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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

now called Shadow

Pudsey arrived on 18th June 2007
Went to his new home on Monday 20th August 2007

Pudsey's arrival and a brief history
Pudsey is a big handsome black Greyhound who was born on the 18th November 2004 making him 2½ years old. He is neutered, inoculated, microchipped and housetrained. He weighed 66lbs (30k) when he arrived and is a very friendly Greyhound whose tail is constantly wagging. He travels well in the car, is fine with other dogs and loves children. He enjoys meeting people and absolutely loves the toys in his toy box, playing 'tug-o-war' with his rope toys and playing with balls - he loves his toys. He's a big playful, affectionate but sometimes mischievous, loveable character.
Pudsey's Diary
18th June 2007
Pudsey arrived this evening from a member who conveyed him to us from one of the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue kennels near Carlisle.
When he arrived and met Bobby, Indi and Monty he seemed to get on okay but was very nervous, which showed by his rapid breathing and panting. His back end was quite dirty so we gave him a bath which he took very well, fed him, which he didn't really want but then he
may have been fed before coming to us so we weren't overly concerned, took them for a walk then put them in the car and went to the pub. To say we'd only had Pudsey an hour or so he did very well, enjoyed people saying hello to him but his panting continued. Home again we watched television in the living room and watched Pudsey play with every toy in sight - he thought they were wonderful but the squeaky bone lost it's squeak and the ladybird with rope wings looked a bit worse for wear after we played tug-o-war with it. Oh, how he enjoyed that game and each time we let go he ran a circle of triumph before coming back again for another go. He's been very good on the house training front as he's not tried to cock his leg once in the house and last thing at night when we let them all out he stood and did a wee for ages so he knew it was last thing and had to 'empty'.
Wooden floors don't bother him and neither does going up stairs - once he plucked up the courage to have a go. Upstairs and ready for bed he decided to empty all the toy boxes and put everything on his bed, not content with that he began playing with them when the light was off so we put them all back in the box and put it out the way till morning. That done we never heard another sound from him.
19th June 2007
This morning was funny because there was no way Pudsey was going down those stairs and Stuart had to give him a helping hand off the top step. Normally momentum takes over and they go down with me guiding them but not Pudsey - he tried backing back up the stairs again so he needed another push to go down - that's a first! Pudsey is quite a tall, long dog and because I was trying to walk him down and he was trying to back up the whole process seemed like organized chaos but we got there in the end.
We let him in the garden off the lead this morning and once he'd done what was necessary he came running back into the house to his name. Didn't eat much of his breakfast but finished off what Indi left! Pudsey has been really good all day. By lunch time he'd mastered the stairs albeit a bit unsure and by late afternoon you'd think he'd been doing it all his life. When he's not asleep he's taking the toys from the toy box making him quite a character. Gave Monty's new owners a nice greeting when they arrived to collect him but went a bit quiet after they left so we took them for a walk then a pig's ear each which settled Pudsey for the rest of the day.
Pudsey is still very picky with his food so spoke to the homing co-ordinator who said he was like that in the kennels for the first couple of days or so and he should be okay once he feels more settled. We found a dead shrew on the living room carpet this evening, which we can only think Pudsey brought in as its not happened before.
black Greyhound puppy
Pudsey as a puppy

Long Legged Beauties
'Just Greyhounds'
2008 Calendar
This picture of Pudsey was taken
on the 22nd June 2007 and is
our main July calendar shot
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Black Greyhound
22nd June 2007
20th June 2007
Pudsey seems very wary of being handled and often yelps if you touch his feet or other parts of his body so we've been touching him as much as we can and massaging his feet when he's laying on his bed so he comes to realise there is nothing to fear. He's quite insecure at times because he leans into us for reassurance and he often yelps if something is happening that he's not sure of such as the first time we lifted him into the car!
During the night we had a thunderstorm. It wasn't much and soon passed but we had a couple of thunder cracks almost overhead but Pudsey wasn't in the slightest bit bothered.
This morning he found a soft ball in the bottom of the toy box which he decided to chew to pieces once he'd chased it round the bedroom floor for a while. Needless to say it was removed and we will have to find him something a bit tougher.
Pudsey went to the vet this morning and was neutered. Whilst in the waiting room he met two Scottie dogs in a crate so went to say hello and was licking their faces through the bars and wagging his tail. Think their owner was a little dubious at such a big dog approaching her little ones but I could tell from his body language he just wanted to say hello. When we collected him later in the afternoon he greeted me with a wagging tail and seemed none the worse for his ordeal. By 4.45pm he was rummaging in the waste paper bins looking for something to eat so they all had their dinner early as a result which he thoroughly enjoyed. Had a short walk after tea then settled in front of the television for the evening.
Pudsey is a really happy playful dog who loves cuddles and tries to lick and sometimes nibble your chin or hands when saying hello. His tail never stops wagging! He's just so friendly he's a delight to have and has such a cute face when he looks at you.
I bought Pudsey a couple of large tennis balls to play with this morning as he so loves playing with balls and thought they would be tough enough for him. However, when he was laying on the sheepskin rug this evening he decided to chew one of them and now it has a couple of holes in it, hopefully, he will still be able to chase it but the other was put away so he can play with it whilst we watch. Think we will have to train him not to treat his toys with a bit more respect otherwise our toy boxes are soon going to be empty!
21st June 2007
Pudsey's operation yesterday doesn't appear to bother him as he hasn't tried licking it and is his normal happy self this morning. To say Pudsey was fussy with his food when he first arrived he's certainly making up for it now because he always seems to be hungry and I'm giving him the same amount of food as big Lester - don't know where he puts it all!
24th June 2007
We had our first accident in the house this morning when we awoke to find Pudsey pacing but he'd started before we got there. This is most unusual for him as he's not tried doing anything in the house. However, we had a feeling he felt his nose had been pushed out yesterday afternoon after Tootsie arrived. Prior to her arrival he was the only foster dog so got all the attention. We also wondered if we hadn't left them out long enough last thing or perhaps he'd been so busy following Tootsie around that he hadn't emptied himself properly in the time he was out. We will watch for this tonight.
25th June 2007
We had chicken supreme tonight for tea and as usual gave the plates and pan to the dogs to lick as they love the creamy taste. As we presently have more dogs than plates and pans we supervised to make sure all had equal share then the plates picked up whilst Pudsey finished off the sauce in the pan. Later that evening when I let the dogs out I found the pan in the middle of the garden. We presume it must be Pudsey because we've caught him a couple of times trying to carry things outside. I would have loved to have seen him carrying it outside because it's a heavy cast iron frying pan!
26th June 2007
This afternoon I was making a toasted teacake when the phone rang. Upon answering it I found I had to get something so a quick look round to make sure all was safe I went out the kitchen. I was only gone a couple of minutes but when I came back things didn't look right. I spotted a knife on the floor then realised the tub of butter had gone. A quick look round for the dogs found them in the garden around the tub with Pudsey busy eating the butter - needless to say he was reprimanded and the tub thrown in the bin.
27th June 2007
Pudsey was at it again this afternoon - this time he ate a whole loaf of bread left out to defrost. Thought yesterday was a one off but he obviously decided he needed the bread to go with the butter he pinched yesterday! He ate the whole loaf with the exception of one crust and one slice - a whole loaf!
28th June 2007
First thing this morning Pudsey and Tootsie were charging round the garden after each other and having a great time so that when they came back in the house they were both out of breath.
Pudsey was at it again this morning because he broke the butter dish I'd put it on the work surface to soften the butter. I only turned my back to put the kettle when I heard a crash and Pudsey had pulled the dish off the work surface and broke. I took hold of him, had words along the lines of we don't do that sort of thing here and squirted him with cold water telling him to 'leave', which he didn't like so went to his bed for a sulk. This stealing is getting a bit beyond a joke so from now on we are being careful to remove unnecessary temptations.
29th June 2007
This evening Pudsey pushed his luck a bit too far - we'd tidied the kitchen and made sure all was safe but an hour later we heard a crash and found he'd sneaked back and tried getting the oil in the chip pan. The pan was right at the back of the stove and luckily it was almost cold but the whole lot ended up on our kitchen carpet - we were not happy and newspapers were laid with a weighted board on top to absorb the oil but the carpet took it like a sponge. It had happened just in front of the stove so we plan to remove a length of carpet in the area and replace it with wooden flooring - another job to add to Stuart's list? However, until it's done the paper will stay down so we don't tread it round the house.
30th June 2007
This morning Pudsey went to the vet for his stitches out. After we took him to see Ken who does Chiropractor type work with dogs because we wanted him checked as he sometimes yelps for no reason when he rolls over in his bed. Pudsey's hip was out of line so Ken put it back in place and confirmed he was a bit of a wimp. He seems to yelp if he thinks he's going to be hurt, which takes you by surprise sometimes as you wonder what it is you've done - this may be a tactic he's learn't in the past to avoid something!
1st July 2007
In order to put a stop to Pudsey's thieving we've been keeping the kitchen very clean and tidy, making sure anything we don't want him to have is put well out of reach on the window sill or top of the tall fridge. What did he do tonight - he took to bacon tin out of the washing up bowl to lick out in the garden then we caught him standing up to the sink drinking the water in the cheese sauce pan that was soaking in the washing up bowl! Pudsey was adamant he was going to get whatever he could - not had one as determined as this before - he knows he's not to do it but he does it sneakily. We had a meeting to decide tactics to put a stop to this once and for all - all pans being soaked would be placed as normal but with a good dose of washing up liquid in and the odd mustard sandwich left on the work surface as a temptation.
5th July 2007
Pudsey's determination to steal everything in sight has diminished - I wonder why! However, whilst out walking this afternoon we noticed a Tapeworm in his stools. A conversation with the vet on the phone when we got home confirmed it was probably why he was eating so much but still looked thin and 'ribby'. They mentioned some are resilient to normal worming tablets so we are to call in and collect something for him that would definitely get rid of it. As our worming tablets hadn't removed it mean't he could have passed it to the others so they would need one as well.
6th July 2007
Collected the worming tablets from the vet this morning so they all had one this evening before dinner. What a tablet - it was huge and there was no way we could guarantee they would eat it on the top of their food so each one had it wrapped in a piece of ham, which mean't it went down no problem. If that doesn't shift it I don't know what will.
8th July 2007
Pudsey was off colour for twenty four hours after having that worming tablet and wasn't interested in his food. The tablet never affected the other dogs so perhaps it was doing it's job and destroying the worm in him, however, today he's back to his normal self, which we are really pleased about.
It's our Casino Night and Auction next weekend so we called in this afternoon to collect a desk someone had offered to donate for the auction. All the dogs were left at home whilst we went for it. It was the first time Pudsey had been without us in the house and when we got back all was well and he was pleased to see us.
13th July 2007
Yazmin, one of our models from the calendars arrived last night in readiness for the amateur photography weekend and Casino Night/Auction being held this weekend when she is going to be one of our croupiers. She thought Pudsey wonderful and played with him all last night. This morning when she came downstairs he brought his rubber ball with the bell inside and dropped it at her feet then looked up at her as if to say 'come on then, play with me' - she's got the job now for the duration of her stay as Pudsey's new playmate!
Stuart did some photography work today with Yazmin, the dogs and a pink feather boa! After they finished the boa was put back in the polythene bag but unfortunately left where Pudsey could get it. He thought being wrapped in the boa so much fun he took it to his bed and by the time we'd realised what was happening he had it out the bag and there were pink feathers everywhere. We gave a sigh of oh not again, then giggled at him covered in pink feathers - think that's the last time we can use that boa as it looked a little worse for wear by the time we'd managed to rescue it.
27th July 2007
That worming tablet must have done the trick because since then Pudsey, although eating the same has put on weight and is no longer looking lanky and ribby as he did before despite all he ate. His need to steal everything in sight has also disappeared but if he's given the opportunity I bet he'd take it. His diet and the cod liver oil is turning his dark brown, dull, wiry hair to almost black (dunn), shiny and more silky and he's beginning to look really handsome. Since Tootsie left and he was on his own again with us he settled more, comes to join me on the bed in the evening whilst I'm reading my book and again in the morning for half an hour after Stuart goes for his bath. Since Bloss arrived he seems to have matured somewhat as he's no longer 'the new boy'. When she was told of for trying to steal something off the work surface we found him standing in the other room with head lowered as if to say 'please don't tell me off, it's nothing to do with me'. He's turning into a really lovely dog who is full of fun and character and, although he was hard work at the beginning he's now a joy to have and we will miss him when he finds a new home.
28th July 2007
Ever since Pudsey arrived we've been taking him in the pub with the others as per our normal routine. Pudsey loves saying hello to everyone and is great with children but we watch with the smaller ones in case he accidentally knocks one over as he turns around to say hello to someone else. This is because he's still young and doesn't always appreciate his size and strength but in time he should learn to move around a bit more gently. However, this may also be because he won't lay down in the pub and after a while becomes uneasy, turning in circles and wimpering. At first we thought he wanted to go outside to do his toilet but soon realised he just didn't feel comfortable in the pub for any length of time. We thought it would be something he got used to but he hasn't so now we take him in, which he enjoys but at the point he shows signs of becoming anxious we put him back in the car where he settles down.
2nd August 2007
Pudsey still likes to go up or down the stairs before you and no matter what we do we can't get him to walk quietly behind us because he's so full of life. If we walk up or down the middle he runs into the back of your legs, which can be quite dangerous so now we always walk up the stairs on the right and he knows to go up the left. Likewise, coming down we always go down on the right and he follows (and overtakes) on the left, which makes it a much happier situation for everyone.
3rd August 2007
Pudsey's quite an early riser as he generally wants to visit the garden about 7am. If we tell him to go back to bed or try to ignore him he simply prances about until we take him out. Once done he happily goes back to bed and stays there till we decide to get up.
11th August 2007
Today we attended Dalston Show where Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue had a stand. It was a very busy place and once Pudsey got over his initial nervousness he was very good and settled down with the others under the covered stand. Towards the end of the show one of the members collected the items she'd entered in the competitions and was commenting upon how pleased she was about winning first prize for her homemade bread when Stuart noticed Pudsey rummaging in a bag. Pudsey had found the winning loaf of bread and was about to eat it! He was spotted before too much damage had been done and thankfully the owner of the bread had Greyhounds herself so saw the funny side!
12th August 2007
This evening when we walked around the corner of the pub during our walk we came across two terriers off the lead near the gate to the field. I forsaw immediate trouble and before I could turn the dogs round to go back the terriers came charging towards us barking and growling. My heart nearly stopped as my mind was racing to work out how to avoid bloodshed if they came charging into my three. However, those terriers have done this before because they knew exactly where to stop so as to be just out of reach but they carried on barking whilst their owners stood and watched. My three were perfect, not a bark or a pull, they just stood by my side and waited. I was so proud of them and with Pudsey being a foster dog not faced with this before he was perfect. In fact he looked at me as if he thought they were stupid - I was so proud of him. When we came level with the terrier's owners I must admit I had strong words because they knew we kept foster dogs and their actions were very iresponsible. I could so easily have had a new Greyhound that might have gone for them because of the way the terriers approached us.
14th August 2007
It's taken a while and we've had our 'ups and downs' but Pudsey is turning into a really nice dog and I will miss his dreadfully when he finds a new home. He's up to the weight he should be and I must weigh him again because he's more than his original 66lbs. His coat is beautiful and shiny but he's not a true black dog as there are shades of brown in his coat which can be seen when the light shines on him a certain way. He's very affectionate and just wants to please all the time. He adores climbing on the bed and cuddling down next to you but has shown no signs of wanting to climb on the settee. He loves his toys and plays with them endlessly, in fact his whole world evolves around play at the moment. He loves playing with the other dogs but if no one will play with him he gets a toy, throws it in the air and runs after it to catch it so is quite happy to amuse himself. He loves balls but if they are not the leather footballs or rubber balls he destroys them too quickly. He is okay being left on his own, travels well in the car, loves being with people and is fine with children, walks nicely on the lead, is okay with other dogs and knows a number of the commands we use - he's had to!
The only downside of Pudsey at the moment, and we say at the moment because we feel they are things he will grow out of in time is when he gets nervous and he's on his lead he walks round your legs and tries to come in between them from the back so before you know where you are he's tied you in a knot or anybody else that may be near him - he's not fussy who he does it to! When you walk up and down the stairs with Pudsey use the same rules as the escalators on the London Underground - you ALWAYS walk on the right to give Pudsey room on the left otherwise he runs into you pushing his way past, which is dangerous. Stick to the rules and there are no problems. Pudsey is also a strong young dog and when he decides to have a mad five minutes play in the house it really is a mad five minutes so he wouldn't be any good in a tiny house and if any young children or dogs get in his way he's likely to run into them or knock them over so they need to learn to stand back out the way. When he does have these mad spells he can be quite difficult to quieten down until he's ready and there's a nack to doing it because if you go about it the wrong way he suddenly thinks you are trying to catch him to hurt him so becomes worse trying to escape you.
16th August 2007
Pudsey has realised that when one of us walks out the front door he can watch us by looking through the keyhole.
17th August 2007
We travelled to London for the weekend this morning on business and to see my son Matthew. Pudsey lay on his back in the back of the car most of the way and is the first of our Greyhounds to have done this. On the way we stopped at the far end of a service station on the M40 to let the Greyhounds out to stretch their legs. Pudsey climbed out the car first via the side door and I put leads on the others so we could get them out the back of the car easier and when I turned I found Pudsey was nowhere to be seen and I was holding the lead with no dog on the end! Somehow he'd come off the lead and my heart stopped because a motorway service station is no place to loose a foster dog. When I called his name he came round the side of another car and I thought he was going to come back to me but it wasn't the case because he was going to say hello to a dog in another car then to some people sitting on the grass. Thankfully, the lady realised he shouldn't have been off the lead and held him till I came and put him back on the lead. It just goes to show how easy this sort of thing can happen!
When we arrived at Yazmin's house in London Pudsey and the others could smell the resident cats who were being kept well out of the way for the duration of our stay. All the dogs stayed in the car whilst we met Matthew for a meal in the evening then we brought them in the pub where a huge fuss was made of them before they all lay on the floor and went to sleep.
Pudsey thought the cat's toys in Yazmin's house were wonderful to play with but was a bit unsettled when it came time to go to bed. Possibly the smell of the cats, not eating much food all day because he showed no interest and being in a strange place as it was the first time he'd been away with us were obviously unsettling him slightly. However, after a while he cuddled as close as he could to Bobby for reassurance and apart from a slight grumble from Bobby when Pudsey fidgeted, which put him in his place all was well.
18th August 2007
Pudsey must have felt more settled this morning and hungry, because he ate all his food and quickly adjusted to doing things differently to our normal routine - it's good character building and teaches them that although in a different place with us around all is well.
20th August 2007
This morning a couple came from the Lockerbie area to visit Pudsey with a view to rehoming him. When they knocked on the door they were so taken with the greeting he gave them and at how settled he was they immediately fell in love with him, did the adoption and took him home with them.
21st August 2007
We heard this evening Pudsey lay on his back with his feet in the air in the back of the car all the way to his new home yesterday. When they got him home they took him for a walk, had a mad five minutes playing with a soft fury rabbit they bought him the slept in his new owner's bedroom all night.
28th August 2007
Heard from a member of DCGR this evening that Pudsey's new owners are absolutely captivated by him. He'd passed the grandchild test withflying colours but when they met a cat whilst out walking he decided it was an opportunity not to be missed but he was suitably restrained until they'd walked past it.
23rd September 2007

Pudsey's owner phoned this evening looking to get him a flourescent coat so they and passing traffic could see him in the dark better now the nights are 'drawing in'. Pudsey recently started loosing quite a lot of hair under his chin so he visited the vet who took a blood sample. The results showed he had an underactive thyroid. A dog's thyroid reading
should be between 17 and 55 but Pudsey's only read 4 so to correct the balance he's to have a tablet a day for possibly the rest of his life in order to correct it. Bananas are also good for under active thyroids so they are giving him some banana each day as well because he likes them. To begin with I thought this conversation was the prelude to him coming back to us as some people don't like the thought of long term treatment and the costs it involves but his owner must have read my thoughts and said there was no way we were getting him back because they loved him so much, which was really nice to hear.
18th November 2007
We met Pudsey and his owner this afternoon at the annual Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue Christmas Fayre and Fun Dog Show held at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries. Pudsey looked really well - his coat was so black and shiny I took a second look to make sure it was him before going over to say hello. But yes it was our Pudsey and what a stunning dog he's become now his coat looks as it does and he's put a bit of weight on.
Pudsy's new owners have renamed him Shadow because when he first arrived he never left their side and they liked the name Shadow better than Pudsey. Since being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and since a slight change in his diet and being prescribed a tablet each day the hair on his neck is beginning to grow back and a recent blood test shows his thyroid reading is now within the normal range for a dog, which was really good news.
16th May 2008
This evening we met Shadow's owner at the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue AGM at Longtown. Shadow is doing well, loves his bananas (prefers the smaller ones to the big ones) and his thyroid blood count is in double figures, which we were pleased to hear. In the past few days they re-homed Milly, another black Greyhound as a companion for Shadow and although early days all seems to be going well and we wish them both a long and happy life together.
18th November 2008
30th November 2008
This afternoon we saw both Shadow and Millie at the annual Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue Christmas Fayre, which was being held at Rockliffe near Carlisle. Both Greyhounds looked fit and well and were enjoying all that was going on.
31st December 2008

Sadly Milly was 'put to sleep' today.
18th November 2009

Christmas 2009
Received a Christmas card from Shadow's owners letting us know that Shadow is the best dog they have ever owned and they now have a friend for him, another greyhound called Luke. Both dogs get on well together and are good companions for each other.

Black Greyhound
At the Dumfries Show
18th November 2007

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Black Greyhound
Shaddow's new companion
Milly in May 2008

Black Greyhound
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