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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria


Alfie arrived on Thursday 8th November 2012
Went to his new home on Saturday 15th December 2012.
Sadly Alfie was returned to Rescue on Sunday 3rd March 2013
Went to his new forever home on .

Alfie's arrival and a brief history
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Alfie is a lovely, affectionate and adorable black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 1st June 2009. Initially found as a stray wandering the moors above Alston he saw a gentleman walking his dog, attached himself to them and followed them home. He was brought to us the following day, but no one came forward to claim him.
Alfie is house trained, neutered, microchipped and inoculated. He is fine with young children, very affectionate, walks nicely on the lead and travels well in a car.
Alfie was sadly returned to rescue after being in his new home for nearly 3 months. Due to circumstances his new home didn't work for him, so we are once again looking for his forever home.
Alfie's Diary
8th November 2012

11th November 2012
A family called in here this afternoon to look at the greyhounds and have a chat with a view to re-homing one. Alfie took quite a shine to them and wasn't worried at all when the little boy suddenly cried and tapped him on his nose by accident as he waived his arm about. The family were so taken with Alfie they asked if they could reserve him if no one came forward to claim him.
15th November 2012
This morning Alfie went to Pauline's house where he will be fostered with her family and their other greyhounds and whippets until he finds his forever home. Alfie, while being with us the past few days has been wonderful in the house despite him still being a whole dog, and had settled in well with our greyhounds. He should have no problem settling in with all Pauline's dogs and will be able to meet more easily the family who called in here to see him and place a reserve on him should no one come forward to claim him.
16th November 2012
The family who called in here and fell in love with Alfie called into Pauline's yesterday and took him for a walk lasting over an hour. They were very pleased with him and everyone enjoyed it.
17th November 2012
We heard this morning that Alfie is settling in well at Pauline's and is sleeping downstairs at night with Taylor. Neither of them want to tackle the stairs, but Pauline has no carpet on her stairs and this may well be the reason why.
19th November 2012
When Alfie first arrived he came with a scab on his neck, which was beginning to heal, but was somewhat matted with hair. Pauline bathed it again this evening and the old scab came off along with some of the matted hair. She says it looks a lot better, but looks to have been quite a deep wound, whatever caused it.
26th November 2012
This morning Nelson, as his potential new owners want to call him went to the vet to be neutered. All went well, and while under the anaesthetic the vet shaved the hair away from the wound on his shoulder to stop it matting into the scab and cleaned the whole area. It was being slow to heal but there was no infection.
15th December 2012
This afternoon Nelson went of with his new owners to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
3rd March 2013
This afternoon Nelson was returned to Rescue because his new owners said things were just not working out as they thought. Alfie, as we will always know him was very quiet and patient while we were talking and once the 'Transfer of Ownership' form was signed and we were on our own I took him into the garden to meet the others and do his toilet.

Alfie went to his new home, which we hope will be his forever home and that he will be very happy there.

29th March 2013
We received an email today letting us know that as this email is being written Alfie and Kya, his companion greyhound are both flat on their backs fast asleep, with Alfi snoring his head off!
It has been a difficult adjustment for Alf, primarily learning that he is not supposed to poo and wee in the house. Over the first 8 days they've had to have eyes in the back of their heads to try and stop him and quickly guide him to the garden. Even with three good walks a day, and plenty of time in the garden chasing round, he still seemed to always find a bit extra to leave in the house!
Anyway, now the good news. Over the last two days, he seems to have really turned a corner with no accidents, he now understands the garden is his toilet and knows how to ask.
So far he has been an absolute gentleman, especially so around Kya, perhaps that was part of his problem as he always waited for her to instigate what to do, even when it came to eating, he would wait until she started before he would follow. Now he seems to be finding the confidence to just get on and do and is settling in, appearing to be a very, very, happy hound. Even though he's ventured upstairs and found the spare double bed, he still prefers to stay near Kya overnight downstairs, where they both sleep through without a peep from either of them - Many thanks for allowing Alfi to become a new member of the family.
14th June 2014
Dream and his owner's met Alfie recently while out walking - they live in the next village. Dream's owners said Alfie looked well and that he and Dream were like 'doubles'!

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Black greyhound
In our garden
11th November 2012

Black greyhound
. . . and again.

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