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Tina (2)

Tina arrived on Friday 6th January 2012
Went to her new home on the 4th February 2012 .

Tina's arrival and a brief history
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White and black greyhound
Tina is a beautiful small white and black ex-racing greyhound who is approximately 3 years old. She is currently being fostered with Julia, her family and 3 dogs (labrador and 2 lurchers). She weighs 24.2k, is microchipped, her inoculation history is being checked and she is to be speyed shortly. Tina has a pretty face, a lovely sweet nature, and from what we've been told she is okay with other breeds of dogs and children, travels well in the car and walks nicely on the lead.

Went to her new home on the 4th February 2012 .

Tina's Diary
6th January 2012
The lady who told us of Tina brought her here today along with Pop. Of the two she brought in Tina first. She came in wagging her tail, said hello to all the other greyhounds behind the gate at the end of the kitchen then had a good look around the room before settling on the dog bed in front of the kitchen fire. We completed the transfer documentation as usual, checked to see if she was microchipped, which she was and weighed her. She weighs 24.2k. She was racing until a couple of weeks ago when she hurt her front left wrist and thus the reason she was no longer wanted. As the injury is still fairly new she is limping a bit and her wrist is a little swollen, but Julia, who is going to foster her until she finds her forever home will keep and eye on this to ensure all is okay with it. She also had a scab on her back right leg, which Julia will clean and again keep an eye on.
Tina seems such a happy little girl, is constantly wagging her tail and has a lovely cute face. She is a bonny dog!
Tina came with no inoculation paperwork, but we are told she is fully inoculated as they have to be to race. As we need the paperwork the lady who brought her is going to try and find the telephone number of the vet so we can get a duplicate inoculation card. If one isn't produced then we shall get her inoculated again, and she will be speyed shortly.
Tina and Julia got on fine and after a brief introduction Julia took her to her car and drove her to her new foster home where she will be introduced to Julia's family and three other dogs.
12th January 2012
This morning Tina went to the vets where she was speyed and given her first inoculation because she arrived here with no paperwork.
24th January 2012
This morning Tina had her stitches removed following being speyed.
26th January 2012
With Maisie being ill the past night or so Julia has been watching the other dogs in the household. Tonight Tina started with the same symptoms, so she is doing the same for Tina the vets advised for Maisie.
27th January 2012
Julia phoned to let us know Tina was still being sick.
28th January 2012
Julia phoned to let us know that because Tina was still being sick the vet advised she cancel the appointment to have her 2nd inoculation done until she was better. She was also due to be re-homed tomorrow so that has been put on hold until she is well again and able to have her inoculation.
4th February 2012
Tina having recovered from her sickness had her 2nd inoculation today then came here for her new owner to adopt her. Sadly the occassion was not the happiest and Julia, who fostered Tina did the adoption paperwork because around the time they arrived Stuart phoned to say he'd found Poppy's body in the grass verge on the A590 and was bringing it back. It was a very distressing time and we apologise to Tina's new owner for not being our usual happy, helpful selves.
Having said that Tina is a lovely little girl and she happily went off with her new owner to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life.
17th December 2013
We received an email today letting us know that Tina is doing very well.  Sometimes she is a bit grouchy with other dogs they meet on their walks but loves laying in the sun and having her tummy tickled. She is very friendly to everyone they meet.
This photograph of her is on one of their daily walks in the woods, with a slightly manic stare as she's just chased a squirrel.  She never catches them because there are just too many trees.
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White and black greyhound
In our garden
6th January 2012

White and black greyhound
6th January 2012

White and black greyhound
6th January 2012

White and black greyhound
6th January 2012

White and black greyhound
In her local woods
17th December 2013

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