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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Katie arrived on Friday 27th August 2010
Went to her new home on Wednesday 8th September 2010.

Sadly Katie passed away on the 19th June 2014
following the diagnosis of throat and chest cancer.

Katie's arrival and a brief history
Click images for a larger view

Black and white greyhound
Katie is a petit ex-racing Greyhound who was found as a stray wandering the streets. She born on the 1st July 2002 and was spayed on the 24th August 2010. She weighs 24k ( 52lbs), is house-trained, inoculated and microchipped.
Katie has a beautiful disposition, will take treats gently from you, walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car.
We have been told that while in the kennels she visited a home with children, took trips out to the pub and appeared to get on with other breeds of dogs.

Katie's Diary
27th August 2010
Stuart collected Katie and Husky this morning and arrived home with them both around 8.30am. We introduced them to the other greyhounds and showed them around the garden on the lead before bringing them both into the house.
Katie is such a little cutie, even smaller than our Indi, which is not often seen and she has such a lovely gentle nature. She settled into our home immediately and after we fed her she walked around the garden off the lead with Blue and when he arrived back at the door without her Stuart called her and she came running.
She eats her food gently, which this morning included a teaspoon of cod liver oil because he coat is very dull and skin very flakey. Had she not been given flea treatment before she arrived or spayed three days ago we would have bathed her. I gave her a groom with a rubber mit, which took alot of the loose 'kennel coat' hair away but left her covered in pieces of white skin. I just couldn't get rid of them so I fitted a soft attachment to the hoover, held her collar and gently hoovered her back. At first she wasn't too sure, but she soon started to enjoy the feel of it and when I finished there was loads of hair and skin in the hoover, but also still a lot of loose skin on her back so to look at her it didn't look as if I'd done anything!
The area where she's been spayed seems a little red and warm to the touch and she's on a course of antibiotics so we shall keep an eye on this. Although it looks a little red it doesn't seem to bother her.
Katie settled into our home like a 'duck to water' and less than an hour of being in the house it felt as if she'd been with us months. She's enjoyed pottering around the garden and resting on one of the dog beds dotted around the living room and our bedroom most of the day and this evening she lay patiently with the others waiting for her tea, which she ate well. We placed her dish on the step next to Solo's and she happily ate in close proximity to him, taking her time to savour it. When finished she went in the garden and shortly after we took her for a walk. She walked on the lead by Stuart's side beautifully and when we walked past the farm gate where a dog was barking and ducks quacking she just looked and carried on walking. Home again we gave her a Dentastix, which she enjoyed then took to a bed for the evening. Wish we had more like her because she's a real little sweetie.
28th August 2010
This lunch time Julia called and collected Katie to foster until Katie finds her forever home. This evening we received an email letting us know that when she
arrived home she took Katie, Shane her lurcher and Hazel her Labrador for a walk, which was just before the heavens opened.
All the dogs got on well and
Katie has loved exploring the kitchen and lounge, as well as the garden in the rain! She was fascinated with all around her and exploring the garden was more interesting than getting wet, so Julia had to dry her off more than once!
31st August 2010
We received an email this morning letting us know that Julia thinks Katie is such a lovely dog. Yesterday they took her for a  walk on the sand flats at Flookburgh, then took her to Cartmel Races for a couple of hours followed by a trip to the Lindale Inn for a drink. She enjoyed the attention, but was worn out when they got home. She is showing a spring in her step now and occaionally does a hop, skip and a jump and plays for a minute. Katie eats very little, probably only about  2oz this morning, so is watching this because it may be nerves as a result of coming from the kennels or it may be as a result of being spayed or being on the antibiotics. She was tempted to give her a few meals a day to ensure she got her full quota, but didn't give way as this can encourage Katie to become fussy, so it's just two meals a day and if she doesn't eat it in the morning it's covered over and put in the fridge till tea time. She'll not go hungry and will quickly learn the rules, however, Julia is soaking her food for a little while to see if that helps. She does like the treats she gets with her tablets though. Tuna sandwich, steak, sausage, maybe she wants these all the time, not realising that sneaked inside them is a HUGE antibiotic tablet!
Katie's stitches are looking much better and she only has 2 antibiotic tablets left.  
She is such a lovely dog, and they have had to slow their walks down because she only walks at a slow pace, and there is no rushing her!
1st September 2010
We received an email from Julia today letting us know that Katie ate all her tea and breakfast, but Julia only gave her about 4oz each time. She said she had words with her, and told her the new plan so what she didn't eat she will get for her next meal and treats are a minimum till she starts eating her meals properly. She must have picked up on Julia's new non-pampering vibes because she's beginning to eat better. Problem is Katie is so nice and her cute look and wagging tail still melts Julia's heart so being tough with her isn't easy. She had the last antibiotic tablet this morning and her stitches look good, the skin between them is still a little pink but not angry. 4th September 2010
Received an email from Julia today letting us know that Katie slept on the beds outside today, laying in the full sun, which she enjoyed. Katie isn't eating much at the moment, but seems to want more in the evening with a smaller portion in the morning.
7th September 2010
Received an email this evening letting us know a huge thunder storm has just passed. Katie wasn't bothered by it at all, and slept through it. Katie is such a lady, so gentle and she's eating better now, about 5oz each meal with extra bits. She loves jacket potatoes with cheese and Julia has never seen her eat so well as she did last night!
8th September 2010
This lunch time Julia arrived with Katie so we could await her new owner to arrive. Katie is just a dream to have and settled back here instantly, wandering around the garden and finding herself a dog bed in the living room to lay on.
When she had her stitches removed the other day where she had been spayed three were left in where she had been licking them a bit. These were checked again and removed.

Click images for a larger view

Black and white greyhound
Katie in our garden
27th August 2010

Black and white greyhound
27th August 2010

Black and white greyhound
27th August 2010

Black and white greyhound
27th August 2010

Black and white greyhound
In our garden when she came
to visit on 1st June 2011

Black and white greyhound
Settled in her home
1st June 2011
When her new owner arrived Katie and the other greyhounds gave her a lovely welcome and once the re-homing paperwork was complete Katie jumped in the back of her new owner's car and off she went to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life.
9th September 2010
Katie's new owner phoned today letting us know she is just wonderful and settling in nicely. All the children and neighbours love her and while out on their walk it took them ages because she wanted to stop and say hello to everyone and everyone wanted to stop and say hello to her.
13th December 2013

19th Ju
ne 2014
have just heard that sadly Katie passed away earlier today following the diagnosis of throat and chest cancer.
This is the email from her owner:
She had a cancerous lump in her throat a few months ago which our wonderful vet removed but he also found there was something on her chest so I knew we were on borrowed time.  She recovered well from the op and got back to walks by the river and playing with her toys but her arthritis troubled her as well and she was deteriorating.  She suddenly started to go down hill quite quickly last Saturday and by Thursday afternoon the decision was obvious.  The vet came to the house and put her to sleep gently and with such love and of course I was with her.
She has been a most wonderful dog who has brought me such joy and was greatly loved by everyone.  I am so glad I had her.  She would have been 12 on 1 July.
The house seems very empty without her and I would like to get another dog at some time but I think I need to give myself time to grieve for Katie and to get over this".

26th June 2014
We received the fol
lowing email this afternoon from Katie's owner because she wanted us to know a bit about Katie's life while she was with.
Thank you for your email and the lovely things you said. I thought you might like to know a bit about Katie's life with us.
When I first got her we used to walk down to Jubilee Field by the river (in fact her last walk the day before she died was down there) and she would run at full speed for two circuits of the field (always anti-clockwise).  She really enjoyed her walks and one of her favourites was along the Brow where she loved to run up the banking and dig holes.  She was such a lovely dog and made so many friends - doggy and otherwise.
My daughter Emma, who lives near Worcester, has 2 dogs - Twiggy, a whippet, and Jimmy, a lurcher who was rescued from the gipsies.  The 3 of them became great friends and I have many happy memories of them playing together and sleeping curled up by Emma's log fire.
I took Katie on a few holidays to dog-friendly B&Bs and she was always so good.
There were times when I needed to go out for more than a few hours and could not take Katie with me but she would spend the time with two very dear elderly friends, Brian and Phyllis, who lived nearby and who loved to look after her.  They even took her to the Bowling Club with them where she made even more friends !
Every night I took her for her last walk to the grass between the fire station and the car park on New Road and often met up with Tony who loved dogs and was known by everyone (especially the dogs) as always walking round with a pocket full of dog biscuits and feeding every dog he came across.  Katie loved him and always looked out for him.  She was supposed to have cataracts on her eyes but could spot him 200 yds away on a dark night and would not move until she got her two biscuits and an ear rub !
My vets were absolutely wonderful wth her.  She had arthritis and various other complaints as she got older and a few months ago they found she had a cancerous lump in her throat and something on her chest, which the vet thought was probably cancer.  He removed the lump and she recovered very well but recently started to deteriorate and get slower and slower.  From the last Saturday onwards she went down hill very quickly and I had to call the vet Thursday afternoon.
She was such a wonderful dog and I miss her so much.  Everyone who knew her has been very upset and I have been inundated with cards, flowers, phone calls and people coming to see me.
I would like another dog at some time and perhaps, after a while, I could come and see you and get your advice as maybe I cannot cope with such a large dog now, but the house feels so empty I would like another friend.
Thank you again for letting Katie in to my life".

Sadly Katie's owner passed away
at the end of 2014

Rest in
Peace my pretty princess.

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