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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria

(now called Millie)
(cat friendly)

Lily arrived on Monday 30th January 2012
Went to her new home on Thursday 22nd March 2012

Lily's arrival and a brief history
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Greyhound in snow
Lily is a beautiful black and white Greyhound who weighs 26.6k. She has a most unusual face in that one of her eye's has a 'marbled wall eye', therefore, one eye is dark as normal while the other has a white ring around it, which does not impede her sight as this is normal.
Lily having been re-homed for 5 months from an animal rescue centre in the county arrived back, and because we are a greyhound specific rescue we were asked if we could take her on and find her a forever home.
Lily was originally called Remi, but with her being fostered with Pat, her family who also has other greyhound called Remy her name was modified slightly to Lily to avoid confusion. She also had Pat's whippet called Hendrix as a companion until she found her forever home.

Went to her new home on Thursday 22nd March 2012
Lily's Diary
30th January 2012
This morning following a phone call a couple of nights ago from another animal rescue centre Pat drove to collect Remi (now called Lily) and bring her here so we could take photographs, check her details and worm and flea her as is normal practice. Once all completed off she went with Pat who will be fostering her until she finds her forever home.
2nd February 2012
This morning Pat took Lily to the vet for a check-up and her 1st inoculation because she came with no paperwork. She weighed 26.6k. The vet examined her, gave her the first inoculatin and confirmed her unusual eye, which we've not seen in a greyhound before is a 'marbled wall eye', that she can see fine and all is okay - its just a quirk she was born with. The sore round red mark on one of the pads on her back foot is where a corn has been removed and its become sore. The vet bandaged it so as to take pressure off the area and to allow it to heal properly. The vet also confirmed that she is indeed in season. She's in the second stage of her season, which normally lasts 10 days then she will go into her final stage, which again lasts for 10 days and is a very vulnerable time for her 'catching'. Once the final stage is over she can be spayed 8 weeks later.
3rd February 2012
This afternoon a family interested in Lily called with their terrier to meet her and take the two dogs for a walk to see how they got on. Lily took the terrier barking in her stride and apart from a small growl to put the terrier in it's place she ignored it, bless her. She is just so good, however, we got the feeling all was not well with the family and although nothing was said we felt it was Lily's eye that put them off.
8th February 2012
This afternoon Pat called in here so Lily could have a run and let off some steam in our small paddock - this she loved.
22nd February 2012
Lily went to the vet this morning for her 2nd inoculation and she weighed in at 27.2k.
24th February 2012
Pat called in this afternoon with Lily and Remy so they could have a run in our small paddock. They loved it and Stuart got some lovely pictures of them enjoying themselves.
3rd March 2012

Following the home check we did when Lily came with us she went to live there this afternoon. Pat did the re-home and stayed to offer advice and ensure all was okay. Lily will be living with a lady and her Chihuahua.
4th March 2012
Pat, who was fostering Lily and did the re-home yesterday received a phone call this morning asking her to go and collect Lily. Sadly the lady hadn't fully recovered the grief of loosing her other dog, and deep down when you take on a new dog it is best to listen to the advise offered by the fosterer, give the dogs time to settle and to refrain from choosing favourites - all are recipes for disaster. Lily is therefore, now back with Pat being fostered and having had a stop-over!
9th March 2012
Pat called in today to give Remy, Hendrix and Lily a run in our small paddock, and as usual they came in the house and said hello to our greyhounds whilst we had a coffee.
22nd March 2012
This morning Lily went to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life with her new family, their cat and her kittens and the rabbit.
25th March 2012
Lily is settling in wonderfully with her new family and they adore her. She is now going to be called Millie because a dog who visits regularly and who will play with Lily is also called Lily, so Lily has become Millie!
1st May 2012
The cat that Millie went to live with had kittens and her new owners sent us a photograph of her with one of them. When they were small and kept warm in a box when they were let out to exercise they used to jump all over Millie and she used to just let them - bless her.
25th June 2012
We've just heard that Millie has just started some bizarre behaviour, which lasts for about half an hour after she's had her food. No matter what she is fed on she does it. She runs round like mad bashing into things and play catching her tail and biting it to the point it's bleeding badly. She has very loose stools and lots of it. The only thing that stops the loose stools is fish and that makes her breath stink. This behaviour only lasts for about half an hour then she settles happily to her bed and goes for walks etc until the next meal time and it begins all over again. When her new owners got her they fed her on a complete food we don't normally use as we find it gives them bad flatulence, but that seemed okay with Millie, so her owners are going to put her back on that to see if it sorts her behaviour out. If it does, then she will stay on that food, and if it doesn't, it will mean a trip to the vet to see if she has some form of food intolerance. Let's hope it's not too serious and that things soon settle down again.
29th June 2012
We heard this afternoon that since Millie was put back on the food she was originally on when she first went to her new home things have settled. It's not even been a week yet and already her stools are back to normal, she is no longer hyper after eating her food and she is no longer chasing her tail, so that is beginning to heal. The food she was recently changed on to that initiated the behaviour was the same that Pat used when she was fostering her. We are now beginning to wonder if this is why Pat had the problems she did while she was with her. The food she went on to when she was re-homed was the same as a friend used so they bought it before asking what food she'd been on while in foster care. What a good job, because had she stayed on the same food that we feed all our greyhounds, it may have taken us a while to work it all out.
Click images for a larger view

Greyhound in snow
Enjoying the snow
6th February 2012

Greyhound on beach
Enjoying a walk on the beach
24th March 2012

Greyhound relaxing
Relaxing as a greyhound should
April 2012

Greyhound and kitten
With one of the kittens
1st May 2012

Party time
21st July 2012

Millie and Lily
8th September 2012

Millie - black & white Greyhound
Millie's dress rehearsal
for Halloween night.
22nd October 2012

Millie - black & white Greyhound
and again on the night.
31st October 2012

Millie - black & white Greyhound
8th June 2014

Millie - black & white Greyhound
8th June 2015

Greyhound with kitten
March 2014

Millie - black & white Greyhound
Trying on her hallloween costume
12th October 2014

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