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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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by Jenny Stott
Now called Indianna Jones or Indy

Scooby arrived on Monday 12th May 2008
Went to his new home on Saturday 24th May 2008
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Scooby's arrival and a brief history
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Black and white Greyhound
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Scooby is a lovely black and white Greyhound who has never raced because of his nervous nature, which we feel is the result of something happening to him. He weighs 72 lbs (32.6k) and was born in November 2006 making him just 18 months old. He's been in the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue kennels a couple of weeks where he was neutered, given his first inoculation and microchipped. He travels well in the car. is a very loveable Greyhound and although very nervous especially around men we feel that in time and with socialisation outside the kennel environment he will become better.
Scooby's Diary
12th May 2008
Scooby is a very frightened Greyhound who wouldn't come out of his Kennel this morning for the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue member who was bringing him to Tebay Services for us. Having got him from the kennel into his car when we got him out of the car he was so frightened he tried to run off. I took the lead and brought him in close and walked, or was rather pulled to the grassed area by the side of the car park where I thought he was desperate to do a wee but no, he was just so scared he wanted to get away - anywhere. I brought him in close again and bent down to hold him close to me so I could stroke his tummy and whisper in his ear but when I touched his tummy he jumped a mile. Not to be beaten I held him again and repeated what I wanted to do and this time he stayed, rather reluctantly, but he stayed. He jumped in our car fine and having had a good sniff round within a short while he lay down for the journey home.
At home he jumped from the car and pulled me down the drive into the garden where he met the other Greyhounds one at a time, showing very little concern for them, then we walked, or was rather pulled around the garden to have a good look round and do a wee. He wouldn't go anywhere near Stuart - just wanted to run away as far as he could. Needless to say he's on the lead constantly and because it looks as if we have another Lester here he will be on the lead in the house as well as outside until I'm sure he's okay with me. Stuart will need to concentrate on the other Greyhounds to begin with by playing with them, giving them tit bits and stroking them so Scooby can watch him to gain the confidence to allow Stuart near him - it's going to take time.
Inside the house Scooby wanted to explore, was very fretful when Stuart held his lead so I could get him some food as he hadn't been fed this morning. He wouldn't touch his food whilst Stuart was in the room so Stuart left me to it. He ate bits at a time, very wary and looking over his shoulder constantly to make sure all was safe! Once he lifted his head from the bowl he wouldn't go back to it unless I picked it up then put it back down again, then he would eat a bit more. Eventually, he ate the lot and back in the garden we went to do another wee so he would get used to the routine.
We soon discovered he hasn't seen stairs before so that will need a bit of work. Still on the lead he lay on a bed in my office for quite a long time, which allowed be to get on with some work then we fed them all again and took them for a walk before going to the pub. Stuart had to leave the room again whilst he was eating his food but he held the lead during the walk so as to get Scooby used to him. During the walk he pulled like mad if I was in front with the others trying to catch up with us so we swapped and Stuart and Scooby went in front. This settled him a bit but he was funny because every few steps he would stop to look over his shoulder to make sure we were still there.
In the pub we were very surprised because although he didn't want people touching him he lay on the floor behind my bar stool for most of our short stay there watching what was going on.
Back home I collected some work to do and shut myself in the kitchen with him and Sandy with the television on. Sandy lay in his favourite spot near the kitchen sink and Scooby, off the lead lay in the corner near the deep freeze watching for a while before feeling a bit more relaxed and going to sleep.
When it came to bed time, to say he was so nervous he quickly settled on the bed under the window on my side of the room and went to sleep.
13th May 2008
Scooby woke around 2.00 am pacing the floor so I took him on the lead into the garden to do his toilet. When he came back in he wouldn't settle so I resorted to the water spray, which he didn't like and lay down in his bed and went back to sleep. He's easy to lay on his bed because if we 'scoop' his back legs he sits down then if we 'walk' his front legs forward whilst leaning on his shoulders he will lay down easily. He woke again around 4.30 am so I took him out again. This time when he came back in he settled to his bed much better until the alarm went off.
It was a lovely morning and it was very peaceful first thing whilst I was pegging out the washing with Scooby on the lead by my side. I don't know why I did it because he's just like Lester, but something gave me the feeling he wouldn't go far from me so I let him off the lead to have wander. To my surprise and relief, instead of racing to the other side of the garden and refusing to come back he simply wandered around, coming back to me every so often to which he got a big cuddle and a praise. When I went back in the house he followed and whilst I was busy in the kitchen he wandered in and out freely. This was a good sign because I don't really want the conservatory door shut all day as it isn't fair on the others who wander in an out all the time so if I can get him to do the same as soon as I can the better for all of us.
Scooby panicked when Stuart came in the kitchen for his breakfast so he ran in the garden where he stood at the far end of the lawn watching. When it came to giving Scooby his breakfast Stuart had to leave the room again because we couldn't get him to eat otherwise.
Mid morning all the Greyhounds were put in the car as we were seeing a client. Part way through the visit I walked them and during our walk we met another dog. Scooby showed no reaction to it what so ever. It was almost teatime when we got home because in the afternoon Stuart had a visit to the dentist so this mean't Scooby's first visit to the multi-storey car park. He was really good all day and took the change in his routine much better than I thought. He ate his food a little better this evening but still needs me holding his lead to stop him wandering off if he thinks Stuart is anywhere near. He was much better during his evening walk as he walked in front with Stuart, but still looking over his shoulder to see where I was every few seconds. For the rest of the evening he lay in my office whilst I was doing some work. If Stuart wasn't in the house I would say Scooby was a really laid back and relaxed dog but the moment Stuart shows his face he becomes very
Click images for a larger view

Greyhound face
15th May 2008

Black and white Greyhound
. . and again . . .

Greyhound running
. . and again. . .

Black and white Greyhound
. . and again. . .

Black and white Greyhound
. . and again. . .

Black and white Greyhound
. . and again.

nervous and scared. If he can't run away from Stuart he cowers as low to the floor as he can with a pitifully scared look on his face as he tries to get as much distance between them as he can. It's so sad to watch but with time, patience and determination Stuart and Scooby will become best friends - I just know they will.
14th May 2008
Scooby had me walking round the garden with him again at 2.45 am and again at 4.30 am. Something I much prefer to do during the house training process because we've found once they are awake and start pacing it's often because they want to go and if you ignore it you end up having to clean something up. I know its a pain but it shouldn't last long and at least it isn't winter! For some reason he wouldn't settle after the second trip out and when I went to get him to walk him back to his bed he ran into my office and tried hiding under the desk between two boxes. I don't quite know what I did to make him react this way but I got him out and took him back to his bed where I sat with him a while to reasure him I wasn't really that bad!
Wooden floors are no problem and neither are the stairs now - having watched the others running up and down he soon mastered how it was done. Some things on the television make him jump, which isn't really surprising but the washing machine and my shredder didn't seem to bother him.
Scooby has quite taken to me and follows me everywhere. He's happy and content to lay close by where ever I am and last night when I spent an hour in the garden mowing the lawn he was there not far behind me - as Stuart said there was no way he was going in the house with THAT MAN there!
Scooby found the toy box this afternoon and became quite excited when I got their collars to take them a walk and he started to play and bounce around as I was putting them on, which is a side of him we hadn't seen before but I'm glad it's there as he's only a baby really and that's what little boys do!
Stuart commented tonight that Scooby is behaving exactly the same way towards him as Lester had, which he didn't think he'd see a second time and I chuckle because Scooby has attached himself to me exactly they way Lester did. I must admit is quite a nice feeling that he feels so comfortable around me. However, as I mentioned to Stuart we have had Greyhounds that bonded with him at the beginning because they were a 'man's dog' and were not really interested whether I was around or not until they settled and came out of their shell. It's all part of fostering and when they turn out okay its that what makes it so worthwhile.
15th May 2008
Last night Scooby spent part of the night sleeping in my office and would have slept all night if it hadn't been for Bobby waking us wanting to go out, consequently Scooby went into the garden as well.
This morning Stuart, thinking Scooby wouldn't come anywhere near him left his breakfast unattended whilst he got some juice from the fridge and turned to find half his breakfast had gone - a roll, a piece of bacon and the egg. Scooby had been more daring than he anticipated!
When Sandy saw the post van arriving this morning he was in my office and decided to bark at the post man as he was walking towards the house. As we don't want him doing this we've recently started spraying him with cold water and telling him to 'Hush'. Poor Scooby when he saw Sandy being sprayed thought he would get it as well and cowered in the corner of my office so I'm going to have to be careful as the two dogs need handling differently and I don't want one going back to the detrement of the other.
Scooby has really bonded with me and will follow me everywhere, lays near where I am whether in the garden or in the house and no longer flinches when I go to stroke or cuddle him and he's coming to me for cuddles. With Stuart it's slow slow progress and Scooby will now walk past him within a yard but the only way he can stroke him is by waiting till he's in his bed then Scooby doesn't run off but he still cowers and looks really scared.
16th May 2008
Scooby slept all night without disturbing us for the first time and since his arrival we've had no accidents in the house from him. He seems much more settled and is eating his food better but I still keep him on the lead to stop him wandering off before he's finished and bothering the others. However, Bobby broke his toe this afternoon so this evening when I fed them I decided to feed Scooby in the conservatory with Sandy. The extra bit of distance between him and Stuart gave Scooby the confidence to eat his food better so I think I will feed him there all the time from now on, especially as he can wander in the garden when he's finished and not try to get Bobby's and Indi's especially now that we have to watch Bobby for a few days till he's feeling a bit better.
When I took Bobby to the vet this afternoon about his toe Scooby stayed behind with the others. When I left Stuart said he cried for a while then went to his bed and lay down. When I came back he gave me a really lovely welcome.
18th May 2008
This morning we told Sandy to go back to bed as he woke us at the crack of dawn when the papers were delivered. Poor Scooby followed to see what was going on and cowered a bit as I was telling Sandy to shut up and led him back to his bed. When I saw Scooby cower I just ignored it and after Sandy was back in bed I went back to mine followed by Scooby and gave him a stroke in his bed before I went back to mine.
Scooby is getting better with Stuart and not looking so pitiful when he stroking him but he still cowers a bit but not as bad. I've started joining Stuart when he wants to stroke Scooby to give Scooby the confidence of having him so close and it seems to be working because when I'm there as well Scooby isn't quite as tense.
When the other Greyhounds run to greet Stuart Scooby is joining in but he just doesn't have the confidence to go up and greet him with the others so backs off about a yard before he gets to him. However, it's a step in the right direction and can only get better. If Stuart goes to put the leads on them all ready for a walk he can put the lead on Scooby but Scooby bolts his feet to the ground and refuses to budge until I'm there, then he happily goes out with the rest.

24th May 2008
This lunch time Scooby went to his new home with a couple who live in Scotland and will be sharing their home along with Saskia, their three year old lurcher. Scooby is a beautiful young Greyhound who still needs lots of love and patience to help him overcome his fear of people but we feel his new owners and new home is just perfect for him. We were very sad to see him watching us from the car window as he was being driven off with his new owners on his way to his new home but we wish him, as we do, all our foster dogs a long and happy life with his new family.
We received an email from Scooby's new owners this evening letting us know that Scooby had settled in fine. They took him and Saskia out for a long walk as soon as they got back and this evening they were lying next to each other in the living room. Scooby even took a treat from his new owner, which is a good sign.
25th May 2008
Received an email this lunch time letting us know that Scooby slept all last night beside Saskia and the pair of them seem to be getting along really well. His new owners were a little bit worried he might not eat his dinner last night what with all of the upheaval but they said they needn't have worried where that was concerned because as they said 'my Goodness does that boy love his food!'
3rd June 2008
Received an email this evening letting us know that Scooby is doing great. They have renamed him Indiana Jones or Indy for short due to the adventures he has had so far in his short life. He loves going for walks with Saskia, she is really obedient and he is starting to learn commands by watching and copying her. They have been using a horse lunge line attached to his harness when they take them out for long walks, Saskia is great off lead and this allows Indy lots of freedom to be with her without any risk of losing him. It is also great for building up his odedience as he can be up to 25 feet away from them but still has to wait and come back when they tell him.  
He has come on in leaps and bounds with James and he also has really taken to his owner's dad which they thought was a bit strange. Their dad is a little deaf and talks quite loud sometimes so they thought it may take time for Indy to trust him but he really surprised them .(probably had something to do with the fact his pocket is always full of dog biscuits for Keira their Spaniel !!) The only thing his new owners have noticed is that he gets really nervous if he hears a man coughing and when they first starting taking him for walks his nerves were terrible if they had to wait to cross a road and a car went past (even slowly) or if they had to pass a parked car on the road, again a bit strange as he isn't scared of cars in general as a rule. They made a real breakthrough in the first few days by teaching him the 'go to bed command'. This worked a treat with Max and they thought it would would work for Indy too. They taught him to lie down on his bed when told to 'go to bed', which really means they are sending him away from them but also anchoring him in one place. This generally leads to a bit of confusion for them if they are used to people trying to make them come or catch them and after a short period of time normally produces the opposite result in that they want to be with you and are just waiting to hear you call their name to come running and knock you flying off your feet!
25th July 2008
Received an email this evening enclosing a couple of pictures of Indy and
Click images for a larger view
Scooby in new home
Scooby (Indy) settling in with Saskia
25th May 2008

Indy and Saskia
Indy, Saskia and owner
enjoying a paddle
July 2008

Indy and Saskia
. . . . and again.

Saskia enjoying a stroll along the beach. Indy's owners say he is doing great although they had a major 'rolling in cow dung' incident on their walk last night which resulted in a full bath!.............he smells a lot better this morning but he thinks the bath was unnecessary and he smells like a girl!
November 2008
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