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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
(also pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines and tuna in oil, dog biscuits, Dentastix)

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
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which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Snowy arrived on Sunday 3rd August 2014.
Went to his new home on Saturday 11th October 2014.

Snowy's arrival and a brief history
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White and black Greyhound
Snowy is a handsome white and black ex-racing greyhound who was born on the 1st August 2009. He is neutered, house trained, micro chipped, inoculated and weighs 34.5 kg.

Snowy walks well on the lead, but can be a little shy when you first put the lead on, but once on, he is fine and enjoys his walks. He is a very quiet, loving dog, and a real gentleman.

We re-homed his a litter brother Rocky earlier. Snowy is our Lena's uncle and he used to be kennelled with Bonnie.

Went to his new home on Saturday 11th October 2014.

Snowy's Diary
* The branch kennel at the bottom of our garden is where Snowy and the other resident(s) will be for the first day or so until he gets to know the other greyhounds. He has use of our garden and paddock, and once he gets to know the other dogs he will be allowed in the house during the day and all the dogs will then take it in turn to sleep in the house at night, so they become use to sleeping in both the kennel and the house.

3rd August 2014
Snowy arrived this afternoon and what a gentleman. He quickly mingled with the others and before we knew it he was asleep on one of the dog beds in the living room.
Come tea time he was a bit picky with his food - ate the meat and left the biscuts depite them all being mixed together.
To say it was the first time in a house he was very good, not one accident and when it was time for him to go in the kennel for the night with the others he went, but wasn't all that keen - he wanted back in the house!
4th August 2014
After we let Snowy out of the kennel this morning we allowed him to mingle with the others in the section surrounding it where they stay until after all our bed and breakfast guests have finished breakfast then we let them in the garden. After a few minutes barking started, so I had to shut him back in one of the sections on his own because he found Bonnie quite tempting, and she was having none of it!
Breakfast time and once again he only ate the meat, leaving all the biscuits, but come tea time he must have been hungry because he ate the lot.
He's been wandering in and out the house all day, got on fine with the other 7 dogs and found himself a bed in the living room. He's wonderful in the house, we don't even know we have him and he's not had one accident, which is wonderful.
Stuart was amazed this evening because Snowy walked to the door leading to the garden, when he realised it was shut he came back in the kitchen, looked at Stuart and ran back to the door. He was asking to go out - and it's only his second day.
6th August 2014
Snowy has been so good today we decided to let him sleep in the house tonight.
8th August 2014
Snowy slept in the house again last night and went to the vets this morning to be neutered where he weighed in at 33k. All went well, but when the vets gave him a little food before he came home he was immediately sick. It was at the same time a thunder storm started,so it may have been the thunder that upset him. Back home he rested then had something to eat a bit later on.
Snowy is in the house perminently now because he is a lovely dog and no problem at all. Well, only until it's time to go out last thing at night to do his toilet. He wants to go and will walk towards the door, but will then turn around and come back in if we are standing anywhere near the door. Think he may think when he's out he'll be either left out or put in the kennel. Once he realises he's now in the house all the time this will stop. His previous owner who had him from being a few months old said he'd often done this as you approach him. He's not sure why because Snowy's never been ill treated. We just ignore it and smiled as we held his collar and led him to the door saying 'let's go do a widdle'. In time he will be fine.
17th August 2014
While I was sitting at my laptop in the kitchen this afternoon I saw from the corner of my eye a white dog trotting past me with body language that looked suspicious. It was Snowy. He had taken one of the padded cushions from the chairs in the conservatory and was taking it to his bed.
'Oh no you don't' I said and put it back, only to find him doing it again a few minutes later. That cushion went on the work top out of reach - then another, and another, so I took them all off the chairs and put them in a pile where he couldn't get them.
18th August 2014
Bit of a pain having to put all the cushions back on the chairs before we could serve the guests their breakfast! I was hoping what happened yesterday was a one day wonder, but no, Snowy decided to get them again today, so they all got moved and put out of reach.
19th August 2014
Well, I missed removing one of the cushions this morning having been distracted by the postman. We found it later in the middle of the living room floor in pieces with all the stuffing strewn all over the carpet. Thankfully, I had a spare, but I wasn't too happy, especially as I didn't fancy replacing them all once I discovered all the spares had gone and we were one short! I will have to be more careful to make sure they are all removed in future.
22nd August 2014
I've been putting the cushions on the top of the linen basket, and I'm sure Snowy could reach them if he wanted, but fingers crossed he hasn't touched them so far! Just hope the cushion craze is passing.
4th October 2014
A family visited today with a view to adopting a greyhound, they came to see Nero, but Snowy chose them! They asked if they could adopt him, but it was only today we noticed the wound in the fold of his chest, which we wanted the vet to see before he was re-homed.
6th October 2014
We took Snowy to the vets today about the wound on his chest, which we only spotted at the weekend because of it's location. We think this must have been caused when they all collided at the top of the bank the day the photographer took photos of Bess at the front of the house for an article about her in the Scottish Sunday Post.  He weighed in at 31.8k. The vet gave him a thorough check up and noticed his cheek was a bit tender where a tooth had punctured it.  As the tooth was out of line with the rest and a little wobbly it was decided to remove it, scale his teeth and at the same time put a stitch in the wound.  He is going in tomorrow to have all this done, and all being well he should be fine for the weekend, when he is due to be re-homed, but of course it will depend on how he is.
7th October 2014
Snowy went to the vets this morning, but didn't have his dental because there were a number of emergencies today so those who went to the vets as arranged never got sorted and all went home again at tea time with another appointment.  After picking him up from the vets we stopped off at the pub on the way back for something to eat – Snowy likes chips and pasta!  Snowy is back in the vets again tomorrow morning.
8th October 2014
Snowy was back in the vets today having the wound in his chest stitched and his dental. All went well and we collected him this evening, and brought him back home. His is still a bit wobbly and unsteady so we will keep an eye on him tonight.  The wound in his chest has been stitched, he’s had his booster inoculation, his teeth have been cleaned and the problem tooth has been removed.  That tooth was larger than we initially thought because of the way it was positioned, so his mouth is quite sore at the moment and he’s feeling very sorry for himself.   He’s to have soft food and antibiotics for a week, is on Metacam for 3 to 4 days and needs to see a vet again in 7 to 10 days’ time for the removal of his stitches and his mouth checked to ensure it is healing okay.    Hopefully, he will be feeling a bit better in the morning, so his adoption on Saturday may, or may not take place at the moment as it all depends upon how he is recovering.  Hopefully, after a couple of days he will be feeling much better, let’s hope so.
Later this evening he ate some soft food, which he enjoyed, but it caused his mouth to bleed for a while, which the vet said it might do.
9th October 2014
Snowy’s mouth bled a bit in the night, but there has been nothing since.  He’s a lot happier today and this morning came to welcome us as he normally does when he sees us.  He’s eating well and his antibiotic tablets which I just put on his meat and biscuits goes down with his food, so there is no need to hide or disguise them.  The vet thought the wound on his chest might weep and we were to bathe it if it did, but it seems nice and dry, although a little bruised around it.   
This evening he spent chilling out’ with all the others having just had a rather late dinner due to us arriving home a little late having visited my son this afternoon.
10th October 2014
Snowy seemed a lot more like himself today so he is off to his new home tomorrow so his new owner can spend time with him before he's back to work on Tuesday.
11th October 2014
Snowy's new owners arrived this lunch time to complete the adoption paperwork and take him home with them. What a lovely welcome he gave them. They have arranged an appointment with their vet regarding his stitches and dental progress, which is super. Once all the paperwork was complete off he went with them to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life with his new family.
12th October 2014
We received an email this morning letting us know that Snowy took a while to settle last night, but took to his new bed eventually and was still asleep in it at 6.30am this morning. He then decided it was too early to get up and went back again. He seems to be settling in very well indeed.
13th October 2014
Although Snowy belongs to the gentleman of the house his mum lives there also and Snowy will be her companion while his owner is at work. Snowy was to be a surprise for her and I asked she reacted to his arrival. His new owner said surprised in a word, but very happy indeed. They think Snowy is going to enjoy his new home. They say Snowy is doing just fantastically well! They left him on his own today for an hour, when he took his mother to have her dressing changed at the local surgery. He was such a good boy he took him down on the channel side so he could paddle. He loved it!!!!!
18th October 2014
We heard this evening that Snowy had his check up at the vets today and had his stitches removed. They said he vwas brilliant and never even flinched, what a star!!
His new owner says Snowy has settled in brilliantly and has started to learn some commands. He has met another greyhound this morning called, Mitzy who was adopted about a year and a half ago. They got on fabulously well together.
19th October 2014
We received an email this evening letting us know that Snowy is a brilliant and loving, kind and relaxed boy.

Click images for a larger view

The branch kennel
* The branch kennel

White and black Greyhound
A photo of Snowy while
still with his racing owner.

White and black Greyhound
17th September 2014

White and black Greyhound
and again.

White and black Greyhound
In our garden
17th September 2014

White and black Greyhound
Snowy with his potential new owner.
4th October 2014

White and black Greyhound
and again.

White and black Greyhound
In his new home and surveying
his new surroundings
11th October 2014

White and black Greyhound
Fast asleep!
12th October 2014

White and black Greyhound
Two sleeping beauties!
14th October 2014

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