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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Charlie arrived on Sunday 18th November 2012.
Went to his new home on Sunday 11th November 2013

Charlie's arrival and a brief history
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Black greyhound
Charlie is a lovely black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 14th September 2009. He weighs 32.8k is neutered, inoculated, microchipped and recently had a dental. Charlie loves playing with toys, is a really friendly, playful and loveable chap, but he can get quite anxious at times and from what we've seen so far he is fine with other breeds of dogs, but he has yet to see small ones such as terriers. Charlie is in our kennel at the moment waiting for a space in a foster home, but during the day he comes into the house with the others.

Charlie's Diary

18th November 2012
A couple living not far from here volunteered for the long drive to collect both Eugene and Charlie today - two of ten needing placements this weekend. The other eight went to other rescue centres. They both arrived here early evening and were wormed, flead and fed, although they didn't want their food because unbeknown to us they were fed earlier. Following a short walk around the dry parts of the garden they went in their separate sections of the kennel.
We let them out twice later to do their toilet and gave them a biscuit, which neither wanted and then we shut them in for the night.
With having all dogs in the kennel we thought it best they be muzzled if left to wander around the kennel area during the day, especially as we didn't know if they knew each other, and if so how much and did they get on. Better safe than sorry!
19th November 2012
Charlie is a little unsettled with his new environment at the moment, which may be the result of a few stressful days, so he never ate all his food again. Too interested in what was going on around him was part of his problem.
Having had a walk around the garden with our greyhounds this morning we shut Charlie and Eugene back in the kennel area, and later in the afternoon I could hear barking coming from the the camera on my laptop in the kitchen. Running down to the kennel with water spray in hand I found Charlie trying to get Eugene from his bed. Charlie obviously thought that the better bed. Glad they both had muzzles on! Anyway, Charlie got put back in his section of the kennel and the gate shut to keep him in and to settle him down a bit.
This evening Charlie seemed more settled and was happier for me to give him a cuddle. This time he ate all his tea and then we had a few minutes 'quality time' together so he knows not to be anxious now he's with us.
21st November 2012
Charlie is slowly getting used to our routine now and gets really excited when he sees me first thing in the morning with his food. He's a happy chap who hates wearing the muzzle and thrashes his head about trying to get it off. However, for the spells he's exploring the garden and running around the paddock he has it on, and at these times he's not too bothered, just when he's in the kennel area.
22nd November 2012
This morning Charlie went to the vets to be neutered and have his first inoculation because he came with no paperwork. He weighed in at 32.8k and while waiting to see the vet he said hello to an elderly Border Collie, they stood side by side, had a sniff of each other and Charlie gave it a little lick. There was also another dog, but Stuart didn't know what kind it was - Charlie simply ignored it.
All went well, and while under the anaesthetic the vets also gave his teeth a scale and polish. When he came home he came back with some antibiotics to take for about five days to help his gums. Charlie was a little unsettled when he arrived home, so a little later I fed him and that made him take to his bed and sleep things off.
23rd November 2012
Well, from the way Charlie is behaving today you wouldn't think he'd been neutered yesterday - today is just another normal day!
25th November 2012
Charlie spent the day at Newton in Furness Village Hall today where the South Lakes branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust were holding their annual Christmas Fair. He was very excited with eveything going on, wanted to see everything and met loads of people and other greyhounds. He was into everything, and very bouncy around a spaniel who walked nearby. From Charlie's manner Julia said it was hard to tell whether he wanted to say hello to it or get it, so we will be monitoring this. The trouble with Charlie he doesn't do anything at a slow pace (except sleep) and at the moment is quite bouncy, which may be excitement or nerves. Everyone thought he was lovely including Julia who was looking after him for the day, and Charlie really seemed to enjoy himself.
7th December 2012
This afternoon Charlie went to the vet for his second inoculation and to have his stitches removed. While being neutered the vet had checked his mouth and they mentioned today about a dental, so we will see about arranging this.
11th January 2013
Although Charlie sleeps in the kennel at night he now spends the day in the house, which he enjoys, but his anxiety and pacing in anti-clockwise circles makes the others agitated causing them to growl or snap at him, which in turn causes him to cock his leg against what ever he is standing next to. Therefore, he tends to stay in the kitchen with the other two from the kennel until he can cope being amongst all the others as well.
He does a lot of anxious urinating so it is a case of taking him out every hour or more often if need be, and if he does an accident in the house to show him it, growl at him and walk him to the door saying 'go do a widdle' along the way. As soon as he's cocked his leg outside it's straight back in to a big cuddle. The penny will drop, but his anxiety gets the better of him at the moment, so he needs watching. With his constant pacing and walking round in anti-clockwise circles it's difficult sometimes to know if he's just pacing or wants to go out. If he does it near the door, however, we let him out whether he wants to go or not in the vain hope he will realise that to pace by the door is the signal to us to let him out.
24th January 2013
Charlie has finally stopped cocking his leg on the coal bucket when he first comes in the house in the morning, but he still does if we let him mingle with the others in the living room, so he's still not ready for that yet. He's fine mixing with them outside, having had a grumble from one or two of them for walking in anti-clockwise circles or being silly. However, they are slowly getting used to his anxieties and he is getting used to them grumbling at him for being silly.
5th February 2013
This afternoon is the first one whereby Charlie has been in the house and has not been kept in the kitchen with Penny and Shamus. Previously, as soon as the other greyhounds start to grumble at him he cocks his leg in anxiety. This we have been working on over the past few weeks. Today was the first time that after the initial meeting he began to settle. It did mean putting a lead on him and fixing it to the hook in the kitchen so he couldn't wander too far for a while. This time, unlike previously, it has worked and he settled - perhaps the penny is dropping! He ate his food in the house, went out with them all to do his toilet in the garden then came back in, and for the very first time settled on one of the dog beds in our bedroom. Firstly, by sharing one with Penny, then by being brave and occupying one on his own.
3rd April 2013
When Charlie first arrived he chewed to pieces three beds given him in the kennel. Thankfully, they were the old ones, but it is the principle! We put it down to anxiety and the incidents coincided with him being fed slightly later, so we tried to give him his breakfast at the same fairly early time each day and it stopped. When we first started letting him the house he chewed a couple more, plus the cushion in Stuart's easy chair (thankfully only the corner) - he does it so silently! As soon as he started, on went his muzzle, he got 'growled' at and left to it. He doesn't like the muzzle, so there was an attempt to get it off followed by acceptance. Whatever time of day he did the chewing on went the muzzle and it stayed on the rest of the day. This seems to have worked because the instances reduced, and have almost stopped, especially after he discovered the toy box - until today. I was a little later than normal getting their dinner and I caught him about to chew the inside of the circular bed we have in the kitchen. He only took one bite, got growled at and the muzzle put on. He wasn't happy, but it stayed on until his dinner was ready. Once eaten and out in the garden he then lay in the same bed, no muzzle and went to sleep for the rest of the evening. Oh Charlie boy you can be hard work at times, but you are so much better now than when you first arrived.
28th April 2013
Horray! At long last Charlie is now asking to go in the garden to do his toilet. No longer pacing in circles and our need to clock watch. He is going to the conservatory door, pacing and even giving a bark to attract our attention if we haven't noticed him going there. Horray, the 'penny has dropped' at long last!.
24th May 2013
We took Charlie to the vets this morning to have a wound looked at. A while ago he caught his side somehow causing it to bleed. I've been bathing it with hibiscrub and thought it was healing, however, I noticed it starting to ooze blood from one side, so thought it about time he took a trip to the vets. Stuart lifted him and lay him on the table - he said it was like trying to pick up a wriggling worm, but once laying on the table he lay still, with the assistance of Stuart and a nurse while the vet shaved and cleaned the area. All cleaned up and on antibiotics back home he came. Fed, then to crash out and sleep things off!
9th June 2013
What a long way Charlie has come since he arrived here last November. We no longer get accidents in the house even when he becomes anxious nor does he attempt to chew things. He still paces in anti-clockwise circles occasionally, but mostly when he wants out in the garden (he even paws at the door now to let us know!). If we eat our tea before he is fed he will walk around the table we are sitting at in an anti-clockwise circle for about 5 times or so in anxiety at having to wait for his dinner. This we now see as a 'quirk' of Charlie because after about 5 circles of the table he will wander off and lay down.
To say he wouldn't allow us to cuddle him or caress his head and ears when he first arrived he now loves this and will come for cuddles.
When he sees our bed and breakfast guests arriving with their dogs he will watch now, there is less of the pacing in anti-clockwise circles and the urge to nip at the dog through the gate or fence has reduced. I don't think I could trust him 100% yet, but if the other dog isn't bouncy he is more likely to sniff. I think over the months we've had him he's seen so many different breeds of dogs come and go that he is slowly getting better, not there yet, but certainly tons better than when he first arrived.
Charlie loves people, loves being around them and receiving loads of affection and attention.
He lives and sleeps in the house now all the time, and as his anxiety is reducing he's turning into a super dog. We shall certainly miss him when he finds his forever home because he is quite a character!
4th September 2013
It started slowly at first and I think it crept up on us, but Charlie began to find it increasingly more difficult to cope with all the different kinds of dogs coming to stay at the bed and breakfast and the number of them. It wasn't until the middle of August when he started to chew the kitchen door leading to the bottom of the stairs in an attempt to get to them, running round in anti-cockwise circles everytime he heard one moving around, grumbling at our dogs while we were preparing all their food and having a snap at both Lena and Sandy one night as they walked past his bed in the dark that we suddenly realised all was not well, especially when all the dogs in the house ostracized him, so if he was asleep in the living room they came in the bedroom or kitchen, and he slept in the bedroom he found he was the only one there.
11th November 2013
This morning Charlie's new owners collected Charlie from the kennels and called in here on their way home so we could see him again. It was wonderful to see him and he remembered us and where he was.
To help Charlie's new owners settle him as quickly as they can and so they, and he doesn't go through his earlier anxiety issues we talked in detail about him. Going through all his commands, which he kindly obliged, including how he told us he wanted to go in the garden to do his toilet. Although about two months in the kennel we feared he may have forgotton the commands we taught him as this would have made things more difficult for his new owners. Thankfully he hadn't and he did us proud by remembering them.
When it was time to leave we walked with them to their car and and waved goodbye as they drove away. Huge emotions passed through us as they left. We had worked so hard with Charlie and felt we had let him down somewhat by sending him to the kennels in September, even though we knew we were doing the best thing for him. We were so proud and elated that he had a new forever home - he certainly deserved it and we wish him a long and happy life with his new family.
12th November 2013
We heard today that Charlie is doing fabulous.He is settling in really well. They only had one small accident on the first night, which was immediately behind the door to the garden. Last night they had no trouble at all.
They are currently trying to get him to go up and down stairs on his own, which although is proving hard for him at the moment, he will at least put his front paws on them. They coaxed him upstairs last night and he slept on his upstairs bed in their daughter's room. He didn't have a good night as he did a lot of wandering about, but once they get him into a routine, They are sure he will be fine.

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The branch kennel
The branch kennel at the bottom
of our garden is where Charlie
and the other resident(s) will
be for a while until he gets to know
the other greyhounds.
He has use of our garden and
paddock, and once he gets to know
the other dogs he will be allowed in
the house during the day and all
the dogs will then take it in turn to
sleep in the house at night, so
they become use to sleeping in
both the kennel and the house.

Black greyhound
In our garden
2nd December 2012

Black greyhound
. . and again. . .

Black greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Black greyhound
. . . and again.

Blue Greyhound
With Eugene in the garden
2nd December 2012

Black greyhound
Relaxing indoors
3rd February 2013

Black greyhound
in our garden
2nd April 2013

Black greyhound
in our garden
29th May 2013

Black greyhound
In our garden
9th June 2013

Black greyhound
and again. . .

Black greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Black greyhound
. . . and again.

Black greyhound
. In our garden
27th July 2013

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