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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria

(cat friendly)

Timmy arrived on Monday 12th November 2012
Went to his new home on Thursday 22nd November 2012

Timmy's arrival and a brief history
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Black Greyhound
Timmy is a black, male greyhound who didn't want to race or chase. He was born on the 25th March 2011 and is cat friendly. Also afraid of chickens, Timmy is a lovely, friendly boy who is neutered, microchipped and inoculated. He travels well in the car and walks nicely on the lead.

Outside the front of our house
22nd November 2012

Went to his new home on Thursday 22nd November 2012.

Timmy's Diary
The branch kennel at the bottom of our garden is where Timmy and its other resident(s) will live until they are either re-homed or move into a foster home to await re-homing. He will have use of our garden and paddock at regular intervals during the day, and come into the house on occasion as well as the area around the kennel itself.

12th November 2012

Timmy came to us because he wouldn't chase as they wanted him to and because he was frightened of not only cats, but also chickens, so came to us with a view to being re-homed with a family with cats.
Stuart collected him from the nearby motorway junction as arranged with the gentlemen bringing him who was en-route elsewhere.
Timmy is lovely and arrived looking rather shy. Being only young the older of our greyhounds started putting him in his place from almost the moment he arrived.
13th November 2012
This evening the family interested in homing Timmy called to see him and have a chat. They decided they would like to adopt him, and wanted to call in and see him again with a view to walking him at the weekend.
15th November 2012
With Timmy being in the kennel and surrounding area the past couple of days or so, we decided let him in the house for an hour or so today to get used to it, ready for going to his new home when the date is fixed and to socialise with the others.
18th November 2012
Timmy has enjoyed coming in the house the past couple of days, not too keen on going in the kennel at night, but then that is what it is there for.
This afternoon the family wishing to adopt Timmy called in to take him for a walk. Their mother and her Westie also came and Timmy and the Westie were introduced walking down the road. Within seconds the two had met, had a sniff and that was that. Timmy was rather quiet to begin with and not sure of himself at all and I saw him walking off down the road with them with tail between his legs.
When they arrived back they said that didn't last too long and he soon began to relax, walked nicely by their side and seems to have bonded with their young son.
19th November 2012
Timmy was most put-out at having to stay in the kennel last night with the 'new boys', you could see it in his face, so after he'd been fed with the others in the kennel this morning the first opportunity he got, he got himself in the house. He loved it, and was as good as gold, much more calm around the others, so less reprimands from the resident dogs. It's almost as if he's beginning to understand the 'rules' because he was so good we decided to give him his dinner in the house later, and if still good, he could sleep here as well instead of going back in the kennel for the night with the others.
22nd November 2012
This morning Timmy's new owner came to sign the adoption paperwork and collect him. Everything complete and new walking out coat and bed purchased off he went to his new home. He walked lovely out to the car with his new owner, jumped in the back and lay down. What a super star!
During thelate afternoon we received a call asking about his food, so I asked how he was getting on and if he'd met any of the cats yet. He'd met one, who just stood and looked at him, he looked back, nodded his head from side to side and turned and walked away!
3rd December 2012
We received an email this evening from Timmy's new owners letting us know he is getting much more confident and is coming out of his shell. Relationships with the cats are slowly starting to be established, the boss male isn't bothered by Timmy, but you couldn't call them friends yet, the little female is still pretty horrified. 
Timmy was reluctant to go for walks at first, but seems much more up for it now. He runs round the garden, and they think he will be delighted when they let him off the lead with a bit more space. Not quite sure when that will be yet. 
They have a life size plastic crow upstairs, and say don't ask why! Timmy was not at all happy about it, so it has had to go out of sight. He has got used to the children playing their musical instruments, but still gets a little scared at times if there is a sudden noise.
He has become part of the family, spent a lovely day on the sofa with their daughter when she was unwell, and everyone loves him. 
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The branch kennel
The branch kennel

Timmy - Black Greyhound
In our kitchen during a short
stay here while his owners were
at their son's wedding.
1st November 2015

Timmy - Black Greyhound
Waiting for his dinner
1st November 2015

Timmy - Black Greyhound
1st November 2015

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