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Mini arrived on Sunday 16th February 2014
Went to her new home on Friday 7th March 2014

Mini's arrival and a brief history
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Blue Greyhound
Mini is a lovely small blue -ex-racing greyhound who was born in December 2010. She is microchipped and started her last season on the 14th December 2013 so will need to wait until the middle of March 2014 before she can be spayed. Mini weighs 23.6k, comes when you call her name, has a beautiful quiet nature, walks lovely on the lead, travels well in the car and is good with children.

Went to her new home on Friday 7th March 2014 .

Mini's Diary
16th February 2014
Mini arrived this lunch time and within seconds she felt at ease and fell asleep on the conservatory floor while all the transfer of ownership forms were completed. Once all that was completed she came in the kitchen and sat on the top of the steps leading to the guest sitting room, a popular spot for new dogs because they are out of the way and can watch what is going on.
A couple called to look at the greyhounds at the same time as Wendy was taking Mini back to her house to foster until we found her a new forever home. The couple had a quick look at Mini before looking at the others. Having had a chat with them it seemed that Mini would be the perfect match for them, so they called in to see Mini again at Wendy's on their way home.
They later phoned to ask if they could give Mini a home if all went well with the preliminary checks etc.
17th February 2014
Wendy phoned this morning to say Mini was fine. She wouldn't eat anything last night and this morning she gave them a lovely welcome when they woke up, tail wagging fit to bust!
She still wouldn't eat anything this morning, but we've seen this before. She won't starve, so when she feels ready she will eat.
Wendy says she has been very quiet and clean in the house and loves her comfy bed.
Mini has seen the cat and she's shown no interest in it. Likewise, the cat hasn't done a disappearing act to one of the outside buildings, so she obviously sees no threat in Mini.
Mini met the wolves this morning. When they first appeared the other side of the fence she growled and snarled at them - and wagged her tail in big round circles at the same time. The second time she met them she just ignored them.
Wendy says she is lovely to walk on the lead, ignored the sheep as she passed them in the field and didn't bother when the bus drove past.
19th February 2014
Wendy says Mini is settling in well to her new foster home, although she's still funny about her food. She just doesn't like the complete food - dry or moist, plain or with something like meat on the top.
6th March 2014
This morning Mini went to the vets for her second inoculation and weighed in at 25k.
7th March 2014
This evening Mini went of to her new home where we hope she will have a long and happy life with her new family.
3rd June 2014
At long last Mini's new owners have been able to get her speyed. She weighed in at 21.1k and all went well with her operation.
15th June 2014
Mini stayed with Wendy, who fostered her for a couple of days while Mini's owner's went to a wedding. Although she looked well, her coat was nice and she was eating she was looking a little on the thin side, which concerned Wendy. Mini was a very fussy eater when with her original owner/trainer and again when Wendy was fostering her, so we wondered at first if her new owners were struggling with her diet because Mini only weighed 20k.
Today her owner called in with her to see me on her way back from the vets to have her spey stitches removed. She was looking much better - Wendy had been feeding her well and giving her some treats, and likewise her owners over the weekend after picking her up.
It seems that when Mini was due to be speyed the vets found she had milk so she was sent home with some tablets to dry her up.
When she had started loosing weight her owner phoned for advice and we suggested worming her. They got a wormer from the vet and she disposed of a long round worm. A short time later she was speyed and was off her food a day or so, and it may have been this that made her look on the thin side when she arrived at Wendy's for her stay.
All this was discussed with the vet today because we wondered if she may have a tape worm as well. The vet gave her another worming tablet, which will kill this if she has, if not, then we know she is clean and it may be the trauma of going through a false pregnancy, the worm and then being speyed that upset her. Anyway, everyone is keeping an eye on her weight in the hopes she can put back on the 3 kilo she's lost.
Her owner's said they would let us know how things went.
16th June 2014
Mini went to the vets today for her stitches out so she and her owner called in to see us on their way past. The vet gave her another worming tablet to be on the safe side and with feeding her more often during the day seems to be doing the trick because she was looking so much better.
2nd July 2014
Mini's owner rang to say she is now doing well. She's on 3 meals a day, sometimes 4, and her owners can see the weight coming back on her again, which is good news.

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Blue Greyhound
In our conservatory
16th February 2014

Blue Greyhound
In our garden
16th February 2014

Blue Greyhound
and again.

Blue Greyhound
and resting.
16th February 2014

Blue Greyhound
With Coco in her foster home
19th February 2014

Blue Greyhound
A walk in the fields
19th February 2014

Mini - Blue Greyhound
13th June 2014

Blue Greyhound
21st February 2014

Mini - Blue Greyhound
Licking peanut butter from her
kong while staying at Wendy's
13th June 2014

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