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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria

(now called Ash)

Morgan arrived on Monday 8th April 2013
Went to his new home on Sunday 19th May 2013 .

Morgan's arrival and a brief history
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Blue Greyhound
Morgan is a blue ex-racing Greyhound who we are told is very friendly, and fine with other dogs, passing them while out walking without taking a second look, but this we will double check.
Morgan was born on the 5th July 2008 and is neutered, inoculated and microchipped. When he arrived his coat and areas of his skin wasn't in the best of condition, but in time we hope to put that right.

Morgan's Diary
* The branch kennel at the bottom of our garden is where Morgan and the other resident(s) will be for the first day or so until he gets to know the other greyhounds. He has use of our garden and paddock, and once he gets to know the other dogs he will be allowed in the house during the day and all the dogs will then take it in turn to sleep in the house at night, so they become use to sleeping in both the kennel and the house.

8th April 2013

Morgan, although that wasn't his name before, arrived here this lunch time. Having walked him around the garden to do his toilet we then put him in the kennel, while I sorted all the other greyhounds out.
Not knowing whether he had been fed today or not we gave him some food with worming tablets in and we put some Frontline on him.
Upon examining him we find his coat isn't as nice as it could be and he has one or two dry areas of skin on his body along with his tail being bald at the joints.
As Morgan wouldn't settle in the kennel on his own we put him in one section and Shamus in the one next to him to keep him company. With Shamus being the laid back gentleman he is, the next time I looked at the camera on my computer in the kitchen they were both settled and fast asleep listening to the radio!
After they had all been fed in the evening we put Darcy and Charlie in with him overnight.
10th April 2013
This morning Morgan went to the vets where he weighed in at 27.3k. He received a thorough examination by the vet who said some of the hard or bald marks on his body were pressure sores arising from the type of bedding he may have had in his kennel. Morgan then stayed in the vets to be neutered, have his tail bandaged because he's been wagging it so much the dry end he came with has split and is bleeding again, and to have the cut on his back foot looked at.
His neutering went well, his tail was dressed and he had stitches in foot, but he did look funny with a blue bandage on his foot and leg and a pink one on his tail. Oh well, that will gain him sympathy!
When we got him home we were going to let him sleep in the house, but all he wanted to do was go to his bed in the kennel, so we let him be where he felt most comfortable. The kennel was warm, the camera and sound was on so we could keep an eye on both him and Darcy, who was also neutered today. A little later we gave them both some food, which they enjoyed. Morgan, although laying quietly and looked as though he was asleep kept wimpering for some time so I went and sat with him for a while taking my book with me for something to do and my being there settled him.
11th April 2013
What lovely greeting I received this morning when I went to let Morgan and the others from the kennel, and very grateful his tail was bandaged to save more bleeding! A day without much food and he was ravenous, ate the lot then wandered around the garden to do his toilet before joining the others in the house.
Although feeling very sorry for himself last night this morning you wouldn't think he'd had anything done had it not been for his coloured bandages.
15th April 2013
Morgan had an appointment with the vet this afternoon, so on the way home we called into a pub and took him in. He wasn't too sure at first, but settled after a little while.
22nd April 2013
Morgan is in the vets today having his dental.  All seems well and we are going to collect him at 3pm. The vet said it was just a clean because his teeth were badly stained, not sure what with as he came like it, but the vet thinks it is from chewing metal bars.
He's beginning to know his name now, is house trained, and a very friendly, happy dog.  This morning when he was in the vets he completely ignored a very lively Labrador that was bouncing all over the place - walked past it with his nose in the air!  He walks lovely on the lead.
His tail has healed, but we will need to watch it doesn't crack open again at the end because he puts all his energies into greeting us that his tail gets bashed on anything that happens to be near - and he doesn't care.  Perhaps he has no feeling in it!  His neutering stitches are being removed today as are the stitches in his foot where it was cut.  The pressure sore on his pin bone is healing now he's sleeping on his back on a nice soft bed rather than something hard, but his coat is still rather yellow in places.
30th April 2013
Morgan went to the vets today where he weighed in at 28.9k
4th May 2013
Morgan's skin is beginning to look better, as is his coat, and the ends of his ears aren't quite as 'papery' as they were when he arrived.  All good signs, but we are still bandaging his tail up because he wags it so much it bashes into everything, so we are giving it some protection to give it chance to heal.  He is such a lovely, happy dog and his character is beginning to come out now, which is nice to see.
6th May 2013
I know it is Bank Holiday Monday today, but Solo had to go to the vet for his chemo injection, so the vet suggested taking Morgan in as well for his tail to be checked and his stitches removed. He was a very good boy and weighed in at 29.45k The vet asked that we not bandage his tail again, but to let the air get at it. However, should it bleed again she gave us a couple of syringes so we could place the tubes over the end and tape it in place - it would protect the tail, but still allow air to circulate.
7th May 2013
Morgan's a lovely happy lad, and now has a happy look in his eyes, has started to play with us and has recently started 'talking' to us.  His tail still hasn't fully healed and he is currently walking round with a syringe holder taped to the end because he wagged it so hard this morning it started to bleed again. The vet didn't really want it bandaged so as to let air get to it so it could heal better.  We just can't stop him wagging it.
He was in our bad books this afternoon because Stuart put a kilo and a half of bacon (for the guest's breakfasts) and 2 lamb chops in the fridge, but we think the door hadn't shut properly and Morgan took both items to his bed.
By the time we noticed something was wrong all the bacon had been eaten and most of the chops!
Needless to say he had a bit of a tummy on him, it was solid and he had a job to walk! No tea for him and he's been drinking lots of water, which is good.  Goodness only knows what will appear from the other end tomorrow?
Poor Stuart had to go back to the butchers again. As he drove into the car park there was a look of panic from the person who served him earlier - he thought something was wrong with the bacon. Oh no, Stuart said 'just want a repeat order as before because one of the dogs got the fridge door open and has eaten it all'. There was a sigh of relief from the butcher before he commented 'he's good for business', but not our bank account! We don't want to be doing this too many times.
19th May 2013
The couple who showed an interest in Morgan from shortly after he arrived here called in this afternoon and adopted him. He got on perfect with their other two greyhounds, also both blue in colour. Once all the paperwork was complete he happily jumped in the back of their car and off he went to his new home. We shall miss Morgan and so will the vets as he'd become a regular there, but we all wish him a long and happy life in his new home with his new family.
22nd May 2013
We received an email today letting us know that his new owners think Morgan is fabulous. He hasn't put a foot wrong and has almost stopped licking his tail (loads of NO!) it is drying up and healing nicely. They are calling him Ash now because Morgan shortened was Mo which is what they call Mouse for short. 
They are all very pleased to have him as part of their family.
27th May 2013
We heard today that Ash's new owners can't believe they have only had this wonderful boy a week! He's a joy, they've had no problems and he's learning a bit every day. They are off to a fun dog show today so he will meet some more dogs. He's already met aYorkie, a Collie and an Alsatian on his lead and was fine. His coat is already improving and they all love him.
In the evening we heard that he won Ist prize for most beautiful eyes and behaved like a veteran! What a lovely dog he is.
4th June 2013
We received an emal letting us know that Ash has taken to his new life like a duck to water. His tail is nearly better, his coat is getting better each day and he'll never have another horrid day for the rest of his life.
20th June 2013
We heard today that Ash is well settled now and great in both house and car, lovely to walk, no problem with larger dogs but still a bit keen with smaller ones, but that will soon sort its self out. He's not seen enough of them, and every small dog they know has gone on holiday!
Lots of people have admired him. His hair has just about all come back now and will be a lovely colour. He's also putting on some weight too, which is good.
He's so easy his new owners can cut his nails and he doesn't even wake up, happy to have his ears and teeth cleaned, has learned to just go to his own feeding bowl and not touch anyone elses.
He is going to be a 'groomsman' at his new owner's wedding on 17th July, and they are so pleased and proud to have him.
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The branch kennel
* The branch kennel

Blue Greyhound
In our garden
8th April 2013

Blue Greyhound
In the pub
15th April 2013

Blue Greyhound
Relaxing in his new home
4th June 2013

Blue Greyhound
and again.
20th June 2013

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