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Fostering and re-homing greyhounds in the South Lake District, Cumbria

(cat & ferret friendly)

Pepper arrived on Friday 15th February 2013
Went to her new home on Saturday 16th February 2013.

Pepper's arrival and a brief history
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White and black Greyhound
Pepper is a sweet white and black greyhound who is cat friendly.

Went to her new home on Saturday 16th February 2013.
Pepper's Diary
15th February 2013

16th February 2013
Pepper went off to her new home this afternoon and later we received an email saying - A great start, she is a pleasure to take for a walk, 3 toilets, had a good look round the house, and is yet to meet the cat, but they have high hopes! She is a real sweetie!
18th February 2013
We heard today that if we were to take Pepper back, . . . . . it would be over their dead bodies!! She's absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Charming, happy, loving, polite, clean etc,etc.
She loves spending the night with them lying at the foot of the bed on their deep pile Angora rug! When she changes her sleeping positions she just comes over to say hello, and then plonks back down again with a contented sigh!
24th February 2013
We received an email this evening letting us know that Pepper's new owners think she is fab, they say she couldn't be better! They took her on the beach today with another dog and she ran round like a mad thing, had a wander round, more running, and home after half an hour. She loved it, so did her owners!
Pepper met the Ferrets in the house for the first time yesterday and she seemed happy to have them round her feet, a great sign! They say she's just about perfect, and is even happy to spend time on her own in an upstairs hallway or bedroom.
3rd March 2013
Received an email from Pepper's new owners today saying they had taking her to the vet this morning because she yelps and whimpers when raising her head or moves her neck! They took her for a run in the field to see if she would perk up, but she just walked around looking disinterested! The vet has given her an anti inflammatory / painkiller and an antibiotic.
When Pepper's owner left for work a little later she gave him a tail wag and a paw while she lay on the rug in the sun! A good sign they guess, because earlier she just didn't seem happy at all. Thinking back, they say she has seemed a little withdrawn over the last 36 hrs, not wanting too much interaction with them.
14th May 2013
We received an email from Pepper's owner today with the following message:
" Well, 3 months on and what can I say? We SO missed our much loved old Greyhound, Arthur and thought it would be impossible to engage fully with another . . . . however, Pepper has stolen our hearts! She is an absolutely wonderful girl, gentle, beautifully mannered, giddy as a kipper, and an absolute delight to be with and take anywhere.
We were able to take her all the way to Skye for a superb week away with our friends and their three dogs, two of whom she'd never met before, yet she happily shared a car with for nearly 8 hours, with a few doggy stops of course!
She's had lots of runs on the beach, trips to Kirkby Lonsdale and friends round to the house, nothing seems to worry her, which is fantastic for her and makes life extremely chilled for us.
Even our initial concerns about leaving her with our two Ferrets, Charlie and Syd have proven unfounded, she LOVES having them around, shares her water bowl with them; they even queue up together in the kitchen for food, taking it in turns to be hand fed . . .amazing!
Thank you so much for finding her for us, we will always remember Arthur, but Pepper really is the best possible medicine!
18th May 2013
We heard that Pepper's on holiday with her family visiting the Isle of Skye, a perfect place to 'chill out' during those daily walks.
25th October 2014
Received an email today saying:
" Just thought you might like a Pepper (Potts for short!) newsflash.
She really has filled the hole left by our wonderful old boy Arthur when he passed away of old age just under 2 years ago.
She's a beautiful, kind, loving girl. So good round the house, especially with our Ferret, Syd. They're both happy to spend time together and even share food from the same bowl on the odd occasion!
We've now been to Scotland twice with her and will no doubt enjoy yet another visit in 2015.
To sum up she's happy, healthy and has her forever home.
Thanks for making our family whole again."

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The branch kennel
The branch kennel at the bottom
of our garden is where Pepper with
its other resident(s) slept the
night she arrived.

White and black Greyhound
In our garden
16th February 2013

White and black Greyhound
and again.

White and black Greyhound
and again.

White and black Greyhound
16th February 2013

White and black Greyhound
12th May 2013

White and black Greyhound
14th May 2013

White and black Greyhound
On holiday - Isle of Skye
18th May 2013

White and black Greyhound
In her new forever home
16th February 2013

White and black Greyhound
12th May 2013

White and black Greyhound
12th May 2013

White and black Greyhound
A Scottish holiday
11th September 2014

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