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Bailey arrived on Sunday 27th May 2012
Went to his new home on Friday 8th June 2012.

Bailey's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Bailey is a stunning black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 2nd May 2008. He weighs in the region of 34k and is due to be neutered shortly and have his inoculations brought up to date. Bailey is microchipped and travels well in the car.

This photo of Bailey was taken in our garden when he visited us on the 20th June 2012
Bailey's Diary
27th May 2012

3rd June 2012
Pauline and Colin arrived today to collect Bailey who we were fostering and took him home with them where he will be fostered until he finds a new home.
6th June 2012
This morning Bailey went to the vets to be neutered and have his first inoculation.
8th June 2012
The family who visited Bailey came here to complete the adoption paperwork then drove off to Pauline's to collect him. They thought him so wonderful they couldn't get him fast enough and arrangements were made for them to take him back to our vets in a couple of weeks or so for his second inoculation.
Bailey wasn't in foster care very long, and that wasn't surprising as he is a lovely dog and will become a very loyal companion to his new owners. We all wish him a long and happy life with his new family and look forward to seeing him again sometime.
20th June 2012
This afternoon Bailey and his new owner visited us so we could check where he'd been neutered to make sure all was okay and to have some photographs taken as we didn't manage to take any of him the short time he was with us. He looked well and his new owner said he was a pleasure to have.
11th July 2012
We received an email today saying it's now been a month since Bailey was adopted. He loves to walk and takes his owner on regular trips of about 2-3 miles at least twice a day. They also do a few smaller walks in the day just to stretch their legs and to allow for the normal doggy "functions"!.
Bailey has learnt "stand" and "walk on" when yhey are out and is getting better at coming when they call his name. He is very loving
and gives back lots of affection. He has a few toys now which he likes to worry when they get back from a walk, but best of all he likes to sleep. They think he is simply the best dog ever.
20th February 2013
This evening we received an email from Bailey's owner letting us know all was well, and enclosing 3 photos of him - he certainly looks very happy and relaxed!
It's 8 months now since he joined their family, and his owners say he is a joy. He has grown into a very confident dog from the shy and timid dog who, they say, came to them in June. His temperament and character has changed each month, and they guess this will continue for a while yet. They still have to pinch themselves that they haven't had him a year yet, as it seems they have had him forever, and its difficult to remember a time without him.
He loves to walk, and he goes on a least 5 walks a day varying in length from 1-2 miles to 5-6 miles. They guess they average about 10 miles a day, but sometimes its much more. Its a good job they like walking. They also take him into the woods with a friend who has 7 greyhounds, and they all have a good run about as well.
Bailey, believe it or not likes to swim. They couldn't get him near the water when they took him to Northumberland on holiday, and the sea "spooked him" a little. This changed when they were out with their friend in the woods and Bailey decided he would jump into the fresh water lodge and have a swim. He surprised his owners, their friend and the other greyhounds, who all watched in amazement. He's done it a few times since, so he obviously enjoys it.
His owners say he is a very loving dog, and they love him very much.
18th August 2013
This afternoon Bailey and his owners called in to collect a new collar for him. He was looking well.
10th February 2015
Received an email letting us know that Bailey is doing really well. It'll be 3 years in June since he was adopted, and his owner mentioned "it seems he's always been part of the family."
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Black Greyhound
Bailey in his new foster home
4th June 2012

Black Greyhound
Bailey in his new forever home
10th June 2012

Black Greyhound
Taking a nap!
11th July 2012

Black Greyhound
and again - on or before
the 20th February 2013

Black Greyhound
. . . and again . . .

Black Greyhound
. . . and again . . .

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