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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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(now called Molly)

Dandy arrived on Sunday 23rd January 2011
Went to her new home on Saturday 26th February 2011.

Dandy's arrival and a brief history
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Dandy - Black greyhound
Dandy is a small greyhound weighing 22.5k who has never raced and is cat friendly. She is currently being fostered with Julia, her family and their Labrador and 2 lurchers. Only 15 months old Dandy is black with white flecks all over her body, is house trained, spayed, inoculated and microchipped. From what we know her short life has been very unsettled until now so we are looking for a loving forever home for her that will give her stability. Dandy is a lovely little girl who walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car.

Went to her new home on Saturday 26th February 2011.

Dandy's Diary
23rd January 2011
Dandy came to us from Scotland and we drove to Penrith to meet the lady from the Shawfield branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust who was bringing her to us.
Jumping out the van in the Little Chef car park she was so nervous her whole body shook and her tail was well between her legs. All she wanted to do was get back in the van into the security of the crate, but she was taken for a short walk to do her toilet then to settle her she was put back in the van until all the paperwork was complete.
Back out the van, another short walk then she jumped in the back of our car. Before we set off I gave her a couple of treats to show we were friends and off we drove home. Although standing in the back of the car to begin with she quickly settled and lay on the duvet and slept the rest of the journey.
When we got home we walked her round the garden to see if she wanted to go to the toilet then with all our greyhounds behind the safety gate at the end of the kitchen we brought her inside. She saw the other dogs who were eager to go and say hello, but we didn't want them over powering her and in her own time she went over to greet them. She said hello to Lucy who arrived the same time as we arrived home, who had come for her stitches to be removed and both dogs got on well with each other.
Dandy drank quite a lot of water while in our house and when everyone was talking she did a little accident as we never spotted her pacing - lesson learnt!
Dandy is being fostered with Julia, her family and their three dogs Maisie, Shane and Holly (2 lurchers and a labrador), but before she went we microchipped her, which was a little difficult to do because she was a little dehydrated making it difficult, but with her being nervous we wanted to make sure she was done before she left here. Once all complete off she went with Julia to her new foster home where we hope she will forget all that has happened to her in the past and she will settle and enjoy life in readiness for us finding her, her perfect forever home.
We received an email this evening from Julia letting us know that Dandy is settling fine. As she was writing the email she was curled up on a dog bed next to Julia's bed. She is fine with the other dogs and they managed a short walk before it got too dark. She has drank so much water, they have lost count of how many times they filled the bowls up. As a result, they have been on half hour wee outings. She is very anxious of being outside and needs the reassurance that Julia is there. She came to sit on Julia's knee on the sofa and fell asleep having a cuddle. She was very good on the walk, ignoring Maisie and shane running around like hooligans.
24th January 2011
We received an email from Julia this evening letting us know that she got up twice in the night to let Dandy out. She took them all for a long walk this morning and then went to work for an hour. When she came back Dandy had been so anxious she had done 3 wees in the house! However, there has not been any more and as Julia had the door open this afternoon Dandy took herself out for a wee when she wanted. Julia took them for another walk this afternoon and she was good on the lead. Because Dandy is an anxious dog and frightened of being left Julia has been making a point of going into other rooms to do small jobs and telling her she will be 'back soon'. This little phrase 'stay there, back soon' is something Julia will be re-enforcing over the time Dandy is with her so she comes to realise that when it's said she will be left on her own, but whoever said it will be returning so there is no need to be anxious. Dandy has been improving and tonight she was next to Julia on the sofa and when Julia got up to go in the kitchen Dandy stayed on the sofa and wasn't even bothered she'd gone. 
25th January 2011
We received an email this afternoon from Julia letting us know they went for
a walk over the fells at the back of their house and Dandy is the first greyhound she has fostered to go over the slate stile in the wall. She just hopped up the slate steps and jumped down the other side as the other dogs do. All previous greyhounds she has had to lift them on to the top of the wall and then coax them to jump down. Dandy when she got back went to sleep in one of the crates!! 
Julia visited us today and when she arrived home Dandy was so excited to see her, there was a wee but Julia thinks she'd just done it when she heard her coming. Dandy gets so excited to see Julia that she tries not to fuss her until she stops jumping around.
As they were going out for their walk they met a gentleman who lives along the road who wears a traditional flat cap, who has a lurcher and two trail hounds! He always stops and admires the greyhounds and Dandy let him stroke her no problem.
26th January 2011
We received an email from Julia this evening letting us know
that today she left Dandy while she went shopping and take Hazel, her labrador to the vets. When she returned Dandy was very happy to see her and there were no accidents.  Julia let her have a run in the field near by today and Dandy had a great time and came back to Julia when called. This evening as Julia sat at the table she could see her in the lounge playing with the rope pull, which she was throwing in the air and catching it. Julia noticed her picking it up a couple of times yesterday but she just put it down again, so to see her playing with it today was nice to see. She has met a few more people today and didn't appear nervous around them and this evening she is on the sofa fast asleep. Since arriving she has made such great improvements in her confidence.
27th January 2011
We received an email today letting us know that Julia let Dandy
off for another run today in the field. She kept Maisie on a lead while she was having a run because yesterday she frightened Dandy a bit, being her boisterous self. Shane was good with her and let her chase him round and round.
Dandy's stitches must be dissolvable ones because she only has one left. It is very red at one side so Julia bathed it. Dandy cried a little as she did it, and Julia thought it looked a little infected, but disolvable stitches can look like this so she is going to continue bathing it to see what happens.
31st January 2011
We received an email from Julia letting us know that
Dandy's last stitch has now gone and all looks fine. She spent her first night last night with the other dogs in the lounge and dining room instead of joining her in her bedroom. She was very good and not a peep out of her. Today Julia went to work and she was fine being left with the others, such an improvement on a week ago. She is settling really well.
5th February 2011
We received an email from Julia letting us know that Dandy, although settled in the daily routine is still anxious when Julia comes and goes from her. She does not like the wet weather and has done two accidents in the house the last two nights so tonight she will be chaperoned around the garden whatever the weather so that we know she has been!! She is very good out on a walk and very good when Julia lets her off the lead, she knows her name and always comes when Julia calls her.
11th February 2011
We received an email from Julia letting us know that Dandy has started to pick the toys up and play today. She has had a go with the ball, the rope tug and the soft toys. So nice to see her finally
start to look happy. She even joined in a game with Shane and Maisie, which was very brave of her as they get a bit boisterous.  Also she has started to rattle the bells at the back door with her nose when she wants to go out. She is the first greyhound Julia has fostered that has done that.
26th February 2011
This lunchtime Julia brought Dandy here so her new owners could complete the adoption paperwork and take her to her new home. Dandy was quite wary of the other greyhounds when she first arrived so we put them behind the gate at the end of the kitchen because she is quite shy and nervous of new places and people. Shortly after I said hello to her she had an accident, bless her, but we soon became friends once

I'd given her a couple of meaty treats!
Her new owners arrived with their Cairn Terrier called Bryony who she'd met a few days ago .Dandy is going to live with Bryony and a cat, and her new owners have 10 acres of land with stables on so there is plenty of secure areas for her to run in and lots of things to
keep her interested.
All went well with both dogs when Bryony arrived apart from a grumble from Bryony putting Dandy in her place and again when Dandy decided to sniff her rear end there was a little snap, which is not uncommon as some older female dogs don't like having their rear end sniffed, and this is purely establishing the pack order.
Once all the paperwork was complete off Dandy went with her new outdoor coat to keep her dry and warm. She jumped on the back seat of the car with her new owner with Bryony in the back behind the guard, which they thought best until they knew each other a little better.
27th February 2011
We heard to day from a lady visiting the stables with her lurcher that Dandy spent some time at the stables today and when she arrived home she took to her bed for a nap.
2nd March 2011
Received an email today letting us know that Dandy, or Molly as she is now called, is fine and it's as though she's lived with them all her life. She has not had one accident in the house. They let her off in an enclosed field every morning and she belts around, then keeps coming back to them. Bryony, their Cairn Terrier is fascinated with her and lays next to her on the settee.

12th September 2012
We heard today that since Molly arrived eighteen months ago she has always slept at the bottom of their bed, and if they start talking or moving about she always has a groan. The last few nights when they start to move or talk she lets out a groan and stomps off to her own bedroom and sleeps there, coming back into theirs in the morning for a cuddle. What a diva !! they love it.
23rd December 2013
We received a Christmas card this morning from Molly's owners letting us know she is fine and very much a part of their family. They love her to bits and she goes everywhere with them. Both Molly and Bryony their cairn terrier are firm friends.

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Dandy - Black greyhound
Shortly after Dandy arrived
23rd January 2011
Sadly it was going dark
when this photo was taken.

Dandy - Black greyhound
23rd January 2011

Dandy - Black greyhound
In our garden
30th January 2011

Dandy - Black greyhound
30th January 2011

Dandy - Black greyhound
30th January 2011

Dandy - Black greyhound
30th January 2011

Dandy - Black greyhound
30th January 2011

Dandy - Black greyhound
30th January 2011

Dandy - Black greyhound
30th January 2011

Dandy - Black greyhound
30th January 2011

Dandy - Black greyhound
Dandy taking a rest in her new
home after visiting the stables
27th February 2011

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