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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Louis arrived on Monday 6th June 2011
Went to his new home on Thursday 25th August 2011
Sadly through no fault of his own Lous came back on Saturday 28th January 2012
Went to his new home on Sunday 8th April 2012

Louis's arrival and a brief history
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Brindle Greyhound
Louis was fostered with Pauline, her family and their four greyhounds and two whippets. Louis is a brindle and white ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 21st June 2004. He weighs 29.02k, is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. Louis has been living in a home environment, but outside for the past 3 years and came to us because his owner was unable to keep him. He walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car, is good with children and appears to be okay with other breeds of dogs. Louis was re-homed in September 2011, but was sadly returned to us at the end of January 2012 and during that time he was attacked by a Pit-Bull type dog that now makes him very wary of dogs around that size. Pauline and Colin who again fostered him, having identified the problem worked with Louis to overcome the trauma of the attack, which is worse when he's on the lead, and to realise that not all dogs are the same. Here he stayed until he found his forever home.

Photo of Louis In our garden 10th June 2011

Louis's Diary

6th June 2011
This evening Pauline and Colin collected Louis from his owner who was no longer able to keep him and took him in their car back to their house where he met their greyhounds and whippets one at a time, had something to eat and went for a walk with them all.
Pauline emailed later to say he was settling in and she was going to try and clean his teeth tonight as they desperately need a clean. Until then she's given him a bone to chew on, which should remove some prior to being brushed.
7th June 2011
We received an email from Pauline today letting us know there were no problems introducing Louis to their dogs last night and he lay on the settee next to Jenny, who was the only one to raise her heckles at him in the begining. At bed time he followed Pauline upstairs and had to be escorted from her bed five times before he got the message and settled on his own dog bed on the floor. She heard him whimper downstairs about 3am so went down to let him out only to find her kitchen like a council tip, so she made a note to herself to take the kitchen bin out nightly to avoid the same thing happening again.
He was eager to go out for a walk with the others this morning and is fine on the lead. Ate his food like there was no more for a week, although there was only a small portion as little and often is the plan till they get these hip bones covered .
8th June 2011
We received an email from Pauline and Colin letting us know that Louis is a bit of a thief and will steal anything that is laying around. Having said that with him still not being his correct weight he needs to catch up and once caught up and no longer hungry this need to steal everything in sight should disappear.
He is the first to run in the house after they've all been walked so he can get the best spot on the settee to watch TV. He's fascinated with the TV and talks to it when it is on!
9th June 2011
We received an email this evening from Pauline and Colin letting us know that Louis is fascinated with toys. This morning while he was in the garden with the others he decided he wanted the toy Jenny was playing with. He ran at her and she dropped it, then Storm their whippet wanted to play, but Louis was having none of it and grabbed him to stop him. No damage was done, but Louis, not being used to toys being around will need
to learn the art of sharing!
Louis hasn't made any attempt to steal anything so far today and he doesn't appear to be as greedy, however, he gets quite excited when he sees the door to the dog food cupboard opening and insists on checking all the other dog bowls are empty of food before going into the garden to do his toilet. He's walking fine with the others and so far he seems fine whne he sees other breeds of dogs. When he sees a cat he looks at it, shows an interest, but doesn't pull or try to bolt for them.
Later we received another email letting us know that Louis pinched the chicken carcus tonight just as Pauline had finished stripping it. She had to chase him round the garden and throw water over him to
make him drop it because she didn't want him to choke on it - she said he was like grease lightening!
10th June 2011
This afternoon Louis went to the vets where he was weighed, given a medical check-up and because he
came with no paperwork he had his first inoculation. The vet said he needed a dental so a quotation was obtained and an appointment made to bring him in for that. The vet checked his heart, which he said was fine along with his general health. When mentioned that his stools had looked like custard since his arrival the vet said it was the change of food and richness of it, which his body couldn't handle because the balance of good and bad bacteria were no longer in the correct proportions. As a result, he was prscribed Promax to take for a few days, which will correct the balance of 'good bacteria' in his body and thus settle his stomach and bowels.
12th June 2011
Pauline emailed to let us know that Louis
stools are now nearly the right consistency and not liquid as they were before he went to see the vet. Not quite as solid as they should be, he no longer yelps when he passes them. He also seems much more satisfied with the food he's being given because he doesn't sniff around for more when he's finished his, although he does eat at a rapid speed and sometimes brings small amounts of food back up which he eats again. They are getting there with him and now they are getting hardly any casting hair from him now when he's brushed and seems to enjoy his pampering while waiting in line with the others. He still shows an interest in the rubbish bin even though it's now on the top of the work surface! He loves playing with the ttoys in the garden and really seems to be enjoying the freedom.
14th June 2011
Received an email from Pauline and Colin today letting us know that while they were in the vets with Millie, their whippet cross they weighed Louis and found him to be 30k, so he's put a bit of weight on.
15th June 2011
We received an email this evening from Pauline and Colin letting us know they thought Louis was talking to the television when he whimpers, but they now realise he's watching the shadows on the ceiling. They realised this when he did it in the kitchen and the glass doors reflected on the rafters in the garage.
16th June 2011
We received an email from Pauline and Colin today letting us know that Louis had scrambled egg and mash with tomato sauce for tea and he cleaned the bowl.
17th June 2011
Received emails from Pauline and Colin today letting us know that Louis was a bit unsettled in the middle of the night following his dental so they gave him a little more food and he settled. This morning having had his antibiotic tablets and Metacam he had some soft cheese and soaked cornflakes for breakfast and later had more soft food that included pasta.
23rd June 2011
We received an email today from Pauline letting us know that Louis has turned a corner where food is concerned because he no longer tries to get into the other's bowls as they are being put down and he waits nicely till his name is called to get his own. He now seems satisfied with his portion and no accidents in the house for 5 days, which were not a lot anyway, just the odd one in the morning if he was up before them.
24th June 2011
We received an email today from Pauline letting us know they took the dogs to the stables today and let Louis and one of their other greyhounds called Jessie have a run together in one of the fields. Jessie was chosen because Louis often plays with her in the garden so get on well together. Both with muzzles on as they always do when more than one run together to avoid playful nips they had a good run. Pauline and Colin often run their dogs on the beach, but not Louis because they needed to see what his recall was like. He came back to them every time he was called, which is good, but it was only the first time of trying so he needs a few more tests in enclosed areas before he's ready for the beach.
26th June 2011
Louis attended a car boot sale today with Pauline, Colin and their other dogs. He met other breeds of dogs and one small one was running around him and he never bothered - just ignored it.
5th July 2011
Received an email from Pauline today letting us know that Louis was first in line to get the best seat in the van today for a trip to the beach where he ran free with the others and came back when called.
12th July 2011
We received an email this evening from Pauline and Colin letting us know that Louis is getting quite used to their car boot sale routine and happily sits with the other dogs while sales are taking place. He's not bothered about other breeds of dogs as they are wandering around and tonight a friend of theirs took Louis as she was nipping home to make up a flask so took him with her for a walk. The lady took him in her house muzzled and on the lead because she wasn't sure where her cat was. The cat was in the kitchen and as they walked in the cat came to greet them - Louis just looked. After the flask was filled they walked out the kitchen with the cat walking just behind Louis and he didnt seem bothered at all. This means he may be potentially cat friendly.
18th July 2011
Received an email this evening to say a terrier got into the garden and for no reason bit Louis on the side. Pauline has cleaned it and will see what it is like in the morning to see if it needs stitches or not.
19th July 2011
Received an email this morning letting us know that Louis wound has dried a lot and he slept in an Elizabethen collar last night. He seems happy enough so they will see how he goes today. Colin stayed up with him till the early hours then they shut him in Pauline's bedroom with her because the collar was causing havoc knocking the other dogs as they were sleeping.
25th August 2011
This afternoon the couple interested in Louis came here, completed the adoption paperwork and took Louis away with them. their mongrel was in the back half of the car and wasn't too happy about Louis jumping in with him, so Louis drove away laying on the back seat of their car. Louis and his new companion have walked with each other with no problems and we are sure this grumbling in the back of the car is just 'the pack' sorting out the order.
Louis new owners have a static caravan not far from here where they visit on a regular basis. With it being the Bank Holiday they were driving off to the caravan to spend the first few days with Louis before heading home. We wish Louis and his new family a long and happy life together.
30th August 2011
We received an email from Louis new owner today saying that apart from Louis being an early raiser all is okay. He travels in the back on his own with Duffy on the back seat of the car wearing a safety belt attachment.
25th September 2011
We received a phone call from Louis owner saying they don’t think he is happy because he’s whimpering all the time and this is stressing them.  Duffy their mongrel and Louis keep very much to themselves, but occasionally sleep on the same bed together.
28th January 2012
This morning we received a phone call from Louis new owners saying he was to be returned. It was difficult to make out why, but we believe it was through no fault of his own. His owners took him direct to Pauline and Colin who fostered him previously, and once the transfer paperwork was signed and his owners went to leave, Louis wanted to go with them, which was very sad to see.
7th February 2012
Pauline was a little worried about a sore spot on the inside of Louis leg, so this afternoon he saw the vet who didn't really know what it was and said to just bathe it and see if it goes away. Having phoned me we suggested she use Hibiscrub and Sudacrem.
12th February 2012
Pauline has found Louis is a lot better walking on his own without the other dogs being around. They stopped to let a tiny pup go past them this morning while out with pauline and peggy, he gave a quick bark and that was it. Had he been with the other dogs he would have been twisting round like a looney. He still doesn't like his lead touching his back end.
8th April 2012
This morning Louis went to live with his new owners who are living in a caravan until their house has been renovated, which is due to be completed later this year. Louis chose this lady while she was wandering around a car boot sale where Louis was in attendence, and the relationship between Louis and the couple have blossomed from there.
Louis hasn't had it all together easy so we wish him a long and happy life in his new forever home.

15th April 2012
We heard today that Louis is settling in well and we were sent some photos of him while walking along the beach close to where he now lives.
8th June 2012
Louis is getting on well in his new home and is really settled now. We also received more photos of him celebrating the Royal Wedding - or at least examining the flags!

Click images for a larger view

Louis - Brindle Greyhound
In our garden
10th June 2011

Louis - Brindle Greyhound
10th June 2011

Louis - Brindle Greyhound
10th June 2011

Louis - Brindle Greyhound
10th June 2011

Louis - Brindle Greyhound
10th June 2011

Louis - Brindle Greyhound
10th June 2011

Louis - Brindle Greyhound
10th June 2011

Brindle Greyhound
Relaxing in his new home
29th August 2011

Brindle Greyhound
Relaxing in his new forever home
8th April 2012

Brindle Greyhound
Look of love!
14th April 2012

Brindle Greyhound
A walk along the beach
15th April 2012

Brindle Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Brindle Greyhound
and again.

Brindle Greyhound
8th June 2012

Brindle Greyhound
8th June 2012

Brindle Greyhound
8th June 2012

Brindle Greyhound
24th July 2012

Brindle Greyhound
8th June 2012

Fawn & brindle Greyhound
Re-united with Faun in
their forever home
24th July 2012

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