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Lola arrived on Wednesday 19th September 2012
Went to her new home on Tuesday 23rd October 2012.

Lola's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Lola is a beautiful black greyhound who will be 2 years old in October. She weighs 23.6k, is house trained, spayed, microchipped and in the process of getting her inoculation brought up to date. She has a lovely friendly nature, enjoys cuddles, playing with toys and travels well in the car.

Went to her new home on Tuesday 23rd October 2012.
Lola's Diary
19th September 2012

25th September 2012
This morning Lola went to the vet to be spayed and receive her first inoculation. She weighed in at 23.6k. All went well and Stuart collected her this afternoon.
Upon arriving home she wouldn't lay down, she wanted to sleep it off and was wobbly on her legs, but was frightened to lay down, so we assisted her and she settled better. Some females having just been spayed are sometimes like this and once they realise it's not going to hurt laying down quite as much as they think they settle.
Last thing she went out with the others and when she came in she started looking for food, so we fed her, which she enjoyed then settled to her bed.
30th September 2012
With Fleck finding Pauline's house rather too busy with everyone coming and going all the time, because of the fundraising activities she does for the branch, along with so many young children running around all the time making him a bit over excited at all the activity going on it was thought best he came to us to be fostered where our lifestyle is somewhat different. As a result, when Pauline and Colin brought Fleck here today Lola, who we were fostering went back with Pauline, who will foster her until she finds her forever home.
4th October 2012
When Lola first arrived at Pauline's she was a rathr unsettled and would bolt her food down. What a difference a few days make, now she is feeling more settled, and the need to eat her food in such a hurry is going.
5th October 2012
Pauline emailed to say that lola's stitches are now out and the scar has healed well.
12th October 2012
This morning Lola weighed in at 24k and had her second inocuation.
17th October 2012
Received a message from Pauline letting us know that Bess and Lola love to play together and run free in the garden.
Lola is a live wire and loves nothing more than running up and down stairs all day, so the safety gate goes on the stairs at night otherwise no one gets to sleep!
21st October 2012
Pauline commented on what a difference a week makes. No one could get near Lola's feeding bowl at dinner time when she first went ther let alone share her dish with another - she's settled in fine and gets on really well with Bess.
23rd October 2012
This afternoon the couple with Shepherd came to see Lola, fell in love with her, adopted her and took her home with them. Lola will make a nice companion for Shepherd and we wish them a long and happy life together.
26th October 2012
We heard today that Lola is settling in nicely in her new home. She is definitely more boisterous than Shepherd and craves attention getting lots of it from the whole family. She has picked her favourite spot on the couch and follows her new owners around the house being nosey all the time. At night she makes sure they are in bed then goes back downstairs and settles on the couch near Shepherd.
She is extremely curious with the cats and takes every opportunity to have a sniff which has been met with lots of hissing and spitting at first and a couple of swipes from them, but she doesn’t look like she is aggressive, more playful, and the cats are settling down now standing their ground until she backs down.
Her new owners have now got her into a routine for meals, ablutions and walks and she has a healthy appetite. She wants to be let off the lead on the beach, but they are a few weeks off that, so she will have to be patient. All in all, much different to Shepherd but a real character and she is more of a Daddy’s girl as well.
31st October 2012
This evening we received an email with a couple of photographs of Lola settling in her new home and sharing her bed with one of the family cats. Lola happily slept while the cat lay close behind her - a good start.
5th November 2012
We received an email today containing a photograph of Lola sitting on of the easy chairs with one of the pet cats laying on the arm of the chair. What a super picture - perfect companions!
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Black Greyhound
In our garden
19th September 2012

Black Greyhound
and with Bess
19th September 2012

Greyhound with cat
Settling in
31st October 2012

Greyhound with cat
and again.

Greyhound with cat
With one of her new companions
in her new home
5th November 2012

Lola - black Greyhound
27th September 2016

Lola - black Greyhound
27th September 2016

Lola - black Greyhound
27th September 2016

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