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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Blue arrived on Monday 13th December 2010
Went to his new home on Thursday 11th August 2011

Blue's arrival and a brief history
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Blue Greyhound
Blue is a handsome blue ex-racing greyhound. Born on the 11th April 2007 He weighs 31k, is house trained, neutered, microchipped and inoculated.
Blue found it difficult to adjust to the family way of life when he first arrived and showed some dominance issues, which we now believe was stress. Before arriving here he had been in two other sets of kennels that we know of, which may have led to his stress and initial behaviour.
Blue has now settled into our pack, and as a result he
is a much happier dog. Blue loves wandering around our garden, laying in the sunshine and saying hello over the fence to our bed and breakfast guests on the balcony of room 1. Blue is now a very friendly,
loveable boy who enjoys affection and being cuddled. He walks nicely on the lead wearing his harness, travels well in the car and from what we've seen so far he is okay with other breeds of dogs, but this we are still assessing.

Went to his new home on Thursday 11th August 2011

Blue's Diary
13th December 2010

14th December 2010
We wormed and flead Blue this afternoon.

15th December 2010

16th December 2010

17th December 2010
This morning Blue went to the vet where he weighed in at 31.1k. An examination found him in good health and he was neutered and inoculated. As we brought him from the vets we walked him on the grassy area the other side of the car park where he relieved himself and we took him home. Back home he quickly settled to his bed in the crate where we left him to sleep things off. Later in the evening he became quite agitated so we fed him and he settled again.
18th December 2010
Last night Blue slept well, once he settled for the night especially as I was sleeping on the settee in the same room as him because Penny was very unsettled.
25th December 2010
Would you believe it, but today has been the first day we've been able to walk Blue on the lead down the road because before now there has been too much snow and ice. Because no gritters go along the roads we walk the dogs they become treacherous very quickly and not safe to walk them. Today we tried it, and slowly we got there. Blue pulled a bit on the lead to begin with, but that was because we haven't been able to get him out much. On the way back he walked fine and began to walk happily next to the others.
The 'run' we had built in our field during the summer and of which we now call the paddock has been a blesshing, an absolute blessing, because although we haven't been able to lead walk the dogs at least they've been able to have a run and mooch around in there each day. The past couple of days he's been off the lead as he shows no sign of wanting to run mad and damaging where he was neutered and still had stitches. He's healed nicely now so should be okay.
Although Blue is seeing the sheep in our field more often as they wander the other side of the fence he is still interested so this is an area we shall be working on the next time we walk him down the back road. Then we shall be taking the water spray with us and enforcing the word 'Leave' with it, which should work because he hates the water spray.
4th February 2011
This evening we left our dogs at home and took the three foster dogs to the pub along the road. With not having one of ours there to follow the example they stood for a while not knowing what to do. In the end they all lay on the carpet and rested, but Blue kept giving out little whimpers of insecurity.
7th February 2011
We are not sure why, but Blue has started being rather growly towards Sandy as he walks past him and as they go around the garden together, not sure why this has started so we will have to watch this. He is still very boisterous at meal times, but under our supervision he is beginning to wait for his food until I say so. if he growls his food is removed for five minutes then given back again if he's quiet.
9th February 2011
I had my hair done today and was gone longer than usual so it was quite late when I got back and was rather tired. It was the dogs tea time, but I was gasping for a cup of tea so Stuart said he would let them in the paddock for a few minutes because they hadn't had a proper walk with him being on his own. He let half in the paddock and the other half stayed in the garden. There was a bit of mayhem when he went to swap them over and Sandy who was on his way back in the garden suddenly turned and ran back in the paddock after the others. Whether they were hyper for not having a proper walk earlier or whether it wound the ones up in the garden watching the others in the paddock we don't know, but they got over excited, running into each other and the play became too boisterous and before Stuart could calm them down there was an incident, which ended with either Penny or Blue biting Sandy who needed a trip to the vet for stitches. They've all run in the garden before with no problems and they've run in the paddock loads of times with no problems so today something must have happened to upset the balance causing the accident. It may have been one running into another, a little playful nip that was taken the wrong way or it could have been one protecting the other from something, we do not know because it all happened so fast. Thankfully, this is a rare instance for us, but In hindsight it was probably a number of circumstances each of which on their own would have been okay, but not all together. The incident upset us all and with it happening when it did Sandy was kept in the vets over night and Blue, and the others were out of sorts the rest of the evening. However, in future we shall put a muzzle on Penny and Blue when they are in the garden or paddock to avoid them going too giddy again and the same thing happening another time.
10th February 2011
Blue is back to his normal self today, but Penny and Blue were kept in the kitchen all day with the safety gate up so Sandy could rest quietly in the living room with the others. Penny and Blue don't have the kennel manners that show the concern for an injured dog as ours do so to safeguard Sandy from being bumped into by Penny and Blue we thought it best to keep them separated - they could see each other and smell each other, but they couldn't push past him and cause further damage.
11th February 2011
Last night Sandy slept in our bedroom so the safety gate moved to our bedroom door so the other dogs had the freedom of both the living room and kitchen to sleep in and they didn't bother Sandy in the night.
We kept Penny and Blue away from Sandy again most of the day to help aid his recovery until it was time for their walk, which I did in two sessions today while Stuart was repairing our WiFi (new router needed!).
Blue walked well wearing his harness.
When we got back from both sets of walks we fed the dogs and because Sandy wanted to lay by the sink in the kitchen as he often does at that time of day we decided to let the dogs mingle. Both Penny and Blue wandered up to Sandy and had a sniff, but Sandy was okay with them - no grumbles, so we let all the dogs wander at will as they did before the incident.
15th February 2011
Blue's kennel coat which is very thick and has gone dull and grey has started coming out by the handful and he has a funny shaped patch of new darker hair on his back, which looks quite funny. The birds will have lots of nice hair to line their nests with now he's been groomed today.
Since the event whereby Sandy got hurt we've been watching the dogs very carefully and Stuart has been mulling over what happened in the field trying to work out who did what. From all the information we've gathered and having discussed the issues with a dog behaviorist who has helped us with issues over the years, his first criteria was to split Blue and Penny up because he confirmed our thoughts that we had inherited a pack in which Blue felt he was in charge of Penny and was trying to gain superiority over Sandy. We had a pack within a pack.
We explained the enhanced leadership skills we'd introduced and programme we were introducing for ensuring all dogs knew we were the pack leaders, that Blue's position was going to drop to the bottom of the pack and Sandy was going to the top, but below Indi. The behaviorist was concerned for Sandy and suggested we put Blue into kennels to separate them. We found this quite disturbing because to us it would be failure and if Blue was put into kennels we feel he would never come out again. How could we do this to him? We've had very difficult dogs in the past and sorted them out so despite our feelings over what happened to Sandy we felt we had to help Blue as we've done the others. It's going to be difficult with them all living in our home, but we are going to do it. It's been a very difficult time for us both physically and emotionally, Stuart was finding it hard to come to terms with the fact he was involved with events leading up to the incident, which he says he should have spotted and re-living the incident over and over in his mind he found disturbing. It was hard for me because had I not been so tired we would have walked the dogs as normal and nothing would have happened. However, I am glad I never saw the incident as the memories were not there to cloud the care and training all the dogs now needed to bring back the pack equilibrium and move forward.
16th February 2011
Groomed Blue again today as even more hair is coming out and the funny new patch on his back has got larger. He looks a bit 'moth eaten' at the moment.
18th February 2011
This morning we began a new feeding regime and Blue was going to be allowed to mingle with the others and fed last. He already had his muzzle on after being outside earlier because Sandy went out as well so he came in while the food was prepared and dished out. As we started the new feeding regime Blue's reaction was so dramatic I thought he was going to have a heart attack when he saw the others eating his food.
19th February 2011
A positive move forward. This morning Blue, still with his muzzle on, waited patiently for his food and when he saw each of the other dogs in turn take, according to the pack order, a tasty treat from his dish
26th February 2011
As Dandy was going to her new home today Julia collected Penny to take home with her and foster until she finds her forever home. We felt it in Penny's best interest to split her away from Blue so she wasn't looking to him for support and he has no one to be pack leader of.
2nd March 2011
Stuart took Sandy in the paddock the other morning and as he came back in the garden through the gate Blue had a real grumble at Sandy for coming back into the pack. Sandy just ignored him. After Sandy came back from the vets and walked into the garden Blue did the same again, but not as bad this time. Thankfully on both occasions he was wearing his muzzle. Since then we've been lead walking Sandy along the drive and down the road to do his toilet as opposed to around the garden because the others bump into him and it's very muddy and unsafe under foot. Sandy enjoys his short walks and now Blue is becoming quite used to him going away and coming back into the pack to the point whereby he's accepting his return with no issues.
3rd March 2011
Blue has come to accept that Sandy is going to eat some of his food from his dish and likewise Indi will. I still can't get Solo to because it's not in his dish so he backs off , however he gets some taken from Blue's dish and put in his. Blue just stands and watches. Although he doesn't like it, he isn't fed until all the others have eaten theirs and they are in the garden. The reason for this is so Blue knows he's bottom of the pack because he's being fed last and so I can spend the time on him without worrying about one of the others coming too close. It means I can pretend to eat his food from his dish so he stands and watches, then I remove his muzzle and put his food dish in the stand telling him to 'wait' using a pointed finger to enhance the command. He's waiting longer each day before I say he can eat and he's no longer grumbling at me telling me to hurry up. That tactic caused his food to be removed, muzzle back on and a wait of another five minutes or so till we tried again. We are getting there and making good progress, not there yet, but getting there.
Part of the rehabilitation also involved the dogs going through doors in a certain order, likewise the garden and drive gates along with the order they had their collars and leads put on and even the order they were stroked, cuddled, fed and given treats. It is quite a regime we are working and it is quite sad to watch Blue always looking the way he does as he is made to be last with EVERYTHING.
One thing we've noticed today is that he won't go out the door until I've gone out, no longer does he push past me, but sometimes he needs a reminder especially if one of the others doesn't play the game, then they all have to wait and come inside or outside in the order I say. He's walking much nicer now he's using the harness, but can be a bit pully on the lead if he's walking next to one doing the same, then it almost becomes a competition between them. This makes our walk very slow going as we keep stopping till they stand still, then walk on nicely.
4th March 2011
Just before lunch today Sandy was on the settee resting when Blue came over and climbed on next to him. When Sandy grumbled at him Blue's behaviour was quite submissive as he carefully lay down and curled up in the smallest corner he could get into. We watched at a distance to be on the safe side - Sandy had spread out on the settee and Blue curled in a ball - perhaps Blue was saying sorry!
Blue is still wearing the muzzle each time he goes in the garden, but is showing he doesn't want it on as he puts his head as low down as he can making it difficult to put on. Once on he accepts it, but he's not happy. He doesn't really need it on around the others, but we need to introduce Sandy back in the garden once his stitches are removed so Blue gets used to him being there again.
7th March 2011
Blue is so used to watching Sandy eating some of his food from his dish he just stands back and waits. He's always fed last and I always imitate eating food from his bowl. Although he's wearing a muzzle the dish is next to his face while I'm pretending to eat from it. When I then take his muzzle off and put his dish in the stand saying to 'wait', with my index finger across his dish, he stands and waits until I remove my
finger and he eats. He no longer quietly grumbles at me if he thinks I'm taking too long and he's eating much slower.
A couple of week's ago, once Blue's muzzle was off and he was eating his food we couldn't let one of the other dogs walk past him while he was eating, as he would growl at them. Because of what happened to Sandy we couldn't risk anything else happening. Now, however, the other dogs just walk past and he ignores them, which is a huge step forward.
Blue's dominant behaviour that came to a height three weeks ago has diminished a great deal, we are not there yet, but we are getting there. When I'm getting their food ready he sticks to my knee as if he's tied to it.
It's been hard work, but we are winning with Blue. We are not there yet and we still need to be vigilant in the garden. Blue and Sandy are fine in the house now and sleep near each other quite happily. Blue gives the odd little grumble to any dog pushing past him not just Sandy as we first thought and on reflection we've had one or two dogs do that in the past.
8th March 2011
Sandy and Blue walked side by side quite happily this afternoon on their walk. For more than half an hour they were so close together they were almost touching at times and not once was there a stare or a grumble. We were so chuffed to see them walking like this quite happily.
Not once do we get a grumble from Blue when we feed him now and he doesn't 'bat and eye lid' as the others walk past him as he's eating on their way into the garden to do their toilet. As he stood by me tonight when I was doing their dinner he didn't even grumble when Buzz came over and stood by him, he looked at him, but then looked away and back to watching me.
10th March 2011
Commencing a couple of days ago Sandy and Blue are going to walk side by side on our walks from now on - they seem fine walking so close and their body language, which we are watching is amicable. I think the problem is that Blue's grumbling behaviour when other dogs push past him is identical to the way Sandy behaved when he first arrived and in time it stopped and Sandy has turned into a beautiful dog. Blue is a gorgeous, friendly, loveable dog also, but he's 'blotted
copy book' so we are being cautious of the way we move forward. We were told to split them up and send Blue to a kennel, but we couldn't do that. We've had some real difficult dogs in the past and we will get there with him.
19th March 2011
Blue is fine with Sandy in the house and we haven't used a muzzle on him in the house for some time. If Sandy is on his back on the settee and Blue comes along, Sandy will give a little grumble and Blue walks
away. We don't have to muzzle Blue anymore at meal times as he stands back and waits his turn and accepts that Sandy is going to eat from his dish along with Indi and Solo. When I pretend to eat from his dish I am down at his level and he stands and waits then when told to wait he will until I tell him he can eat. He's always fed last, comes in the house last and is let out the house last. They walk nicely side by side outside on their walks and sniff the same sniffs together. However, whenever they go in the garden we still put a muzzle on Blue and ensure he doesn't 'race' out the door. He has to wait until the others have moved away into the garden then he goes out slowly and after me. Sometimes he will go and see what Sandy is doing, but more often than not he just potters around the garden with the others.
With Blue hurting Sandy as he did we could so easily have sent him into kennels. Believe you me we wanted to, but we knew if we did he would never come out again and deep down we couldn't let that happen to him. It's been a real tough time with Sandy and sorting Blue out as well as keeping an eye on the others. We are not there yet because while things are calm everything is okay, but when there is a lot of jostling to get through doors Blue will have a grumble - not only at Sandy but to any of them. If they are excited and pushing each other around he's not happy about that either, so it's not just Sandy it's any dog. Blue gets unsettled as if he can't cope with confusion and I think he misreads their body language. Believe it or not, but Sandy was exactly the same at one time, and in time he worked it out, which is exactly what Blue will do.
21st March 2011
It was a bit nicer day today and now the weather is getting better we like to leave the conservatory door open to allow the dogs to wander in and out of the garden at will. It isn't right we keep the door shut to stop the others enjoying the nicer days and it's not fair on Blue to have a muzzle on all day. As a result, we've started keeping the door open a while and letting the dogs wander in and out, and, under supervision we've been letting Blue out without a muzzle on.
23rd March 2011
Nice day today and the conservatory door was open all day allowing the dogs to wander in and out the garden as they wish. Blue enjoyed the freedom walking round the garden while I did some painting and not once did he have his muzzle on. When he does have his muzzle on he now quietly stands by my side in the house asking for it to be removed.
We are really pleased with Blue's progress and find it quite touching the way he comes and quietly stands by my side, and comes for a cuddle while I'm sitting at my desk with the computer. What a difference to the 'pushy bruiser' who first arrived here.
27th March 2011
Blue has now lost all his old kennel coat and the new hair that has come through is so shiny. He's looking really good and all that old flakey skin that was constantly falling off him and that I hoovered from him a few times has also all gone. Since we gave him a Hibiscrub bath to remove the sensitivity in his skin, his skin no longer wrinkles when we stroke him and his skin is looking really healthy.
Click images for a larger view

Blue greyhound
In our paddock
18th December 2010

Blue greyhound
In our conservatory
20th February 2011

Blue greyhound
In our paddock
23rd April 2011

Blue greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Blue greyhound
. . . enjoying a run . . .

Blue greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Blue greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Blue greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Blue greyhound
Sandy, Solo, Blue and Pearly in the garden - 23rd April 2011

Blue greyhound
Blue with his new owners
28th August 2011

Blue greyhound
and again
29th August 2011

Blue greyhound
'My favourite resting position!'
20th November 2012

Blue greyhound
'Look what they are doing to me?'
24th December 2012

Blue greyhound
23rd December 2014

Blue greyhound
23rd December 2014

Blue greyhound
23rd December 2014

Blue greyhound
23rd December 2014

Blue - Blue greyhound
3rd March 2016

Blue - Blue greyhound
11th April 2016
9 years old today

Blue - Blue greyhound
6th September 2016

This evening Stuart was sitting in the living room and Sandy was on the other settee. Blue walked in, Sandy gave him a grumble and Blue turned and walked out the room - think Sandy has re-instated his position within the pack!
Blue makes me laugh at times as he loves laying on the dog bed in front of the fire. When it comes for me to put coal on it he doesn't move - I place the coal bucket by his side and lean over him to put coal on the fire. The rattle of the coal bucket doesn't bother him and neither does pieces of coal that fall off the shovel onto him. He just lays there and waits for you to pick it off him!
Over the past few days he's worked out that if he hovers around the kitchen when we are tidying the tea things away the odd plate gets put in front of him to lick, which he enjoys. Tonight he got the saucepan, which he thought was wonderful! He's a monkey though for wanting to lick everything in the dishwasher, and always has been. If the door is open and dirty pots are in it. He has to put his head inside - we can't seem to stop that one as the temptation is too great, hence us giving him the odd plate on the floor if he doesn't try for the dishwasher.
Julia brought Penny here this afternoon as she was being adopted and the family called to collect her after all the paperwork was complete. Penny was a little overwhelmed by all the dogs and Blue was happy to see her, but not overly so as we were watching them, so the split has done them both good. When Penny left Blue didn't seem upset and wasn't fractious, he was as he was this morning before she arrived which was lovely to see.
Since Blue has been neutered, split away from Penny and his hormones are settling down he is turning into a really lovely dog, who is very friendly and affectionate, however, we feel any new home he goes to he will need a leader to follow and guide him as he feels more secure, but this is the same as the vast majority of dogs.
9th April 2011
This afternoon while on our walk we came across lambs on the road, having got through a hole in the hedge. When the lambs ran Blue didn't know what to do so tried to pull to follow them. I think they took him by surprise.
11th April 2011
27th April 2011
We discovered this evening that Blue loves raspberries!!
29th April 2011
Blue has become the world's best at begging. He won't do anything while we are eating, but the moment we put our cutlery down we find a nose poking under your arm and a little whimper, which although remaining quite quiet becomes quite vocal - telling us he wants to lick the plate or have whatever is left. When we are clearing away the plates and washing up he hooks himself to our side to make sure he doesn't miss out on anything. If the dishwasher door is open he's in there licking whatever is waiting to be washed and if there is nothing he tries to lick the door where things have dripped onto it while it was being loaded, , and if the cupboard door under the sink where the waste bin is kept is left a fraction open, he is in and demolishing anything that is going. He knows it's wrong and knows he will be squirted by the water spray and told to go to bed, but he is so persistant, he's unbelievable. He will move away when told, but the moment our back is turned he's back again. He's a real monkey!
6th June 2011
We've come to the conclusion that other dogs in distress, playing too boiserously or being told off for doing wrong causes Blue anxiety and distress in that he will go by the side of the other dog and become jumpy, have a bit of a grumble and sometimes want to do the reprimand that dogs do to each other in such circumstances by giving a little nip. Blue likes quiet, calm, gentle play and everyone chilling out. When Indi woke one morning and was going to be sick we quickly walked her outside so she could be sick in the garden as opposed to in the house - Blue became very anxious as he accompanied us to the door. When Sandy was in the garden one time and one of the bed and breakfast guest's dogs decided to bark at him he didn't come back into the house when I clapped my hands, called his name and said 'come to me'. If he doesn't and I have to go and get him I bring him back in the house 'growling' at him all the way and shut him in our bedroom for 10 minutes 'time out' as this is the one thing he doesn't like. I was doing this one day a while ago and Blue became very distraught at Sandy being taken by the collar and growled at. Blue didn't like that at all and became very on edge. Blue was so jumpy that I decided the next time Sandy barked at the guest's dogs and didn't come back when asked he would be drenched with water instead to save Blue becoming anxious as I'm walking Sandy back in the house. When Coaly decided to charge around the garden not long ago I had to call a halt to it as Blue got quite jumpy. It may be this anxiety rather than dominance that led to the incident where Sandy got hurt in the field. I'm going to watch Blue more closely now I've spotted these things and watch how he is when more new greyhounds arrive. Do new ones arriving cause him anxiety? Do more in the house cause him anxiety and is he more calm when the numbers are low? These are the things I'm going to look out for.
14th June 2011
Blue is much happier in a calmer household with fewer dogs, children jumping about and shouting cause him anxiety. When all is quiet and calm he comes for cuddles - loads of them, loves having his neck rubbed and loves having his ears stoked and face kissed. When you stoke his face he looks you straight in the eyes asking for more, and yet more.
He has a tendancy to lie on the floor near where we prepare their food or leading towards the door into the conservatory, so he becomes quite an obsticle course sometimes, and somtimes I've trodden on his foot or tail when I've misjudged my steps. Not once does he even bat an eye lid at being trodden on, will sometimes lift his head as if to say 'hey, watch out, don't forget I'm here', but never does he jump up or give a grumble. Quite a complex dog is our Blue!
2nd July 2011
We've noticed huge changes in Blue the past three weeks or so, may be he was like it before, but we've only just noticed or circumstances have happened that have now highlighted them.
This evening we had bed and breakfast guests staying in our room with the balcony and they had two Collies, one of whom barked at the dogs as she apparently does with most dogs. Blue just stood on the bank the other side of the fence and ignored her - all he wanted was a stoke and a biscuit from our guests! Blue ignored the other two dogs including the one making all the noise and in the end she went quiet and Blue loved the attention he was getting.
11th August 2011
This afternoon Blue's new owners called to complete the adoption paperwork and take him home with them. He wasn't too sure about leaving us as he's produced a strong bond here especially during the past few weeks, however, he jumped in their car and off he went with them to his new home where we hope he has a long and happy life.
17th August 2011
Blue has been a little unsettled in his new home and has been following his new owners around all the time, which is insecurity. They've been trying to leave him for short spells so he can get used to being on his own, but he's not been happy, barking, whining and trying to dig his way out. This is most unusual for Blue as he was fine being left here for sometimes as long as three hours when we've had to go out. Offering advice over the past few days because we know Blue well, has led to him being much happier today. He's been okay the past two days when he's been left, taking himself upstairs and laying on his new owner's bed! He's now not following them as much and even been in the garden for a while on his own. He gives his new owners a huge greeting when they come in, is less anxious while out so is walking better on the lead, but they are keeping him muzzled while out walking until they are sure he is okay with other dogs. They met a 'Westie' on their walk today and while stopping to chat to it's owner Blue deciced to take a lunge at it, thankfully his new owner had hold of him and he had his muzzle on. Blue has been okay meeting other dogs on our balcony and in the hall so we feel his anxiety and nervousness is getting the better of him at present and things should settle as he becomes more relaxed in his new home and environment.
28th August 2011
We received an email from Blue this afternoon - it read:

Hi Jenny & Stuart, Its Blue here
Just letting you know I'm doing good now I'm settled into my new home now, I wasn't happy about leaving you and all my friends at first, but my new mum and dad have made me really welcome in my new home. I get loads of cuddles and attention, I have two new beds, one for the house and one for the back of my dad's truck, I like it in there, I often stay in there for a while when we get home after being out, the longest time was nearly 3 hours !! My mum tried to tempt me out with a gravy bone but I was too smart for her, but she tricked me by shaking my food in my bowl, I fell for that one !

I'm happy staying at home on my own now while my mum and dad go to work, Dad comes home at dinner time to see me and let me out. I spend the rest of the day laying on their bed looking out of the window, but they don't know that. I get them up for work every day at 5:45am even Saturday and Sunday when they don't seem to go to work at all.

I have been to some exciting places last week we went over Hardknot and Wrinose passes where we stopped and I had a paddle in the stream, then on to Ambleside where I had a chip and a taste of ice cream, then we went to see a nice lady in the Greyhound shop where Mum bought me a neck scarf with skull and cross bones on. Not sure about that one, I think I may eat it or lose it !

I have been having lots of long walks which make all of us really tired, I have met some ducks, some sheep, lots of other dogs, some I like and some I don't like too much. I also met some swans the other night, but they hissed at me really loudly, and they were a bit scary! I have even been to the beach where I paddled in the sea. I'm going to Keswick Show tomorow and I bet there will lots of different smells and things to see there.
Thank you for looking after me when I stayed with you earlier this year and for getting me ready to go to a new home
Thanks for helping my new mum and dad when I first moved here, I'm really happy now, maybe one day they will bring me back to visit when we are down your way
Say hello to all my friends for me
Lots of love Blue
Woof xxx

29th August 2011
Blue went for a day out to Keswick today.
11th April 2012

21st November 2012
An email arrived from Blue today which read:

Hiya, thank you for my invite to the Christmas party, I'm really sorry but I can't make it this year to see my friends cos my dad is going to the motorbike show at Birmingham. I am doing very well though and still very happy in my new home, I now own the whole house including the big double bed, I let them stay here so they can take me for walks and put my food on my dish, but I am in charge!! Please pass my best wishes to all my friends and I will hopefully see you all soon, please let me know of any other
events going on, lots of love Blue xxx

11th April 2013

24th December 2013
This morning we received a Christmas card from Blue and his owners.
11th April 2014

23rd December 2014
An email arrived from Blue today which read:

Hi all, it's Blue here just letting you know I'm doing okay, although it's not been a good year for teeth, I had to go to the vets with my sore gums "that vet" told me I may loose a couple, when I woke up she had taken out 24 - TWENTY FOUR! I wasn't happy, I couldn't eat my chews properly and my tongue kept uncontrollably falling out the side of my mouth, not a good look!
Any way I'm okay now. Though I've been in bother a couple of times lately for stealing pressies from under the Christmas tree.
We are hopefully going to move house in the new year and it looks like I'm gonna get a big garden to run around in, wey hey ! My mum and dad have even mentioned getting me a friend, but I will have to talk them out of that! What's mine's, mine and what's their's is mine, so let keep it that way.
Any way gotta go, the post lady will be here soon, I like to keep her on her toes. Happy Christmas to you both and love to all the inmates from Me. Grant and Angela send best wishes too. xxxx Woof!

11th April 2015

11th April 2016

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