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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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Fosterers are a valuable part of greyhound rescue in that another greyhound is living life away from the kennels and taking the first steps towards getting used to the family way of life. If you live in the South Lakes or the surrounding area and would like to foster a greyhound until we can find him or her a new home.
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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
(also pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines and tuna in oil, dog biscuits, Dentastix)

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
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which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster

Prince (2)

Prince arrived on Sunday 27th April 2008
Went to his new home on Sunday 11th May 2008

Prince's arrival and a brief history
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Brindle Greyhound
Prince is a lovely little brindle ex-racing Greyhound who has been in the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue kennels for a few weeks before coming to us to foster. He was born on the 1st October 2005 making him 2½ years old. He weighs 58lbs (26.4k), is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. He is a friendly, playful dog who smiles and tries to nibble your hands when he greets you. He travels well in the car but is a bit pully on the lead at the beginning of his walks, which is probably down to excitement.
Prince's Diary
27th April 2008
Prince has been in the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue
kennels for about three weeks where he was neutered before we drove to Tebay Services to meet a member who was bringing him to us to foster. He gave me a lovely welcome and happily jumped in the car where he lay down for the journey home. Arriving home he met Bobby, Indi and Sandy in the garden where all was okay. Prince enjoyed sniffing round the garden and if he cocked his leg once he must have done it a dozen times!
Inside the house he had a good look round and tried following the others upstairs but he's not seen stairs before and went up them very gingerly so we shall be accompanying him down a few times until he masters how to come down safely on his own.
By the middle of the afternoon he found the toy box on the landing and emptied it all over the floor. By late afternoon he'd discovered our bed and the settee in the living room so he's not slow in coming forward. He seems a nice little chap and what a cute face he has. Stuart keeps calling him a her as he thinks it's Kelly in the house and on more than one occassion I've called him Kane!
Prince ate his dinner well then we took him for a walk where we found he pulled quite badly on the lead at first but, like his leg cocking, it's nerves with being in a new place with new people. As we were returning from our walk he began to settle and by the time we'd almost got home he was walking nicely by our side. Back home we decided to go to the pub and took all the Greyhounds in with us. Prince seemed to take it all in his stride, loved going to greet people and all the attention being lavished on him.
Prince is a 'leg cocker' so we took him outside every hour so he gets the message about doing it in the garden. We were really pleased because we had avoided an accident in the house all day, that was until last thing at night when we don't think he realised he should have emptied so tried to cock his leg. We took him out again and he emptied then came in and settled like the others to his bed.
28th April 2008
Prince woke us twice in the night pacing about wanting to go out. When we awoke this morning he greeted us with a huge smile and tail wags before diving on our bed wanting us to play with him. He ate his breakfast this morning as if he'd never been fed before and enjoyed being able to wander in and out the house to the garden.
We had a couple of accidents today so the one hour cooker clock has been frimly attached to my belt to ensure he goes out hourly and by the end of the day he was going up and down the stairs with no problems - who needs a gym!
29th April 2008
Prince is beginning to settle and coming out of his shell - if he ever had one! Whoever re-homes him is going to have some fun because its just like having a toddler and you need eyes in the back of your head when he decides he wants to play or explore!
Prince slept okay last night only waking us once to be let out and after he came back in he quickly settled back to his bed. He gets quite excited when we are putting his collar and lead on to take him for a walk and tries to bounce around the others when they are having their put on, which we don't allow and in time he will get the message he has to wait.
When he greets us he smiles and tries to grab our hands in his mouth because he's so excited at seeing us - even if we've only been out the house two minutes to empty the bins!
Prince is still quite pully on the lead when he first goes out for his walk and as we go past the car he tries his hardest to get in as he loves going for trips in it. Each time we take him for his walk he begins to settle a bit quicker but the first few minutes we really know we have him and for some reason he wants to pull out into the middle of the road rather than walking by our side so the walk along the main road before we turn off onto the back road is a constant effort teaching him to walk 'close' rather than six foot away from us. It's a good job the other three are just perfect on that stretch of the road.
Prince gets on well with Bobby who has only really been grumpy with him when he stands in front of him barking, trying to get him to play but Bobby either grumbles at him or just ignores him.
Stairs are no longer a problem and you can't believe he's the same dog who so gingerly walked up them only a couple of days ago as if he was about to fall of the edge of the world!
Prince is a happy, sweet little chap who is coming out of his shell more and more each day and loves strolling round the garden as and when he wants to now the conservatory door is open most of the day.
1st May 2008
Prince seems to be an early riser and the first sound he hears he's up and about wanting the world to play. For us it up to to let him straight out in case he decides he can't wait and cocks his leg. However, once out he settles again and we can have another hour or two.
Prince has decided its great fun taking things of tables and we are finding books, cloths, papers, clothes and his coat all in his bed. Thankfully once in his bed he leaves them alone so he's not destructive he just wants to collect things, which in his case is either a comfort factor or its just him being playful. Whatever it is, lets hope it doesn't last too long! He's had a 'bee in his bonnet' about it today so I've had to watch him like a hawk especially all the paperwork in the office and, if we put anything on the kitchen table it has to be right in the middle else he can reach it and it goes missing.
He's still a bit pully on the lead especially when we first start off on our walk but he is getting a bit better.
We had a surprise visit from another Greyhound wh has come to the area called Max. He was so nervous of having my 'mob' crowd round him that we decided to shut them all in the kitchen whilst Max and his owners stayed in the conservatory and had a chat. It was after Max had gone and the others came out to have a good sniff around that Prince decided to 'mark his spot' in the kitchen and got a telling off and put outside as that isn't the thing to do.
This evening he was most brazen because he got on the settee in Bobby's spot, to Bobby's disgust and stayed there all evening - the look on his face as he slept was as if he'd gone to heaven.
At bedtime as I lay reading my book Prince climbed on to join me and cuddled down alongside me, which we both enjoyed.
2nd May 2008
Prince woke early again this morning wanting to be let out but at least it was 6 am so he's slowly getting later.
Who ever re-homes Prince is going to have some fun because he's a laugh a minute. This morning when Stuart was getting dressed Prince jumped on the bed smiling, wagging his tail and barking at him trying to get him to play with him. He's funny because when he smiles Stuart says he looks like the Alien from the film Alien because he really wrinkles his nose up into ridges and pulls his lips quite a long way back - you can't help but giggle and smile back at him.
Prince now lays nicely on the kitchen floor waiting for his food along with the others but as soon as the dishes move he wants to dive into the first being put down, which is never his so we have to guide him to where his dish goes so he learns to leave the other's food alone. He's always first to finish and wants to push one of the others from their dishes, which we don't allow and lead him to the back door where he is shut in the garden to give the others time to finish their food and join him.
It's my brother's wedding today in Harrogate so Stuart went to iron a couple of ties this morning before we left. He'd ironed one and turned to take the other off the table to see Prince trotting away into the living room to his bed with it in his mouth and trailing along behind him!
Prince had to stay in the car most of the time during the wedding because the hotel didn't let dogs in so we let him out frequently for short walks around the hotel grounds and he met a number of people when the photographs were being taken on the lawns.
3rd May 2008
Last night Prince and Sandy slept in the back of the car in the car park behind the Harrogate Brasserie where we stayed the night. Bobby and Indi came in with us but we thought four Greyhounds were a bit too much! Both Greyhounds were fine last night in the car and gave Stuart a lovely welcome when he got them out first thing this morning and took them for a short walk. After breakfast we took them all for a long walk in the park close to the hotel as they'd been in the car most of yesterday, then after lunch we headed for home. On the way back we stopped near Blubberhouses where we took them for a walk in the woods then in Gargrave stopped off to see if Mum had got home and to have a cup of tea with her. When we finally arrived home it was tea time so we fed them and after that they just crashed out in the living room for the rest of the evening.
5th May 2008
Today we attended an event at the Owl Sanctuary in Barrow-in-Furness where Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue had a stall. It was lovely weather and we all had a really nice day. Having arrived shortly after 10am we left about 4pm. Prince was quite excited on the lead when we first arrived so we took him for a walk, which settled him for a while. Two or three teenagers took to our stall and were fascinated with the Greyhounds so before long they were taking them for walks around the event, which was fully enclosed and quite safe but we asked them not to walk near the area where the peacocks, rabbits and guinea pigs were! He never spotted most of the owls in their huge cages and because they were still he ignored them. However, one flew from the old tree stump in it's cage onto a branch which made Prince tilt his head in suprise but he soon backed off with a start when the owl decided to fly from the branch back onto the tree stump not three yards from where Prince was standing. The look on Prince's face as that owl flew towards him was a picture - just wish we'd had the camera ready.
As well as selling trinkets and things we were also selling cakes. Prince thought this a very good idea and when everybody was talking he put his head in a box under the table containing spare ones and brought out a ginger cake, which he found quite tasty before anyone realised what he was doing and took it off him. From that point on he found that area fascinating and we had to watch he didn't get anymore because if he thought he had a chance he would try. The teenagers and people on the stall took turns to walk the Greyhounds around the event and by the end of the afternoon Prince actually lay on the grass and slept. He'd really enjoyed himself but I think we'd all worn him out!
6th May 2008
Prince is getting much better on the house training front and tends to sleep all night now but we have to be quiet because once it's daylight if we make any noise at all he thinks its time to get up and play which usually involves barking at us if we ignore him. Consequently our days at the moment are beginning quite early but in time and with work he will come to learn that just because he wants to get up it doesn't mean we have to get up as well!
This evening Prince barked for the first time asking to be let out and needless to say he received a huge praise for letting us know.

11th May 2008
This morning we took Prince to his new home in the Barrow-in-Furness area where we hope he has a long and happy life with his new family.
12th May 2008
This afternoon we phoned to see how Prince was settling in to find all was well so far. The thunder storm last night never bothered him and neither did the planes taking off from the nearby airfield. He's eating well, tried to pinch something off the vegetable rack and slept last night on his bed downstairs. He's been for a few walks and so far all is well.
1st October 2008
1st October 2009
1st October 2010
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