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Carly arrived on Monday 25th August 2014
and went to her new home the same day.
Carly was returned here for assessment on Friday 26th September 2014
and it was confirmed on Friday 3rd October 2014 she was to stay
here with us until we could find her a forever home.
Carly went to her forever home on Sunday 12th October 2014.

Carly's arrival and a brief history
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Black greyhound
Carly, although that wasn't her name when she arrived is a small black ex-racing greyhound who is just 3 years old.
She is very affectionate, spayed, inoculated and microchipped.
She is good with children, okay with other breeds of dogs, walks nicely on the lead and travels well in the car.

Carly went to her forever home on Sunday 12th October 2014.

Carly's Diary
25th August 2014
Stuart met Tom at Penrith who runs the West Cumbria branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust at Workington and collected Carly, although that wasn't her name at the time as she never had a pet name, but they'd nicknamed her 'horizontal Hannah' in the kennels because she was so laid back it was unbelievable.
When she arrived here we showed her the garden, allowed her to do her toilet then brought her in the house where we kept her in the kitchen apart from the others who were behind the gate at the end.
She'd not been here two hours when a family arrived with their rather timid greyhound called Amber to see Lizzy with a view to adopting her if she got on okay with Amber. Lizzy, although quiet most of the time is a very happy, playful girl and from the body language Amber found her too much 'in her face'. A walk along the road with them both they returned to say things weren't right and they didn't feel Lizzy was the one for them. As I was talking to them it suddenly dawned on me that Hannah may be just the one for them. She walked calmly into the hall, said hello to Amber and then each of the family. They took her for a walk and confirmed when they returned that Hannah was the one for them, but they would like to rename her Carly.
Everyone happy, the paperwork carried out and off Hannah, now Carly went to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life with her new family.
26th August, 2014
We received an email this morning from Carly's new owner letting us know that she was settling in nicely, Amber and Carly are fine together and she is getting the idea about the water bottle, in that when she pays too much interest in the pet rabbits she gets told off and rather wet!!
27th August 2014
We received an email today letting us know that Carly had settled in and was enjoying her new family. She can get up the stairs now and jump on the bed! They don't think Amber is too impressed that she has to share though!
3rd September 2014
An email received today said all was well, Carly still had a few manners to learn but they were getting there! Asking advice they mentioned she was having rather loose stools, which they wondered may have been from changing from a kennel to home environment and a change in the food she was being given. Hopefully it would settle down.
26th September 2014
We received a call this afternoon from Carly's new owners saying they didn't want her anymore. Although she was getting on fine with their other greyhound Amber, she was having numerous accidents in the house and when both dogs were left on their own they come back to find a real mess, which was getting them all down. This news shocked me because in the kennels before her arrival here she was nicknamed 'horizontal Hannah' because she was so laid back and nothing bothered her.
She made the perfect companion for Amber and because of this we thought it would be such a shame to break them up. As a result, I persuaded them to let her come here for a few days for assessment before they finally made up their mind.
Carly arrived this evening and settled in instantly with the other greyhounds.
3rd October 2014
Despite having Carly a week, who incidentally, was a delight to have, with no accidents in the house nor any separation anxiety when left we received confirmation notification this evening that their original decision of returning Carly still stood, so she was up for adoption again.
4th October 2014
A family contacted us a few days ago looking for a cat friendly greyhound, so we phoned to say we thought Carly may be cat friendly and were they interested if she was. This is because of her nature and they way she has been when other breeds of dogs came to stay at our bed and breakfast with their owners. They said they were very interested and could be get her cat tested.
6th October 2014
This afternoon we took Carly to be cat tested and she passed with flying colours. When one of the cats spat at her she simply turned her head away and walked off in disgust. You could almost read what she was thinking - 'Okay be like that then, I was only wanting to say hello!' She just wasn't really interested in them at all.
Confirmation to the family that Carly was 'cat trainable' and arrangement put in place to adopt her the coming weekend.
12th October 2014
Carly's new owner's arrived this lunch time, fell in love with her, completed the adoption paperwork and took her home with them. What a beautiful girl they have there, she was a pleasure to foster and we will miss her, however, she will become a very loyal family member in her new household and we wish her well in her forever home.
9th November 2014
We received a photo today of Carly settling in to her new home, it shows her fast asleep on the rug with Arnie and Fayfay the two cats who are living with her along with the little girl of the house and their whippet. In the kennels she was nicknamed 'Horizontal Hannah' and this photo certainly shows her living up to her name!
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Black Greyhound
Exploring her new home
26th August 2014

Black Greyhound
In the garden
26th August 2014

Black Greyhound
Settling in
27th August 2014

Black & fawn Greyhounds
Settling in
29th August 2014

Black Greyhound
With Amber
17th September 2014

Black Greyhound
Settling in to her new home
with her new family that
includes Arnie & Fayfay the cats.

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