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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria


Tom arrived on Saturday 3rd February 2012
Went to his new home on Sunday 22nd April 2012

Tom - a brief history
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black greyhound

Tom is a loving, affectionate and obedient greyhound who was born in October 2007 and weighs 30k. He was fostered with Wendy and her family who include two other Greyhounds.  Tom has a nice nature, walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car and from what we've been told is okay with other breeds of dogs and children. He will make someone a wonderful companion.

Tom's Diary
3rd March 2012
This morning Tom's racing owner brought him here to foster with Wendy and her family until we can find him a nice forever home. Tom, once his owner left was a little distressed at seeing him leave, but we took him for a walk around the garden where there were plenty of new sniffs to take his mind off things. Once Wendy and Tom had made friends off he went with her to his new foster home and to say hello to Samson and Coco, Wendy's other two greyhounds.
8th March 2012
Wendy emailed to let us know that Tom is clean in the house, ignores the sheep when they go out for their walk, and she has to hoover around him because he won't move!
When out walking near Wendy's parents house Tam ran straight into the reservoir and, from his reaction, it was obvious he hadn't seen or experienced anything quite like that before!
13th March 2012
Wendy emailed to let us know Tom is settling in nicely, and is quiet and clean in the house. He has a passion for ripping Samson's toys to pieces, plays with them till he breaks the squeaky bit then kills them. When they are out he is very good on the lead, friendly to any other dogs and people they meet. There is no sign of him being a thief just the usual greyhound 'chancer'. He is just a lovely dog!!
We don't know whether he's cat friendly yet, because Kitten is the master of getting in and out the house without anyone noticing!
2nd April 2012
This evening Wendy called in on her way home from the vets having had Tom's stitches out from being neutered and given his second inoculation.
While here we took some photos of him in the garden, not as good as we would have liked as it was just going dark, but better than nothing. Tom looked well and very settled.
11th April 2012
Wendy emailed tonight to let us know that Tom has settled into their routine really well. He's a really good boy, clean in the house, no stealing or 'cruising' the counters in the kitchen any more. He's excellent on his lead and they can't fault him because even though Samson and Coco, who are Wendy's greyhounds, walk free most of the time Tom is content to trot along beside her. This is a good job because yesterday they got caught in a hale storm and he was really frightened, so they just huddled together behind a wall until it passed - much to the disgust of Coco who just looked at them like they were mad!
Tom is going to make someone a really nice companion, and they are getting quite attached to him. He loves his squeaky toys, especially his new reindeer, which he killed in about 10 minutes of having it. It still squeaks a bit even though it has no legs and only half a head - Lovely, lovely, Tom.
22d April 2012
This afternoon the couple wanting to adopt Tom arrived, and once all the adoption paperwork was complete off he went to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
4th June 2013
We heard today that Tom is doing well, but he is going to the vets in a couple of days to have his teeth cleaned. Hope all goes well and none have to be removed.
24th December 2013
We received a message today attaching a photo of Tom and letting us know he was well.
1st March 2017
Received a Facebook post today letting us know that Tom's owner thinks he is the best dog and is now fashionably going grey like himself!
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Black Greyhound
Taken just before he arrived here.

Black Greyhound
In our garden
2nd April 2012

Black Greyhound
2nd April 2012

Black Greyhound
2nd April 2012

Black Greyhound
24th December 2013

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