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Candy arrived on Monday 28th May 2012
Went to her new home on Wednesday 20th June 2012.

Sadly she was returned on Friday 10th August 2012
and went to her forever home on Saturday 6th October 2012.

Candy's arrival and a brief history
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Black greyhound
In our garden
20th June 2012
Candy is a lovely black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 12th December 2007. Having had one litter of pups she is now spayed and inoculated. When she first arrived she weighed in the region of 29k because her previous owner was hoping she would come into season again for more pups. However, this didn't happen, and hence her coming to us. Candy is microchipped, has a nice nature, travels well in the car and from what we've been told is alright with other breeds of dogs.
Sadly Candy was returned to rescue when her new owners discovered she wasn't cat friendly, which was a great shame, and as a result she is now looking for her forever home.
Candy when she first arrived was fostered with Wendy and her family, and because they know her well Candy has gone back to them to be fostered again until her new home comes along.

Went to her forever home on Saturday 6th October 2012.

Candy's Diary
28th May 2012
Candy arrived this afternoon and once she said hello to our greyhounds we hoped she would settle for the couple of hours or so before Wendy arrived to collect her because Candy was going. to be her new foster dog, but she wouldn't settle so we popped her in the crate in the living room with a rawhide chew and that did the trick. She quickly settled and we never heard a sound until Wendy arrived and took her home with her.
29th May 2012

Received a text this morning from Wendy letting us know that Candy is settling in nicely and they had a quiet clean night. After it cooled down last night they took her for a walk
6th June 2012
This morning Candy visited the vets where she was weighed, spayed and received her 1st inoculation. All went well and once back home she rested and became comfortable and sleeping off the anaesthetic.
7th June 2012
Last night Candy was very wobbly and sad but by this evening she is much improved.
10th June 2012
This afternoon a couple who are interested in adopting Candy came to visit her and take her for walk. Candy pulled on the lead a little at the beginning of the walk with excitement, but soon calmed down and walked nicely with them.
20th June 2012
This morning Wendy took Candy to the vets to have her spaying stitches removed and be given her second inoculation. All completed she dropped Candy at our house to await the arrival of her new owners. When they arrived she remembered them from when they first visited her a few days ago and gave them a lovely greeting. Once all the adoption paperwork was complete off Candy went in the back of their car to her new home where we hope she has a long and happy life.
10th August 2012
We received a surprise phone call from Candy's new owners this morning saying they could no longer keep her and could they return her today. Apparently, when they were leaving the house yesterday to go on their walk Candy saw a cat laying under the car and made a dash for it. She pulled her new owner, who is retired and sadly the cat didn't survive. Poor Candy, she did what a lot of other dogs, including all breeds of dogs would have done given the same circumstances, but for Candy there was to be no second chance. She arrived here just after 2pm and after the transfer of ownership papers were signed she came in to meet our greyhounds, settle and explore the garden until Wendy called in to collect her a little later on.
Candy gave Wendy a lovely welcome and happily walked off with her to her car on her way back to her foster home where she will stay until we find her a home she can call hers forever.
25th August 2012
Wendy is having some work done to her home and Candy thinks its great. The van with all the tools etc. in was reversed into the yard and the gate shut. Candy just loved all that was going on, watching and following the gentleman who was doing the work everywhere he went. For ease he left the van doors open and in would Jump Candy. No point getting her out and shutting one door because all she did was wander around the van till she found another open and in she would go. Bless her, all she wanted was be part of what is going on so in the end the doors were left open and low and behold, one very happy Candy!.
19th September 2012
Candy likes blackberries! While on her walk with Wendy today Candy was helping herself to blackberries from the bushes. Lennie, one of our earlier foster dogs also did the same, but he enjoys all fruit including grapefruit!
6th October 2012
This afternoon Candy's new owners called to collect her from Wendy's house then came to us to complete the adoption paperwork and buy her a couple of coats and a house collar. She walked happily to the car with them, but needed a helping hand to get in with it being different to what she was used to. However, jumping in and out a few times and she will soon master it. Candy is a lovely dog and we wish her a long and happy life with her new family.
8th October 2012
When we phoned this evening to see how Candy was her new owners said she was fine and they were very happy with her. Over the weekend they'd been for one or two walks with her and although excited at her new enviroment at first she soon began to settle. Today she'd been with her new owner in his van to work, something Wendy discovered Candy loved when she had workmen doing a project at her house for a few days. Her new owner parked his van in a secure yard where he was working and Candy was able to have a wander to see what was going on or take to her bed, which was placed in the van. This evening having had her tea she was chilling out on her bed!
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Black greyhound
11th June 2012

Black greyhound
In Wendy's garden
12th June 2012

Black greyhound
Candy supervising the
work being done
25th August 2012

Black greyhound
In Wendy's garden
6th September 2012

Black greyhound
. . . and again.

Black greyhound
. . . and again.

Black greyhound
. . . and again.

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