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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Coaly arrived on Wednesday 2nd February 2011
Went to his new home on Saturday 12th November 2011

Coaly's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
In our garden
15th September 2011
Coaly is a beautiful black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 13th May 2008. He weighs 31k and is neutered, inoculated, microchipped and house trained. At first Coaly pulled on the lead, which was nerves and trying to keep up with the others, once switched to a harness he was much better and now he's settled he walks nicely using collar and lead. He is a very loving and friendly dog who travels well in the car and from what we've seen so far he is okay with other breeds of dogs, but is unsure if certain ones come too close to him. He is quite distinguished because of an injury to his ear and because of the way it's healed, it's healed with the top part folded over thus causing it to fuse.
Coaly's behaviour from his arrival until the end of June 2011 boiled down to nerves, insecurity and feeling the need to keep up with the other dogs. At the end of June our numbers went down to just our 3 greyhounds, Blue and Coaly and because they are stable and settled dogs from that point Coaly became a different dog as he no longer felt the need to compete and began to relax. What a super lad he's become, he loves his soft toys especially Pooh Bear and Tigger. He is quite a character, loves coming for cuddles and is a joy to have around.

Went to his new home on Saturday 12th November 2011

Coaly's Diary

2nd February 2011
This lunch time Stuart met Coaly's owner half way and did his transfer into the South Lakes branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust. Coaly did his toilet before getting in the car then he settled in the back for the journey home. Back home we introduced him to the other dogs, all of whom he got on well with and wanted to lick their ears! Trying to mount Penny was a 'no, no' and he got sprayed and told to move away for doing that.
3rd February 2011
This morning Coaly went to the vet to be neutered where he weighed in at 31k. The vet said he was fit and well and examined his ear, which to us looked as if half was missing. Upon closer inspection he still has most of it and the vet thinks at some stage he's either caught the end of it or another dog has bitten the end off and Coaly has laid down with the ear bent backwards and the bleeding tip has stuck to the back of his ear. It not being washed or checked over time the damaged tip has fused itself to the ear causing a flap as it bent over backwards. At first the vet was going to separate the two pieces, but decided against it as the ear is so delicate and the operation would cause him more undue pain that was going to be for appearance only. As it didn't seem to bother him it was decided to leave the ear alone for the time being.
Around 3.30pm we collected him and brought him home where he settled on his bed looking very sorry for himself! Later in the evening we gave him a light meal and that settled him for the night.
5th February 2011
Coaly has been pulling somewhat on the lead whilst out walking and probably not having seen sheep and lambs before he is very interested in them, so today we introduced him to the harness. We often find nervous or insecure dogs pull on the lead when they first arrive and a short while with the harness is much better till they settle and we can introduce them back to the collar and the lead. He wasn't too sure of what to make of the harness, but he was much easier to walk.
7th February 2011
Around 4.30 am this morning Coaly went in the garden with the others as one wanted out so Coaly followed. When he came back in there was blood everywhere and upon examination of all the dogs we discovered Coaly had split his tail - not sure how that happened, so we bathed it and bandaged it to avoid blood going everywhere.
Whilst doing the bed and breakfast guest's their breakfasts the bandage must have come off Coaly's tail and when the time came to let them out after all the breakfast things had been cleared away there was blood all over the living room walls, settee - in fact everywhere, it looked as if someone had been murdered! What a mess we had to clear up. His tail was bathed again and it was bandaged once more, but better this time.
10th February 2011
Coaly's tail healed fast and we think from the type and position of the wound he must have caught it on a bramble protruding from one of the bushes in the garden, and with it being dark he never saw it, so we will have to search it out and remove it to prevent this sort of thing happening again.
13th February 2011
This afternoon Coaly had his neutering stitches removed and all was well.
27th February 2011
Since the incident on the 17th when Sandy got hurt in the paddock if Coaly is laying down and Blue comes a little too close to him he will give Blue a grumble and Blue backs off.
Coaly had been wandering round the garden as normal today and came in limping. It was his back right leg and he wouldn't put his foot down. We couldn't find anything wrong with it and after a massage he seemed okay. An hour later as he stood waiting for his dinner he lifted it again and cried out, but again following an examination we couldn't see or feel anything and he didn't flinch as we were touching him - five minutes later he was fine!
28th February 2011
Coaly is limping again this morning. Again, we couldn't find any cuts, lumps or scratches and no where does he flinch - on his foot, leg, hip or stomach. It looked very similar to what Sapphire did when she ran into something in the garden so we are wondering if Coaly did the same.
When he wimpers the top of his foot is almost on the floor so we gave him some Metacam and we will keep an eye on it.
2nd March 2011

Coaly has settled in well here and he's a pleasure to have, sleeps well at night, no accidents in the house, has started carrying shoes around copying Penny, but unlike Penny who just carries them around Coaly decided one of Stuart's with a velco strap made quite a tasty chew!
5th March 2011
Coaly loves laying in front of the cupboard doors and going to sleep, not moving when asked we simply pull his legs forward slightly so we can open the door and once its closed again he stays where we've left him and back he goes to sleep.
One of his favourite spots is near the utility room door with his back along the back of the units. In order that we can get throught the doorway to fill and empty the washing machines etc we have to drag his back legs forward or use the door to push them far enough towards his front legs so we can get in. Not once has he bothered and he probably regards us as being a nuisance for wanting to get where he is laying. No matter what we say to him he doesn't move and because he doesn't bother about being manhandled away or the door pushing him we don't really bother as it's a little quirk he has that is rather sweet, if not annoying at times.
9th March 2011
Coaly the little monkey has decided nipping the top of our leg or bumb while we are getting his collar and lead from the cupboard is a great game. I think not!! Tonight he got his come uppance because when he did it to me and I yelped at him, and nipped him on the neck, which took him by surprise, one he didn't like, and the look on his face was a picture.
One of our earlier foster dogs called Red used to do the same, but only to Stuart. Didn't do it to his new owners, but when we called to see them a year or two later he did it to him as a welcome - I laughed as he'd remembered, his new owners were shocked, Stuart was not amused, but saw the funny side of it later.
Although Coaly thinks this nipping is a nice game when he gets excited its something we need to stop because if he did it in his new home it could be construed as something more than a playful nip especially if he chose to do it to a child.
21st March 2011
For some unknown reason Coaly decided to play with the book Stuart was reading, and we found him in the process of dismantling it - not sure why he decided to do this as he's not shown signs of wanting to anything like this before.
23rd March 2011
We think Coaly has started eating the other dog's stools.
25th March 2011
This afternoon as I was going into Grange-over-Sands I took Coaly with me so we could go for a walk around the park and town to gain an idea of what he is like with other dogs. In the park we met two Springer Spaniels, which I allowed him to watch just a couple of yards away, he watched them but didn't pull nor grumble. The ducks he wanted to chase, so I walked him in front of the pub where a couple were sitting outside with their Staffie and he ignored it and the white Scottie dog coming from the tunnel under the railway he saw and also ignored. All, however, were outside his personal space.
29th March 2011
Coaly is often seen carrying one of the soft toys around the house, and on occassion we've found them in the garden. A couple he's decided to chew the arm or leg off, but in general he just carries them around.
This evening Stuart took hold of the toy Coaly was carrying around and started playing with him with it. A game which he loved and particiated in the tug-o-war, which quite surprised us as they usually drop the toy when you start tugging it. Coaly kept hold and with his tail wagging had a great time.
5th April 2011
Since Coaly nipped me, and I nipped him back he hasn't done it since. He still chomps his teeth when he greets us when we return having been out or when he gets excited while we are getting his walking out collar and lead ready for his walk. I don't think he's nipped Stuart since either, just need to stop his chomping when he gets excited as this could be misunderstood by people who don't understand him.
6th April 2011
Coaly is now wearing the 'lick proof' muzzle we have when he goes in the garden. This muzzle has tape around it to stop them licking themselves after surgery. Coaly is wearing it to stop him from pushing the other dog's stools through the slots. Some dogs do this as a submissive gesture to the pack while others do it because they think they are not getting enough goodness in their food. We have therefore increased his food and he will be wearing the muzzle in the garden until we break the habbit.
7th April 2011
We wormed Coaly again today.
9th April 2011
This afternoon while on our walk we came across lambs on the road, having got through a hole in the hedge. When the lambs ran Coaly didn't know what to do so tried to pull to follow them. I think they took him by surprise.
16th April 2011
We gave Coaly a bath this afternoon to try and remove some of the dead skin that keeps flaking off him. He's still not lost his thick kennel coat and we were hoping to bath him after he'd lost that, but he's hanging on to it for as long as he can, so bathing him wasn't easy, but he should feel somewhat better as a result.
This evening we took a very clean Coaly who looked like he was having a 'bad hair day' into our local pub to see how he got on. He said hello to a whippet and when a labrador and terrier came he he stared at them, but never barked, growled or pulled on the lead.
While out walking he now ignores the lambs in the field. However, he does have a quirk! If Stuart walks him he will after a while, suddenly bolt his feet to the ground, refuse to move and look in my direction. When Stuart passes his lead to me and I say 'walk on' he happily walks on again. He's done this a few times so we know to swap dogs and all is okay. When you say 'walk on' it must be in a happy, jolly voice and he trots forward again looking very pleased with himself.
17th April 2011
This afternoon we gave Coaly a bath, which he thoroughly enjoyed. It was hard work bathing him because he still has his thick kennel coat on, but he also had a lot of dry brown skin on his body, which we really wanted to wash off. Coaly loved having his bath and his skin should feel much more comfortable now without that old skin to aggrevate. Once dried off a bit he had a good shake, then a run around the garden.
8th July 2011
What a difference there is in Coaly this past week or so - it's unbelievable, he's almost a different dog! Now that Chloe and Ted have been re-homed and we are down to our 3, Blue and Coaly he has suddenly changed, which means he feels more comfortable with less competition. Blue is the same, it's bizzarre!
We believe many of his issues has been down to nerves, insecurity, the expectation of a physical reprimand and different dogs with different temperaments and coming and going. Stuart being ill with a bad shoulder for over a month and being like a 'bear with a sore head' probably hasn't helped Coaly either.
Coaly is no longer wearing his harness when out walking and is walking nicely using collar and lead with the others. His quirk of suddenly bolting himself to the road until Stuart hands his lead over to me has also stopped now his lead is attached to his collar rather than the harness. He ignores the sheep and cattle as we walk down the road when they are just the other side of the fence. The chomping has stopped and there has been no more nips to us. His nipping with other dogs, which he apparently used to try and do whilst racing round the track and hence him no longer racing was down to nerves and stress. This he no longer does and plays nicely in the garden unless we have a new nervous and jumpy foster dog arrive, then we pop a muzzle on him because what Coaly is doing is telling the unsettled dog to calm down and behave, but with the nervous dog bouncing and dashing around it would be so easy for a reprimand nip from Coaly to break skin.
Coaly loves having cuddles and now comes to us for them giving us huge circular motion tail wags as he approaches and while being fussed. At first he didn't like his injured ear touched or stroked, but now it doesn't seem to bother him. With fewer dogs in the house he now no longer needs to compete for the settee and he loves laying on it with his head on the cushion and front legs crossed. When he's not carrying his favourite soft toys around the house and garden he places them on the settee and uses them as a pillow. Many a time we see him going through the kitchen with one of his soft toys in his mouth on the way to the garden where he lays with it, or leaves it there to find it's own way back in! Toy searches are a must when there is rain in the air!
No longer is he prowling the bedroom in the middle of the night seeking an empty dog bed and being told off by Indi when there isn't one and none of the other dogs are prepared to move. He's quite happy to sleep in the kitchen or lounge if all the dog beds are full at the time he's going to bed and many a time now there is an empty dog bed in our bedroom in the morning, which there never used to be.
In the past few days since the nervous and attention seeking dogs have been re-homed, who we now realise unsettle him he's began to shine and is a joy to have around. Prior to that he always stayed in the background looking very insecure and just watch us, and when we went to stroke or cuddle him so as not to leave him out he often gave the look that he was expecting to be told off or was frightened because he didn't know what we were going to do. Coaly has really come out of his shell this past few days and its obvious he thrives on a settled pack and a smaller pack, one where he knows his position and doesn't feel the need to compete with others.
13th July 2011
Since the numbers went down to 5 settled dogs Coaly has been so relaxed and at ease that he hasn't felt the need to steal shoes and nibble them nor my hand brush by the side of the kitchen fire until last night! Yesterday was an unusual day as the night before the ball cock in the attic stuck causing a leak through the ceiling into one of the guest bedrooms. Although cleared away the ceiling fell in during breakfast so Stuart's job for the day was to fit a new ceiling! It then took me ages to clean the bathroom ready for the guests coming back, the gardners came in the afternoon and because they blitzed the garden the dogs stayed in doors. Having fed the dogs they were about to go for a walk when a couple of our bed and breakfast guest's who were arriving on foot because they were walking the 'Cumbrian Coastal Walk' phoned to say one of their Cocker Spaniels had been bitten by an Adder, so Stuart picked them up drove them to our vets. As a consequence we'd had no tea, the dogs got no walk as they expected so we went to the pub for a bite to eat with our three greyhounds and left the foster dogs at home for an hour. Coaly decided it had been a too hectic day so took the hand brush from by the side of the kitchen fire and bit some more off the handle. He's obviously a more sensitive dog than his outward appearance indicates.
12th November 2011
This afternoon Coaly's new owners came to collect him and once all the paperwork was completed he set off to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life. As his new owners were walking him down the drive to their car he kept looking over his shoulder to see where I was and it was I who lifted his front legs and helped him into the back of their car. I was just so pleased it was dark when they were driving off because if he'd looked out the back window at me with those eyes of his I think I would have broken.
13th November 2011
We heard today from Coaly's new owners saying he is very quiet, a little clingy and he is missing us. He couldn't climb the stairs last night so slept on the dog bed downstairs, but he awoke them around 2.30 am whining, so tonight one of them is going to sleep downstairs with him to help him settle.
23rd January 2012
We heard today that Coaly is fine, he's happy to sleep downstairs now and is fine when he's left on his own. He gets fish at meal times, and likes some cheese and milk on occasion so he has a nice shiny coat.
Coaly follows his new owner everywhere, but is still a little shy when meeting new people coming in the house. He's fine out on his walks and greets everyone with a huge tail wag, but he's still not sure of certain dogs so his owner watches Coaly's body language to see how he is coping.
26th June 2012
We heard today that  Coaly is keeping fine and is no bother at all. He seems to have attached himself to the gentleman of the house a tadge more than to the lady, but not to worry. He sleeps all day until the lead comes out or food is around, then he comes to life. When the smaller children come to visit he takes himself out of the way and settles down in the peace and quiet. They say he is no problems at all and he's a belter!

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Coaly - Black Greyhound
In his kennel before he came to us
2nd November 2010

Black Greyhound
20th February 2011

Black Greyhound
and again.

Black Greyhound
In the paddock
2nd March 2011

Black Greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Black Greyhound
and again .

Black Greyhound
and again .

Black Greyhound
and again .

Black Greyhound
23rd April 2011

Black Greyhound
. . and again.

Black Greyhound
In our garden
15th September 2011

Black Greyhound
. . . and again.

Black Greyhound
. . . and again.

Black Greyhound
. . . and again.
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