wound to breath. Although the wound was only small the vet put the bandage up his tail for about a foot to prevent it falling off. He explicitly asked that we ensured Max didn't try and chew it off and if possible he wanted it kept on for a week before changing it for the first time. Max was given a pain relief injection and a supply of antibiotic tablets and we were on our way home again. Max was a star - apart from the first cry when he did it there was nothing. He just stood and let us sort it out - no wimpering, pulling or growling. He was just perfect. Back home I checked the door thinking a splinter had caused it but found nothing to show for this in the area where he caught it. I was distraught - how could I have done such a thing and so close to him going to his new home. Why was I like this when normally I try and remain calm over such situations. I'd not been myself the past couple of days and suddenly it occurred to me that it was the anniversary of Paddy's death - our lovely Paddy who would have just turned four . This was why I'd been feeling so uptight and on edge over the past few days and why I found Max's injury so difficult to handle. Back home Max had his first antibiotic tablet and tucked into his dinner then settled for the night. The bandage never bothered him because not once did he try and touch it. At bed time we put a muzzle on so he wouldn't touch the bandage in the night - he was absolutely disgusted with us. He tried getting it off, looked pitifully at us, refused to settle on his bed in our room and marched onto the landing and slept on one of the beds next to Bobby and Indi.
5th January 2008
Max hasn't bothered with the bandage on his tail, which is a good sign that the injury isn't bothering him. It's been difficult stopping him from charging around with Sandy all day and the way he's acting you wouldn't think he'd hurt himself. Max has been so good today not touching the bandage once so tonight we thought we'd try him without the muzzle and tonight, friends with us again he slept on his bed in our room.
7th January 2008
Max's injury doesn't seem to be bothering him at all because not once has he tried taking the bandage off and he's acting almost as if it isn't even there so fingers crossed, we are hopeful for Thursday when the bandage is changed.
8th January 2008
It was very cold again tonight so Max decided to sleep on the landing on the bed in between Indi and Bobby - he'd worked out there was a radiator near their beds so it was warmer there.
10th January 2008
Max went to the vet this morning to have his bandage changed. When he realised the vet was going to take the bandage off he decided it was going to be a long job and lay on the floor for the duration. He never growled, winced or even blinked as it was being removed. Once removed he sat up, took a good look at the injury then sniffed it and the bandage before laying down again. The vet admitted she expected to find the end of his tail cold and dead and to break the news that amputation of the end was needed. To everyone's relief she found a warm, pink tail with granulation in progress showing the tail was healing. I'ts early days yet but she says things are looking hopeful.
16th January 2008
This morning we took Max to the vets for another bandage change before he goes to his new home tomorrow. He was very good but this time he found it a bit more painful as the injury was beginning to scab, which came off with the bandage. The vet washed the area again and trimmed some more hair from around the wound so as to help it scab over without the hair pulling the scab off when the bandage was changed again. They were so pleased with the progress because the blood was getting to the tail, there was no infection there and granulation was well under way so things were looking good. The vet was telling us he was lucky because 9 out of 10 cases like this ends up with part of the tail needing amputation. Once all cleaned up a new bandage was put on and the vet gave us a print out of what they had done for his new owner's vet next week when they would be taking over. Max might have been quiet and very good whilst the vet was removing the old bandage and putting a new one on but this time on the way out he cocked his leg on the fire extinguisher in the corridor outside the consutling room to voice his opinion!
17th January 2008
This morning Max's new owner drove from their Gloucestershire home to collect him. It was a hard morning for us knowing the minutes were ticking away and that he was going to be living so far away. When it was time for them to leave and Max was walking down the drive with his new owner he kept looking over his shoulder to see where I was. He jumped in the car and as they were driving away and I saw him looking out the back window at us. With a smile on my face the tears were welling up and my chest felt heavy. I don't know why but Max became very special to me and he's been one of the harder ones to let go. We are very sad he's going to be living so far away because we may never see him again but we wish him a long and happy life in his new home.
Spoke to Max's new owner this evening to hear that Max was settling in after the long journey. He'd had his tea, been for a walk and was getting to know his new owners. He was wimpering a bit when they moved from room to room but we half expected that and his new owners know how much he had bonded with us and the love and support he will need to help him settle.
18th January 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Max had a good night last night. They admitted they let him sleep upstairs in their room where he was good as gold, although he did take his owner's place on the bed when he went to the loo!. Tonight one of his owners is going to sleep downstairs on the couch with him to gradually make him feel safe and to form a bond because they think he is missing me. He follows them everywhere. He was very calm in the car when they went shopping and this afternoon they took him into town, to get him used to busy traffic and loads of people. He found it all very exciting but was calm and got lots of attention from passers by - he seemed to bask in it.
Max has met some of the local dogs and was friendly and calm. They've had some little wimpers every now and then but they are hoping he is getting used to their home now being his home. They find it easy to cuddle him and give him lots of love and think he is so gentle and loving. They are enjoying their walks and find it relaxing doing his last one of the day, just before they go to bed.
22nd January 2008
Received an email this evening from Max's new owners letting us know that everything was fine. Max has apparently had some great runs over the weekend and became a celebrity as people stopped to watch him circuit the field his new owners take him to. He responds well to calls for his return and is most bidable. His new owner's say he is a great hit with all the family and is now completely ok at night and is taking some day time leaving without problems. He loves playing with his toys and seems very happy.
23rd January 2008
Received a call this evening to say Max went to the vet today and had his bandage changed for a lighter one. The vet bandaged it again so as to allow more air to the end of his tail to assist the healing process. He is to go back again next Monday and if all is looking well they are going to replace the bandage with something like a syringe tube to allow even more air around the area but still give it the protection it needs against knocks etc.
1st February 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Max is doing well. Over the past few days he's been wearing a lighter bandage on his tail as the wound is healing rapidly. He lost it once when he was having an energetic game with three other dogs so another dressing was put on it it's place until he sees the vet again next Monday when hopefully he will no longer need any further treatment.
His new owners are moving his training forward and say the separation anxiety is variable during the day but they are getting there. There have been two narrow escapes with cats so they realise there is work needed there but they say he seems to be a big contented softy.
18th February 2008
27th December 2008
Received an email this evening from Max's owners along with some photographs taken of him during the past 12 months and letting us know he was well. Max's owners say he has become a very handsome muscular young man because of plenty of hill walks. He has seen snow and floods, loves swimming and running at speed through flood water spraying mud every where. He is very social Greyhound and just wants to be chased, especially loves teasing some 'in your face' dogs, who he knows has no chance of catching him. He is very popular wherever he goes and is a complete delight.
6th January 2009
Received an email this evening from Max's owners saying they are very proud of Max and can honestly say he is fast becoming their favourite of many years of dog ownership. Both he and his owner shares a fitness regime which is suiting them both and being self employed he is a great way of restoring his balance after hours of working on other peoples problems. His owner says everyone should have a Max because he is great therapy!
18th February 2009
18th February 2010
Fawn Greyhound
enjoying his bone
6th January 2008

Fawn Greyhound
enjoying a rest
6th January 2008

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again.

Pictures of Max received
from his new owners

Click images below
for a larger view

Fawn Greyhound in his new home
In his new home - January 2008

Fawn Greyhound in his new home
and again - January 2008

Fawn Greyhound in snow
A woodland walk - Winter 2008

Fawn Greyhound
Off the lead - Spring 2008

Fawn Greyhound in buttercups
Summer 2008

Fawn Greyhound in long grass
. . . and again

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again.
18th February 2011
18th February 2012
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