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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Shepherd arrived on Friday 23rd March 2012
Went to his new home on Sunday 1st July 2012.

Shepherd's arrival and a brief history
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Brindle Greyhound
Shepherd is a lovely dark brindle ex-racing Greyhound who was born on the 9th May 2009. He is currently being fostered with Jenny and Stuart along with their family of Greyhounds and is their 140th Greyhound to foster.
Shepherd never nearly made it here and we are gratful to the people involved in persuading his ex-owner to allow him to come into Rescue. His inoculations are being brought up to date because he came with no paperwork and he will be neutered shortly. He is microchipped and has a nice friendly nature, walks well on the lead, loves playing with his bones and soft toys, travels well in the car and from what we've seen so far is okay with other breeds of dogs.
However, Shepherd has a phobia of parked cars. Moving ones don't bother him, but he's scared to death of parked ones, why, we are not quite sure, but is something we are trying to help him overcome

Shepherd's Diary
23rd March 2012
Shepherd, although that only became his name this afternoon, was picked up this morning around 7am and taken to the lady who told us about his plight. She then drove him here and they arrived just after 1.30pm. Poor Shepherd looked a very frightened and bewildered dog, but his tail was soon wagging when introduced to ours the other side of the gate. Once the paperwork was signed and the lady left we wormed, flead and fed him, which he enjoyed then out in the garden to do his toilet. Back in doors we kept him on a lead for a while to help him settle then after he'd had his tea in the evening we let him off the lead to wander and settle before bed time. He got a grumble and a snarl from Sandy so he moved away, then a grumble from Indi so moved away and in the end lay on the dog bed in the kitchen alongside Duke and then Magic. He's been very good in the house and we haven't had one accident and this evening he's fast asleep with the others as I type this.
When we were first told of him the lady believed him to be only about 21 months old from the information she'd been given, but his earmark makes him 3 in May.
Shepherd has a very thick, fluffy and dull kennel coat at the moment, but in time he will cast this as his nice new coat comes up underneath. He could also do with putting a couple of kilos of weight on him, something that isn't quite so noticable with his coat being so thick.
Shepherd got his name because his colouring and markings are similar to a German Shepherd and is a male double of darling Poppy who was tragically killed shortly after she arrived in foster care.
25th March 2012
This afternoon we took Shepherd in the little paddock so he could have a run and wander without his lead on. He loved running up and down, then was quite happy to stroll around with the others and we were able to take some pictures.
We were going to nip to the pub in the car this evening and decided to take the three new foster dogs with us. As soon as Stuart opened the car door Shepherd panicked, jumping and looping in the air trying his best to get out of his collar. I quickly took the other two as Stuart tried his best not to let him get from his collar - it was a close shave! The art is to treat it like a car going into a skid and go gently with it because to get from the collar they need the lead as tight as possible to give hold to pull from the collar. Stuart eventually got him to run into the drive as a form of game, then into the garden. Once in the garden he was fine. It was something about the open car door that did it because he's walked past the car with the others on their way out for a walk and he's been fine. We shall need to watch this because tonight was a bit too scary for comfort.
27th March 2012
As we were all coming back from our walk this afternoon I motioned towards the card door and unlocked it. Shepherd started to feel quite uneasy as we opened the door, then shut it, locked it and walked on down the drive.
28th March 2012
This morning we had to attend a meeting and couldn't take any dogs with us because the car was to be left outside and it was too hot. We were away about four hours and half expected some accidents upon our return, but nothing, not one of the new foster greyhounds had done anything - except remove the toilet roll from the bathroom and shred it over the settee!

1st July 2012
This afternoon the couple interested in Shepherd called in to visit him again and to watch how he reacts as he approaches parked cars. We used their car with the hatch back open and used pieces of cheese to reward him when he jumped in the back. We originally thought they were just coming to see the issue he had with cars before making their mind up, but no, they came to adopt him.
Once all the adoption paperwork was complete he went off with them with our collar, lead and harness on, so he would be safe until they purchased the same.
I was very close to Shepherd and he was with me, so it was a very peculiar feeling to see him drive away to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
Shepherd's blog:

Jenny and Stuart were absolutely brilliant and left Shepherd in our care ready for the hour long journey back home. Shepherd was hot and panted a bit in the car obviously a bit unsure of the comings and goings. There were one or two obvious nervous smells but me and Shepherd just put up with them .....
On arrival home we discovered most of the cheese imparted before the journey during the training exercise had since departed and an emergency washing session was needed. We briskly walked Shepherd into the back garden through the house where two of our tomcats greeted him with arched backs and hisses. Shepherd was completely non-plussed and showed no reaction even when the white one (Grebo) decided to leg it over the shed in a theatrical fashion.
Twenty minutes after arriving and Shepherd was tucking into his food and water and following both of us around the garden and the house.
At opposite sides of the garden he would come over to each of us when called and he took an instant liking to the eldest lad. 20.15
Shepherd seems to be settling in and has found a spot in the kitchen to lie down despite us having comfy beds nearly everywhere else. The cats have now started to become curious and there's a good deal of sniffing going on from all parties. So far so good, he hasn't had a tinkle as yet but we keep letting him out the back so he gets the hint.
Many thanks for trusting us with him, we promise to look after him and will visit regularly and keep you updated.
2nd July 2012
Shepherd's bed was right beside my side of the bed so it felt wierd getting into bed last night without having to climb over him, and waking this morning and climbing out trying to make sure I didn't stand on him.
Shepherd's blog:

Shepherd slept in the bedroom on his mat, only woke once through the night and soon settled down after a quick stroke. At 08.00 I went to make a brew and called him down but he was not happy with the stairs as at the moment we have the carpet removed whilst we re-decorate. The cats are beginning to accept him getting ever closer, Socks the female even sniffed at his feet, tickling him in the process and making him jump.
As I was working from home, we decided at lunchtime to take a trip into town to a couple of retail parks where I took him for a walk around the car park. At first he was hesitant but soon took it in his stride weaving in and out of cars. Once back to my car he just jumped straight in and layed down with no fuss.
We then went to a pet store, and to be on the safe side put his muzzle on, but removed it shortly afterwards as he was really clumsy with it on knocking things off shelves as he went past. He was very interested in the rabbits that were behind glass, he cocked his ears and watched them intently with no sign of anything but curiosity, he also had a brief encounter with a very flirty female Bichon Frise. Once again he jumped straight into the back of the car and led down, the cheese definitely worked on that one.
He has now had two poos and the mother of all wees in our back garden and a half hearted chew of his squeaky toy, so all in all a really good start.
7th August 2012
We heard today that Shepherd has been really well behaved and seems to have overcome the majority of his fear of cars although he can’t wait to get past a van that has it’s engine running, settling down as soon as he gets to the other side. He has been getting out at least twice a day and has made friends with the cats, occasionally giving them a lick for good measure. He enjoys the caravan and they have a bit of a battle on their hands for control of the bed when they make it up as he seems to like the fact that it’s quite low and very comfy. He has been on the lead the majority of the time and does not pull and walks to heel, just recently he has been off the lead in a controlled environment and returns to them both on command; He had a few minor accidents in the first couple of weeks during the night but has been okay for the last two or three. All in all he is an absolute pleasure to have and has given his new owner an opportunity to get a bit of exercise and unwind after a stressful day at the office. They say they couldn’t have picked a better dog.
23rd October 2012
This afternoon Shepherd and his owners came to see Lola, they fell in love with her, adopted her and took her home with them. Lola will make a nice companion for Shepherd and we wish them both a long and happy life together.
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Brindle greyhound
In the paddock
25th March 2012

Brindle greyhound
. . and again. . .

Brindle greyhound
. . and again. . .

Brindle greyhound
. . and again. . .

Brindle greyhound
. . and again.

Brindle greyhound
Enjoying the sunshine
21st May 2012

Brindle greyhound
A return visit
(with Sandy in the background)
7th July 2012

Brindle greyhound
'Chilled out'
7th August 2012

Shepherd -Brindle greyhound with cat
27th September 2016

Shepherd -Brindle greyhound with cat
27th September 2016

Shepherd -Brindle greyhound with cat
An xray of his repaired leg

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