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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Below is one of the 82 dogs we fostered for Dumfriesshire & Cumbria
Greyhound Rescue between July 2004 and the 5th December 2009.
On the 9th December 2009 we became the SOUTH LAKES branch
of the Retired Greyhound Trust for whom we are now foster


Sadie arrived on Sunday 26th October 2008
Went to her new home on Friday 11th September 2009

Sadie's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound

This photograph of Sadie was taken on the 24th November 2008

Sadie is our 74th fostered Greyhound. She is a pretty 3 year old who is looking for a home where she can be cuddled, played with, loved and given the reassurance when out walking that other animals will not harm her. She is house trained, spayed, inoculated and microchipped.  Sadie had a very anxious start at the beginning, missing her mother and sisters badly and settling into a household with an elderly dog who was ailing and with a routine that wasn't quite as settled as normal meant Sadie took longer to settle than normal. She is an extremely loving, friendly and playful dog who enjoys meeting people and travels well in the car. Following a structured program Sadie is slowly learning to overcome her anxieties and fears when out walking.

We are not there yet but she is now much better on the lead, meeting other dogs is becoming less of a problem and she is now very settled in the house and the perfect companion. Sadie needs a lot of love and reassurance so loves to sleep next to another dog and if possible using the other dog as a pillow so a home with another laid back dog whom she can cuddle up to for company and follow their example when out and about would be just perfect for her.

Sadie's Diary
26th October 2008

27th October 2008
Once Sadie went to bed last night we never heard a sound from her till we got up this morning and once in the garden she did all she had to do and came running back inside again. This morning she is a different little girl. She is much more settled, seems happier with her environment and much more relaxed in our company. She's a bit of a monkey though and coming out of her shell because she bit a hole in the bag of spare dog food that none of the others had bothered going near and decided it was going to be her breakfast - only got a few bits though before we caught her and removed the bag! Whilst I was sorting out the bag of dog food she jumped up to the work surface looking for goodies but got squirted with the cold water spray and told to 'leave', likewise when she tried pinching the bag of pigs ears from the food cupboard when my back was turned then tried eating the food being put in the dishes when my back was turned again! However, she soon realized she was getting no where and decided it was better to stand back and wait rather than be pushy because that way she was getting very wet!
With just a couple of goes at the stairs mid morning and she was running up and down them as if she'd been doing it all her life. Wooden floors don't bother her and she loves her comfort, having found both our bed and settee within a few hours of being here.
This afternoon Sadie decided she was going to be a mountain goat because Stuart found her wandering about on the rock behind our house. She is the first of 74 Greyhounds to have done this because it's almost as high as the house itself and has quite a steep drop. When he called her to come back rather than doing so she decided to explore the rock beneath the balcony, which is about ten foot off the ground. I know from this afternoon's walk she is very light on her feet but this is a bit silly.

7th November 2008
Despite Sadie's uncertainty of the world around her she doesn't appear to be bothered about fireworks. Sadie loves her food and is still eating it as fast as she can, which is usually three times as fast as the others! She's a monkey and I still have to watch her because the moment hers has gone she makes a dive for Bobby's or Indi's, both of whom are daft enough to back of and let her gobble theirs if I don't stop her. The penny hasn't dropped yet that she eats hers and hers alone. She's not daft though because she knows to leave Sandy well alone because he won't stand for it and will give her a growl to back off!
8th November 2008
Sadie loves the companionship of other Greyhounds and despite a few grumbles at first she is often found fast asleep on the settee alongside Bobby.
Sadie likes to sleep in the dog bed in our bedroom at night and on the couple of occasions in the past when Indi has decided to sleep there instead Sadie has been very unsettled. However, tonight she was having none of it and climbed in next to Indi and cuddled down with her. Indi was not happy at all and despite her growling at Sadie, with my intervention Sadie ignored her and lay down beside her.
9th November 2008
Sadie gets very excited when we have visitors because she loves meeting people along with all the attention they give her. The accidents in the house are getting less and we get the occasional day now whereby she does everything outside, which is a step forward. The days we seem to miss her are those when guests are staying at our bed and breakfast - she smells the food cooking in the morning and sometimes panics so we think she feels we have forgotten to feed her. Other times are when Stuart is out and I'm dealing with guest rooms and she can't see me. However, she is getting much better and is beginning to realize that although she isn't allowed in guest bedrooms she can lay outside and watch me.
This evening Sadie spent a minute in the Strickland Arms. When we go here we only ever take in Bobby and Indi - it is their little treat. Tonight it was busy so I reserved our seat and Stuart went back for them. However, it was so dark when Stuart got them from the car he got Sadie out instead of Indi, only realizing when he got her inside the pub. He handed me Bobby and laughed saying 'Oops, got the wrong dog' and walked back out again followed by a few strange looks from the other people in the pub who had no idea what was going on. When an explanation was given they saw the funny side also!
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Black Greyhound
October 2008

Greyhound face
October 2008

Greyhound sitting down
Sitting in the top of our garden
24th November 2008

Black Greyhound
In our garden
July 2009

12th November 2008
Went to dog training classes this evening at 8.30 pm with the second group of dogs so there were no puppies.
13th November 2008
Stuart staying overnight at a client's tonight so Sadie decided to sleep next to me on the bed all night. She wanted to lay right up against me and boy, hasn't she got bony legs!

14th November 2008

Sadie has been on the flower essence for anxiety about a week now. Don't know if it's that or if she is just beginning to settle down but what a different dog she is to the one who arrived at the beginning of the month. She looks so much happier and more relaxed in her eyes. That contstant anxious look and tightness in her face has disappeared completely. When we cuddle up next to her head she now cuddles in next to us rather than pulling away and she loves cuddling up next to Bobby on the settee - laying her head on his back end. She loves cuddling up next to us on the settee and she loves being with our Greyhounds, loves the companionship and is now quite used to our routine. She still gobbles her food down but we've started making her stand over it and 'wait' until she is told she can eat it, which is reducing the eagerness she throws at approaching her dish. I think the penny is beginning to drop that she mustn't eat the other's food once hers has all gone but I think if we wern't around she would push her way in as before. She has a healthy appetite, her black coat is now lovely and shiny and she's putting a bit of weight on, which suits her. This evening when Stuart arrived home she gave him a lovely greeting without urinating shortly afterwards, however, Stuart is wise to her and I think he let her outside once all the hello's were said. Touch wood, we've had no accidents for a few days now but this might be because we get her outside frequently and when we see her pacing about. She is so used to this routine now that as soon as she goes out she crouches over the gravel, does a wee and looks at us as if to say 'I'm doing one, look!'
19th November 2008
Sadie went to training classes again tonight, again wearing her muzzle. Tonight we took in Sandy as well so as to help her be less anxious and so she could watch him as he participated in the class. She was much better with the larger dogs this evening and even did the 'snake' walk around a row of dogs with their owners doing it very well and ignoring most of the dogs on the way round. We think she is okay with other dogs but she approaches them like a hurricane, wants to nip their necks as a puppy does and want to play with them all. The only problem is we are not sure so until we can get her to approach them quietly we have to assume she is not okay and work with her accordingly.
20th November 2008
This afternoon I took Sandy out for some one to one training following our visit to the training classes last night and when we got back Sadie had urinated on the living room carpet even though Stuart and the other dogs were in the house, therefore, it is as Kevin from the training classes says in that her problem is anxiety, which we think we knew already but it was nice to have it confirmed.
Took Sadie to training classes again tonight, which was much more stressful as it was puppy night with little dogs running all over the place. She became very stressed but seemed to want to play with a spaniel who was close to us and wanted her to play with him. They went nose to nose and were fine but both were a bit too playful with each other so we had to part them then she saw a Pikenese puppy which looked like a ball of fluff and she wanted to get it! Boy, what a night!!
21st November 2008
This morning I put my yeast tablets on the kitchen table and turned to get a drink of water to find when I turned round Sadie had eaten them!
This afternoon Ben and his owners came to visit with Ollie their lurcher and although Sadie had her muzzle on when they first met we soon took it off as they got on fine together, which was lovely to see.
29th November 2008
Sadie went to the vet today for her 2nd inoculation. To be on the safe side we put the soft nylon muzzle on her in the waiting room in case there were other dogs around that may scare her. Inside there were two larger dogs and once her initial panic was over she settled. After her inoculation and on the way out there was a small rather noisy terrier which really upset her and she became fractious. However, once outside the vets we stood still a while till she settled and when she had relaxed again we proceeded to the car and went home.
2nd December 2008
Sadie loves playing with tennis balls, balls, teddies and other toys in the toy box throwing them in the aire and catching them herself. She will amuse herself like this for ages.
31st December 2008
This evening after our walk we took Sadie into our local pub for the first time. She had her muzzle on and she did well.
10th January 2009
Sadie is the perfect companion now in the house, loves affection and loves meeting people, which instead of doing at hurricaine speed she now does like a strong breeze so she is better than she was but not there just yet. She is a happy, playful little girl who loves her toys but is still very insecure and if she can climb on the settee and sleep with her head on one of the others hind quarters she will do. She loves getting up next to Bobby or Charlie and bless her, she cuddles down just like Penny used to do so it brings back nice memories and is lovely to watch as she's the only one ever to do it the same way.
She's still a bit jumpy when out on her walks but this is getting better. She still wears the black nylon muzzle when we are out walking because if she sees a dog and becomes jumpy we don't have the control of her to put it on with having the other greyhounds with us as well so she has her muzzle put on at the beginning of her walk just in case we meet a dog that spooks her.
29th March 2009
This morning was the first glorious morning we've had where we've been able to open the conservatory door so the dogs could wander in and out as they wished. As I was preparing room 2 following guests being in last night I spotted Bobby and Sadie laying together in the little 'sun spot' Bobby loves on the lawn at this time of the year. It was a wonderful sight to see them enjoying the sunshine and a double bonus to see Sadie, who thinks the world of him laying by his side - it really made my day.
Sadie loves cuddling up to Bobby and will do it whenever she can and because of the way she is with him makes us believe that Sadie finding her forever home with another dog with a nature similar to that of Bobby would do her the world of good.
23rd April 2009
This morning Pauline who had Jack and now has Major and Sky came and collected Kate and Sadie and took them with her to Barrow-in-Furness. Kate to be re-homed with a couple who lived a couple of doors down the road from her and who wanted a companion for their greyhound called Lucy and Sadie, so she could attend the 'Meet a Greyhound' day on Saturday in case there may be anyone interested in her.
24th April 2009
Received a call from Pauline letting us know that Sadie was fine, eating her food well, settled to her bed last night and was getting on well with the other dogs including Millie their Whippet. When they took her for a walk last night she said they now understood why we nicknamed her 'Skippy' because when she saw a small dog she jumped five foot in the air, which took them a bit by surprise so today they were more prepared. She agrees with us Sadie is scared of the big wide world and some of the creatures in it. She said she is like a 'Jekkle and Hyde' because inside the house she is so calm that they hardly know they have her but when out walking they have to really watch her because of her anxiety.
25th April 2009
Sadie went to the Barrow-in-Furness 'Meet a Greyhound' day held in the town centre today and Pauline said she was very good. Ignored small dogs as they walked past but got very upset when a group of lads brought some Staffordshire Bull Terriers into the group and started 'goading' the Greyhounds until the event organiser told them to clear off. It wasn't only Sadie who was upset by the incident but a number of other Greyhounds as well. As a result Pauline's partner took Sadie home where, once in the house, she soon settled again. They said prior to those other dogs turning up she was very, very good.
After the event Pauline and her partner brought Sadie back to us and after her tea she was up on the settee laying with her head on Bobby's back end and crashed out for the night. The experience of the past three days will have done her the world of good and overall we were very pleased of the way she had been, especially when you consider how bad her anxiety was when she first arrived here.
26th April 2009
When Bobby fell in the kitchen shortly before he died he screamed and when I heard him scream there was definately two dogs screaming and I think it was Sadie who screamed with him. She loved Bobby and although an anxious dog, she is also very sensitive and her scream was for his pain. Whilst I was helping Bobby after his fall she was very concerned for him and I had to put her and the other Greyhounds behind the safety gate at the end of the kitchen leading into the living room to ensure none of them accidentally stood on him. The others disappeared into the living room but Sadie lay on the carpet the other side of the safety gate and watched. After Bobby died we let her into the kitchen so she could see his body as this will help her understand what has happened and will help her get over his death better. She quietly went up to him and had a sniff before we put her back behind the safety gate. After we buried him in the garden next to Penny's grave we fed all the dogs then let them out with supervision because of the new grave. They all ran straight to it and sniffed the area where Bobby's body had lain on the blanket on the grass for a minute or so before we lowered him in. Sadie sniffed the ground then sniffed the soil on the grave before wandering off to do her toilet.
The rest of the night she was very, very quiet and slept with the others in the living room rather than on her bed in our bedroom.
27th April 2009
Today Sadie has been very quiet, maybe because of Bobby's death, maybe because the others were very quiet and maybe because we were so upset so it was a very sad household. At lunch time we took them all for a walk then called into the pub for a snack and to raise a glass to the long and happy life Bobby had with us. It was a sad and weepy day and all the dogs were very, very quiet all day.
28th April 2009
Sadie seems happier today and is back playing with her toys and trying to get the others to play with her. This evening she climbed on the settee and tried cuddling up to Indi, but Indi isn't the cuddly kind and tried turning her away but we encouraged her to allow Sadie to sleep with her head on her back end as she always did with Bobby. Sadie needs the company of another dog because she needs body contact for reassurance possibly resulting from sleeping with her sisters before coming to us. All she wants to do is to cuddle up and go to sleep.
4th May 2009
One of our bed and breakfast guests stayed with their Beagle and today we found Sadie saying hello to her through the fence as she stood on the balcony with her owners. Sadie was nose to nose with with her giving her a lick, which was wonderful to see and a huge leap forward.
18th May 2009
Sadie is absolutely perfect with people and children because she enjoys meeting them, the more the better and the more attention and cuddles she receives from them the more she loves it.
Sadie is getting so used to other dogs staying in our bed and breakfast it's doing her the world of good in respect of socialising her with other dogs she couldn't have been fostered to a better place because she is meeting dogs in an environment where she is relaxed. We've had two beagles staying the past week and she loves saying hello to them each time they arrive or leave the house. She hears them arrive and runs into the conservatory where she stands in front of the swing gates and looks over the top waiting for them to come through the door then peeps under the swing gates to say hello and give them a lick as they approach it. Sometimes, she even stays to say hello then wanders back into the living room to her bed - quite a difference from when she first arrived.
19th May 2009
This morning Sadie was in our office laying on one of the beds when I noticed something different about her stomach. Upon closer inspection it seemed like a peculiar lump about an inch long and half an inch wide in the shape of a banana. It wasn't inflamed, nor did it seem to be causing her any pain as I was examining it but it did seem a bit lumpy. It was in the area where her stitches had been after being spayed so I asked Stuart if he could remember if she had anything unusual about her stitches such as being too tight or bunched up but he said not. Anyway, to be on the safe side we are going to take her to the vet to have it looked at.
20th May 2009
We took Sadie to the vet this afternoon where she weighed in at 29.1k (64 lbs). The vet said the lump was a 'stitch reaction' to being spayed last October. It's quite an uncommon thing but when it does occur the reaction usually appears some months after the operation and can appear quite suddenly as has happened with Sadie. It isn't the external stitches that cause it but the ones inside that procuces the reaction and the present course of action is to leave it alone because it should disappear on it's own in time. However, the vet warned us it may take weeks or even months to disappear completely and to keep an eye on it. If it becomes inflamed or starts to bother her then to bring her back and if after medication it is still bothering her then as a last resort they may need to open the area and remove the offending stitch.
Sadie met three other dogs in the vets - a small quiet spaniel whom she walked past without being bothered, a large boxer type dog who was a bit nervous and whom she wanted to smell and a bouncy nervous mongrel who she wanted to sniff at but then decided to have a little snap so she was stopped and reprimanded. Sadie is definately getting there but still panics if she's in strange place or one where she feels insecure and she meets other dogs that are a breed she hasn't met before, are too bouncy or 'in her face'.
14th June 2009
Sadie has really missed Bobby since he died because she misses having a dog to cuddle up next to, however, today Nina let her lay with her head over her back end as she used to do with Bobby. Sadie looked so happy and content it was lovely to see.
27th June 2009
There was a bit of an incident in the hall this afternoon when Pronto saw a terrier coming in, but Sadie is beginning to get used to all sorts of dogs coming into the house and she was perfect - we were so proud of her.
28th August 2009
The lady who was showing an interest in Sadie came this evening with her husband and Sadie gave them both a lovely welcome and kept coming to them for affection. We showed them how she loves playing with balls and we threw one for her to catch and bring back to us, which they were quite taken with. Arrangements were made for Sadie to go for an away-day next Thursday, but we warned them that she may go back a step if they decide to re-home her until she gets used to them and their environment. This they accepted and said they were prepared to work with her no matter how long it took, which was lovely to hear.
3rd September 2009
This morning Sadie's potential new owner called to collect her for an 'away day'. Sadie gave her a lovely greeting and with her bag packed she jumped in the car and off she went. She arrived home again just after 8 pm and after having her dentastix she came to me for a cuddle and snuggled her head into me for some considerable time before settling on her back on the settee - think she was telling me she'd missed me!
Sadie had had a good day, she explored the house from top to bottom then settled to watch her potential new owner do some baking ready for the birthday party at the week end. Because of Sadie's anxieties outside and it was her first visit, Sadie didn't go for a walk other than on the lead around the orchard. When she saw the chickens she had a panic attack but her potential new owner did as we suggested and it came under control within a minute or so. Sadie may not have seen chickens before and reacted in the same way as the first time she saw the horse over the gate who flapped its tail and made a noise at her. He potential new owner likened her to a stallion! She was taken into the orchard about four times in all after the first visit and each time after that she pulled on the lead a bit, which concerned her potential new owner. However, when Sadie arrived home she saw how Sadie walked on the lead next to Stuart back into the house and she put it all down to anxiety at being with new people in a new place and that in time as they get to know her and her them and her the house and area she will settle as she has done here.
Thankfully, Sadie's first panic attack hasn't put her potential new owners off and Sadie is going for another 'away day' next week when we are hoping to show them how we handle her pulling on the lead after a panic attack and to work with her with the chickens who are going to be her companions not her dinner!
9th September 2009
This morning Sadie's potential new owner came just after 10am to collect her for another 'away day'. Sadie gave her a lovely welcome then we went for a short walk so we could demonstrate how we handle her on the lead so as to reduce her initial excitement and anxiety when she goes out walking, how we handle her as she settles then how we correct her when she gets anxious again. Back at the car she happily jumped in and off she went for the day.
She arrived back around 8pm and she'd had a busy day, a little less stressed than last week with it being her second visit and she soon began to be more relaxed in the house. They went for a walk and met a lurcher who she said hello to but she still thinks the chickens are for dinner!
When her potential new owners left Sadie stood looking for them for a long time from the consevatory doors amd when at last I let her out she dashed to the garden gate to see if they were there. She seems to have taken to them and is bonding well with them, which is wonderful after all the hard work we've put into her.
11th September 2009
This evening we drove Sadie to her potential new home for a weekend 'stop-over' to see how she gets on being away from us over night. When we arrived she knew exactly where she was, happily jumped out the car and ran to greet her potential new owners before running into the house and making herself at home.
Because of the problem with the chickens in the orchard we took Sadie there to display how we use the water spray and the word 'leave' to make her turn away and ignore them. From a few yards away she reacted as we wanted and ignored them but when we came a bit too close to their pen she became very focused and determined. The fact she ignored them at a distance is a good omen for success - all is needed now is to continue the 'leave' and water spray over a period of time and close the distance a little bit each day until the 'penny drops' that they are part of her pack and she is to leave them alone.
When it was time for us to leave she wanted to get in the car with us but a cuddle and a 'stay there, back soon' quickly settled her and she went walking back into the house with her potential new owners.
12th September 2009
This morning I phoned to see how Sadie got on last night. She was fine apart from last night when they wanted her to sleep on her bed downstairs in the kitchen. Sadie was having none of it and being the strong willed 'little madam' that she is, she soon got her own way and went fast asleep on her bed in her owner's bedroom where they didn't hear a peep from her all night!
13th September 2009
Sadie slept in her owner's room again last night and this morning she was less stressed at going for a walk. A neighbours dog came running from their house and startled her so she wanted to nip it on the nose, however, once she was introduced to the dog's rear end where she had a sniff she soon realised it was another dog and ignored it.
We say 'Sadie slept in her owner's room again last night' because Sadie has found her forever home. They phoned to say they wanted to keep her and work with her to help her overcome her anxiety attacks when out walking and away from the house. They realise she may go back a step at leaving us and it may take Sadie some time to learn to relax when out walking and to become accustomed to all the new dogs she's going to see around her as well as their chickens but they say inside the house she is just lovely. This was wonderful news because we couldn't have asked for a more perfect forever home for Sadie. We had Sadie eleven months - the longest we've had a foster dog so far and she came with serious anxiety issues. We were almost on the brink of keeping her ourselves because she is such a sensitive, loving and playful little girl and we shall miss her a great deal. Thankfully, her new home isn't all that far from us so we can call and see her sometimes and perhaps she will come and visit us - I certainly do miss her because for all her anxiety issues she is a beautiful dog who is a loving, sensitive companion.
Looking back at the time we've had Sadie, she arrived as our Bobby began his decline and for the last few weeks or months of his life he was going to come first because we owed it him. Had Bobby been fit and well when Sadie arrived we feel Sadie's road of progress would have been much shorter, especially as she went back a step after Bobby died. After his death she sensed our grief by the way she would come to us as if to say 'it's alright, I'm here for you' - she missed him a great deal, far more than we could understand because he was the one she would cuddle up next to and go to sleep with. It was this sensitive side of Sadie that tipped the balance to her almost becoming our dog had her new owners not come along when they did - they have a lovely dog in Sadie, a dog who will love and cherish them to the end of the world.
14th September 2009
Last night Sadie's owners moved Sadie's bed into the living room where she slept all night once she'd been told to 'go back to bed' a couple of times and shown the water spray.
This morning was the first time she'd been left alone in the house whilst her owner went to work. Over the week-end they had been leaving her in the house and nipping out saying 'stay there, back soon' in readiness for this morning. When Sadie was left this morning for 2½ hours she was fine. When her owner came back to see how she was Sadie gave them a lovely greeting then raced around the garden, had a biscuit then went back inside. After lunch her other owner returned for another lovely welcome and they went for a long walk. Sadie pulled a bit at the beginning and wanted to look round every corner and into every gate way to make sure it was safe, however, after a while she calmed a bit until she saw the next door neighbours chocolate Labrador who she tried to nip - that was probably because she was still anxious following her walk so her owner stayed for a chat so Sadie could see the elderly Labrador was no threat. In fact, it lay on the ground and went to sleep. Sadie stood and watched the Labrador and people around her listening to relaxed converstation, which is exactly what we used to do with her and the more instances of this that happens the better she will become. Whilst at our home she reached the stage whereby she would look over the swing gate in the conservatory, see another dog and walk into the garden ignoring it - she will be doing the same before we know it to the neighbour's dogs.
17th October 2009
This afternoon Sadie's owners brought her over to stay while they go on holiday for the week. Sadie knew exactly where she was and within minutes was 'at home' with the others.
25th October 2009
This afternoon Sadie's owners came to collect her following her stay here with us.
11th February 2010
This evening Sadie's owner phoned to let us know how she's getting on.
Sadie can now go for walks and see other dogs on the lead without panicking. Her tail goes between her legs as she goes past them but she can cope with them unless they are off the lead, then she panics.
They love her to bits, and tomorrow is her birthday, so there are cards, presents and a cake !! They adore her, she adores them and is very settled at home. She goes 'bananas' when her owner's daughter visits because she gets on the floor and rolls around with her, which she loves.
When in the orchard she can walk up to the chickens now and will come away when called , but if they run she wants to chase them.
There is a brown rough haired terrier who now walks past their garden each day, which Sadie can't cope with so they have been down the fence and made sure it is fully secure so it's impossible for her to get out and after it.
16th April 2010
This afternoon Sadie arrived with her 'holiday bag' because she is staying with us for around 3 weeks while her owners are visiting relatives abroad. Sadie knew exactly where she was and said hello to each of the six greyhounds we have at the moment, one at a time so as not to over power her. When her owner went to leave, Sadie gave a dash to the gate after him but we told her 'back soon' and talked with her a while and she settled. For about the next hour she kept wanting to go out the house and when she did she made a dash for the gate, but after we fed her and took her for a walk with the others she settled.
When we took her for a walk she was so much better, so long as I kept her on a short lead and talked to her. I commend her owners for their hard work because there is a large improvement in the way she walks from when we had her. Back home she was one of the first to the cupboard for her Dentastix then out in the garden to do her toilet. When it came to bed time she climbed on the settee next to Indi and cuddled down with her - and Indi allowed her to do it, which was lovely to see - it was as if she hadn't been away!.
7th May 2010
Sadie's owners called to collect her this morning after her three week holiday with us and poor Tess who we are currently fostering wanted to go as well when the time came for Sadie to leave. Sadie got on very well with Tess, often sleeping next to each other on a bed, playing in the garden together and playing with the tennis balls together in the living room. It's always so sad when two who get on so well together have to go their separate ways, but that is life! Sadie will miss Tess because she so loves to cuddle up to another dog.
2nd October 2010
This afternoon Sadie arrived for a short holiday while her owners were away because the last time she was in kennels she arrived home rather sad. She gave us a lovely welcome, knew exactly where she was, said hello to all the other greyhounds then made herself at home.
10th October 2010
This afternoon one of Sadie's owners came to collect her and what a welcome he got! She was certainly happy to see him, not that she didn't enjoy her stay because we believed she did. She is no problem around the house and loves playing with all the toys especially all the tennis balls in the box. She is much better on her walks and happily knows our routine. The hardest thing we had to contend with was her constant need to want to cuddle up next to one of the other dogs. Whether it is because she knows Indi we don't know, but she often chose her, but Indi being Indi likes to be on her own when in her bed. The problem we had was Sadie was so determined she was going to sleep next to her while Indi was determined she wasn't, so there were a couple of 'stand offs' because both are so strong willed and neither would back down, till we intervened. Sadie loved sleeping with her head on Bobby and she so misses him not being here, but after a while she discovered little Dizzie liked to cuddle as well so we often found them together on the settee. They also played together and chased each other round the garden like a pair of nutters so we had to be careful Sandy didn't join in as well because if he did it would get too boisterous and become an accident waiting to happen. They all thought it fun, so we only let certain ones out together while Sadie was here, those who we knew wouldn't join in if she decided to have a mad five minutes.
30th November 2014
We received an email today from sadie's owners saying they can’t believe it is over 5 years since Sadie came to live with them.  She is now older, calmer and greyer, but still has her moments of anxiety with small furry creatures and when they take her anywhere new.  Their little grandsons proved a bit of a challenge for her, but now they are on the best of terms because she is constantly being given treats and leftovers.
3rd December 2014
This afternoon Sadie and her owner called in to collect a new knitted snuggle coat to keep her warm during these cooler nights. While here she tried one on, and didn't she look smart so she kept it on to keep away the chilly wind outside.
Sadie remembered where she was, gave us a lovely welcome then went in the garden for a wander round with Indi who she knew well.
Sadie looked fit and well and her coat was very black and shiny. She walks nicely on the lead now although she still gets a bit jumpy if dogs approach her in bouncy manner. The way they get round this is by turning back in a circle and by the time they continue their walk she has calmed down.
They had a bit of a scare about 18 months ago when a lump was noticed on her back right hip. A biopsy showed it to be cancerous so it was removed, a very delicate and difficult operation because of the lack of flesh in the area. However, all went well, and fingers crossed, she pulled through it and nothing has reoccurred.

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