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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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(loves the company of cats and small dogs)

Chloe arrived on Tuesday 3rd May 2011
went to her new home on Sunday 8th May 2011
Sadly she was returned on Saturday 21st May 2011 through no fault
of her own and went to her new home on Thursday 30th June 2011
Sadly, once again, Chloe was returned to us on Sunday 30th October 2011. Again, through
no fault of her own, and went to her new home on Monday 9th January 2012
Sadly Chloe was returned on the 22nd February 2013 because of her owner's health.
Chloe and Dee went to their forever home on Saturday 16th March 2013

Chloe's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Chloe had been living with a family and their Chihuahua for the past 4 years. Due to circumstances they were unable to take her to their new home so Chloe came to us. She is a very affectionate little girl who was born on the 1st October 2004, is house trained, spayed, inoculated and microchipped. She travels well in the car, is okay with children, super with other breeds of dogs including small ones and she is cat friendly.
Chloe was re-homed on the 8th May with a couple and their Chihuahua and King Charles Spaniel puppy, but through no fault of her own she came back on the 21st May 2011, then re-homed again on the 30th June 2011 with a couple who already had a greyhound. Sadly the couple went their seperate ways and neither are able to keep her so she was returned, again through no fault of her own on the 30th October and now we are searching for a home that will be her's forever.

Chloe and Dee went to their forever home on Saturday 16th March 2013

Chloe's Diary
3rd May 2011
This evening we met Chloe's owners and transferred Chloe into Rescue. Due to circumstances her owners were selling their home and moving to a place that wouldn't allow dogs. A friend was going to have their Chihuahua and Chloe was coming to us to foster and find her a new home.
After all the paperwork was complete Chloe jumped in the back of my car and after a quick trip to Morrisons supermarket we went home. She was fine with our greyhounds, had a bite to eat then settled in the kitchen on the dog bed and fell asleep.
4th May 2011
Chloe was a little anxious last night, which is understandable because she's away from the family she's been with the past four years and away from the Chihuahua whom she slept with. After she had her breakfast she pottered around the garden, slept, went for a walk, had her dinner then 'chilled out' for the evening. As the day progressed she settled more and enjoys joining the others as they meet and say hello to the guests from the other side of the conservatory doors. She loves a cuddle, knows her name, will sleep with the other dogs (who allow it!) and all in all is a very lovable little girl.
5th May 2011
This afternoon we took Chloe to the vet for a check-up and to commence her inoculations because she came without paperwork. She weighed in at 24.9k. When the vet came to check Chloe's ears she was having none of it and yelled as if she was being murdered. The vet thought that perhaps Chloe had a sore ear at first to make her react so, but when she went to check the other ear Chloe yelled even before the vet's light got anywhere near. This is most unusual because normally we have no trouble cleaning and checking their ears. When the vet came to give her, her inoculation Chloe was none too impressed and voiced her opinion again.
6th May 2011
This afternoon we took Chloe and Wispy into the paddock where they had a good run and we took loads of photographs of them. They both loved the freedom to wander at will and we got some nice photos.
8th May 2011
Chloe's new owners arrived this afternoon to adopt her and take her home with them. They brought with them Monty their 2 year old Chihuahua and Chester their 14 week old King Charles Spaniel. As it was the first time they met we introduced them in the garden and with a muzzle on Chloe. She was wonderful, had a sniff or two at Chester who was being a puppy and falling all over the place being submissive towards her then a sniff or two with Monty the Chihuahua. It was obvious from the start she was going to be fine so after a couple of minutes or so off came the muzzle. Chester and Monty were fine with her, wandering between her legs and having a sniff of her. She stood with her new owner being stroked and looked like the 'cat that got the cream' , so happy and with a look of a 'proud mum'. It was a wonderful sight to see so Stuart took loads of photographs. All the dogs were on leads to stop them wandering off and so they could get to know each other.
When the time came for Chloe to go to her new home she happily walked to the car with them and we helped in the back of their car as she was a little unsure. In the car she lay down and off she went to her new home.
We received a call later in the evening to say all was well apart from Chloe following them around where ever they went and she's been panting a bit, but all that's nerves. After all, a week ago she was with her ex-owner, then she came to us and now she's with a new family. She is bound to feel a little unsettled and her behaviour was to be expected and will soon stop. She'd had her tea and a short walk and was presently laying on her new bed with Monty the Chihuahua. They weren't touching, but they were happily sleeping on the same bed together - not bad for the first day. There has been no barking or grumbles from Monty as they expected when Chloe came into the house and for such a short time of them knowing each other all was going well.
9th May 2011
We received a phone call this morning from Chloe's new owners saying Chloe was fine last night, they took her bed into their bedroom and showed her it as we suggested. She stayed on it all night, got up around 6am when one of her owners went out, but she soon came back to her bed. Had her breakfast, gone for a walk and was now fast asleep on her bed in the diningroom where the sun was shining in on her. Chester the 14 week old King Charles Spaniel had been sniffing her and walking and playing around her as she lay on her bed, but she just ignored him. He was apparently very good and seemed to respect she was the older dog, however, the first signs of annoying her or going giddy and he will get 'time out' in his crate as he does if he goes a step too far with Monty.
12th May 2011
We received a telephone call this morning letting us know Chloe is getting on fine. Had a little hicough this morning when one of her owners went to work and took Monty and Chester with him, leaving Chloe at home with his wife. Chloe went straight upstairs and soiled the carpet in panic at her two little friends going out without her. Her new owners are going to teach her the phrase we use, which is 'stay there, back soon' , so she knows if they go out again like this, then she knows they will be coming back.
17th May 2011
This evening we received a phone call from Chloe's new owners saying they would have to return her because they discovered today they were not able to take her into work as originally thought. The two small dogs in their crates were okay, but not Chloe who would be laying on a dog bed by the table. Due to the length of time they were out the house because of work they couldn't leave her that long on her own, and didn't know anyone who would look after her while they were at work, so in Chloe's best interest it was deemed she come back to us and arrangements were made for her to return tomorrow morning.
18th May 2011
Chloe returned this morning and within a few minutes of her being in the house she soiled and did a couple of wees, which is nerves and understandable under the circumstances. She was a little clingy at first, but a couple of hours later she was wandering round the garden with the others, then found herself a bed and settled.
Having eaten her dinner and been for a walk, which she did wonderfully on the lead we took her in the pub with Sandy and Solo. She met a Spaniel, said hello then lay down and relaxed with the others.
19th May 2011
Chloe quickly settled back into our routine last night, she slept well, went out with the others first thing this morning then settled with the others while we did the guest's breakfast. After breakfast she had hers then relaxed around the house and garden for the rest of the day. We hardly knew we had her other than coming for cuddles every now and again - she was just perfect and is a pleasure to have here again.
10th June 2011
This afternoon Chloe visited the vet for her second inoculation. This time she was much more settled and took the inoculation with only the slightest of whimpers.
30th June 2011
This morning Chloe's new owner called in to do the adoption paperwork and take Chloe home with her to meet her new companion called Luke, who is another black greyhound. It was very sad for us to see Chloe go off with her new owner in her car to her new home because she was a pleasure to have, and we wish her and her new family a long and happy life together.
6th July 2011
We received an email from Chloe's new owner letting us know that generally everything has been fine with her until today when things have been a little shaky!  The first thing to mention is that they've worked out that although she is an affectionate girl, she is also quite a nervous and excitable dog.  She gets very excited at most things including going out, meal times, play time etc. She got so excited today at one point she nipped her owner when they were playing and then this afternoon she had a go at Luke when they were playing in the garden. As this behaviour is unacceptable they are working on not allowing her to become too excited and telling her firmly 'no' when she gets to that point.  The problem is that Luke has had quite a rough past and gets very nervous when other dogs have a go at him and so he's been doing his best to avoid her this afternoon and this is certainly not something that her new owners want to happen on a regular basis.
Her new owners tried letting her off the lead recently, but because she not been off the lead much before her etiquette with other dogs was a bit muddled!  She's fine if she's standing with them on a lead but when she plays she plays very rough to the point of scaring them as she becomes quite snappy.  For this reason they are putting a muzzle on her when she is around other dogs at the park as they can't risk it with their friend's dogs until she shows better behaviour!  They are using positive reinforcement when she is good and a firm 'no' when she does otherwise.  She is a bright dog but they think she's a bit overwhelmed by the all changes in her life and so they have decided firm but kind and consistent behaviour is the way forward.
10th July 2011
After a slightly unsettled start for Chloe in her new home when she did similar to that when she first arrived here ie: the odd accident and to scream when you touched her because she didn't know what was going on, we received an email today from her new owner. Her new owner wanted to let us know that Chloe was doing fantastic and was settling in more as each day passed.
14th July 2011
We received an email this evening from Chloe's new owner letting us know that Chloe is wonderful and her and Luke are getting more used to each other now.  They took them to the seaside on Tuesday and they enjoyed playing and running together on the beach.  Chloe is getting much better when out and off the lead now, and no longer needs to wear a muzzle as a precaution when she's around other dogs, which they say is great.
24th July 2011
We received an email today from Chloe's new owner letting us know that slowly but surely Chloe is improving at home and gaining confidence and she is a very sweet dog and they are happy to have her living with them.
28th August 2011
We received an email this evening from Chloe's new owners letting us know that Chloe is doing absolutely brilliant.  After a difficult start she seems to be really settled now and is definitely into a routine.
She enjoys her food and has put almost 3 kg on since going there!  Her coat is lovely and shiny black and she has a real sparkle in her eye, which is her owners say is fabulous.  She is alot better meeting small dogs when she's off the lead as well.  Despite Chloe previously having lived with a small dog for a while, she has tended to chase small dogs when off the lead during her time with them.  She is very responsive to her name being called and after they did some treat training with her she's now a dream when it comes to her recall! (if only Luke would take note ;-)  Luke and her are also best buddies which is great, although it can be difficult to tell them apart sometimes from a distance!
22nd October 2011
We received an email today asking if we can take Chloe back in to 'Rescue' because the couple she was adopted by have decided to go their seperate ways and neither are in a position to have Chloe. This was very sad news because yet again Chloe is coming to us through no fault of her own. It is so, so sad and my heart goes out to her.
Arrangements are in place for her to be returned to us on Sunday 30th October 2011.
30th October 2011
This morning Chloe arrived back, came in with a greeting,
said hello to all the other greyhounds, explored the garden, then lay down in the kitchen and fell asleep.
Just after lunch Pat arrived to collect her. Pat is going to foster Chloe until we find her a home she can call hers forever. There was much deliberation as to whether she should stay here with us because we fostered her before, but we had one or two accidents from her here and I felt we may have had too many dogs here for her to cope with and that she was missing another dog to cuddle as ours tend not to be like that, and Chloe likes small dogs to cuddle up with. As Pat has Hendrix who is a young Whippet and Remy we decided to let her go to Pat to see how she was. If my theory was right and Hendrix cuddled up to her she would be happier and the accidents would stop. I asked Pat to let me know what happened because should this be the case then the home she needs next must have a small dog that WANTS to cuddle up with her.
31st October 2011
We received an email this morning from Pat who is fostering Chloe letting us know that chloe had a really good night. She came up stairs and settled down with Remy and Hendrix. Pat left them all together while she got ready for bed and Chloe stayed in the room, not wanting to follow and when she came back in she told her she was a good girl. All were given hugs and kisses goodnight and Pat never heard from her until 7 this morning. She’s had a good breakfast at about 7:30am and Pat will be taking her out about 10.00am for a walk. There have been no accidents as we all thought there might be and she’s been very good, Pat is really proud of her.
When Pat got Chloe home yesterday she noticed wounds on her leg, which although has been bathed hasn’t improved since last night and it looks quite red and inflamed, so much so she doesn't want Pat touching it.

Click images for a larger view

Black greyhound
Chloe in our paddock
6th May 2011

Black greyhound
. . . and again. . .

black greyhound
. . . and again . . .

black greyhound
. . . and again . . .

black greyhound
. . . and again .

greyhound with small dogs
Chloe with Monty the Chihuahua
and Lester the King Charles
Spaniel puppy in our garden.
8th May 2011

Black greyhound
Chloe enjoying a cuddle
in her new home.
9th January 2012

Black greyhound
. . . and more cuddles!
9th January 2012

Black greyhound
. . . and more cuddles!
9th January 2012

Black greyhound
. . . and chilling out.

Black greyhound
. . . and more cuddles.

Black greyhound
. . . with her new owner
and Toby the terrier

Black greyhound
. . . and with Ty the terrier
9th January 2012

Group of Greyhounds
Dee, Sandy, Solo and Chloe
(front right) enjoying some
attention in our garden
10th March 2013

Group of Greyhounds
In our garden
12th March 2013

1st November 2011
We received an email today from Pat who is fostering Chloe letting us know they
had a super day with her yesterday (Monday). She had a good breakfast and was ready for the off. Pat piled them all in the car and went to collect Jet, a whippet who Pat walks 2 or 3 times a week because his owner is unable to. They all set of for their field. The sheep in the next field were up at the gate, so Pat was cautious with them. Chloe just looked at them and walked on.  Once in their field she let Remy, Hendrix (her whippet) and Jet off. They shot of like rockets leaving Chloe looking quite fed up, so after a while she let her off too. Boy, can Chloe run! She left Remy standing, which is some feat. In her excitement to be off she had a little nip at Jet, but a stern word and she calmed down. Her recall is great. At first , with the excitement of the run, she ignored Pat a couple of times, but then she started to respond. Pat kept calling her to her throughout the run to ensure she got the message of return. She gets on fine with all the dogs, not a cross word between them.  They then went back to a friend's house and Pat left them all in the car for half hour as they were so dirty and then they were released into the garden. Chloe has so much energy and really know how to engage in play.  She met her friend's son and really liked him, they ended up on the sofa together. Hard to believe that this boy was so scared of dogs not long ago.  They have Oscar to thank for that because he was the one who won the little boy over.
Chloe and Hendrix are inseparable. They snuggle up together in the car and at home. She enjoys the crate which she and Hendrix share together - it's almost as if she wants to 'mother' him, which is probably what she did with the Chihuahua she lived with for four years. She has built up a real rapore with Jules, Pat's teenage son, and when he enters the room she’s so pleased to see him. She snuggles up with him on the sofa, both upstairs and down.  When they were in the vets last night getting the cuts and marks on her leg checked out she went up to all the men. She loves meeting men, and doesn't seem phased by loud music which is good, because Jules plays it constantly.

10th November 2011
Pat sent us a Chloe update today saying:
"She’s doing really well.  Her relationship with Hendrix their whippet continues to blossom. She got over her visit to the vet where she had a dental, all was well and her teeth look lovely. The injury to her leg has healed up nicely but she’s going to have an impressive scar. All her bumps and scraps from her ‘ditch’ experience have healed well. Yesterday we took her into town to see how she is with crowds. Alistair , I looked after him yesterday, walked her on the shoulder lead and I shadowed him. His confidence is really growing. Chloe walked beautifully with him. She had to be negotiated around a large group of people waiting for a bus which didn’t appear to phase her at all. I needed to go into a shop so Alistair waited outside with Chloe. I was watching Chloe from inside, she was interested in the activity from the street but remained close to Alistair’ and didn’t try to wander around. While we were walking back we stopped by a gate to allow a lady to pass with a pushchair I suddenly realized Chloe was standing right next to a cat that was sitting by the gate. She quietly watched the cat but didn’t react at all. She’s definitely cat friendly.  She walks calmly and consistently in town which was quite busy yesterday being market day  I was very pleased with her.  The noise of the traffic didn’t bother her or the amount of people around. She was super with Alistair almost as though she knew he was uncertain of dogs".
9th January 2012
This morning Chloe went to her new home where she will be living with a lady, her two daughters and their two small dogs. This home has the same scenario as Chloe's original home along with Pat's foster home, so we believe it will be the perfect home for Chloe and we wish her a long and happy life there.
We received an email this evening letting us know Chloe was settling in and attaching some photos of her.
10th January 2012
Chloe's new owner is so pleased with her and says she is brilliant on the lead for all of them. She's fitting in, and was cuddling up to Toby, their small dog in her bed last night, which was so cute.
11th January 2012
Chloe's new owner emailed to let us know she is the best dog she has ever had. She hasn't done anything wrong yet, sometimes she is a little nervous with certain dogs, but then some are best kept away from! Chloe has seen cats, ducks, geese, horses, and a couple of wild rabbits, all of which she just looks at, then looks at her owner or one of the girls, then walks on and leaves them alone. Her owner has only said a gentle 'no' to her on two occasions.
23rd January 2012
Chloe goes everywhere with her new owner, but when she is unable to and stays at home, she is there at the door upon her owners return.
5th March 2012
Chloe's new owner said she wasn't always on the lead when they were out these days, and would walk nicely by the side of the wheelchair until she was given permission to have a run.
They saw Chloe chasing a mouse in the garden the other da, but she didn't touch it. When the mouse stopped, Chloe stopped, when the mouse ran off she followed it, but she didn't touch it. In the end she got fed up and came in the house.
22nd February 2013
Sadly Chloe was returned into rescue today because of the difficulties in excercising Chloe because of her owner's health. It was a very upsetting day for all concerned because Chloe loved her owner and her owner loved Chloe and has now lost her friend and companion. It was a very, very sad day and Chloe was anxious most of the way home because she didn't know what was going on, although she remembered who we were.
Almost home we stopped at a pub for a coffee and bowl of soup and took Chloe in with us. She was very good and the barman thought her wonderful and kept coming over to say hello to her, which she enjoyed.

16th March 2013
The couple who called in here a few days ago to see Dee with a view to re-homing arrived today to adopt both Dee and Chloe. Chloe remembered who they were and although she gave them a lovely greeting she must have thought 'I've been here before' because she became rather 'clingy' to me, and kept looking at me with sad eyes, which I found rather difficult because parting with Chloe was hard as she is such a super dog. However, all the paperwork complete, off they both went to their new home.
18th March 2013
We received an email today letting us know that Chloe who was stressing on the journey home, very much the same as she did when we collected her last month. Once in her new home she soon made herself very comfortable on both of the “hound only” sofas. She has settled in really well. Dee is not quite as confident, but is relaxing more every day. She likes to sit in the garden when the sun is out—she got a shock yesterday when a goods train went past, and she ran into the house. This morning another train passed but she didn’t bat an eyelid!! They are just so cute—Chloe falls asleep on her back while Dee spreads herself out on number three sofa, which she chose as her own, and Geoff has to sit on the floor!
25th March 2013
Heard today that t
hey have settled well, but on Saturday they had a bit of an argument and each received a couple of puncture marks. Geoff has taken Chloe to the Vet this morning, as the side of her face has become swollen. She seems okay otherwise---eating well and relaxing on her couch. If she needs to take any tablets, there is pate in the fridge. Pate wrapped round a tablet guarantees the medicine goes down!!
They are not sure what happened to cause the argument as they were both outside ready to go for a walk. Their new owners think they may be trying to establish who is who in the pecking order, but Dee does tend to bounce around in excitement and poor Chloe is sometimes in the way.  Hopefully it is a one off!
The vet has prescribed some antibiotics and wants to see her again in a few days just to make sure it’s healing okay.
25th April 2013
Heard today that Chloe and Dee have settled in well.
15th March 2014
We heard today that
Chloe (now also called Boo Boo Bear by her owner's daughter) is a delight to have around and she loves food, especially if it isn’t greyhound food!

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