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Lexi arrived on Saturday 4th July 2015
Went to her new home on Tuesday 7th July 2015.

Lexi's arrival and a brief history
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Lexi - Blue Greyhound
Lexi is a blue ex-racing greyhound who is the litter sibling of Sooty and Beauty - born on the 12th October 2011.
With her previous owner/trainer she lived in the house, is okay with stairs, house trained, fine with children, walks nicely on the lead and is okay with other breeds of dogs.
Lexi weighs 27k and is spayed.

Went to her new home on Tuesday 7th July 2015

Lexi*'s Diary
4th July 2015

7th July 2015
Lexi's new home is going to be on the Isle of Man so we drove her to the port at Heysham this lunch time where we were going to meet her new owner. She came across on the ferry as a foot passenger and met us at the entrance to the port. We had a chat, completed all the adoption paperwork, took a few photos of Lexi in the back of the van, then off she went with her new owner to the ferry and her new home.
We might not see Lexi again so we wish her and her new family, which includes another greyhound a long and happy life.

7th July 2016
This afternoon we received the following email letting us know how Lexi has been during the past 12 months in her new home:

" A whole year ago I promised that I would send you some photographs of Lexi.  That promise I am about to fulfil, but first I will let you know how Lexi has got on since July 7th 2015.

Obviously Lexi found life with us very strange at first, no litter siblings and no mum. Also, we did not speak her language so she had to learn a new set of commands; but being an intelligent dog she soon learnt what we wanted her to do. We had one or two accidents initially, but that was only to be expected.

I read with great interest Sooty’s story because Lexi had displayed the same anti-social behaviour as Sooty toward other dogs, large or small. This was very worrying for us as Lexi would suddenly lunge at other dogs and she was far too strong for me to hold back.  It took my husband all his strength to control her and this meant that I would never be able to walk the two dogs together by myself.  It wasn’t just dogs that she was a problem with, anything that moved was fair game!

In September 2015 I decided to give dog training classes a go, so once a week we went to ‘puppy/new dogs to you’ socialisation classes where Lexi met lots of other dogs. She did have a lunge at some of the dogs but everybody was very good and nobody complained as she didn’t really bite.  Puppy classes helped her no end and she gradually began to accept other dogs as long as they were on a lead.

We graduated from the puppy class to the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Bonze Award class and at the end of April 2016 we passed the Bronze test. Lexi just loves going to dog training and we are now working towards the silver award. She shows no aggression towards other dogs now and I am able to walk Fergie and Lexi together by myself.

She is a great character and we wouldn’t be without her – Fergie (my other greyhound) loves her too.  Nearly every night Lexi jumps up onto our bed and spends time with us; I think it is something that I started when my husband was away last year, she tried it on and got away with it.

Forgot to mention that Lexi and Fergie found our neighbour’s cat in our garden last November.  The cat escaped, Lexi crashed and ended up at the vets with a severed artery in her foot which had to be stitched, hence the bandage. It soon healed".

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Lexi - Blue Greyhound
About to leave the van for the
Heysham Ferry to the Isle of Man
7th July 2015

Lexi- blue Greyhound
The result of Lexi chasing a cat
who came in their garden!
6th November 2015

Lexi & Fergie Greyhounds
Settee sharing with Fergie
sometime prior to July 2016

Lexi- blue Greyhound
Lexi with Squiggles
sometime prior to July 2016

Lexi- blue Greyhound
Lexi with her 'Kennel Club' Bronze Award
sometime prior to July 2016

Lexi- blue Greyhound
Lexi with her 'Kennel Club' Bronze Award
sometime prior to July 2016

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