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Bess arrived on Wednesday 19th September 2012
Went to her new home on Saturday 3rd November 2012

Bess's arrival and a brief history
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Blue Greyhound
Bess is a lovely blue ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 17th September 2007. She weighs about 57lbs, is house trained, spayed and microchipped. Her inoculations are in the process of being brought up to date.
Bess is a really friendly girl who is super with children, okay with other breeds of dogs, walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car
Bess's Diary
19th September 2012
Upon Bess's arrival she was wormed and given flea treatment as is our standard practice.
24th September 2012
This morning Bess went to the vet to be spayed. All went well and this evening she is laying in her bed sleeping things off.
29th September 2012
We heard today that all is now it should be with Bess since the issues after she was spayed. She's back to her cheeky self, but has lost  quite a bit of weight from her back because the bones are showing. Now she's eating well again she should soon regain this weight. She's on 41/2 tablets in the morning and again at night, but in herself she's fine.
4th October 2012
We heard today that Bess is getting more confident daily and now comes for a cuddle when Pauline sits down to watch telly. Her spaying wound is getting cleaned twice a day and all the dry blood has gone.
17th October 2012
Received a message from Pauline letting us know that Bess and Lola love to play together and run free in the garden.
Bess is a very greedy girl and will charge into another room at the sound of a dish rattling. She is always there first at mealtimes so they have to watch she doesn't eat any of the others' food. They can't give her anything to eat after about 4.00pm otherwise there is an accident or two in the morning. She just hasnt learnt how to tell them she wants out so they just watch for her circling and then let her out.
29th October 2012
This morning Bess visited the vets for he second inoculation.
1st November 2012
This lunch time Pauline did a home check for the family who called in here yesterday to see the greyhounds and because we thought Bess would be ideal for them she took her along. Bess instantly felt at home with them and they her, so arrangements were made for them to adopt her.
2nd November 2012
This afternoon the family who are collecting Bess from Pauline tomorrow morning called in to complete all the adoption paperwork and purchased her a walking-out coat to keep her dry and warm.
3rd November 2012
This morning all the family collected Bess from Pauline and took her home with them, where we hope she will have a long and happy life.
4th November 2012
Pauline received a text this morning saying that Bess has settled in so well, it feels as if she's always been there.
1st December 2012
We received and email this evening from a gentleman we know who has a black greyhound called Jake. He met Bess and her new owners this afternoon while out walking so stopped and had a chat. He said Bess looked really well and very happy, which was nice to hear.
8th December 2012
We heard today that Bess has settled in well, she's enjoying her walks at along the coast and on the fells, but she always likes to return to her bed next to a warm radiator afterwards!
13th February 2013
We received an email today with some photos of Bess, letting us know that Bess has settled in really well. They all had a good Xmas, Bess did well especially when she pinched what was left of the turkey. Luckily it was after everyone had all had enough! They keep forgetting how easily she can reach the counter.... nevermind!
Bess is a real speed merchant, she likes to burn up her energy by doing laps when they take her to the beach or their local field - one amazed dog walker remarked "Doesn't she know she's supposed to be retired!"
The children are enjoying their new friend and are helping with looking after her, Attached a few photos of Bess at Roanhead and home.
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Black Greyhound
In our garden with Lola
19th September 2012

Blue greyhound
In her new home
November 2012

Blue greyhound
On Roanhead beach
December 2012

Blue greyhound
and again.

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