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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Arrived Monday 12th November 2012
Went to his new home on Monday 27th May 2013

Treacle's arrival and a brief history
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Fawn greyhound
Treacle is a handsome fawn gentleman who was born in August 2007, and weighs 31.9k. Having been in same kennel since a puppy Treacle was a liittle shy when he first arrived when meeting new people, but since being in a foster home this has disappeared. He loves kisses, cuddles and belly rubs. He wasn't keen on walking on floor tiles when he first came here, but now he doesn't bother and happily walks across them. Treacle walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car. He is neutered, has recently undergone a dental, is microchipped and his inoculations are up to date.

Treacle's Diary
12th November 2012
Treacle's original owner arrived with him this evening, having brought him here for us to foster and find him a nice forever home. Reluctantly, his owner left him here saying he will be missed in the kennels as he's such a lovely dog.
Having fed him and put a bedding coat on him we popped him in the kennel with Timmy who also arrived earlier today.
Treacle wimpered a little to begin with, which is understandable having been in the same kennel all his life, and knowing the other dogs and people caring for them.
13th November 2012
I received a wonderful welcome this morning when I went to feed Treacle and let him out to do his toilet. I left the bottom half of the door open just wide enough to let him and Timmy wander in and out in the area around the kennel. After the guests breakfasts were finished we let them out to wander round the garden. A little later Stuart did some tidying up work in the garden and Treacle happily followed him around and explored the paddock next to our garden.
14th November 2012
Treacle gave me another lovely welcome when I took his food down this morning and let him out the kennel. This time it included lots of 'kisses'. He is getting more used to our routine now and seems much more settled. Shortly after I let him out the kennel this morning and he was wandering round the garden with the others I received a phone call from the gentleman who cuts my grass in the summer asking if he could come and trim the hedges and bushes etc. Rather than put Treacle back in the kennel I shut our greyhounds behind the kitchen gate and they slept in either our living room or bedroom enabling me to let Treacle and Timmy stay in the kitchen and conservatory area while the gardening work was being carried out. Wouldn't like one to dash from the garden if a gate were left open by mistake.
Treacle was a little nervous at first then settled in the kitchen. We had an accident by the door when I went to open the conservatory door to let him out after the gardening work was over. Poor Treacle does'nt like tiled floors and the thought of having to walk across five foot of them upset him, so I had to push him across them to get him out the house. Once out I laid an additional very large towel across the section of tiles with nothing over them and Treacle then happily wandered in and out with no bother. This is what we did with Tam who didn't like tiles either. Within a few days of walking on the towels he'd learnt how to walk on the tiles also and tiles were no longer a problem for him. Treacle will do the same, he just needs a little time and a bit more confidence, but we will get there with him.
Although the dogs wander around the kennel during the day I like them shut in their separate sections at night. Timmy was in his and settling to his bed, but there was no way Treacle was going in and he dug his front feet to the floor and refused to budge, lifting his back end and pushing him had no effect. Therefore, I left him the run of the kennel and he settled on the mat along one side and later lay in one of the bedded sections. Treacle is quite a long dog and last night he must have decided there wasn't the room to spread out as he wanted to, or, he didn't want to be confined, and he was letting me know in no uncertain terms!
15th November 2012
When I took Treacle his food first thing this morning I was met with a wonderful welcome and a lick or two on my hand, which is lovely because it shows he's feeling much more settled.
Treacle was going to go to Pauline's house and be fostered until we found him his forever home, but with all her floors being tiles and Treacle not being too sure of them at the moment we decided to keep him here and work with him on a small section of tiles to get him more comfortable with them. As a result, this morning Alfie went to Pauline's and Treacle stayed here.
After the guests had finished their breakfast, all was cleared away and the greyhounds in the house had been fed we opened the conservatory door to allow the dogs in the kennel to wander in and out the house at will. Treacle loved it, and soon settled to enjoy a day in the house and a potter round the garden as and when he felt like it. He didn't seem bothered being left with the others while I was upstairs doing the guest bedrooms and once finished, he came for a cuddle as I sat at the kitchen table for a rest. What a lovely friendly boy he is.
When it came to his tea time we prepared his food and he ate it back in the kennel. Bedding coat on, stomach nice and full, he quickly settled to his bed for a nap.
18th November 2012
With Charlie and Eugene arriving this evening Treacle has moved into our house. Rather than just visiting during the day as he's been doing the past couple of days he will now stay in the house with our greyhounds and Meg, our 'long-term' foster dog, until we find him his forever home.
25th November 2012
Treacle spent the day at Newton in Furness Village Hall today where the South Lakes branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust were holding their annual Christmas Fair. He found the wooden floor a little unsure and we think things overwhelmed him a bit. He was stood near the door where everyone were coming in and any small dog wandering past him caused him great concern. He had his muzzle on, but they still made him very agitated so we took him to where our tables were with all the dog beds and coats on and he lay on the blanket there. From that point he was really good because he could watch what was going on from a distance and small dogs approaching the table he looked at but ignored. He met quite a lot of people during the day and to say he started a little unsure he did settle once he was on the blanket by our table.
7th December 2012
I can't say I noticed the quality of Treacle's breath while being in the kennel, but now he's indoors it smells quite foul at times, which would put anyone off wanting to adopt him. Consequently, we took him to the vet this afternoon to get him checked over. He weighed in at 31.9k, is fit and well apart from a dental was recommended and some of his teeth are loose. Arrangements are now in place to get him booked in and sorted.
2nd January 2013
This evening when we let all the dogs out last thing to do their toilet, all returned except Treacle. We didn't overly worry because Treacle often wanders around the small paddock and comes in a few minutes after the others. A few minutes passed by, and then a few more, so we went and called him, no response, clapped our hands and called him, no response. Stuart and I with torches in hand went searching for him when we heard a bark, then another. They sounded in a wierd place and we thought he'd got out of the paddock into a neighbouring field. Panic set in for a moment when we heard him bark again, and then Stuart spotted him sitting on the top of the rock in the paddock barking at the traffic passing by, the clouds or what ever he took a fancy to. He wasn't for coming in though, and we weren't having him stay out there all night. In the end Stuart 'rounded' him up and he came running back into the garden to where I was waiting. Tail wagging we both walked back in the house and to bed followed shortly after by Stuart who was none to pleased at chasing a dog around the paddock at near midnight!
15th March 2013
It's been a while since I added anything to Treacle's diary because of family issues, illness and bereavement, so let's do a little re-cap:
Treacle’s original owner and trainer said he hadn’t been socialised much with other dogs as he was always kennelled either on his own or with one other female.  As far as we are aware he didn’t mingle or run in the field with the others.  She said he could be shy with strangers and wouldn’t walk on any tiled part of the kennels.  When he arrived here he was shy of strangers to begin with and was very unsteady on the conservatory floor and wooden kitchen floor.  Over time and with seeing all the b&b guests coming and going along with their dogs he became more confident and this confidence spread to the wooden and tiled floors, which are no longer a problem to him.
We never muzzled Treacle in the house nor in the garden with certain dogs as there was no need.  In fact we only started muzzling him when Charlie arrived because we discovered that as Charlie was charging around the garden Treacle would run by his side constantly trying to nip his neck as if to put him in check and make him calm down.  He did it once and Charlie turned on him as he wasn’t happy.  We muzzled Treacle if he was in the garden with Charlie or when Charlie was in the house and the conservatory door was open for them to come and go into the garden as they pleased.  With doing our b&b work and not being able to see all areas of the garden or small paddock, and the garden being like a quagmire slowing our progress down getting from one area to another we thought it safer to muzzle Treacle in Charlie's presence to reduce the risk of a ‘tussle’, in fact we also muzzled Charlie at first until we realised he was just 'gidd'y and so long as he wasn’t nipped he didn’t bother what the others did.
The first time Treacle has been close to children was when he met Julie's two sons a few days ago when she called in to see us. Julie is going to foster dogs for us and called in for a chat. It's a shame really as we don’t get many children here and with having so many dogs all of a sudden along with all my family problems and illness we had to change how we looked after them all, not only to help move them forward, but to stop them getting on top of each other and fall out.
Stuart and I have often said Treacle would benefit from being with less dogs so he should come on in leaps and bounds now he is going to be fostered with Julie.  The main issue with Treacle is this nipping if other dogs start to play or run around fast.  It’s almost as if he’s never been allowed to play as part of a group before, so doesn’t know how to and he thinks the other dog is being naughty (or he doesn’t know what it is doing) so thinks he has to put them in their place.
16th March 2013
This morning Julie, our new fosterer who is involved with dog behavioural work came with her family to collect Treacle so she could foster him and move his socialisation forward.
Once everything was organised he walked happily out to their car, but needed a helping hand to get in the back, and off he went.
We later received an email from her letting us know they've had a fantastic time with Treacle so far. He came straight into the house with no hesitation, and Julie then brought in her dogs (the girls) - German Shepherd, lurcher and collie - one at once to meet him. Everyone greeted everyone with no problems. They all then went a short walk before lunch then this afternoon they went for a 2 hour walk along the canal and beach. He was super with all the little dogs they met and great with the people he met. The only tiny thing he did which she dissaproved of was him having a nip at Tia, her lurcher as she ran by, but at that time Tia was having a proper fast lurcher run. Julie believes Treacle has moved on from being the rather shy dog he was when he arrived to a very steady one.
At tea time Treacle was fed with the others with no problems what so ever.
17th March 2013
This morning Treacle went to his first football match while living with his new foster family. They think Treacle rather liked watching them play football. He was steady all the time and kept a close watch on the ball at all times.
21st March 2013
We received an email today from Julie with more pictures of Treacle - the lovely boy who seems to adore her. What a great boy he is. She says his recall is brilliant for her. He will still try and nip Tia the lurcher when running with her, but but now when Julie see's him doing it, it seems more gentle and a voice command from her stops him, which I must admit I had noticed when he was here if he started running alongside Charlie and about to nip him, a command from me would make him stop, if only for a minute or so. The nipping seems to be 'play' nipping, but not knowing how the other dog will react means we must try and teach Treacle not to do it.
Julie says he is one lovely dog.
22nd March 2013
It's been snowing heavily today where Julie lives and she took the dogs on long walk in the snow, sleet, blizzards etc.
Her dogs always seem to like going out in this weather and run more than usual and the same applied to Treacle who thoroughly enjoyed himself.
27th May 2013
This afternoon Treacle and Darcy were adopted, all the paperwork complete and off they both went to their new home where we hope they will have a long and happy life together.
28th May 2013
We heard today that so far - Treacle and Darcy have been brilliant. They had a super night. Their new owners put them in their beds in the hall and after they had explored upstairs and were settled down again they never heard a peep all night. Their new owners had a lovely welcome when they came downstairs this morning. They have both finished all their meals in short order as well so they say they must be doing something right!
6th June 2013
We heard today that Treacle's new owners have been letting him off the lead and his behaviour has been exemplary.
Treacle was was quite nervous at first, but this is rapidly changing as he gets used to his new environment.
Yesterday Treacle fell in a ditch and came home caked in mud all over. His new owners had to hose him off in the garden which he may even have enjoyed. The house still smells of ditchwater even now!
8th June 2013
We heard today that Treacle continues to be fine and although he makes no move to play with Darcy he does not like to be far away from him. When they are on a walk the one walking Treacle can't choose to go a different way to the one with Darcy because Treacle just plants his feet in the ground and refuses to move!
1st July 2013
Received an email today letting us know that both dogs have settled in really happily.  Lots of fun and tail wagging, eating well and enjoying their walks.  No destruction or problems in the house.  They have quickly learnt their new routines and happily conform.  Their new owners love them to bits and they are being spoilt rotten in the nicest possible way! After initially using Darcy to boost Treacle's confidence, Treacle has now become the dominant dog, and Darcy seems to accept this.
Treacle the mad head!  Loves and licks everybody and everything. 
He has successfully been let off the lead for the past four weeks and loves playing with all the other dogs he meets.  Unfortunately, however, he has had to be put back in a muzzle after an episode on Saturday morning when he picked up and shook a small dog he had previously played with quite happily.  His reaction to all dogs, large or small, before this was exemplary, so his owners found it rather shocking.  Whether he just got over excited they shall never know, but it's better to be safe than sorry.  Fortunately the small dog was unharmed, though very frightened, and the owner was understanding and still prepared to speak to them! 
Then, on Saturday afternoon, he took off at top speed to play with two labradors in the next field to where we were - and tried to take a short cut through a barbed wire fence.  He now has more holes than a colander - four or which required stitches and an overnight stay at the vets.  He has come home this morning (accompanied by a large bill!) full of life, covered in scars, but is so happy to be back with them.  His owners were very concerned and upset about the episode, but he has obviously forgotten it already.  He is wearing an Elizabethan collar to prevent him licking his sores, and is crashing into everything, but he is not in the least concerned.  They say their home is being wrecked meanwhile! 
The only other thing of note with him is that he is still not happy in their car.  He won't jump in, and is unsettled on the journey, but again they are sure they will eventually overcome this problem.
They say they can say unreservedly that it's lovely to have  greyhounds back in the house again.
Click images for a larger view

The branch kennel
The branch kennel at the
bottom of our garden is where
Treacle stayed with its other
residents until he came in to our
home awaiting a forever home.
While in there he had use of
our garden and paddock at regular intervals during the day, and came
into the house on occasion as well
as the area around the kennel itself.

Fawn Greyhound
Treacle just before he came to us

Fawn greyhound
and again.

Fawn greyhound
In our garden
2nd December 2012

Fawn greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Fawn greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Fawn greyhound
. . . and again.

Fawn greyhound
Meeting his new friends who will
be his companions in his new
foster home where he will stay
until he finds his forever home.
16th March 2013

Fawn greyhound
Settling in.
16th March 2013

Fawn greyhound
Enjoying a cuddle.
16th March 2013

Fawn greyhound
Getting to know each other!
16th March 2013

Fawn greyhound
Out walking
16th March 2013

Fawn greyhound
Watching football
17th March 2013

Fawn greyhound
and again.
17th March 2013

Fawn greyhound
Learning recall
17th March 2013

Fawn greyhound
29th March 2013

Fawn greyhound
and again.
1st April 2013

Fawn greyhound
and waiting to be allowed inside.
1st April 2013

Fawn greyhound
Enjoying a run in a secure
and enclosed paddock.
21st March 2013

Fawn greyhound
21st March 2013

Fawn greyhound
and with more friends.
1st April 2013

Fawn greyhound
In his new home
19th June 2013

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