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Dylan arrived on Saturday 9th April 2011
Went to his new home on Friday 22nd April 2011

Dylan's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Dylan is a small black ex-racing greyhound who was born in January 2005 and weighs just 24k. A nice sweet nature he is being fostered with Peter and Anne along with their own greyhound, lurcher and collie X. Dylan is neutered, has recently had a dental and is inoculated. He has been in rescue kennels for about three years and for some reason was being overlooked. As a result, we asked if we could place him in a foster home so we could discover his true character and give him a chance of finding his forever home. Dylan is a lovely friendly boy who walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car and from what we see so far is okay with other breeds of dogs.
Dylan's Diary
9th April 2011
Peter collected Dylan this morning and called in here on his way home so we could see Dylan and take a few photos of him. I think he is one of the smallest male greyhounds we've seen and is quite petit. While here he said hello to our greyhounds and Peter walked him round the garden on the lead to do his toilet.
Later in the afternoon we received an email from Peter letting us know he had settled in very well with with their three dogs with absolutely no problems. He has been for a walk with the others and then went to sleep on his bed with his head on the stuffed toy he'd been bought as a welcome gift!
10th April 2011
We received an email from Peter and Anne this evening letting us know that Dylan has settled in really well - he and their three dogs got on fine  right from the start - not a single grumble and he doesn't seem to mind Errie, the collie's kisses every time she sees him after being parted! He is a bit pully on the lead when going out, which is more than likely nerves and soon settles down. He is such a petit dog that he won't be any problem to manage. They haven't encountered any loud sudden noises yet, but he is not 
phased by traffic. He has met all sorts of dogs and doesn't seem bothered by them. With everything being new around him he is very alert and interested in everything that is going on.  Only one encounter with a cat so far out on their walk and he took no notice of it, but it didn't run!
Dylan managed the stairs easily and soon learnt that it is better not to take them at full pelt!  Peter and Anne have the crate in the living room and he likes to retreat in there from time to time during the day, but 
last night he came upstairs with them all and slept in a dog bed in their bedroom once they finally persauded him that their bed was not for him!  Peter got up to take him out just once when he heard him moving about in the night. He's had only 2 little accidents when they weren't quite quick enough getting him out but very conveniently they were in the utility room where it's all wipeable.
Dylan isn't eating very much at present, but is drinking well. He's fascinated by the television and Anne left him glued to the rugby while she did a bit of gardening this afternoon. The dogs on Countryfile this evening got him very excited and ran towards the set to see what was going on!
He loves being fussed and enjoys being brushed - most of the loose hair has come out and he is beginning to look quite sleek and shiny.
12th April 2011
We received an email from Anne this morning letting us know that Dylan has been fine. He's a lively little fella and just so interested in everything around him   He is becoming very affectionate and has a cheeky little face.
They weighed him last night and he is 24 kilos, and gave his ears a good clean, which he enjoyed as he just lay there enjoying the attention.
He doesn't seem to want to eat very much at feeding times at present, but loves the treats they give him.
Last night he slept all night without stirring and greeted them with a real waggy tail first thing. He's a lovely little dog and a real gem!
13th April 2011
This evening Dylan had his neutering stitches removed.
17th April 2011
We received an email from Peter and Anne this afternoon letting us know that Just to let you know that the couple interested in re-homing Dylan came to see him this morning and were totally smitten with him and want to go ahead with adoption as soon as their home check has been completed.
They took him out to meet their daughter and grandchildren at the car and a neighbours dog was barking at him and Dylan didn't bother at all  Also, a cat walked along the road, but Dylan isn't cat  friendly !! ) and they saw first hand how he reacts when he sees one.    All good stuff because they have a good idea 
what he is like on just that short outing. Dylan continues to settle here, is eating well now and the house training is improving  Yesterday evening he made his way on to the sofa and draped himself across Peter and fell asleep for ages, bless him !
22nd April 2011
This afternoon Peter and Anne brought Dylan over here so we could microchip him before his new family arrived to adopt him. Once all the paperwork was completed he happily walked down the drive with them, jumped in the back of their car, and off he drove to his new home, where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
15th September 2011
Anne, who fostered Dylan met yesterday in town with his owners and he seemed to remember her. His new owners obviously love him to bits and he looks really fit and happy - lovely !
Christmas 2011
We received a Christmas card from Dylan's owners letting us know he is fine and well. A joy to have in their family and he loves all the fuss he gets from everyone he meets. He is their youngest grandaughter's best friend - he loves her to bits and she loves him. He was one very spoilt dog this Christmas!
January 2012
January 2013
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Black greyhound
Dylan in our garden
9th April 2011

Black greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Black greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Black greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Black greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Black greyhound
. . . and again.

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