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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria

Those passing through
in 2010

Occasionally we undertake home checks whereby our foster dogs are not chosen
and other dogs are brought in to be re-homed. Below are some of the greyhounds
brought to us on the way to their new homes.

¦ Sapphire ¦

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Black greyhound

Friday 5th March 2010
Black greyhound
Sapphire is a small black, cat friendly greyhound who came to us on Friday 5th March 2010 on her way to her new home in this area. She was born on the 12th March 2008 and weighs 24k, is spayed, microchipped and inoculated. Sapphire was once called Blackie but her new owners want to call her Sapphire.
She was a little nervous when she arrived and once all the introductions were made with our greyhounds she explored the garden to do her toilet, then we brought her in and fed her, which she enjoyed. While she was fed, ours were the other side of the safety gate and after she finished she decided to join them and tried crawling underneath it, but got stuck, panicked and tried to stand taking the gate off the hinges and toppling it towards her. She made a scream and I caught the gate. Other than being shocked she didn't seem to have hurt herself much more than a little nick on the side of her face. As on all 'new dog days' she stayed in the kitchen area where we could keep and eye on her and she could lay on the dog bed near the fire and settle.
Sapphire was recently spayed and still has one stitch remaining but that is disolvable so can be left alone.
During the afternoon her new owners came to see her and take her for a walk. Origionally, we were going to foster her a few days to get her used to family life and commence house training, but her new owners fell in love with her and wanted to take her home with them, which they did. Sapphire is a beautiful little girl and we hope she has a long and happy life in her new home.
6th March 2010
When I phoned this afternoon to see how Sapphire was her new
owner said she had been rather nervous last night and paced about for a while, but then we expected she might be what with going to her new home so late in the day after coming to us from the kennels this morning. Her new owners said she eventually settled for the night on the dog bed on the landing between their and the children's bedroom. There are two or three dog beds scattered around the house so she can settle on the one she feels most comfortable with. This morning she still a little nervous on her walk so we believe she may not have seen much traffic because it seemed to concern her, however, this should improve as she settles. As the day progressed she became more relaxed and met the cats under a controlled setting, something her new owners will continue to do until she and the cats become friends.
20th March 2010
Received an email from Sapphire's owner saying Sapphire is doing good.
31st March 2010
We received a call from Sapphire's new owner this morning saying things weren't working out and could they bring her back, which they did this afternoon. We shall be fostering Sapphire until she finds her forever home and you can read all about her progress on her diary page.

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