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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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Maisie arrived on Friday 22nd October 2010
Went to her new home on Saturday 13th November 2010
Sadly she was returned through no fault of her own on Monday 15th November 2010
and went to her forever home with Julia who was fostering her on Monday 17th January 2011.

Maisie's arrival and a brief history
Click images for a larger view

Black Lurcher
Maisie is a small black lurcher (greyhound x labrador or perhaps Collie we believe!) who is between 2 and 3 years old and weighs 22k (48.4lbs). Bought as a puppy she lived with a family whose work commitments became such that she was being left alone for far too long during the day. This not being appropriate she was placed in kennels where she has been the past few months prior to the kennels asking if we could put her in a foster home environment because her health and wellbeing were of concern.
She isn't spayed because to date she hasn't come into season so will need spaying 3 months after her season appears unless our vet says otherwise. She is house trained, inoculated and microchipped. Maisie has big brown eyes, a lovely sweet friendly nature, loves to play and being around children, travels well in the car and gets on fine with other breeds of dogs to the point whereby she may well be cat friendly.
Maisie's Diary
22nd October 2010
Maisie, although that wasn't her name when she arrived came in the house then she was taken straight in the garden to see if she wanted to go to the toilet, she didn't. Upon coming back in the house she had a good look around the kitchen then went to the gate at the end of the kitchen and said hello to our greyhounds who had come to see who the new arrival was. She said hello to them all through the bars then settled herself in the kitchen and fell asleep on the carpet. The lady who brought her from the kennels was so pleased to see her relax so quickly, something she wasn't doing in the kennels.
She is a little underweight, which only started recently and another reason it thought her best in a foster home environment. Once all the paperwork was complete we took her round the garden again then introduced her to our dogs one at a time. She was a little overpowered when all five were out saying hello and the attention to her rear end promptly stopped when she sat down and refused to budge until they left her alone, then she was up sniffing them. Sandy and Blue, by their behaviour knew she wasn't a pedigree like themselves and exhibited different behaviour to a normal greyhound entering the pack, however, a watchful eye on our part and in a few minutes they had accepted her as one of them - albeit a bit different. It will do them both the world of good her being here and amongst them!
As I was ill, having woken up feeling very dizzy so had stayed in bed all morning, only getting up when Maisie arrived because Stuart was still out shopping. He wanted to get it done before the guests arrived so I could go back to bed. To make life a bit easier for him we thought we would put Maisie in the crate we have in the living room so she could settle and watch what was going on. No way! she wasn't having that, she wanted out so she could lay on the settee next to Sam.
As I was ill none of the dogs got a walk today, which won't do them harm and while I was back in bed most of the greyhounds went to a dog bed close by me and never moved. Maisie just followed their example and went to sleep on one of the dog beds as well. That was after she'd jumped on the bed to say hello to me and told to 'hop it', which she did.
Stuart fed them tonight so Maisie got greyhound food and some tinned meat which she ate then went in the garden off the lead with the others and did her toilet.
Back inside she settled and was no problem at all. She loved her Dentastix around 7pm then settled with the others on one of the settees. Come bed time she went out last thing with the others and settled for the night.
23rd October 2010
We never heard a peep from Maisie last night and this morning she was up with the others and out in the garden to do her toilet before going in the living room behind the kitchen gate so we could do the guests breakfast. Thankfully, after being in bed and sleeping nearly 36 hours I felt better this morning, a little weak but better thank goodness. Maisie lay looking under the gate to the kitchen. A couple of times she barked so got sprayed and told to 'hush' then she barked at us again in disgust as she walked off - greyhounds don't answer back!!! Anyway, when she realised she wasn't getting anything and the others weren't joining in she settled to watch us.
After she'd had her breakfast we took her in Julia's car to Kendal so we could get Nicole and Jasper cat tested and we decided to take Maisie along. She jumped in the back of the car no problem, said hello to the other two then as we were driving off she decided the very back of the car wasn't for her so she jumped over the seat and sat in the seat behind us.
To do the cat test we put a muzzle on her - no way was she having one of those things on so off it came before we even got in the house. Thinking the muzzle a bit too large for her we fastened it to her collar to keep it on - no way, she wasn't going anywhere with that thing on and off it came before we were in the living room where the cats were. Not to be beaten we put a small nylon muzzle used for terriers on her that Thunder's owner had in the house - was she going to wear that, no she was not. Cats or no cats she was doing nothing till that muzzle came off ,then off to say hello to Thunder who loves meeting us and the dogs we bring in to his home. Because we couldn't get a muzzle to stay on Maisie we were a little limited as to the distance we could let her go before stopping her. She was interested in the cats, but after being told to leave and a spray of cold water she began to ignore them and went to say hello to Thunder instead and eventually settle on the carpet for a doze. It was difficult to tell how cat friendly or cat trainable she was because without a muzzle we were not going to let her get too close, but we were all of the opion she was cat trainable.
Back in the car she insisted on being on the back seat again and once home she hopped out the car and had a good sniff around the drive then back in the house to say hello to all the others.
Maisie didn't mind me leaving her alone to go upstairs to do the guest bedrooms, but I think she lay on the carpet behind the kitchen door because she was always there each time I came down.
She had a good run in the paddock with Sandy and Solo this afternoon and unlike our greyhounds barked to let us know she'd had enough and to let her back in the house, the little madam!
She waited nicely with the others for her tea this evening and after tea she had another Dentastix, waiting patiently for her to be given hers, which she takes gently from you.
A little while after when I was doing computer work at the kitchen table she came and looked at me with those large brown eyes as if asking for something. I don't know what made me do it, but I stood up and asked her to sit, which she did then lifted her paw to shake hands. She got half a gravy bone for that and thinking it was a fluke I tried it again. Sure enough she knows what the word sit means and in doing it she lifts a paw for you. It became quite a party piece and when the others realised she was getting something out they all came to join in. When I say join in, that is to have a biscuit because no way could we get a greyhound to do that! Maisie sat in the middle of them lifting her paw for a biscuit and thinking ' you may be big greyhounds and a pedigree, but you can't do this little party piece'. She was just so funny sitting in the middle of them lifting her paw and getting her biscuit.
Rest of the evening she lay on the carpet in the kitchen near to where I was working and slept..
What a lovely little dog she is, so gentle and friendly and with her only being small like our Indi she will make someone a lovely companion.
24th October 2010
Not a sound from Maisie in the night and this morning she lay on her bed while we did the guest's breakfasts with not so much as a murmour. She had a good run in the paddock this morning, which she and the others enjoyed. She's no trouble at all, not one accident in the house and the odd puppy play time is quite amusing. She decided the kindling Stuart was chopping for the fire was best spread around the garden instead of in a neat pile to bring in the house and the mop as it was swishing across the conservatory floor was a good thing to catch and play tug-o-war with!
Maisie got quite excited when it was time to go for a walk this evening and for the first half of her walk she was a bit like a 'seagull on a string', which was probably because it was a new walk in a new place. However, on the way back she settled in with the others and walked nicely by our side.
We took her in the pub this evening with Indi and Solo and
following their example she soon settled on the floor to watch all that was going on. Lots of people said hello to her and she said hello to all the other dogs, large and small who came in and went out. A lurcher similar to herself, but slightly smaller and golden in colour came to the next table and she thought he was cute and wanted to play, but he didn't want to play all the time and wanted a bit of piece and quiet. She became a little fretful part way through so a trip outside for a piddle then back inside and she was fine. Everyone was surprised that it was her first visit to the pub and two couples would have loved to have taken her home with them!
25th October 2010
Since Maisie arrived Sam, the little monkey has taken upon himself to eat Maisie's food if he gets the chance, and we are working with him to put a stop to this. Tonight he decided to go for her Dentastix, but she wasn't keen on him having that and kept hold of it, but with her being the younger and smaller dog he
got it and left her yelping. Sam was promptly put in the crate
Click images for a larger view

Black Lurcher
Maisie in our garden
24th October 2010

Black Lurcher
. . . and again. . .

Black Lurcher
. . . and again. . .

Black Lurcher
. . . and again. . .

Black Lurcher
. . . and again. . .

Black Lurcher
. . . and again. . .

Black Lurcher
. . . and again.

Pearly - Black greyhound
Pearly, Maisie & Shane
31st July 2016

in the living room out of the way so we could examine Maisie. She was sitting yelping, holding her foot in the air and after a cuddle and a thorough check looking to see if he'd nipped her we found nothing. Within a short time she was acting okay so we wondered if it was the shock that made her cry out or if he had caught her, or she caught herself in the scuffle but left no wound.
26th October 2010
This morning when we came to feed them I noticed the left side of Maisie's mouth all swollen so we are wondering if this is where she got hurt last night when Sam tried to pinch her Dentastix. She seemed alright in herself so I gave her some Metacam to help ease any pain she may be in and to reduce the swelling. By tea time it looked as if it had almost gone.
13th November 2010
This lunch time Maisie's new owners arrived to collect her. They brought with them their 11 month old fawn lurcher Hamish who was extremely excitable and bouncy on his lead as he came in the house and wouldn't stand still a second. All our greyhounds stood the other side of the gate in the conservatory, but Maisie being Maisie jumped the gate to come and say hello. Hamish wasn't too sure about that and there were a couple of grumbles because he doesn't like his back end being touched. Being in a small space I put Maisie back over the gate and got her a collar and lead and suggested they took them both for a long walk so they could get to know each other.
An hour later they returned saying that although Maisie pulled on the lead at first she soon settled and the two of them got on really well. Maisie, they said was just what they wanted as advised by the behaiourist to help settle Hamish down because he would follow her lead.
Adoption paperwork complete and Maisie and Hamish walked to their car and climbed in the back seat and off they went. Maisie is going to live quite a long way away so we may not see her again, but she should enjoy living where she is going and we wish her a long and happy life in her new home.
This evening I phoned to see how Maisie was - they had been home about half an hour and Maisie had settled herself on the settee already. Hamish, a little boisterous to begin with soon settled and began licking Maisie's ear as she lay on the settee.
14th November 2010
We received a phone call from Maisie's owner this lunch time saying they would have to bring Maisie back. We were shocked and at first I thought they were going to tell me she had killed one of their cats, but no, they were fine and although Maisie was interested, it was more of 'well, what are you' kind of interest as opposed to 'oh, you're a cat, I'm going to get you' . No, Maisie and the cats were fine. They mentioned she pulled a bit on the lead, but as we explained - new owners and new surroundings it's natural and is nerves. Give her a couple of days or so and she will soon settle. They mentioned she was a bit too big, which surprised us because she was the same size as their lurcher, and with him being only 11 months old he still had a lot of growing to do. As we talked it transpired that one of her owners felt she couldn't manage two dogs with their lurcher being the way he was so wanted to return Maisie.
15th November 2010
This lunchtime Maisie arrived back and within seconds she had settled with the others. What a shame her new home didn't work out. Her owners mentioned the cats felt comfortable around her and one even went up to her and sniffed her back end. Maisie was on the lead to ensure nothing happened and nothing did. Maisie just looked at the cat then looked away. Last night they thought they might have had a problem because both Maisie and the cat were staring, but when their owners went to see what was going on they found a mouse on the floor and both cat and dog were staring at it. Once removed they lost interest and moved away so the couple feel that within a few days Maisie would have been fine with their cats, in fact she was better than their lurcher!
14th December 2010
With Penny and Blue arriving yesterday, both needing to be settled and neutered, rather than splitting them up making the veterinary arrangements more complicated we thought it best if Maisie went to Julia's home to be fostered. With her being so young and wanting to run and play so much we thought it best because Julia has a lurcher called Shane who is the same age as Maisie and who will play and help get rid of her excess energy. They are so alike, we feel they will be good for each other. Maisie is such a lovely little dog and we fell in love with her the moment she arrived so it was rather a sad moment to see her driving off with Julia.
Julia emailed later to say she has taken them all for a walk through the woods. All the dogs got on fine, but tomorrow she will be walked with the Halti head collar on so Julia has a bit more control of her.
When Julia got Maisie home she walked her in the house, showed her the garden and then she gave her one of the roasted bones from the 'bone pile'. Maisie did attempt a wee on the side of the settee to say she has arrived, but she let her know it was not appropriate - must be something about that corner of the settee, as it's very popular place and must be like the signing in!!
Maisie loves playing with the children and she is so gentle with her youngest. The children love the way she sits and gives them a paw. She has enjoyed discovering the toys in the toy box.  No more accidents, but then the first wasn't a real one, more of a mark of territory she thought. (Her sofa, she says, must be the marking place!)
16th December 2010
Well the answer to the question as to whether Maisie was spayed or not was answered this morning when she came into season - to Julia's delight! Let's hope it's her first one so only slight and doesn't last too long. The middle of March has now been pencilled in the diary for a trip to the vet to be spayed.
18th December 2010
We received an email today letting us know that Julia took the dogs over the back fells this morning, in all the snow. She let Maisie off the lead and she stayed with them and played with Shane all the way.  They had a great time charging around in the snow, chasing each other. They came back  home and had 15 minutes rest and now they are out playing in the garden again. Both being 2 they have similar energy levels and play rough but nicely. Maisie and Shane have just come in covered in snow, now they are playing in the lounge. Even though Maisie is in season she is keeping herself very clean and Julia only gets the odd patches of blood to clean where she had been sleeping or sitting looking out of the window. The kids want to keep her as she is such a family dog! 
22nd December 2010
We received an email today letting us know that Maisie is enjoying her long morning walks with Shane their lurcher, chasing each other and playing in the snow. The stile over the 5ft wall was no problem for her, Julia went to call her to the stile and she was on the top of the wall waiting for them! Her lead was put on while Julia let Jasper off for a run so they didn't get too boisterous, however it is good for her to spend 5 minutes back on the lead. Julia has found the best lead for her is a thick rope slip lead she used when training Shane. With it she can have control of her when she tries to pull. She is improving on the lead.  When they have met other people with dogs, and Maisie has been off the lead, she has been very quiet in greeting the other dogs and always comes back when called to carry on with their walk.
Maisie's appetite is improving and the food goes down quicker now. Probably just settling in more and burning up the energy with Shane. She is so quiet when in the house, other than when they are playing with toys! Her need to jump is reducing and she only occasionally does it now.

29th December 2010

Received an email from Julia today letting us know that Maisie seems to be coming to the end of her season as there are only a few blood spots now.
After having Maisie for a while Julia thinks she may be part Collie, rather than labrador because of her soft silky coat and feathery tail. Her little ears are very sheepdog like, and even more her never ending stamina out on a walk is amazing. (Far more than a labrador would have. Shane struggles to keep up with her now. She tires him out!).  She can run and run and run..., leap over 5ft walls and covers miles out on their walks. Maisie is a super athelete and in dog agility she would be unbeatable with her greyhound speed. She is so intelligent too, just like a Collie. Yet in the house she is so quiet and laid back like the greyhounds.
7th January 2011
We received an email from Julia this morning letting us know that Maisie and Shane are worn out after a 4 mile walk where they chased and played all the way. They must have ran at least twice that distance and both are now fast asleep.
16thJanuary 2011
Yesterday afternoon a couple came to visit Maisie with a view to adopting her and it hit Julia hard because she realised they had all fallen in love with Maisie and couldn't part with her. She'd had this feeling a couple of weeks now, but it was only when the couple visited she realised she had to keep her.
17th January 2011
This morning Julia arrived to complete all the adoption paperwork so Maisie could become theirs for ever.
25th January 2011

We received an email from Julia this afternoon letting us know that Shane and Maisie decided to play in the shallow tarn today so the dressing Julia had put on the cut on Maisie's back leg to stop her licking it was hanging off as she came out of the water. Just when Julia was thinking how good it was at keeping the wound clean. She put another on later but as her coat was a bit damp it did'nt stick well so she taped it on with more micropore tape - now she looks as if she has a very serious injury instead of a small cut that she won't leave alone!
27th January 2011
We received an email from Julia today letting us they'd just returned from a long walk where Maisie ran into  the woods and down the lane. Julia heard her yelp or bark so as she was worreid sheI called her back. Maisie came, but went back into the wood as soon as Julia had seen her, then two minutes later she came racing down the track with what Julia thought was a rabbit in her mouth. She presented her with a freshly killed large grey squirrel, dropped it at Julia's feet and went off to find a drink. She never bothered with the squirrel after and needless to say the dressing on her leg covering the cut was hanging off as she returned!
25th February 2011
We received an email today letting us know that Maisie was brilliant while they were away for a couple of days in the mobile home. Julia has been keeping her a bit more restricted on a  walk as she has been taking herself for long runs out of her sight. Always coming back, but a bit later than Julia would like. The smells in the woods gives her sensory overload she thinks! However, she lets her off on the beaches at Ravenglass and she stayed chasing Shane and playing never showing signs once that she was going for a longer run than we were. She came straight up to Julia when she called her so her training must be working!
23rd March 2011
This morning Maisie went to the vet to be speyed and while under the anaesthetic they also put a couple of stitches in the cut she gained a couple of days earlier. Julia had stuck a big plaster over it to stop her licking it and it caused a little amusement at the vets. It was lucky she was going in today, because the plaster was well stuck on!
Maisie had to be carried from the vets to the car as she cried when she came out of the vets room and lay down in the passage. Julia carried her out of the car and put her on her bed as it is warm and quiet in there, then she made her some scrambled eggs and rice and gave her a small amount at 6pm. She has not been sick so she will give her a little more soon. She has 2 stitches in her back leg. The vet has put a dressing over both wounds to stop her licking, and she goes back on Monday for a check up and stitches out a week on Saturday. The vet also gave Julia some metacam to give her tomorrow. She thinks she will have to carry her out for a wee this evening as she doesn't look like moving far from her bed on her own. Julia hope she appreciates her pampering as she says it has a time limit!!
26th March 2011
Following Maisie being speyed recently we received an email from Julia today letting us know Maisie has been leaving her stitches alone until this morning. Perhaps they are starting to itch. The dressing put on her spey wound by the vet as a deterrent is holding well, but the one on her leg where the vet put 2 stitches in a cut has just replaced because she licked the first one off! 
Julia said the first night home after her operation was horrible. She cried a lot and Julia was up at 1am and 5am with some warm water, milk and bread because her stomach was making some horrible noises and she thought she was hungry. Maisie's pupils were so dilated and Julia was quite worried especially when she carried her out at 2am for a wee and it was as if Maisie had no idea where she was. By 6am she started to respond more normally but they didn't get much sleep!

23rd August 2011
Received an email this evening from Julia letting us know there was an incident in the garden this afternoon. A chicken with a death wish made it's way in to the back garden. Bluey, their foster dog spotted it and Maisie hearing the commotion rushed out to join in. Needless to say the chicken is no more. Neither dog was vicious but saw the chicken as fair game. They both let Julia take it off them after it had met it's end , and she thinks the two remaining chickens have taken it as a warning as they have been very quiet since!
26th January 2012
Julia emailed today letting us know Maisie was quite ill and being sick. It is so unlike Maisie to be off colour like this so Julia took her to the vet and has to watch her over the next day or so.

7th May 2013
We heard today that Maisie has had to have a bath as she rolled in something extremely smelly up in the woods ( 2 miles from home) during their walk. During the last half a mile of the walk before home some sheep had been put in a field that she has run in since she came here. Julia hadn't noticed and her heart skipped a few beats on seeing them, knowing that Maisie was in the field. Maisie saw them, ran at them to set them off running, then rolled in some old cow poo and came to meet Julia on the wall where she normally waits for her. Julia thinks she realised she was too tired to chase them, thank goodness. However, she was covered in cow poo and stank really horrible.

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