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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Goldie arrived on Saturday 3rd December 2011 and was fostered by
ourselves until Julia and Peter took her into their home on
Sunday 4th March 2012 on a long-term foster basis for us.
She lived with Rosie and sadly passed away on the 20th June 2014

Goldie's arrival and a brief history
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Fawn Greyhound
Goldie is a small fawn ex-racing greyhound who was born in January 2001. She has a beautiful character, loves meeting people, walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car. Quite sprightly for her age she easily, and tactfully puts much larger and younger greyhounds in their place. She is quite a matriarch, and within two days of being with us was letting us know vocally when it was time to feed her or that someone was at the door. Goldie finished her racing career around the age of 7 when she hurt her back right leg, which now causes her to walk on her knuckle instead of her foot being flat on the ground. This has been like this the past 3 years and doesn't seem to bother her in any way unless she is standing in the same place on a solid surface for any length of time, then her good left leg starts to shake because it holding her weight for too long. Goldie has been with her previous owner since a puppy and was living in retirement in kennels until she had to leave, so came to us to foster until we could find her a nice home for her remaining twilight years.
A big thank you to the following people for their kind donations towards Goldie's long-term foster care

Julia Earnshaw
Peter Earnshaw
Danielle Reilly
Irene Barlow
Roger Mason
Yvonne McCorquodale
Wendy Sharp

Goldie's Diary
3rd December 2011
Goldie arrived here this lunch time. Her original owner whose had her since a pup brought her. She wandered around the graveled area of the garden on the lead to do her toilet and in the kitchen she was able to say hello to all our greyhounds in her own time as they were the other side of the safety gate at the end of the kitchen. When it was time for her owner to leave he was sad to be parting with her and she watched him as he left. To take her mind of things I took her back into the kitchen and introduced her to the food cupboard. Made her a small dish of food and placed it in a raised stand for her. She loved it, once all gone I walked her in the garden on the lead and she did her toilet, then back inside in the warm.
Taking her lead off she explored everywhere then settled on the dog bed in front of the fire and slept a while as did all the other greyhounds the other side of the gate. When Stuart returned we introduced our dogs to her one at a time, and so as not to overwhelm her we only had two in the room at any one time. A little later as they came to accept her and visa versa we removed the safety gate and let them all mingle.
We let her off the lead in the garden when she was on her own so she could wander and explore. She loved this and stayed out a good fifteen minutes sniffing here and there and inspecting everything. She was so content I decided to empty the bins and when I came walking back down the drive she was standing by the back door waiting to go in. She gave me a huge tail wag when she saw me and did a little dance as she went back into the house. We've had one or two tiny accidents from her, which we put down to nerves, but we will keep an eye on
this in case it is anything else. As with all our new foster dogs we cleaned her ears, gave her worming tablets with her food and popped a Frontline on her. Just before we went to bed we rubbed a little Sudacrem on her tummy where there are a few 'black heads' and also on her back end which is a little bald and sore looking in a couple of places.
She loved all the attention she was being given, especially all the cuddles and tummy rubs. When it came to bed time she came looking for me and kept following me, so I placed a dog bed by my side of the bed and she lay on it instantly as soon as I got in to bed. Not a sound was heard from her, not even a whimper and when I shone a shaded torch near her to see if she was okay she was content and fast asleep.
4th December 2011
Last night Goldie slept on her bed by the side of my bed, wearing her bedding coat she looked like 'a bug in a rug', and didn't move all night. When the alarm went off in the morning she went out with the others to do her toilet then straight back in again to her bed. We haven't had one accident from her today, no more tiny nervous wee's, but a proper empty each time she went out. She wore her bedding coat all day with an outdoor coat on top when she went for her walk. She walks lovely on the lead - you can't even feel her on the end of it she is so good. Her damaged back leg and foot that won't open flat on the ground gave her no problem when out walking. Back in the house she gave us a couple of barks asking for her tea. She loves her food, eats it all, then in the garden again to do her toilet.
This evening we went to the pub for an hour and took Indi, Sandy and Goldie this time. She jumped in the back of the car, laid down when it was going, but was a little unsure of jumping out at the other end so needed a helping hand. In the pub she was a little nervous for the first few minutes, which was understandable, and as soon as we moved away from the bar and sat at a table she soon lay on the carpet next to Indi. I think the issue at the bar may have been the hard floor and her bent foot. Watching her, she doesn't put much weight on it for longer than a few seconds, so standing still on a stone floor in the same position is not easy for her, and makes her good back leg shake as its taking all her weight. Watching her, learning and understanding what is comfortable for her and what causes her distress with regards her back leg and foot is the key to ensuring she is happy and enjoying her new life out of kennels.
What we mustn't forget is she is not only an old lady, but one with a funny leg - bless her, so we must learn her limitations and keep within them so as to avoid any unnecessary discomfort, yet not make her soft and overly spoil her.
Goldie comes to you asking for her outdoor coat to be removed, will stand and wait while you towel her down where she is wet from the rain and loves being cuddled. Yes, she loves cuddles and snuggles into you if you lie on the floor next to her. She is a beautiful, loving and affectionate little girl who gets on well with all our greyhounds. I was a little worried about them bumping into her, and knocking her over as we have some quite large bouncy dogs here at present, but yesterday afternoon she put each one in it's place and now they seem to respect her. If one forgets she stands her ground and quietly reminds them with a low grumble to 'respect their elders'. She might be the oldest and smallest here at the moment, but she isn't slow in coming forward to put the others in their place when necessary.
5th December 2011
Goldie slept on the dog bed at the end of our bed last night showing she's feeling settled enough to be away from my side, albeit not far. She now knows 'her place' where her food is placed and in which order she is fed. Quick learner! She's no problem at all in the house and loves her walks. When we arrived back from our walk this afternoon our big Sandy bounced in as normal. We don't know what she said to him, but Sandy backed away from her in surprise and went off sulking to the bed in the crate where he stayed for about an hour. Wish I knew what she said to him!!
She's fast asleep at the moment on the dog bed in front of the kitchen fire wearing her posh blue fleecy bedding coat to keep her warm - she looks just so content, it's lovely to see.
7th December 2011
This afternoon Goldie went to the vet for a check-up and her second inoculation. She weighed in at 23.3k, her heart is good and strong, her back right leg was examined, but because the injury occurred over 3 years ago nothing can be done other than to monitor it and give her pain relief should she require it in the future. I wanted her nails checked on her foot with her walking on her knuckle, but the vet said they were fine, and again to keep an eye on them to ensure they don't grow too long and bother her. The vet said the Sudacrem we were applying to the area at the top of her hips was perfect and we are going to bathe the spots on her stomach with a weak solution of Hibiscrub as we've found in the past this cleans them and the number reduces over time. The little growth on the inside of her back leg is a 'skin flap' caused by old age and nothing to worry about, but the next time she is under an anaesthetic they will remove it. When the vet checked inside her mouth she said she would benefit from a dental, and this will be arranged shortly.
Having come out of the vets Goldie lay in the back of the car in the shopping centre while I sorted a supply of dog beds for the annual Christmas Fair, for the foster dogs and for sale to b & b guests along with people re-homing greyhounds. Goldie was as good as gold and jumped up to say hello as I climbed in the car to drive home.
Back home there was no waiting, it was tea time after all and Goldie was prompt to tell me to get everybody's ready. Tea eaten, toileting then off to her bed for a nap!
18th December 2011
Goldie has settled into our routine with ease and is enjoying life sleeping on the settee, in the armchair or on the dog bed in our bedroom, wrapped in her fleece bedding coat, which she is wearing all the time at the moment, and snuggled under a blanket with just her head peeping out - she looks so cosy and content.. She loves going for walks, is getting on well with the others and will put them in their place if need be. Will bark at the back door to be let back in and enjoys all the comings and goings of living in a busy household with lots of new things going on around her.
This evening we went for a bite to eat at the pub and took Indi, Solo and Goldie with us. Having been in a pub only a couple of times before she followed the other's example and soon lay on the carpet watching all that was going on around her. She enjoyed the biscuits the bar staff gave her, all the attention the other customers paid her and the happiness clearly showed on her face, including the three pieces of cubed steak from my pie that we gave her at the end of our meal - that she really enjoyed!
28th December 2011
This morning Goldie went to the vets for a dental and to have the little flap of funny coloured skin removed from the inside of her back leg, which the vet said they can sometimes get as they grow older. She had 13 teeth removed and the remainder polished and where the flap of skin was removed she had 2 stitches. Since arriving here she has gained half a kilo in weight.
January 2012

8th January 2012
This afternoon Goldie had the two stitches on the inside of her back leg removed.
10th January 2012
This morning we microchipped Goldie and this afternoon she visited the vets for a check up following her dental. The vet was very pleased with how well they were healing and at how well she was looking.
15th January 2012
This evening we went to the Watermill at Ings for a meal with some friends, and because they are dog friendly we took Goldie, Indi and Sandy with us. They were all as good as gold, loved the pasta treat we gave them as we finished our meal and totally ignored the tiny puppy and Staffie at the next table.
3rd March 2012
This afternoon Julia, Peter and Rosie called in for a cup of tea because the park where their static caravan is, which isn't far from here, is open again for the season and they were there for the weekend. Goldie ran to greet them then ran side by side with Rosie around the garden. Julia and Peter were quite taken by Goldie and wanted to adopt her, but were concerned about her age, her injured leg and the vet bills that may arise. However, seeing her charge around the garden and run up the steps in the garden with the others you wouldn't think there was any thing a miss. The pending vets bills because of her age is something that has concerned one or two people looking to re-home her. We had a long chat about the responsibilities of taking on an older dog and suggested they consider long-term fostering her as that is the best of both worlds and the South Lakes branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust will help with the vets bills as they arise. It all happened so suddenly - Julia said they only popped in for a cup of tea not dreaming that Goldie would 'sell herself' to them as she did, with a little help from us! As it is a big commitment we suggested they sleep on the idea, and there was no pressure as we loved having her here and were quite happy to foster her till her end as she is so lovely.
4th March 2012
We received a phone call this lunch time saying "was their little girl ready?" "Who?" I asked."Why Goldie of course, get her ready, we're on our way to collect her". They had thought long and hard and decided Goldie was the one for them and having her there will be company for Rosie. It had all happened so fast that by the time they arrived, collected everything they needed for her and were off with her in their car we were still in a state of shock. The house seemed so empty without her - I suppose I half expected that it would be us who would be long term fostering her, and to us she was part of our family. However, she will be well looked after and thoroughly spoilt, and we wish her well in her twilight home. Goldie leaving doesn't mean we will no longer see her because Julia, Peter and Rosie often call in when up this way and when they come to look after the bed and breakfast for us when we go away Goldie will be back with them, to a place and a routine she knows well.
5th March 2012
Julia phoned to let us know Goldie settled well in their caravan last night and to help her settle Peter slept in the lounge area to keep her company. Tonight they are off home so that will be another experience for her as she won't be able to get up their stairs with her injured leg so will be sleeping on her own in the living room - or maybe one of them will be joining her if being on her own upsets her.
17th March 2012
Julia phoned to let us know Goldie is an absolute darling and they love her to bits. She's had no accidents in the house, loves her food, which now includes chicken, liver and other tasty morsels she never got at our house. She's now learnt it's okay to do her toilet on what they call the top decking, which is the part near the patio door. She doesn't venture further down as it involves wooden steps that she is not sure of, but she's not bothered as there is plenty of room on the top decking to lay in the sun or do her toilet, but no 'stools'. She does those on one of her four shorts walks each day or round the block last thing at night. Goldie wasn't too sure of the decking at first, but now they have included some pot plants she seems more content - perhaps it looks more like a garden now!
Until Goldie arrived Rosie always slept upstairs in their bedroom, but from the second day of Goldie being with them she now sleeps downstairs next to Goldie. She's not done this because they want her too, but did it of her own accord, almost as if she has a matriarch to follow. Goldie being with them is doing Rosie good and they get on so well together, which Julia says is lovely to see.
13th May 2012
Received an email from Julia letting us know that Goldie is going from strength to strength, barking at them when she wants something and covering them in kisses when they have been out and when Julia comes downstairs in the morning. Still getting her up at six every morning by shouting to her. Julia says there is nothing wrong with her, she just decides it's time to get up !B
21st May 2012
Received an email from Julia letting us know that Goldie can now climb up the steps into their caravan and she jumped into the car yesterday for the first time. They think all these little walks she is getting is building up her strength. She is such a sweetie and definitely the boss of Rosie.
14th June 2012
Today we posted some Joint Aid granules to Julia and Peter for Goldie. We have been told this particular brand is very good so we got some for her to try. She is to have some sprinkled on her breakfast every morning.
18th June 2012
Heard today that  Goldie is doing brilliantly, really thriving. Both dogs get on really well, no problems whatsoever.  
7th August 2012
We received an email today saying Julia and Peter are going to take the girls to Grange for a little walk this morning and they will call in on their way back to say hello, and to let us see how well Goldie and Rosie looked. When they arrived they said hello to all our greyhounds with the exception of Marshal who can be a bit too bouncy and dominent - he went behind the gate at the end of the kitchen. Goldie explored the garden to make sure all was still okay and then put all the dogs 'in their place'. Stuart managed to get some lovely photos of her as she wandered around.
20th September 2012
I spoke to Julia this morning because she emailed saying a couple of days ago Goldie was rolling about on her bed with her legs in the air as she loves doing when she suddenly cried out. Julia wasn't in the room at the time, but she remembered hearing her metal name tag jangling against the radiator, which is close to her bed. Since then she's been eating okay and doing her toilet okay, but when she stands up she cries and when she's walking down steps or a slope she cries again. Thye think it's her front left leg or her neck, and because of the incident and symptoms explained we think she may have caught herself under the radiator and hurt her neck or shoulder trying to free herself.
An appointment was made with the vet who confirmed our suspicions gave her a painkilling injection and Julia a bottle of Metacam to give her for two or three days to see how things go. If she's not better over the weekend she is to return to the vet on Monday.
21st September 2012
Julia emailed today to let us know Goldie's not cried in pain today other than one little whimper. She is eating well and wagging her tail again. Thank goodness! Rosie, who has been quite withdrawn while Goldie hasn't been well is much better also and she is back downstairs and eating too. Julia's little babies are back, so the appointment for Monday at the vet doesn't look as if it will be necessary.
22nd September 2012
Heard today that Goldie is still doing well.
24th September 2012
Julia has cancelled Goldies appointment for tonight as she is back to normal. She didnt need any Metacam yesterday nor today, and she thinks the vet might have fixed her neck at the surgery when he bent her head right down between her knees and she screamed. She's just done a hop, skip and jump into the kitchen for something to eat.
28th September 2012
Julia sent a quick email to let us know that Goldie is absolutely fine. They are at the caravan and both Goldie and Rosie are stretched out on their beds, happy as Larry, and life is sweet !
January 2013
2nd March 2013
This morning we received an email from Julia who is long term fostering letting us know how things are going, and these are her words:
"Its now exactly 12 months since we brought home our darling Goldie. She is 12 years old now but most days you wouldnt know it. She is very feisty and likes to get her own way. If we go out for a walk and she doesnt want to go the way we have decided she will dig in her heels and stick her neck out.
When we go out and leave her and Rosie it is her that barks at us upon our return as if to say " I am pleased to see you but where the heck have you been, how dare you leave me "
We have been at our place in Kirkby Lonsdale this weekend. Although it is quite a long walk into town she manages it well. She enjoys lying on my jacket on the heated floor in the wine bar Avanti and making the most of the fuss.
Taking on an older dog was something we did with a certain amount of trepidation. However, we need not have worried, perhaps we are lucky that Goldies health is generally good, but the amount of love and reward you get from taking on an older dog in their twilight years far outweighs the fact that it may be a relatively short time until you loose them".

26th April 2013

We heard today that Goldie is doing well, has put on some more weight, so you can hardly see her backbone now. Her fosterers say she is lovely,and say its just so rewarding to see her doing well.
5th June 2013
We received an email today letting us know they were in scotland. They went to Port Logan and Rosie had a fantastic time on the beach running around ! The cottage is lovely and the girls seem to be enjoying the holiday as much as they were. The weather is great too, very sunny and warm.
15th June 2013
We heard today that Rosie, Goldie and their owners had a fantatic holiday in Scotland, so much so, they stayed away for nearly 3 weeks!
Goldie loved the beach, you could tell she hadnt been on one before, I couldnt believe how well she ran around.
Rosie was super fast running in big circles. Wish we lived nearer we would be there every week.
2nd October 2013
We received and email today letting us know that Goldie has come into season again. They are just hoping it doesn't last as long as last time!
4th October 2013
We heard today that Goldie and Rosie are going on holiday to Scotland again shortly - the same place as last time, so they are sure to love it.
20th October 2013
We heard today that poor Goldie is looking a bit tired some days now, but she still isn't taking any medication on a regular basis. She is such a mummys girl, she talks to her foster mum and wags her tail like mad when she comes down in the morning - Goldie has stolen her heart. They might ask the vet next time they see him if he can let her have something to make her leg a bit easier when she is having a 'bad' day.
7th November 2013
We received an email today letting us know that Goldie has finally finished her season after nearly 3 weeks. That's two this year, amazing isn't it !! Considering her age.
Goldie and Rosie have both had the runs for the last couple of days. Julia thought it might have been a different type of chew she gave them. She had hardly any sleep as Goldie crys to be let out bless her (she had it worse than Rosie). Remarkable really, when you consider how little house training she has had. Anyway, they are both on the mend now. They have been feeding them boiled chicken and turkey with freshly cooked rice and just a scoop of biscuits. Smaller portions than usual and it seems to have done the trick, Julia didnt get up until 6.00am this morning with Goldie, and their stools are much firmer now. They certainly enjoyed the chicken and rice, almost worth having a dicky tummy for !! They have both been good with the fireworks. Goldie didnt bother at all and Rosie just panted a bit and paced a little. They think the fact that Goldie wasnt bothered helped Rosie.
January 2014

February 2014
Sadly Goldie's foster mum passed away suddenly in her sleep recently. Julia was always worried about how she would cope when Goldie passed away as she loved her so much - now she will be waiting for you Goldie when your time comes.
8th March 2014
We heard today that Goldie is still enjoying life, but she is no longer doing any more road walking because her back leg and foot are not so good now on the hard surface. Her exercise is mainly in the garden at the speed she wants to do, and as and when she wants to. She is eating well and keeping her weight on.
26th May 2014

Goldie has been keeping well, apart from her back foot and leg, which is causing her a problem at times. With her now being 13 years old and her back legs being a bit wobbly these days her walks now mainly consist of wandering round the garden.
30th May 2014
This morning Goldie went to see the vet. Her foster dad noticed that one of her back nipples had greatly enlarged, which he only noticed a couple of days ago with it being right at the back between her legs. Her nipple is very swollen and has enlarged to being about 2" long, it's quite firm, but she doesn't mind it being squeezed. She is eating well and is fine in herself.
The vet who examined her said it could be an infection, which is what we hope it is, and she has been prescribed Marbocyl antibiotics for the next 7 days and Previcox anti-inflamitories for the next 10 days. The vet wishes to see her again once the medication course is complete to see how she is.
9th June 2014
This morning Goldie went to the vets for a check up. The swelling has gone down, but there is now a growth on the inside of her back leg. The vet confirmed it was cancer spreading from the mammary gland and pronounced she had perhaps 8 to 10 weeks left. She is to remain on the antibiotics and anti-inflametories until the course is finished, then the vet wants to see her again in 2 weeks.
20th June 2014
Goldie was due to see the vet again on the 23rd, but she has become significently weaker the past couple of days and the cancer seems to be spreading further down her back legs. This morning she was much more weak and struggled to stand up. The vet warned this may happen, but it happened much sooner than thought, so her fosterer took her to the vet today where she passed away quietly at 5.10pm.
Goldie is now resting peacefully in the garden of her fosterers who came to love her so much - she will be sorely missed.

In loving memory of Goldie
Rest in peace our golden beauty,
She, who stole our hearts has gone,
gone, but not forgotten.
It was an honour knowing you,
and loving you.
Run free with the angels my pretty, and
God be with both you and your foster mum.

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Fawn Greyhound
Enjoying home comforts!
10th December 2011

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again .

Fawn Greyhound
Braving the cold winds
without her coat on for a
photo shoot in our garden
25th December 2011

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again .

Fawn Greyhound
Enjoying a nap in the sunshine
July 2012

Fawn Greyhound
In our garden during a visit
8th September 2012

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again.

Fawn Greyhound
Taking a nap
27th December 2012

Two Greyhounds
With Rosie and their Christmas present
27th December 2012

Two Greyhounds
With Rosie while on holiday
in Scotland on or just before
the 15th June 2013

Two Greyhounds
With Rosie in the car while on
holiday in Scotland on or just
before the 15th June 2013

Two Greyhounds
With Rosie enjoying the beach
while on holiday in Scotland
on or just before the
15th June 2013

Goldie - Fawn Greyhound
On holiday in Scotland
17th June 2013

Goldie - Fawn Greyhound
Discovering the sea
17th June 2013

Fawn Greyhound

Fawn Greyhound

Fawn Greyhound

Two Greyhounds
With Rosie
21st December 2013

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