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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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(now called Benny)

Kenny arrived on Tuesday 4th October 2011
Went to his new home on Monday 14th November 2011

Kenny's arrival and a brief history
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Blue Greyhound
Kenny is a 10 year old blue ex-racing greyhound who has been in kennels all his life, so has come into a foster home to give him a better chance of finding his forever home. Kenny is currently being fostered with Peter, Anne, their greyhound, lurcher and collie X. He was born on the 8th August 2001, is inoculated and microchipped, walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car.
Kenny when he arrived was in need of a dental, the nail on his front left toe was growing under and sticking into his pad and he has a toe missing from both his back feet. Having said all that he is a sweetheart, loves to be fussed and really deserves a nice forever home where he can relax and be loved.

Kenny's Diary
4th October 2011
This morning Stuart collected Kenny and brought him home ready for Peter and Anne to collect as they are going to foster him along with their greyhound, lurcher and collie X.
When Kenny arrived he met our greyhounds, had a walk on the lead around the garden to do his toilet, then came in the house where we gave him some food. This he ate well, but didn't eat it all, then went in the garden to do his toilet again.
Kenny has a thick kennel coat, which when he looses it should come a nice glossy shiny colour now he's on the greyhound food we use combined with a teaspoon of cod liver oil each morning.
When we examined him we noticed he has a toe missing from each of his back feet and it appears he is a nail and the end of a toe missing from his front left foot. His ears weren't too dirty, and they would be cleaned and his teeth, well his teeth don't look too good. It may well be they just need a good clean, but he may also need some out, which will need to be done fairly soon as he's struggling to eat dry or hard food and can't pick it up properly so is throwing it to the back of his mouth to swallow it.
We microchipped him then all sorted he went for a short walk with Peter before getting in the back of the car and going off to his new foster home, where he will stay until he finds his forever home.
5th October 2011
We received an email this evening from Peter and Anne who are fostering Kenny until he finds his forever home saying Kenny is settling well, but bless him, they discovered last night where it appears part of a toe and nail is missing on his front left foot. This isn't the case, and somehow it has turned underneath  his paw  The end of the nail was like a sharp needle sticking inwards, and when they went to clip the end off to make it more comfortable for him he was really good. They noticed it because he came back from his walk on 3 legs and they thought he must have a thorn or something in his pad. The redness is not blood, and looks like the colouring of the hair. They are now keeping his walking very limited and only on grass wherever possible until he goes to the vet on Monday. He was going in to be neutered, but he is having a denta and his foot sorted instead as these at the moment take priority over the neutering. His walks until then will be just enough to relieve himself and no more.
Kenny is eating and drinking well - no problems tonight when they fed all the dogs together for the first time   He has no problem with Errie their collie X, but if the other two come near the crate (which he heads straight into after going outside) he has a grumble, which may be a warning to them that he is not feeling too well and he wants the security of the crate.    
They heard nothing from Kenny last night who slept downstairs and he appears to be such a sweetheart who loves to be fussed   As they write this email he is laying on his back with his legs in the air in his crate with the door open!
6th October 2011
Heard from Peter today that Kenny is getting on well with their dogs and managed the stairs this afternoon to sleep in their bedroom next to Prince. He managed going up the stairs fine on his own, but with his nail growing into his front pad they think they will probably have to help him down until his foot is sorted next week.
Last night he slept in the crate in the living room with the door open where many a new foster dog decides to sleep for a while. However, with him managing the stairs this afternonn they are hoping he will sleep in their bedroom with the others.
9th October 2011
Received an email from Peter and Anne letting us know that Kenny is just beginning to gain confidence and showing a cheeky side to his personality. He has discovered the comforts of the sofa and can't quite understand why the most comfy bed in the house is out of bounds. Anne was running round their bed today getting him off only for him to hobble round and jump up on the other side!!  The cuddly toy that she got him is a monkey which she says is rather apt !!
10th October 2011
This morning Kenny went to the vet for a dental and to have his toe looked at. He weighed in at 28.9k. Because of the severity of the toe the vets thought it best for Kenny if it were removed. This they did and once all stitched a bandage was placed on it to keep it clean while healing. Kenny had already had 2 teeth removed in the past. This time them did a scale and polish and removed another 8, some of which were large ones that needed stitching.
Kenny came home from the vets with painkillers, anti-inflametories and antibiotics. When he arrived home he was very groggy still and somewhat wobbly on his legs. He has Tramado, Metacam and Synulox to start taking in the morning and the vet wants to see him on Thursday to change his dressing and review his pain relief.
11th October 2011
We received an email letting us know that Kenny had a good night, more or less undisturbed. Peter carried him upstairs so they could keep an eye on him and he would be with the others as usual.
This morning he has been quite alert and had small quantities of very soft food so that he can get  at least some of his medication down. Metacam and Sinulox are no problem but he can sense the Tramadol and is highly suspicious of that! Have to experiment with other foods with that one they think. He is drinking small amounts of water and makes a very different lapping noise now that he is missing several teeth!  The remaining teeth have been beautifully cleaned.
The warm watered down milk they gave him worked a treat last night and it seemed to flush his mouth out and help to hydrate him as well.
Kenny was very groggy last night and they didn't pick him up until about 7pm on the vet's advice. Even then he was still unable to walk so Peter carried him to the car. 
This morning he has been on the go quite a bit but he is now finally having a snooze.  The double operation of his toe and teeth has been quite an ordeal for him and last night he was loosing quite a lot of blood from his gums. That has stopped now. Fortunately Peter and Anne have been though this with both Saxon and Prince so knew what to expect.
12th October 2011
We received a photograph of Kenny today showing how much better he is looking after his operation and he seems happier.
13th October 2011
We heard today that Kenny is doing fine. Peter and Anne had a few problems getting him to take all his medicines because he kept detecting the Tramadol in any food being offered him. Having got some Hills Prescription Diet from their vets he wolfs all of it down with no hesitation.
Tomorrow morning he is back to the vets for a check-up.
14th October 2011
We heard today that Kenny has been a lot more active today and his walking has improved dramatically. He is always ready to go out, but for short walks only, and has now encountered several breeds of dogs without any problems. He is however, definitely not cat friendly and they haven't managed to meet any young children as yet.
21st October 2011
Just a quick update from Peter after Kenny's vet visit. His wound is fine:  they knew that last night when he suddenly shed his bandage on the living room floor!!   They did an emergency re-bandage to tide him over. Probably just as well it happened as Kenny often wees profusely on the back of his front legs and he had managed to soak the bandage in spite of the drip bag provided to prevent it from getting wet!! Kenny was very good at the vets, didn't even need to muzzle him, and considering how tender his foot is at the moment he was brilliant. He is now eating well and starting to play with the other dogs again. Soft food only for another week!
24th October 2011
We received an email from Peter and Anne today letting us know that since Kenny's stitches came out last Friday they have been trying to keep his paw dry as far as possible.  Not easy since the plastic drip bags the vet provided won't stay on now that the bandage has been removed! However, they are certainly over the worst now and his paw has healed beautifully. It is, however, still very tender so they are gradually building the length of his walks;  several short ones, rather than long ones at present. Doesn't stop him bounding up and down the stairs though. More like a two year old never mind 10+!  He acts much younger than his years.  He is a much happier dog all round and is really enjoying his food now that he is rid of all those rotten teeth. His character has really started to emerge now. He is quite playful and very artful! They say they will need to put some firmer boundaries in now that he is no longer an invalid!!  Better walking on the lead is a must as he has a tendency to wander around, which they think is partly because he is just so inquisitive of the big outside world.
Kenny is getting to know his name now and has met  many dogs of all breeds and sizes from puppies upwards. None have caused him any problems at all. He is also good with young children and just loves to be stroked by them. They have had no accidents in the house now for some time and they think the penny has now dropped as to where he needs to go!  He is just a big softy who adores attention and now that his coat is sleek and glossy he is a good looking lad too!  His only downside is his strong desire to shred any paper or cardboard that may be lying around! He does this so efficiently that I am sure he could be hired out to shred confidential documents!  They are not sure if this is a little anxiety when he is left for short periods with the others, or whether his bedding in the kennels had been of paper as some are and he thinks it's his new bed arrived. They are now more vigilent and keep newspapers and magazines etc out of his reach!
25th October 2011
We received an email from Peter and Anne this evening letting us know that Kenny loves his bed  After his last walk at 
night he can't wait to run up the stairs at full pelt and into his bed in their room. He is always first there at night and always the last up in the morning.
2nd November 2011
We received an email from Peter and Anne this evening letting us know they will phone the vet and arrange an appointment for him to be neutered. They also mentioned his nails on his middle toes of his front paws are very long and nearly cross.  He is not happy at all to let them touch them let alone clip them, so when they take him in for his neutering operation they will ask the vet if they can be trimmed whilst he is under anaesthetic. 
9th November 2011
This morning Kenny went to the vet to be neutered and have a manicure. Peter emailed this evening to let us know Kenny has arrived back safe and sound if a touch wobbly on his pins!  He is currently fast asleep, bless him, and they are going to carry him upstairs to bed tonight.
13th November 2011
We received an email this evening from Peter and Anne letting us know that Kenny is totally back to normal after his operation and his wound is looking fine - he has barely taken any notice of it at all and his stitches are due out on the 19th November.
14th November 2011
This morning Kenny's new owner collected him from Peter and Anne's house and drove him to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
15th November 2011
This afternoon Kenny, now re-named Benny and his new owner called in to complete all the adoption paperwork and purchase him a bright yellow hi-viz walking out coat now the dark winter nights are here. I'd not seen Benny since he went to Peter and Anne's, and what a change. He looked really well and will be feeling much happier now some of his medical issues have been resolved. His new owner is going to take him to see Ken Woodacre the next time he's in the area who will also check him over and then that is Benny fully sorted.
23rd December 2011
We received an email today wishing us a merry Christmas and thanking us for making it possible for Benny to come and live where he is - they are both very happy.
9th January 2012
We heard tonight that Benny had dislocated his hip while getting off his owner's bed. Somehow or other he got his foot caught in the end or side and fell on the floor very awkwardly. It turned out he's dislocated his hip. The vet removed 600mls of urine because he wasn't going to the toilet and he's being kept in the vets overnight on a drip as he was becoming dehydrated.
13th January 2012
We heard today that the incident the other day when Benny's hip jumped out of place a second time and the vets have now put his leg in a sling to hold the hip in place to give it a chance to settle back into place. His owner says he is being very patient but the frustration of the restriction this is causing is beginning to show.
18th January 2012
This morning Benny visited the vets where he had his hip x-rayed to ensure all had gone back into place as it should have done.
19th January 2012
Today Benny's owner took him for physio to encourage more movement in his leg following his injury and it being strapped up so long. While there she was shown how to do it so she could continue the procedure on a daily basis at home.
5th February 2012
Today, Benny finally worked up the courage to climb the steps to the garden!! While he was there he did a lot of sniffing, then some sun bathing and then . . . he chased a cat !!
He's definitely on the mend!
14th February 2012
We heard today that Benny is on the road to recovery!  Hurray!!
His wound is about half the size it was.  His new mum redressed it on Friday and he didn't make a sound, he's off the pain killers and is getting a little livelier. The length of his walks is almost back to normal, which is wonderful.
27th September 2012
Benny's owner emailed today to let us know what a hard time Benny had over the summer.
A holiday had been arranged abroad but his owner was worried about what to do with Benny.  Even in a really good kennel he might get bumped in to by other dogs and she was afraid his leg would split open again.  In the end she arranged for a house and dog sitter to stay while she was away.
The dog sitter might have been a good idea, but Benny didn't think so and missed his owner while she was away, so much so that in future she will be going places and taking him with her from now on,
Within a couple of days of his owner being back Benny was back to his normal self again, and since then, they've been going on longer walks and they're now friends with Bailey and his owner.
Benny's been to the vets for his annual check-up and inoculations.  The vet is okay with the state of his poorly leg, the skin is thin but intact. He has a lump on his affected hip but the vet has seen it and they're keeping an eye on it.  It seems to be getting smaller.
Click images for a larger view

Blue Greyhound
Kenny in our garden
shortly after he arrived
4th October 2011

Blue Greyhound
. . and again. . .

Blue Greyhound
. . and again.

Greyhound Foot
Kenny's left foot showing how
the nail is growing underneath
and digging into his pads
making it difficult for him to walk.
5th October 2011

Blue Greyhound
10th October 2011
Kenny just home after having his
toe removed and his dental.

Blue Greyhound
10th October 2011
Later that evening and
feeling a little better.

Blue Greyhound
12th October 2011
.. and now feeling much better.
Blue Greyhound
2nd November 2011
Kenny watching TV - It was
David Attenborough and
he was enthralled by it.

Blue Greyhound
Out walking
15th November 2011

Blue Greyhound
With his bone
15th November 2011

Blue Greyhound
In the garden of his new home
27th November 2011

Blue Greyhound
Benny back home with
his hip all strapped up.
12th January 2012

Blue Greyhound
24th January 2012

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