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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Ella & Eva

Ella and Eva arrived on Wednesday 5th October 2011
Went to their new home on Saturday 10th December 2011.

Ella and Eva - a brief history
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Blue brindle greyhounds
Ella and Eva are sisters who are both beautiful blue brindles and almost identical. They were born on the 15th May 2008. They were 2 of the puppies Stuart took photos of from being 3 days old up to about 20 weeks old. See pictures of them as pups. Ella, Eva and their sister Bella never raced because at the time training should have begun the weather was bad and their present owner's health would not allow it, so the 'window' for training them for racing was lost, and Bella is being kept as a pet by her owner.
Eva weighs 28.5k and Ella weighs 29.3k. They are both house trained, speyed, inoculated and microchipped. They walk nicely on the lead and travel well in the car.

Went to their new home on Saturday 10th December 2011..

Ella and Eva's Diary

5th October 2011
Ella and Eva should have arrived this lunch time, but their arrival was delayed and they arrived this evening. Not an ideal time to settle in two new foster dogs, but as they were both booked in to the vets tomorrow to be speyed we thought it best they arrive.
When you first look at them they are so similar, so to avoid any confusion we placed a pink 'bling' collar on Eva and a green Martindale collar on Ella.
Both sisters are lovely, very friendly and inquisitive especially as its the first time they've been in a house.  Both got on fine with all our greyhounds including Solo, who is ours. He is related to them and came from the same owner. He remembered them and gave them both a huge greeting when they arrived, as he did with their owner who he also remembered. 
We gave them a small amount of food to help settle them and kept them both in the kitchen area where I could keep an eye on them whilst working on my computer. After being told not to jump up to the work surfaces a few time to see what was there, getting to know the words 'off' and 'leave' and being introduced to the water spray Ella wandered away and became fascinated with the television. Eva also a little wet from the spray thought it best to go to sleep on the dog bed in front of the kitchen fire.

6th October 2011
Both Ella and Eva were very restless last night, but then they did arrive quite late and because they hadn’t been fed and we gave them some there was an accident this morning. 
This morning both Ella and Eva went to the vet for their first inoculation because they never came with any paperwork and while there they were both spayed. The vet had a problem inoculating them and a nurse had to cuddle them in order for the vet to do it, because of this, they got their pre-med in their back end. Ella weighed in at 29.3k while Eva weighed 28.5k. While waiting to see the vet they stood within a couple of yards of a collie and neither showed any interest.
Middle of the afternoon Stuart went in to collect them and met two very quiet dogs looking very sorry for themselves. The vet said compared with the greyhounds they've dealt with before (and there have been many) they are both a pair of whimps! This may be because not having had the training nor racing experience they are not used to being handled the same. The vet said to give them their inoculations was not the easiest of tasks and one of the nurses had to cuddle them while the vet inoculated them - anyone within earshot would have thought they were being murdered!. Having speyed them both, the vets decided to stitch them up different to normal and use disolvable stitches so they wouldn't have to go through the trauma of having them removed.
Back home we had two very quiet dogs. Eva went straight to her bed and slept, but Ella stood up most of the evening and her back legs shaking somewhat. Each time I helped her lay down she just stood up again so in the end I gave up and decided that when she wanted to lay down she would. Ella ate a little food tonight, but Eva didn't want any.
7th October 2011
Ella & Eva slept well last night and we never heard a sound from them,, and no accidents this morning. Both seem much brighter and looking somewhat happier.  Eva, although the most nervous the first night seems the most settled now, but I think that is more because she is in some pain and wants to keep still more than anything else.  Ella was whimpering a bit this morning and after we’d finished serving guests breakfast we found an accident in the living room, so that may have been why she was whimpering and we hadn’t worked it out.  Some Metacam this morning might help them both.
Ella seemed fine this morning after her operation yesterday and ate her breakfast along with its Metacam before going in the garden to do her toilet. Eva was still a bit out of sorts and wouldn't eat her breakfast so we gave her Metacam direct into her mouth. After going in the garden to do her toilet she took to her bed where every now and again there was a little yelp as she moved position. Eva's operation area looked a bit red when we checked it, but not overly so and we will keep an eye on it.
During the morning we took them in the garden to take some photos. Eva at the time was a still bit out of sorts and this shows in one or two of her photos. When they came back in the house they slept most of the day on the two dog beds we put in the kitchen. At the moment they seem happier sleeping in a different room to the others, who give them a bit of a grumble every now and again to keep them in line!
They had a bit of a squabble today as to who was going to sleep in the favourite bed, kennel space we call it, and its not allowed in this house, so I told them it was my decision who has the bed and not theirs, took the bed away to their surprise and they stopped. I put it back 10 minutes later and they were fine. We've seen it before in new dogs and as I ensure leadership it soon stops. Their owner mentioned they sometimes did it in the kennels, but he just told them to 'pack it in' and they stop. Its all noise because neither have any marks on their bodies indicating either has nipped the other and with them living together for 3 years, they are just being sisters! However, in this house, I am the pack leader and they do as I say and not what they say and the sooner they learn that one the happier we all shall be.
One thing that we should all remember is that Ella and Eva have lived all their lives in the same building and grassed area, gone on the same walks each day and had the same routine. To suddenly come into a home invironment is alien to them and it is bound to take them a while to adjust to all the changes. In their building they would have had their rules and sleeping areas etc. so now they are here they have to sort these things out again, but bear in mind there are 4 other greyhound to consider in the equation as well. We are bound to get some 'kennel space' and feeding issues until they sort themselves out and settle.
This evening at tea time both dogs were feeling much better and were waiting with the others for their food, which they both ate and enjoyed. Neither were too keen on going outside in the dark to do their toilet - just stood at the door and waited to come back in. We shut the curtain hoping they would wander off and do the necessary, but they refused to move more than a couple of yards and turn back again.
8th October 2011
Ella and Eva slept all night and we never heard a sound from them until the alarm went off in the morning and they went out with the others. Although we never heard them in the night they must have been moving around because we found the cauliflower, which we left on the work surface still in its bag on the kitchen floor - obviously not the treat they were looking for as it hadn't been touched! They seem fine this morning and back to their normal inquisitive selves - quite adament to see what is in the waste paper bins, checking the work surfaces for possible treats and checking everything we do. At the moment they are so inquisitive you need eyes in the back of your head. This is not unusual with new foster dogs coming straight from kennels because this new home life is so new and alien to them there is a lot to explore and take in.
As with all our foster dogs we are teaching them the phrase 'stay there, back soon' - an invaluable phrase as it tells the dogs we are going out, but we ARE coming back. We say it to them each time we leave the room, when I need to go upstairs to do the guests bedrooms and when we go to empty the bins. They are picking it up well and we get no whimpering or noise when we go out and when we come back in we get a nice greeting. We haven't left them long - just a few minutes or half an hour, but that is plenty to start with.
They took a load of rubbish from one of the waste bins today, but I growled at them as I was clearing it up and I think they got the message I was not happy with them!
9th October 2011
They had me up in the night as I heard them wandering around - there was an accident on the floor, so I put them both outside and cleaned it up. Eva isn't too bad at going out in the dark with the others first thing and last thing at night, but Ella is a different ball game. You have to fetch Ella and physically push her out the door as she won't go of her own accord - frightened of being locked out! (we've seen it before and in time it disappears once they feel more settled with you). Sometimes she will wander off, but many a time she just stands by the door wanting back in, even if the curtain is pulled across and we walk out the room - still, she will not wander off and do her toilet, so we think the accident was from her. Ella seems to be much more sensitive than Eva and watchful of her new surroundings. We often see her looking at where the noise of the traffic is coming from and she isn't as comfortable at wandering round the garden on her own at the moment as Eva is. This is more than likely what is stopping her doing her toilet last thing at night and why, when she does it, it seems softer than normal.
As they were such whimps in the vets and knowing they will have to be microchipped, we decided that over the next few days when we are playing and cuddling them we will concentrate on the area to be microchipped - rubbing it, playing with the skin and moving it from side to side and pulling it up and down. Gently at first so they become used to us handling them there and as time goes by we will become less gentle and do it more to the manner we need to hold the skin to microchip them. This will also help in the future for when they need another injection. I don't think they are whimps as such, more that they are not used to being handled.
I went for a lay down this afternoon and within seconds Ella came over and rested her head on my chest wanting a cuddle. She was so gentle, loved having a kiss and a cuddle and stood there for ages whilst I stroked her. When Eva discovered she was getting some attention she came as well, but she doesn't stand quietly like Ella, no, she has to put her feet on the bed and lick you!
I'm just trying to think which one we caught on our bed the other morning - she was laying on the bed tossing one of the pillows in the air!
This evening we went to the pub for a bite to eat and took Ella, Eva and Solo with us. They both took to it like a 'duck to water'. They loved all the attention they were given then stood and watched what was going on until eventually Eva lay on the floor next to Solo and dozed off. There was a little grumble between the two of them as they watched us eat our tea - think one had her eye on it and the other had the same idea and got a bit too close. We've seen this over food before and again, in time it disappears, but you have to make sure they know you are the pack leader and not prepared to accept it. They can be quite noisy when they tell each other off, but it is all talk. Needless to say neither got anything because only quiet dogs get the treat not the noisy ones so they were just told to behave.
10th October 2011
Now they are feeling better after their speying operations they are really beginning to settle into our routine and coming out of their shells - they are adorable.
Neither Eva nor Ella are over keen on going outside with the others to do their toilet in the garden, the little monkeys get close to the outside door, just out of our reach then run back in the house. If we take hold of their collars when they are in their beds they sometimes have a little grumble, which is simply uncertainty of what might be happening to them, so to get round this, we hold a gravy bone in front of them and they follow us to the door eagerly trying to get it, which I don't give them until they are outside and the door shut so they can't dash back inside. Having praised them for going outside I then come back in the house and eventually they wander off with the others and do what they have to do.
They walk lovely on the lead and enjoy their walks.
Eva has discovered the toy box in the living room, which contains loads of soft fluffy toys, tennis balls and old dry roasted bones, some of which have been in the box over 2 years. Having spread a few around the living room floor she decided to take one into our bedroom and having had enough chewing it decided to play with it - pushing it across the wooden floor then chasing after it was great fun. She will love playing with the tennis balls once she discovers those are there, however, as she is on lead exercise only because of her operation we don't want to teach her rough and tumble games at the moment - not even in the house, so we will keep the tennis balls a secret for a while.
Last thing tonight Stuart went outside for a cigar and took the dogs out with him. Ella emptied he bowels tonight for the first time outside in the dark. Stuart's presence was enough to give her the confidence to relax and go. She got huge, huge praises for doing that.
11th October 2011
Eva's house training is going well and we are getting no accidents. Ella is a little more difficult because she's not keen on going out in the dark. This is more than likely because they are not used to going out in the dark. Their routine in their kennel would include a walk in daylight, fed and shut up for the night, so to be let out in the dark at those times of the day is alien to them. Eva seems to have accepted it, but Ella is the more sensitive of the two and feels insecure so it is something she will need time to get used to. However, with her going last night while Stuart was in the garden we woke this morning to find no accident to greet us, which is a first. Stuart never went out tonight and I never saw her do anything. Shortly after they all came in and settled for the night Ella decided to lay on the carpet near where I was working - there was a smell so I got my umbrella because it was raining and a couple of gravy bones and took her outside. I didn't say anything to her, but casually wandered down the garden to under the trees where ther was shelter, I called her just once and slowly she started walking towards me. I never said anything and eventually she started to sniff around then emptied her bowels. Hey presto, we've found the solution until she feels more settled. She got a huge praise and then we went inside and settled for the evening. Eventually she will become relaxed enough to go out on her own as all the others do. Now that we are getting to know them better we realise Ella is the quiet one, who will stand back and weigh things up first and will come for quiet cuddles whereas Eva greets you with enthusiasm and insists she washes your face!
I love it when the dogs come for a little attention and cuddles while I'm at my desk working and today for the first time Ella came to say hello every now and again, which was wonderful - Eva is the more confident of the two and she's been doing it the past couple of days or so.
13th October 2011
Had no accident last night.
10th December 2011
This morning Ella and Eva went to their new home together where we hope they will both have long and happy lives.
26th March 2013
It's been some time since we heard how Ella and Eva were so we were pleased to receive an email letting us know the gIrls are doing well and have settled in fine. Eva is just behind her owner as she is writing this and playing with a toy, throwing it up in the air and catching it.  Ella is lying down in her basket.   
They are great company and great with each other. They  love welcoming everyone that comes to the house, and are loved so much by the family ,that they couldn't imagine life without them.
 Ella is very protective of her sister and is always cleaning her sister's ears, but Eva doesn't do the same.
They love running upstairs whenever they hear anyone getting up in the morning and they always stick their heads round the doors to see who is in the room especially the toilet! No privacy 
Ella has come out her shell, but is still quite sensitive. They find she still has an occasional problem with wetting, but they now realise she falls into such a deep sleep,she doesn't know what planet she is on! Luckily her owner is at home full time, so there is no problem keeping up with their washing!
3rd April 2013
We heard today that both Ella and Eva are keeping well and their owners sent us some photographs of them. It was lovely to receive them and to see them so happy.

Click images for a larger view

Blue brindle greyhounds
Eva (left) and Ella (right)
In our garden
7th October 2011

Blue brindle greyhound

Blue brindle greyhound

Blue brindle greyhounds
Eva with Ella in the foreground

Blue brindle greyhound

Blue brindle greyhounds
Eva with Ella in the foreground

Blue brindle greyhound
19th October 2011

Blue brindle greyhounds
Sisterly love!
26th November 2011

Blue brindle greyhound
3rd April 2013

Blue brindle greyhounds
Eva (left) playing with Ella
3rd April 2013

Blue brindle greyhounds
and again.

Blue brindle greyhounds
December 2014

Blue brindle greyhounds
December 2014

Blue brindle greyhounds
December 2014

Blue brindle greyhounds
December 2014

Blue brindle greyhounds
December 2014

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