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Beech Hill House
Beech Hill House
Quality Bed & Breakfast in the English Lake District. (Certificate of Excellence - 7th year). Dogs welcome, large or small, one or more. A Greyhound haven!

Caring for my Rescued Greyhound
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Greyhounds in long-term fosterer homes:
for those in our care until we find them new homes.
(also pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines and tuna in oil, dog biscuits, Dentastix

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Some of the Greyhounds

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Charity no. 269668
Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria


Shadow arrived on Thursday 25th August 2011
Went to his new home on Saturday 8th October 2011.

Shadow's arrival and a brief history
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Black greyhound
Shadow is a lovely natured black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 5th October 2006. He is house trained, microchipped and weighs 31.2k. He walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car and from what we've seen so far he is okay with other breeds of dogs.

Went to his new home on Saturday 8th October 2011.

Shadow's Diary

25th August 2011

27th August 2011
What a lovely dog Shadow is, so calm and takes everything in his stride. To say he's still a whole dog at the moment, we've not had one accident in the house and he's not tried to 'hump' any of the other dogs as is often the case for the first day or so. He sleeps well at night and we don't hear a sound from him till the morning when he joins the others to go in the garden to do their toilet. He hasn't worked out the food routine yet because after I've prepared it and given all the others theirs I have to go and look for him and show him his food dish in order to make him move. A smell of his food and he's up following me to his allotted space to feed him. Once fed he goes straight into the garden without the need for us to guide him and once he's done his toilet he stands at the door waiting to come back in.
Shadow doesn't know his name as yet, but it will come. He enjoys cuddles and loves and gives us a lovely wag of his tail when he sees us. He's a super dog and will make someone a lovely companion.
28th August 2011
Having said I have to go and find Shadow to give him his dinner last night he was there with the others watching me get it ready - the 'penny has dropped'! He doesn't grumble as another dog walks past him on the way into the garden while he's eating. He doesn't gobble his food and once finished follows the others into the garden to do his toilet.

Click images for a larger view

Black Greyhound
25th August 2011

We had a thunder storm last night, which didn't bother him and he's settled into our daily routine like a 'duck to water'.
7th September 2011
This evening we received an email from Pauline who is now fostering Shadow until he finds his new forever home. She wanted to let us know that Shadow decided to have a look in a carrier bag and somehow managed to get it caught round his collar and ear. All they could hear was rattle, rattle, rattle as he walked into their room asking for help getting off him - he did look funny!
8th September 2011
Just received an email from Pauline saying Shadow has just been 'talking' to a teddy in the toy box, which made them chuckle!
9th September 2011
Recieved an email from Pauline letting us know that their Jenny has just plonked herself down on the bed Shadow's been sleeping on all night. He's standing over her willing her to move, but she's not moving and there isn't a grumble coming from him.
10th September 2011
Recieved an email from Pauline letting us know that Shadow had his stitches removed today and his neutering operation looks well. His potential new owners who can't re-home him yet because of holiday arrangements wanted to take him for a ride and walk along the coast road so they could get to know each other. However, because of the heavy rain they decided to do a short walk around the estate then back for a cup of tea. This was a pity because they were planning to take him out for the day.
15th September 2011
Received an email today from Pauline letting us know that Shadow enjoyed his run in the small enclosed field they know of - he ran round and round then came back to a whistle and a call. He loved it.
16th September 2011
Received an email from Pauline letting us know that when she let all the dogs out last thing she heard a deep bark outside. Thinking it wasn't one of her dogs she looked out of the window and sae Shadow letting a suspisious person all hooded and peering in our garden that he wasnt welcome.Good on you Shadow!
She commented on what a wonderfull dog Shadow, but then we quickly discovered that when he arrived here. Loves to follow them arround and when they sit he lays down. He even knows which is his food place now, doesn't gobble it down as quick and enjoys playing with Jessie, one of their other greyhounds and the toys.
18th September 2011
Pauline phoned to say Shadow's potential new owners came today and took him out for a while. He enjoyed his walk and showed no sign of reaction when walking past other dogs or cats, which they were pleased with.
25th September 2011
Received an email from Pauline today letting us know Shadow is fine, just being Shadow and plodding along being well chilled out.
5th October 2011
8th October 2011
This morning Shadow's new owners collected him from Pauline's house and called in here on the way past so we could complete the adoption paperwork and say our goodbyes to him. Shadow is a delightful dog and when Timmy arrived so suddenly and Shadow went off to Pauline's to be fostered I missed him. He is a real gentleman and we are so pleased he now has a nice home to go to where we wish him a long and happy life.
10th October 2011
Pauline was saying that when Shadow drove away to his new hom he was looking at them from the back window as if to say "what have I done, why don't you want to keep me?" It's heart wrenching when they do that. You know they are going to a good home, but no matter how many you foster if they look back at you from the rear window it's dreadful! She phoned to say his new owners have phoned to say everything is okay and they are receiving a waggy tail greet each morning.
20th November 2011
We received an email letting us know that:
" Shadow is the perfect pet for us he has settled in with us from day one. He does not try to go upstairs or on the settee, is perfect on the lead and with other dogs. On walks he always stops at the kerb until asked to walk on and off the lead he will return when asked. He loves visitors to the house and when on walks thinks all he meets should stop and greet him especially school children because he tries to see what they have got in their pockets for him. 
He has made friends with a number of dogs in the area in particular two pyrinease mountain dogs and two black labs. He did find it difficult getting in and out of the car, so we have got him a car ramp which has made it much easier for us all.
We should have called him Rolex  because he knows his routine to the second. His ideal day is walk 08:00, toast on return, then brush and love, followed by treat and rest. At 12:29 he starts his stretching exercises for his walk at 12:30. back home followed by treat, love and play time with his toys then more sleep. At 15:30 stretching exercises ready for Nigel to return home from work  when he goes in the car for his main walk of  the day and meets his friends. Back home his trusty kennel maid {Marie} is making his dinner for his return. 0n return eat and sleep. At 18:00 on the rug by the fire where we all watch TV. If Nigel talks too much Shadow will let him know by a sweet little grumble. 19:44 stretch exercise for treat at 19:45. walk to the treat drawer where he thinks he has to help pick the treat, usually being a pigs ear and anything
else he thinks he can pinch then 44mins nap, stretch and final walk for the day to check there is no local cats around back home a little love from us both and then sleep.
Thanks Jenny for introducing him to us, we now have the perfect family home. For those who know of 'Build a Bear' for children who can build their perfect bear we feel if there was a 'Build a Dog' for adults Shadow is what we would have built.
Christmas 2011
We received a Christmas card from Shadow's owners letting us know that all Shadow wants is more and more loves. He's been very thoughtful helping them with the Christmas tree, and trying to see what is in the pressies. What a dog he is, and they love him to bits.
7th May 2012
Pauline had a visit from Shadow and his new owners yesterday and they asked if he could come back to stay for his holidays with her on the 17th May for a few days .Of course Pauline's answer was yes.
5th October 2012
5th October 2013
5th October 2014
18th December 2014
With our Christmas card from Shadow and his owners this year came the news that Shadow is well. He still thinks he's a racer and can still run really fast when allowed to. He's a little more grey around the muzzle but is in extremely good health and he's full of character, which is nice to hear.
5th October 2015
12th December 2015
We received a Christmas card today from Shadow's owners letting us know he is fit and well and still thinks he is on the race track when out for a run. Although it worries them how fast he goes and how his heart races they say you can't stop a champion!
5th October 2016
3rd December 2016
We received a Christmas card this morning wishing us well and letting us know that Shadow still thinks he can race even at the age of 10 years. He has just been for his yearly check-up and injections and apart from a lot of grey hairs he is in very good health.

(If you have any information about any of them please let us know so we can update their pages
DURING 2011 - Kane, Kanga, Adelle, Benny
DURING 2010 - Freddie, Monty
DURING 2008 - Izzy
DURING 2007 - Joe, Paddy

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Beech Hill House B&B

Beech Hill House B&B
Nr Grange over Sands
LA11 6RH
The English Lake District

Dogs Welcome
(large or small, one or more)
© 2004 - 2017 Jenny Stott
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