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Fosterers are a valuable part of greyhound rescue in that another greyhound is living life away from the kennels and taking the first steps towards getting used to the family way of life. If you live in the South Lakes or the surrounding area and would like to foster a greyhound until we can find him or her a new home.
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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria

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Maggie arrived on Wednesday 25th July 2012
Went to her new home on Thursday 6th September 2012.

Maggie's arrival and a brief history
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Black greyhound
Maggie is a beautiful black greyhound who has a few white flecks scattered around her body. She was born on the 4th September 2008 and weighs 28.7k. She has a lovely gentle nature, enjoys being cuddled and enjoys playing, but can be a little shy of people until she gets to know them.
Maggie was spotted on the internet and available for free. Having made contact with her owner at the time, arrangements were made to collect her and brought here for us to foster until we could find her a nice forever home. We were told she found the other dogs in the household too boisterous for her and hence the reason for looking for another place for her. We don't know what breeds the other dogs were. Having lived in a home before she is house trained, speyed, inoculated and microchipped. She walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car.

Maggie's Diary
25th July 2012

1st September 2012
Maggie is getting on well, has got over her ordeal with Marshal when he took a fancy to her and wouldn't take no for an answer. All wounds are healed and she’s running around the garden with him now.  Think the phantom pregnancy she was having when she first arrived affected her and was what attracted Marshal to her.  She loves sleeping on the dog bed by the side of my bed at night, comes for cuddles and gives us a lovely greeting if we go out and come back in. 
She understands ‘stay there, back soon’ and is picking up on one or two other commands as well.  Her favourite bed is the one Indi uses, so to save keep asking her to get out we bought Indi a new one.  It’s one of those soft oval beds with sides that are soft and fluffy, she just loves curling up in that with her back against the soft sides. 
Maggie is a good eater, but can be a little monkey with rubbish bins or things laying around.  If she gets bored or feels neglected she will find something to chew – loves cardboard.  When all the dogs are shut in the living room while we are doing breakfast if she thinks we are being too long she will find something to amuse herself, she took a box of panty liners from our bathroom the other morning, took them all out and chewed the box!  The past couple of days we’ve been popping a muzzle on her in case she plays with something we would rather her not dismantle – the rest of the day she’s fine.  Each time she gets something she’s not supposed to have, we just take it off her and give her something from her toy box instead, so as to teach her that when she gets bored to go to the toy box and not go hunting for something of ours.  She’s a really lovely dog.
4th September 2012
Maggie went to the vet this morning for a check up and to have her second inoculation.
6th September 2012
Maggie's new owners arrived this afternoon to adopt her and take her home with them. Maggie gave them a wonderful welcome and after all the paperwork was signed she jumped in the back of their car, and off she went to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life.
7th September 2012
We received an email today from Maggie's new owner saying she's such a lovely girl!
Maggie had a good journey home, a little fidgety towards the end of the trip but it was warm in the car so they put the air conditioning on and she soon settled back down. 
Upon getting home they took her straight through to the garden and after 5 minutes she had her wee, obviously she was a little anxious with her new surroundings so wouldn't take a drink straight away but did so later.  They took her for a good walk and had need of a poop bag as soon as she encountered a grassy area. She was so well behaved on her walk which is nice and quiet through mature woodlands so nothing too scary, she was a little nervous by the main road which they take to get to the woods, but they kept a firm hold of her lead and the length short so that she felt secure.  
Their cat Daisy has been very good with Maggie and she in turn has only been a little nervy around Daisy, it was funny last evening, Maggie was asleep on her bed and Daisy came along and sniffed her feet, Maggie never even flinched!  
Feeding Maggie has also been fine, she was a little shy at first, but soon came round and ate her tea and breakfast no problem.
During the night Maggie slept in the lounge with the door ajar and the baby gate on and they just heard one little cry. Her owner went down and told her to go back in her bed which she did, and they didn't hear anything else all night!
Maggie has enjoyed a couple of short walks today as it has been quite hot and they will take her to the woods later on. On her this morning she had a little interaction with a lively little lurcher and coped really well, the dog's owner made a big fuss of Maggie and said she was beautiful!
They are going for a nice family walk with their son, daughter-in-law and their dog on Sunday which they are all looking forward to.
They say Maggie is not impressed with her muzzle but they know how important it is to persevere until her and Daisy are true friends!!
28th September 2012
We received an email today letting us know that Maggie is really coming along and they have now dispensed with the muzzle in the house as she seems to have fully accepted Daisy, their cat. They followed my advice from my book and found that keeping one of Daisy's toys from her bed has helped things along - Daisy is still a little edgy around Maggie but they are eating together and they hope to bring Daisy's bed back into the lounge shortly (she's been chilling out upstairs since Maggie arrived).  Maggie is still a little nervous around traffic and also playful teens and tots, especially if they are playing ball-games for some reason!  Apart from that she has really settled in, she loves her bed and toys and is very settled during the night, she also loves pigs ears and tinned mackeral! 
Maggie's owner has just come back from a National Trust working holiday and whilst her husband was dropping her of at the station Maggie chewed the corner of her National Trust handbook, almost as a form of protest for her leaving her. They said it was really funny as this has been the one and only episode of mischieviousness since she's been with them!
24th December 2013
We received a Christmas card from Maggies owers letting us know that Maggie continues to thrive and enrich their lives.

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Black Greyhound
In our garden
4th August 2012

Black Greyhound
. . . and again.

Black Greyhound
... and again,
but now wanting to play.

Black Greyhound
. . . and again.

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