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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Jasper arrived on Friday 3rd September 2010
and went to his new home on Monday 4th October 2010
Sadly Jasper came back on Wednesday 13th October 2010
because his new owners felt he was unhappy with them.
Went to his new home on Sunday 2nd January 2011.

Jasper's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Jasper is a stunning black 3 year old ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 3rd August 2007. Jasper is being fostered with Julia, her young children and their Labrador and Lurcher until he finds his forever home. Jasper is a very friendly boy who is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. He walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car and is okay with other breeds of dogs. However, he's not too keen on thunder!
Jasper's Diary
3rd September 2010
Stuart collected four greyhounds this morning, one of which was Owen, although he didn't know that was his name at the time. When they arrived home I'd already put ours behind the kitchen the garden to do their toilet then fed them and walked them around the garden again. Back inside Stuart sat in the kitchen and did some work while I finished the guest bedrooms then I came down to help him. Having four new greyhounds in the house was rather hectic and thankfully doesn't happen too often.
4th September 2010

We received an email this evening from Julia letting us know that
Jasper was settling in well. He was gate so all the new ones stayed in the kitchen, but before we brought them inside we walked them around very anxious yesterday and only started to settle later in the evening. He came in the house and was shown around and after about fifteen minutes she let him off the lead to find he cocked his leg so got a telling off and taken outside. Since then he's been okay so hopefully he's learnt that cocking his leg is not done in the house!
Last night he slept in Julia's bedroom and was up at 5.30am to be let out but settled back to sleep after. He gets on well with her other dogs and Katie. During his walk he pulled a bit on the lead, which was probably nerves, but after about half an hour he settled and slowed down. Katie had to speed up a bit, bless her. To test Jasper with young children Julia's children made childish noised and got their lurcher to play with them to see how he reacted. He didn't seem too bothered.    
Katie and Jasper slept on the beds outside today, Katie likes the full sun but Jasper likes a bit of shade, too hot for him in the full sun.
5th September 2010
We received an email today letting us know that Jasper came back from their walk slightly lame on his front left foot. Julia isn't sure whether it's his foot or his leg, but she will keep her eye on him. He seemed to be limping slightly when they left the house on the way out and she thought it was the stones on the path on his soft pads. Walking through the wood he seemed okay, but when they came home he had a sleep and is now limping
worse than when they were out walking. Maybe it had stiffened while he was asleep and she will be watching him through the day.
7th September 2010
We received an email this morning from Julia letting us know that Jasper is so relaxed now, she is still not sure about his limp, which seems to be improving, as he only shows it occasionally. He walks well on the lead and this morning Katie over took him, which until now she has walked behind us all. Not sure whether he is just settling in or if his leg is sore because if he walks faster it doesn't seem to bother him the same as when he walks slower. 

He had an accident in the lounge this morning, which Julia thinks is because he didn't want to go out in the rain. He knew he had done wrong as he ran past me and went on his bed in my bedroom.
Later we received another email letting us know that a huge thunder storm has just passed over. Jasper hated it and stayed in his bed. He was in a terrible state as he was terrified of it, shaking like a jelly and heavily panting, which may have been why he had the accident in the house earlier - perhaps he could sense it approaching. Julia thought it best to ignore him, and even though the storm has now passed he is still in a bad way.
Later in the day we received another email letting us know that Julia left Jasper in the crate, which she covered with a blanket to make it dark for him while she went to get her daughter from school. He was out of his bed when she got back, still panting but obviously feeling more brave. When she opened the back door to let him out he wouldn't go until she went and now he seems fine.
Jasper has just had a bath. He was so good. Just stood in the walk in shower as good as gold while Julia poured warm water on him and shampooed him. The water was filthy and most of the loose flakey skin came off, but there are still a lot of lumpy scabby bits still there, even though she massaged the Hibiscrub in, but Hibisscub shampoes are good and will have done him the world of good. The red patches on his skin we noticed earlier are getting clear centres now, so she put some Sudocrem on those - he enjoyed all the attention and the bath will make him feel much better.
17th September 2010
We received an email from Julia today letting us know she
took the dogs for a walk over the fells in the Autumn sunshine and let Jasper off in the field she found for Harvey. He was lovely to watch, stretching his legs and showed no sign of wanting to play rough like Harvey did. He was just happy having the freedom to run. He came back to her several times and she made a huge fuss of him each time. When they needed to leave the field he came to her and stood nicely letting her put his lead on. Then they continued over the fells.
21st September 2010
We received an email from Julia this evening letting us know that Jasper has become very settled with home life. He loves the sofa and his bed and goes to them at every opportunity. He has settled into their daily rout
ine and loves the attention of the
children at the bus stop while waiting to go to school or coming home. He is such a loveable easy going dog, has met a few other breeds of dogs and doesn't seem to bother.
28th September 2010
This morning a couple called in to see Jasper with a view to adopting him and Jasper seemed very relaxed in their company. He fell asleep in the car on the way home and when she opened the boot to get him out he stayed laying down and just lifted his head as if to say 'are we here already'. He is such a lovely dog. she let him off today in a large field near their home.and he had a good run with Shane their lurcher. Jasper watches for Julia all the time and as soon as she shouts them
he comes charging over.
4th October 2010
Julia brought Jasper to our home this morning in readiness of his new owners calling to collect him. When he arrived he settled in with the others and when the time came for him to leave we helped him into the back of his new owner's car and off he drove to what we hope is a long and happy life in his new
6th October 2010
We phoned this evening to see how Jasper was settling in and it appears that so far all is fine. He's eating well and been for walks. Other dogs on his walks he seems indifferent towards. On the first day he met a cat! Their back door had been left open so Jasper could wander into the garden if he wanted to
and a cat came wandering in. They had no idea whose cat it was, but it walked up to Jasper and they had a sniff then it walked back out again. Jasper followed, but when the cat was outside he simply turned around and went back to his bed. That was a close shave because we didn't think he was cat friendly, but perhaps he is!! To help Jasper get used to staying on his own while their working hours overlapped his new owners have been leaving him on his own for short periods to see how he gets on and so far all seems fine.
11th October 2010
We received a phone call this afternoon with news that Jasper has become very unsettled and is exhibiting separation anxiety issues that are progesssively getting worse by the day and he has started soiling in the house
hence their phone call asking
for help.
12th October 2010
We received a call this afternoon saying the things we
suggested weren't working and he was still soiling in the house, sometimes when they were there. As a result we suggested they try a crate because many insecure dogs feel more secure sleeping inside one, and we made arrangements to get our spare crate to them tomorrow.
13th October 2010
Sadly we received an email this morning from Jasper's new
owners saying he'd had a bad night last night again and pooed in the hallway and living room. He's not eating his food now and he just looks and acts unhappy. He was pacing in and out of the bedroom all last night, so his owner didn't get much sleep. They have talked things over this morning and have decided that in Jasper's best interest he come back to us because he's clearly not ha
ppy with either them or their house.
This evening Jasper was returned here and Julia called to collect him to take him home with her. We received an email just before we went to bed letting us know that after saying hello to everyone Jasper went out and did
a massive wee and a huge poo in the garden. He then came back in, found a dog bed and settled. Julia let them all out last thing,
gave them all a chew, and Jasper went to sleep next to Julia's bed. At the moment he seems quite settled, so they will see how the night goes.
14th October 2010
We received an email this morning from Julia letting us know that Jasper had settled back into her home and routine as if he'd never been away. Jasper settled in the bed next to her bed last night and never moved. She encouraged him to sleep there because that was where he slept the first week he was with her.  No accidents in the house at all, only a wee from Nicole in her excitement at seeing him!! He ate all his breakfast and loved his walk. He's been sleeping in one of the crates today that Julia uses and loves
being inside it - even with the door open.
19th October 2010
We received an email from Julia today letting us know that Jasper is back sleeping in the kitchen with the other dogs and last night she put the gate across so he couldn't get to her bedroom to see how he was. He was fine. This morning when he heard her son in the shower Julia could hear a few wimpers but that was all. He has never messed at all in the house since his return and is back playing with all the soft toys and teddies again.
Out on their walks he walks along so relaxed, that his lead is always slack.
23rd October 2010
This morning we took some dogs to a lady we know who has three cats who kindly lets us cat test any dogs who arrive that may be cat friendly. Amongst them was Jasper. Unfortunately, we met one of her neighbour's cats by the gate as we were going in and Jasper stared at, which put him on edge when we got inside to do the test (cats outside a house are often fair game to dogs even if they are cat friendly to the cats living in the house). Although Jasper didn't ignore the cats we felt he was cat 'trainable' and it may be advantageous to take him another time when he isn't so stressed at meeting a cat on the way in.
1st November 2010
We received an email from Julia this afternoon saying that either
Nicole or Jasper has learned how to open her kitchen cupboards. When she was out yesterday they raided the cupboard of dog chews, breadsticks, kitkats and rice cakes! It happened the day before too but Julia thought maybe someone hadn't closed the door properly. The door is now tied with an elastic band!!  The random eating however had adverse effects on one of their stomachs because last night there was a sloppy poo on the kitchen floor, which was paddled all over the place during the night. Not a good start to the day and she's not sure who it was. All seem fine now and she took them for a long walk later.
7th November 2010
This morning Julia brought Jasper to our house because we were doing a home check where Jasper might make the perfect companion
for the lady we were seeing. Jasper walked into her home, enjoyed the
pig's ear she gave him, had a walk around her garden then back inside where he made himself at home. When the lady went into another room to get something to show us Jasper followed to come running back in the living room with another pig's ear. He had found the box where she kept them and decided to help himself - it was so funny. The home check was a pass and the lady asked if she could have Jasper in a week's time after she'd been to the hospital for routine checks.  
8th November 2010
Despite Jasper not liking Thunder the fireworks last night never bothered him.
14th November 2010
Sadly, the lady who wanted to adopt Jasper phoned to say she could no longer do so because the checks at the hospital didn't go as planned and it wouldn't be fair on Jasper to have him now. This was very sad news because it was a very nice home for him.
16th November 2010
We received an email this morning from Julia letting us know that Jasper is very settled and is very loving dog who loves snuggling up on the sofa for a cuddle. He is great on the lead, loves to be with Julia and no longer feels the need to follow her everywhere. He is quite happy on his dog bed while she is doing jobs around the house and he is fine being left with her other dogs on their own when she goes out.
22nd December 2010
We received an email from Julia today letting us know that Jasper is so laid back here now with his routine of sleep and walks and cuddles. He does have an in built alarm clock though and Julia hears him walking around the kitchen at 7am which is the time she get up in school term time, Hazel their Labrador then barks at him and Julia ends up getting up !!!!
2nd January 2011
This morning Jasper's new owners called here to complete the adoption paperwork and within a short time of their arrival Julia arrived with Jasper. Paperwork complete we walked him to their car along with new coats and bed and watched him jump in and settle down. It was sad seeing him set off to his new home but we are sure he will have a long and happy life with his new family and we
wish him well.
We received an email this evening letting us know that Jasper seems to be settling in fine.  Holly and Henry their other two dogs have been good with him and Henry thinks he is his new best friend.  He seems to be relaxed, has eaten his tea with no problem and is crashed out on his new bed in the living room.  He has been wagging his tail a lot and hasn't been panting.  All in all, they think it is a really good start and can only see it getting better. Jasper they say will have a really good life with them and today has been a brilliant start.
4th January 2011

We received an email today letting us know that Jasper
is settling in really well.  He's had two good nights where he slept in the bedroom with them. Yesterday his new owner's Mum and Dad came to see him and they think he is lovely.

Jasper likes his bed but likes their sofas better! On their first evening with him he got on the sofa with his new owner. Apparently, it was really funny! He likes to lay on the sofas stretched out fast asleep with his mouth open and Henry is cuddled up at the other end.  Jasper seems very relaxed and Holly and Henry have accepted him as part of the family.
He loves going out for walks and gets really excited, he is eating well and likes their garden.
8th January 2011

Received an email this afternoon from Jasper's new owner letting us know all is well and they can't believe he has only been them a week. He has settled in really well with no problems at all, eating well, sleeping well and getting on with Holly and Henry fine. Japser and Henry have been playing a few times with Holly trying her best to stop them. His new owner's let Jasper off his lead today and he was a very good boy.
17th January 2011
We received an email today from Jasper's owners letting us know that Jasper is fine and seems to be very happy with them. He is just one of their family now. They took all three dogs to their mum and dad's house in Lancashire last friday and Jasper met Poppy, mum and dads dog. She was rescued by their sister 8 years ago and she is a sort of Whippet / Jack Russel cross. Their mum and dad have had her ever since. She was a bit nervous of Jasper at first, maybe because he was so big, but then she started investigating. She obviously knows Holly and Henry very well. Poppy stays with us when mum and dad go to visit relatives in Scotland.
13th February 2011
We received an email today letting us know that Jasper is fine. His owners have just come back from a few days away in the caravan and Jasper has really enjoyed himself. He travels very well in the car and settled in the caravan in no time. He likes the fact that he is with them all the time and gets plenty of walks. Holly and Henry were telling him all about caravaning when we were getting ready. They were all very excited. He wasn't sure how to get up the caravan step at first but soon learned. They say it is lovely being able to take their dogs with them on holiday and they think it is wonderfull.

Jasper is looking very well now and his hair is starting to grow back on his haunches. He has soon learned their routine and is very settled. He likes meeting other dogs and is very pleased when visitors come to their house.
27th March 2011
We received an email today letting us know that Jasper is very well and very much part of their family. 
They have just had another weekend away in the caravan and Holly, Henry and Jasper had a great time. Jasper knew the ropes this time and was very relaxed and loved going on different walks. He is a very good dog and very friendly with the other dogs they meet.
Henry and Jasper like to play fight, which is funny to watch, but Holly keeps them in order so they dont get too carried away. She tells Jasper off and he really takes notice of her, then she washes his ears and face and he just lies there and lets her. She is definately the boss, but in a good way. She is like a mother to them.
6th July 2012
We heard today that
Jasper is very well and has settled in a treat. The two terriers love Jasper to bits. Holly mothers both Henry and Jasper - she is always washing their ears and round their eyes-they love it.
Everyone has just returned from their annual holiday in the Spey Valley in Scotland.  This is the second time that Jasper has been.  His owners have a touring caravan and go away for weekends and have just had three weeks away. Jasper loved it but isn't keen on the jets (from RAF Lossiemouth) flying over. He thinks it is thunder and is very frightened.
Jasper's owners adore him, he is so soft, very intelligent and a real couch potato.
17th November 2012
This afternoon Jasper and his owners were in the area so called in for a cup of tea and so we could see how well Jasper was getting on. He certainly looked well and seemed very happy.
26th March 2013
We received an email today letting us know that Jasper is fine as are his owner's two other dogs, Holly and Henry. With the email was attached four photographs showing how well they are all getting along with each other.
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Black greyhound
In our garden
10th September 2010

Black greyhound
and again

Black Greyhound
and again

Black Greyhound
and again

Black Greyhound
and again

Black Greyhound
and again

Black greyhound
and again

Black Greyhounds
Jasper and Nicole
14th October 2010.

Black greyhound
In his new home
with Henry and Holly
(Henry is the larger black
Patterdale and Holly is the
smaller Cairn cross)
9th January 2011

Black greyhound
and again, but this time
in more comfort!
9th January 2011

Black greyhound in caravan
A few days away in
the caravan - 2012

Black greyhound with terriers
Out for a walk
March 2013

Black greyhound with terriers
Cuddles with Henry
March 1013

Black greyhound with terriers
A groom from Holly
March 2013

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