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Sophie arrived on Friday 24th August 2012
Went to her new home on Thursday 13th September 2012.

Sophie's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Sophie is a tiny black greyhound who weighs about 20k. She was born on the 25th October 2010 and came into Rescue because she kept turning round in the trap instead of facing forward ready to run. She is vey pretty, is inoculated and microchipped, currently being house trained and is finishing a 'season' so is unable to be spayed until 3 months after she finishes. Sophie is currently being fostered with Jenny and Stuart and their greyhounds

Went to her new home on Thursday 13th September 2012.
Sophie's Diary
24th August 2012
This morning Pauline heard from the dog pound of a black greyhound on her way in. A phone call to her owner brought her into our branch instead and Pauline was going to foster her. Sophie, although that wasn't her name before arrived at Pauline's round about 5pm, greeted the other greyhounds and then happily followed Abel round the garden as if she'd been there ages! She ate a little food, wasn't greedy and wandered back in the garden to do her toilet with the others. As the others settled for the evening Sophie began to wander and became quite unsettled in the house. As a result Pauline put the crate up and Sophie went straight in and lay down. The door to the crate was left open to allow her to come and greet the others and join in if she so wished, so it wasn't used to restrict her but to give her comfort.
25th August 2012
Pauline emailed to let us know Sophie was perfect in the house last night, with no accidents and she went out with the others first thing to do their toilet. Her breakfast was as last night's dinner, taken at a leisurely pace.
A little later in the day we received a phone call from Pauline saying Sophie must be part way through a season because she's spotted blood where she'd been sleeping last night and some where she had been standing to eat her food. With one of Pauline's whippets still a whole dog who is arriving back later today with Colin following a fishing trip it was thought best she come here, and Alice who we were fostering went to Pauline's house until she found her forever home.
Sophie only weighs about 20k and is very pretty. She is the first resident in the new 'dog house'. With her being very nervous and not settling on her own in there we put Charlie in as well to keep her company, especially as he thought her wonderful and was following her everywhere. The dog house still isn't finished, but okay to put a dog in. I shut them in their separate areas and went for water. When I got back and opened the main gate to it there she was standing in the doorway wagging her tail at me. She must have been in her section all of 2 minutes before jumping over the top, which confirms the dividers are just not high enough! Oh well, slight modification needed Stuart! If she won't stay in and we can't raise the sides just yet we opened the gate to Charlie's section to allow them to wander around together. All Sophie wanted to do was cuddle up with him, and he looked the 'bee's knees'!
13th September 2012
This lunch time Sophie's new owners arrived to adopt her. Sophie gave them a lovely welcome and once all the paperwork was complete off she went to her new home where we hope she has a long and happy life.
December 2012
We've just received a Christmas card with a note in from Sophie's new owners letting us know she is settling in really well with them. They say she is a really lovely little dog and is no trouble at all. She enjoys running around the garden with the children - jumping the lavender bush and playing with her tennis ball.
She has learned to sit and shake a paw; to lie down and roll over (almost!).
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Black Greyhound
In Pauline's garden
24th August 2012

Black Greyhound
In our garden
7th September 2012

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