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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Sam arrived on Saturday 11th September 2010
Went to his new home on Sunday 26th September 2010
Sadly, through no fault of his own he was returned on Saturday 2nd October 2010
Went to his new home on Friday 12th November 2010 .

Sam's arrival and a brief history
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White and fawn greyhound
Sam is a handsome white and fawn ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 3rd September 2006. Sam is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. He travels well in the car, but when he arrived he pulled a little on the lead and we found he walked much better with a harness. This may be settling in nerves and wearing a harness a temporary measure. Sam is a happy dog who constantly wags his tail and from what we can see at the moment he is alright with other breeds of dogs.

Went to his new home on Friday 12th November 2010 .
Sam's Diary
11th September 2010
Stuart collected Sam this lunch time and brought him home via the supermarket where he did some shopping. Sam, although a little nervous to begin with soon settled in the car and was no problem at all while Stuart was in the supermarket. He enjoyed being in the car and while driving through Kendal he stood and watched everything going on. When other dogs, both large and small walked past he just ignored them, which is a good sign. Sam is currently a 'whole' dog so an appointment has been made with the vet to have him neutered next week.
Sam came with a large red bandage all the way up his tail. His previous owner said it was there to stop a small cut on his tail from bleeding. Apparently he keeps knocking it on the kennel wall so it won't heal and the bandage is there to give it a chance to get better.
When he arrived home he met our greyhounds and marked his spot in the garden before coming inside. He thought Dizzie was a 'tasty piece' but she was having none of his advances and told him so.
Although on his lead and attached to the hook by the kitchen fire to stop him pacing, within a very short time he was happily laying on the duvet 'chilling out' with the others. Blue had a bit of a grumble with him, but that was an older dog putting a younger one in his place and Sam seemed to respect that.

13th September 2010
We are sure the bandage on Sam's tail is lower than when he arrived so we decided tomorrow would be the day to take off the bandage and have a look to see what he'd done. His previous owner said he'd had trouble stopping it bleeding because he kept banging it on the walls in the kennel and the substance he put on under the bandage was to stop the bleeding so we decided to leave it until he went to the vet and let them look at it. However, when Sam went in the garden last thing tonight he came running back in wagging his tail, happy to see us and the bandage 'flew' off! We had a quick look at his tail, but he wasn't happy for us to touch it so we decided to look at it properly tomorrow in the day light.
14th September 2010
Sam's tail didn't look as bad as we expected, but with all the hair there it was difficult to see. To clean the wound we bathed it with diluted Hibiscrub and will do our best to ensure he doesn't crack it open again, which is a huge problem with cut tails and dogs who insist on wagging them constantly.
15th September 2010
This morning Sam went to the vet to be neutered, have a first inoculation because he never came with any inoculation card and to have the cut on his tail looked at. He weighed in at 31.8k. While in the waiting room a Labrador came in and Sam's body language indicated he wanted to say hello to it - relaxed posture and wagging his tail. They sniffed each other then stood side by side until Sam was called into the consultation room.

25th September 2010
This morning Sam had his stitches out - he just lay on the floor with his back leg raised and closed his eyes while they were removed. Once done, still asleep he kept his leg raised until we put it down for him. Talk about being chilled out!
26th September 2010
This lunch time Sam's new owners came to collect him and brought their other greyhound Bella, to meet him. Sam, hormones still up in the air thought she was very tasty and tried to have his way with her but she was having none of it and told him so in no uncertain terms. A few sprays with the water spray, the word 'leave' and few more telling offs from Bella caused him to back off and leave her alone. They both enjoyed their walk together to get to know each other and after all the paperwork was complete Sam jumped in the back of the car with one of his new owners for the drive to his new home where we hope he has a long and happy life.
27th September 2010
Heard tonight that Sam is doing fine in his new home.
1st October 2010
When we phoned this evening to see how Sam was his new owner said he'd taken him to the vet on Wednesday because his tail started bleeding and wouldn't stop.
Click images for a larger view

White and fawn greyhound
Sam on the
21st September 2010

White and fawn greyhound
Sam on the
21st September 2010

White and fawn greyhound
Sam in our garden
21st September 2010
(including shaved tail!)

White and fawn greyhound
. . . and again. . .

He's not sure what triggered it, whether it was wagging it a lot and banging it on something or if he'd been licking it. The vet has cleaned it and dressed it and he's on a course of antibiotics. Today he's been back to the vet and had the dressing changed. The vet said it looked clean, but they will need to watch it because tails can be funny things to heal due to the circulation of blood in them. Sam's owner is taking him back to the vet on Monday to have the dressing changed again and he said he would let us know how it progresses.
Apart from his tail he's settling in well with Bella, eating well, loves sleeping on one of the settees with Bella on the other and is enjoying his walks.
2nd October 2010
Received a shock phone call this morning asking us to take Sam back - we were so surprised especially after the news yesterday saying all was well. When he arrived back we discovered things hadn't been as good as we'd been led to believe and we wish they'd discussed the problems because we may have been able to help. Apparently, Bella wasn't too happy at Sam being there and he'd taken to sleeping in the kitchen away from her or wanting to go in the garden shed! Bella decided she didn't want to share the love of her owners and wasn't happy at Sam being on her settees! To help them get used to each other they were being encouraged to stay in the same room and this morning around 6am Bella decided she wanted the bed that Sam was on and he wasn't keen on that idea so gave Bella a nip on her side. Reluctantly, Sam's new owners have come to accept that Bella prefers to be on her own and sadly returned Sam.
Sam arrived complete with new bandage on his tail and smart new harness. When it was time for his new owners to leave it was quite emotional and Sam, bless him wanted to go with them.
5th October 2010
This afternoon we took Sam to the vet to have his tail checked. He was due his second inoculation, but with the other vet putting him on antibiotics that was put on hold until he'd finished the course. The vet removed the bandage from his tail, which showed it healing well. However, she felt if he wacked it against something it would burst open again so with more ointment on it she bandaged it back up to give it a better chance of healing properly once and for all.
21st October 2010
Sam went to the vet this morning to have his second inoculation and to check the healing process of his tail, which the vet was pleased with. He weighed in at 30.3k.
25th October 2010
Since Maisie arrived last Friday Sam, the little monkey has taken upon himself to eat her food if he gets the chance, and we are working with him to put a stop to this. Tonight he decided to go for her Dentastix, but she wasn't keen on him having that and kept hold of it, but with her being the younger and smaller dog he got it and left her yelping. Sam was promptly put in the crate in the living room out of the way so we could examine Maisie. She was sitting yelping, holding her foot in the air and after a cuddle and a thorough check to see if he'd nipped her we found nothing. Within a short time she was acting okay so we wondered if it was the shock that made her cry out or if he had caught her, or she caught herself in the scuffle but left no wound. Sam didn't look too happy at being in the crate with the door shut and he knew he'd done wrong, with a bit of 'time out' to contemplate we let him out after about half an hour.
When Sam first arrived he was very food orientated and we taught him to leave the other greyhound's food alone and he certainly wouldn't stand a chance to pinch one of the other's Dentastix, but Maisie, he decided was an easy option and worth a try so training is back to square one and 'one to one' again. Thing is, the issue is all about food and food alone, because they happily run around the garden together, play together and on many occasion they are fast asleep on the settee next to each other.
26th October 2010
What did I say about Sam and food last night - tonight he stole and ate nearly a whole lemon tart that was for tea. Mind you I blame Stuart - after having 106 foster dogs in the house you'd think he'd know by now not to leave such a thing on the kitchen work surface where it could be reached and walk away and leave it there. I caught Sam finishing off the last bit - all the other dogs had scarpered!!!
4th November 2010
Sam's not had an easy time since he arrived here what with having an injured tail, being neutered, going to a home that didn't work out because the other dog didn't want a companion, Sam slotting in with a variety of Greyhounds ranging from five to nine in number at any one time and Freddie being diagnosed with cancer. This happened just before Sam arrived so every effort was made to ensure Freddie's quality of life was the best we could give him for the short time he was going to be with us. Consequently, the healthy dogs took second place to a degree for the short time of Freddie's illness.
Since Freddie's death on the 16th October life has settled back into our normal routine again and Sam has benefitted as a result. He loves his runs with the others in our paddock and will spend ages sniffing and mooching around in the sunshine with them. He's getting much better on his walks, but will still insist on pulling quite hard on the lead at the beginning of the walk, which we put down to excitement. If he has too long a lead, by which we mean four or five foot he tends to pull and becomes a 'seagul on a string'. However, if we keep him on a short lead of only a foot or so he tends to settle a lot quicker and the walk becomes more enjoyable.
5th November 2010
Sam loves sleeping on the settee and we often see him and Maisie cuddling up next to each other fast asleep.
7th November 2010
There were quite a lot of fireworks going off last night and Sam didn't seem bothered at all. He just settled to his bed or lay on the settee as he usually does in the evening and slept.
Sam's tail has healed nicely. I think he may have a small scar where the worse part of the injury was but the hair is growing back on his tail now and perhaps when it's grown back to it's full length we may not even be able to tell it had been injured without lifting the hair to see. Let's hope so.
Sam is still quite food orientated and eats his meals quite fast. With our supervision he now no longer dives into the bowl of one of the others, but will look then walk outside. He will only do this if we are supervising him so he has a bit to go yet before he slows down the speed he eats and walks out the door without bothering the others - as our resident dogs do, but in time he will get there.
Sam can be a bit of a nightmare to put his outdoor collar and lead on because he becomes so excited that he bounds about and knocks all the others over. We seriously thought about re-naming him Zebadee off the Magic Roundabout programme because when he gets so excited all four feet leave the ground! He was also a monkey for 'pushing his way in' to get a stroke or some attention, pushing the others out of the way and sometimes almost knocking us over. Getting them all ready to go out anywhere was a nightmare! However, we have been working on this by giving him no affection when he pushes in and sometimes having to push him out of the way to stop him knocking us over or pushing the others about. We've also been turning our back on him and ignoring him, which sometimes works, but when Stuart does it he scratches the back of his legs to make himself known, which Stuart says is quite painful. Again, working on this the 'penny has dropped' in the past few days that if he comes to us this way he gets ignored or pushed away, but when he walks up to us quietly we give him lots of affection and cuddles. Many a time when I'm at my desk working on the computer I get a dog's nose under my arm requesting some attention and in the past few days that nose has often belonged to Sam. It came as a bit of a surprise the first time he did it and he got a lot of cuddles and affection for the way he approached us. Now, he comes up to us often and will stand resting his head on the edge of the table and stay still for ages while I continue to work one handed while the other hand is stroking and caressing him. He also loves the odd kiss on his head and having his ears stroked, which to begin with would have initiated a head butt!. It's taken a long time to teach him to do all this gently, but at long last we are getting there and this happy boisterous dog is slowly turning into a happy affectionate one. We are still not 100% there yet when we are getting him ready to go for a walk, but now he's learning that calm gets affection but boisterousness gets the cold shoulder or a shove, he will soon get the message that calm gets the affection when it's walk time also.
11th November 2010
This afternoon Owen's owners called in to see Sam. When they brought Owen over to visit us on the 18th October they fell in love with Sam. As they hadn't had Owen very long they weren't sure, but Sam kept niggling them and when they saw his picture in our monthly advert in the Westmorland Gazette they phoned immediately because they knew he was for them, and they wanted him, as long as he and Owen got on together. This afternoon they came to see how Sam and Owen got on together. After the introductions and a cup of coffee they all went for a walk together and when they returned arrangements were made for them to adopt him and pick him up tomorrow.
12th November 2010
This lunch time Sam's new owners came to collect him. He gave them a lovely welcome then went in the garden with Owen where the pair of them wandered for a while before coming back inside. Paperwork and adoption process complete Sam and Owen jumped in the back of the car together and off they went to Sam's new home where we hope they have a long and happy life together.
11th December 2012
We received a Christmas card from Sam's owner today letting us know that both dogs were doing fine and the were wonderful.
3rd December 2013
We received a Christmas card today from Sam's owner letting us know that both Owen and Sam were keeping well and a joy to have.
2nd December 2014
We received a Christmas card today from Sam's owner with a note in letting us know what wonderful pets both Owen and Sam are. They mentioned that when Sam first arrived he was so strong that he dragged his owner everywhere, but now he walks lovely on the lead and enjoys his walk.
In September he started limping and upon examination they found his dew claw had turned and was growing into his leg, which must have caused him a lot of pain. A trip to the vets got it sorted, but now they watch them carefully to make sure it doesn't happen again.
3rd December 2016
We received a Christmas card today letting us know what wonderful dogs both Owen and Sam are.
4th December 2017
We received a Christmas card today letting us know that Sam is well. He went to the vets in October for his annual check-up and booster and they found him okay. His owners say he is still a lovely dog.

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