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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Ebony arrived on Friday 22nd April 2011
Went to her new home on Sunday 10th July 2011.

Ebony's arrival and a brief history
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Black greyhound
Ebony is a black ex-racing Greyhound who weighs 27.9k and was born in July 2006. Ebony has recently had a dental, is house trained, speyed, inoculated and microchipped. She travels well in the car, walks nicely on the lead, is a very playful, friendly, loveable girl who is fine with children and other breeds of dogs.
Ebony is being fostered with Pat and Jules along with Remy, their own greyhound and Hendrix their whippet until she finds her forever home.

Ebony's Diary
22nd April 2011
Stuart collected Lexi and Ebony this morning, both travelled well in the car and didn't mind the wait while Stuart nipped into Morrisons supermarket on the way home to do some shopping. Both were fine left on their own in the car.
When Stuart got home Ebony, which is her new name as she didn't have one when she came was introduced to our greyhounds in the garden, shown in the house and had a drink of water because it was a hot day.
Her earmarks checked, photos taken and all the things she needed in her foster home were packed and off she went with Pat in her car to her new foster home where she will live with Remy and Hendrix until we find her, her forever home.
Sunday 24th April 2011
Today we received an email from Pat letting us know that Ebony soon settled herself into her new foster home and quickly made friends with Remy and Hendrix who quickly taught her the importance of 'sofa' eticate - when 'mum' wants to sit there everyone moves - and then pile on top of her!
Ebony's first couple of nights were a little fraught as she wanted to sleep on the bed and needed removing several times. When she was placed in her own bed she didn't settle well and cried a bit. This was resolved by putting her bed closer to her foster mum and the other dogs beds. feeling closer to everyone at bedtime made her feel more secure.
Ebony soon learnt to walk up stairs, which only took a few hours and as they say practise really does make perfect. She still needs a little support coming down as they are quite steep and to ensure she doesn't try and jump the last few steps, which some do instead of walking to the bottom.
Ebony walks well on the lead, but pulls a little at the beginning of her walk due to the excitment of walk time. When she sees other dogs she pulls a little in their direction because she wants to say hello. She greets other dogs nicely, (this has been mainly medium amd some smaller dogs up to now) and does not get overly excited. A similar response applies to greeting other people.
Later this week Pat is going to introduce Ebony to her friend's children,to see how she is with them, but from her temperament so far she will be fine.
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Black Greyhound
Ebony in our garden
22nd April 2011

Ebony - Black Greyhound
22nd April 2011

Ebony has settled well, is panting less and spends more and more time in family company. She shows particular affection towards Pat's 17yr old son Jules and enjoys sitting with him while he's on the X-Box. Remy and Hendrix love running around the garden with her which has brought to the surface a playful exuberance.
28th April 2011
We received an email from Pat today letting us know that this afternoon Ebony took a trip to the vet for a check-up regarding the state of her mouth where she weighed in at 27.9k. She was given her first inoculation because she came to us with no inoculation documentation and the vet confirmed she .is microchipped and has a good strong heart. Pat said her mouth smelt quite bad and she was struggling to eat her food so everything she eats is either very soft or being soaked to relieve any pain and to enable her to eat. Her gums were quite red and badly inflamed, and she has a lot of tartar on her teeth. The vet was quite concerned about the state of her mouth and the severity of her gingivitus so she was given a course of fairly strong antibiotics, which she starts tonight and is booked into the vet for her dental, which will include a blood test to check her kidneys and liver because of the severity of infection in her mouth. She's been booked into the vets next week after the Bank Holiday to have the dental, and once her mouth is sorted she will then be speyed and her inoculations brought up to date. She walks nicely on the lead, has seen a border terrier and didn't bother with it, loves playing with Hendrix her whippet, is eating her food along side of Remy, wandering around the garden and going for walks.
Pat has given her a bath, so she will feel better now and had her ears cleaned. When they go walking through town with all the traffic and loud noises it doesn't seem to concern her and Pat says she is a really nice dog.
30th April 2011
We received an email from Pat today letting us know that Ebony's walking on a lead is improving and is now walking in more of a straight line rather than wandering from side to side. She still pulls a little when leaving the house for a walk and when she meets other dogs which is being handled with an about turn and approach slowly. If she pulls again they repeat it until she gets the message that she approaches other dogs slowly if she wants to say hello. This is time consumming but will pay off in the long run.
Today Pat went into the town centre to see the Duke of Lancaster Regiment parade along the main street. Lots of people and bands were there and Ebony handled it all in her stride. When she needed to stop at crossings and roads etc Pat said "Ebony stop and wait", accompanied with a gentle pull on lead , she did it. Not distracted by the many people around her. This Pat did numerous times using the same command
with same result. " good girl Ebony".
At one point the band came very close to where Pat and Ebony were standing. Ebony was a little unnerved by this and backed stepped into the crowd. Seeing her apprehension Pat got down to her level and ran her hands down her back while telling her not to panic. In these circumstances If you remain calm and
consistent the dog feel safe and secure. As the band filed passed she popped her head out again.
Ebony in her 'I need a home' coat met lots of children today, and they all wanted to say hello and stroke her. All different ages of children came over to her and she didn't appear unnerved by all the attention. There were lots of dogs out for this event and Ebony was fine. At one point she had a crowd around her all wanting to say hello and Pat was asked by a police officer to move her along as they were all causing an obstruction in the road for the bands.
Ebony did marvellous today, crowds, noise, bands children soilders with guns and a police man. When she got home she had her food (mush), drink and BED !  
4th May 2011
We received an email from Pat today letting us know that the antibiotics Ebony was for her gums have worked really well. Her gums look less puffy and 'oozy', and her breath smells loads better. Pat can give her much more loves and cuddles without feeling sickly. Ebony has been enjoying food a lot better and is certainly making up for not being able to eat much. Her spirits seem lifted and she's more energetic.
Pat and Jules took Ebony 'Gill scrambling' today at Kirby Lonsdale with Remy and Hendrix. They did'nt take her too far for her first go. Given she's only just learnt to walk upstairs last week Pat was impressed how she negotiated the rocks. She climbed really well up but was aware enough to move cautiously on her decsent. As the water is quite low at the moment Jules and Pat tried her in some deep pools which would normally be very deep, this was to see if she can swim. She hesitated as the water got higher up her legs. Not wanting to cause her any fear or stress they both walked her out and into shallow water, and they may take her again.
Ebony did really well today and the exercise showed she's balanced enough to deal with new situations and not shy away. Afterwards they walked back along the tow path to unwind her. She met some other dogs and greeted them politely.
Ebony is working well with her lead commands. Stop and wait - for roadside, meet and greet, to allow a human to go through a door before her, and recieving praise etc.
Set off - to continue walking after stopping. Steady - for when she tugs on the lead. Her recall training is ongoing. This they are doing with the use of a horse leader. She extends well with it but she's never as keen to come back. Lots of encouragement is needed, but she does do it.
5th May 2011
We received a phone call from Pat this evening letting us know that this morning Ebony took a trip to the vets for her dental. However, because of another dog requiring major surgery she didn't have it done till quite late in the day. Her teeth weren't as bad as expected and cleaned up very well, only 6 needed removing and because at least one was a large back tooth she needed stitches. Her blood test was fine and the antibiotics she was on earlier has helped her gums a great deal. She has been given pain relief and a further 5 antibiotics to give an extra boost to make doubly sure her mouth gets the best chance of healing the gingivitus. The vet mentioned that because of the neglect to her teeth, her gums have receeded a bit and she will require good dental care long term.   She's still quite groggy from the  anaesethic and is flat out on the sofa. Remy and Hendrix were glad to see her come back as they've been out of sorts today while she was away.
15th June 2011
Pat phoned today to say a cat decided to come into the garden and Remy, the little monkey decided to give chase, promptly followed by Hendrix her whippet and Ebony, who brought up the rear. As the cat was backing through the fence it lashed out and caught Ebony on her foot causing it to bleed profusely and required urgent treatment at the vets to stem the bleeding and insert stitches. With it being a cat scratch she was also given a course of antibiotics and asked to return in a few days to have it checked then in 10 days to have the stitches removed.
10th July 2011
Pat brought Ebony here this afternoon because the family who were interested in re-homing her was coming here to see her and adopt her. When she arrived Ebony loved roaming around our garden and got on fine with her new family. All the paperwork complete off she went to go for a walk with their terrier before getting in their car along with her posh new coats and collars, and going to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life.
12th July 2011
We received an email from Pauline this evening who had been doing a car boot sale today saying she saw Ebony with her new owners and her new little terrier companion walking around the stalls. They are very pleased with Ebony she was as good as gold walking around the hussle and bustle of the stalls.
14th July 2011
We received an email from Pauline this afternoon who said she'd seen Ebony out walking this morning with her new owner and they looked well together.
18th July 2011
We heard today that Ebony's new owner had to leave her at home for a couple of hours while he went out and when he returned he found she hadn't moved from his bed!
28th September 2011
Received an email from Pauline this evening letting us know they had a visit from Ebony and her patterdale terrier friend wanting to purchase a spare collar & lead. She looked well and very happy.
8th January 2012
Ebony and her owners had a bit of a clear out after Christmas and brought some things round for Pauline to sell to raise funds for the branch. Pauline emailed to let us know Ebony was looking very well.
25th July 2012
We heard this evening that this afternoon Ebony wond 1st prize in the RESCUE DOG SECTION of the GREAT LONSDALE SHOW. Well done Ebony, and well done Ebony's family.

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