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The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
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May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Robbo or Robbie as we now call him arrived on 24th August 2015
Went to he new home on Saturday 23rd July 2016.
Sadly he was returned 2 days later because he wouldn't leave the side of his new owners.
Went to his second new home on Sunday 2nd October 2016.
Sadly he was returned on Thursday 3rd November 2016 after his new owners lost confidence
following Robbie needing veterinary treatment after being attacked by 2 off lead terriers.
Was adopted in to his forever home on the 16th February 2017 - he came to live with us.
Really he has been in his forever home since the 3rd November 2016.

Robbie's arrival and a brief history
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Robbie - Black Greyhound
Robbie is a large stunning black ex-racing greyhound who was born in November 2010. He is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped.
Robbie had a few issues when he first arrived and often looked very sad. He is a now a super dog who loves to play, adores cuddles, is 100% perfect in the house and if working in the garden he will follow you around or sit closeby, he just loves being with you. Robbie is okay with children and travelling in the car. He went through a phase where he was fascinated with the television, but that has passed now and he's quite happy to watch the television if it's on.He walks lovely on a lead and will now watch other dogs out and about who don't come inside his comfort zone, and who are not running and jumping around either on or off lead. This activity used to make him anxious, but recently we've noticed subtle changes, he met and sniffed a collie, a terrier on a lead passing him on his walk he ignored, and he has started giving dogs a wide berth - the 'penny is beginning to drop' !
Robbie is a fantastic dog and will make someone a super, loyal companion. He was re-homed on Saturday 23rd July 2016 but came back 2 days later through no fault of his own

This photo was taken in our garden on the 8th May 2016

Been in his forever home since the 3rd November 2016
Robbo's Diary
24th August 2015
Robbie arrived this afternoon and had only been here about half and hour before Ginny called in to collect him. She is going to foster him until we can find him his forever home.
Ginny later emailed to let us know that Robbo's doing well.
He got in her car easily. He's managed the stairs and looked around the house and garden. He's hardly touched his dinner and they've been for a good long walk. He's drunk a fair bit of water and he's just laid down for the first time and stopped panting. When he walks, his tongue bounces from one side of his face to the other!
28th August 2015
This morning Stuart collected Robbo from Ginny's house and took him to the vets to be neutered. Ginny had mentioned his slow eating and bad breath so we asked if the vets could check his teeth to see if anything needed doing.
All went well with the neuter and we collected him this afternoon and took him back to Ginny to recover from his ordeal. The vets said a dental was required because a couple of teeth didn't look too good.
1st September 2015
We received an email from Ginny letting us know that Robbo is getting better at being around other dogs. The two golden retrievers didn't tolerate him being over assertive and put him in his place.  Now they all lie down together and ignore each other.  He's been for walks with two other dogs.  At first he was over excited but he calmed down and behaved himself before too long. On his own, he's very good on the lead and he loves the attention he gets from people we meet.
Ginny gave Robbo the flea treatment on Wednesday (Aug 26) being careful to avoid his bald spot on the back of his neck.  He was okay while she put it on but then he ran to the pond and jumped in!  He's not shown any interest in the pond before or since (neither have any of the other greyhounds) so perhaps he doesn't like the Advantage!
Robbo doesn't eat nearly as much as the other greyhounds Ginny has fostered. He eats a small amount of dry food and tuna twice a day. She leaves dry food out for him all day and he'll occasionally graze a little.  He's not losing weight, his skin's in good condition and he's not interested in treats!
Robbo has finally discovered the joys of comfort.  He sleeps on a pad at the foot of my bed and yesterday he got up on the sofa for the first time.
4th September 2015
This morning Stuart collected Robbo from Ginny and took him to the vets for his dental. They cleaned his teeth and removed two back ones. Hopefully his breath will now smell better and he will be less fussy with his food because any pain will have been removed with the teeth.
7th September 2015
We received a text from Ginny letting us know that Robbo is off the Metacam and is doing fine. His appetite has improved enormously since those two teeth were removed.
21st September 2015

22nd September 2015

Since Robbo has been back with us I can't seem to get my head round his name, it sounds too harsh so I'm now calling him Robbie.
20th November 2015
Our Sky dish on the roof must have moved during the strong winds and heavy rain we've had over the past few days. Yesterday was dry so Stuart checked it out and found it damaged so he ordered a new one. During this time we've had no television in the kitchen or living room so we resorted to the laptops and Stuart's mobile phone. For some bizzaar reason Robbie is fascinated in what is happening on the small screens. He hasn't bothered with the bigger televisions, shown no interest at all in what is happening, but he rests his head on the kitchen table and watches very intently what is going on, on the laptops and mobile phones. Not only with the television programmes, but when we use the computers in general. He is funny, he just stares at it and watches all that is going on.
3rd January 2016
We are off on holiday shortly and the owners of Mickey have kindly volunteered to foster Robbie for us while we are away. This lunch time they called in and collected him.
14th February 2016
This afternoon Robbie came back following our return from holiday. My goodness, didn't he look well, and he'd put some weight on which really suited him.
22nd April 2016
Robbie has been through a number of phases since being here including the one where he was fascinated with what was happening on the television, computer screens and mobile phone screens, this has now passed.
He's a super stunning dog, very loving, likes to play, will follow you round the garden as you are doing your work and is 100% perfect in the house. We find him no trouble at all and he's a pleasure to have.
Robbie however, needs a home where his daily walks do not entail meeting loads of other dogs either on or off lead as they make him anxious. The odd one he's fine with so long as it doesn't come inside his comfort zone or starts running and jumping around being silly. The problem seems to be strange dogs because when he was being fostered with Ginny before he found a gap in her hedge and ended up in the neighbours garden he befriended a Golden Retriever, so we know he's okay with the ones he knows.
21st July 2016
We received a surprise visit this afternoon from a retired couple who adopted one of our earlier foster dogs of whom recently had sadly passed away with cancerous growth on his side.
They wanted to re-home Robbie, they thought he was wonderful and the idea of him being by our and our volunteer's sides all the time we are in the garden and that he is so loyal appealed to them. This was wonderful news and he wouldn't be going too far away either which would help me because I think he is a fantastic dog. Things were left that we would ring them to arrange taking him over to visit at the weekend after checking in the diary for a suitable convenient time.
22nd July 2016
This morning our Sandy at over 13 years of age had decided he'd had enough so we arranged for the vet to help him pass away. For the hour before she came I sat on the floor by his side and gently stroked his face. All the dogs came over at intervals to see what was happening, but Robbie having looked at Sandy then looked me straight in the eyes as if to say 'it's okay, I understand'. I would say 'it's alright Robbie' and kiss his nose and he would wander off only to return a few minutes later and repeat it all again. He's a really clever and thoughtful dog is Robbie and when he goes to his new home I am going to really miss him.
Rather than waiting till the weekend they wondered if it were possible to have Robbie today. However, our Sandy had just passed away a few minutes before and the time wasn't right so we arranged to take him over the following day.
23rd July 2016
This lunch time we drove Robbie over to his new home. He'd remembered the lady and gave her a lovely welcome as he walked into the house. On his lead he toured their garden then off the lead he explored their house. He was panting a bit, but we mentioned this was nerves at being in a new home with new people and will stop as he settles. We warned them that he could well miss us and be patient because he's been with us for nearly a year.
25th July 2016
We received an email this morning letting us know that "Robbie is settling better, Saturday he was panting quite a lot. Sunday we took him in the car, went to Beetham for coffee,  he is sleeping in our bedroom. He walks well on the lead, eating  but not a great lot. Just a bit worried as to how he will go on on his own when left a short time, he is very loving but I hope the anxiety of being left will get better with time"
They later phoned to say could they return him, he was a nice dog but very anxious and it's making them anxious. I explained this was just settling in nerves and missing us and to give him time, but they wanted to return him as they were worried about their health and perhaps they'd made a mistake.
Poor Robbie, when the lady brought him back he wanted to go with her, bless him and was quite sad for a while afterwards, but he's now recovered, ate his dinner and is back with us till his forever home comes along.
2nd October 2016
This afternoon Robbie's adoption paperwork was completed and off he went with his new owner and Pip to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life. We had Robbie a long time, he was perfect in the house, knew all our commands and since our Sandy passed away he's been sleeping on a dog bed in our bedroom at night. He loved coming on to our bed when I went to bed to read my kindle before Stuart got in and if I went for a nap during the afternoon or early evening he was there by my side having a cuddle. It was very difficult watching him leave and I shall miss him millions. Be happy in your new home Robbie and pop in and see us again some time.
10th October 2016
We received an update from his new owner this morning saying: "Robbie has a week under his belt now. He is definitely improving on a day-by-day basis. Much better on the lead following Jenny''s advice - giving him 3 walks a day and he knows the routes we take. Will let us leave a room without necessarily following us (sometimes). Him and Pip are actually sharing beds now. He really is a Big Softie and loves the cuddles and tickling we give him. I'll know he's fully secure when he rolls onto his back for a Tummy Rub. I'm really looking forward to being ablle to let him off the lead so he can mooch and run around with Pip - can't see that being for a while yet tho' - PLC (patience, love and consistency)".
15th October 2016
Received a message today letting us know:
"RECALL SUCCESS - Tried Robbie off lead on an enclosed field this morning and he came to me like a good un! Pip was very surprised that another dog could run faster!
4th November 2016
We sadly received a phone call this morning asking if Robbie could be returned as they were finding him difficult to handle out walking due to the number of other dogs out and about and off lead.
Robbie had been recently attacked by 2 off lead terriers who their owner said were playing and walked away with no further comment. However, Robbie required veterinary treatment on his back end, he had teeth marks on his face and head and the skin on the inside of his front leg had been shredded. The marks on his face could have been worse had it not been for his muzzle, but having said that without a muzzle he would have been able to defend himself. We offered advice about how to use a water spray on off lead dogs coming towards you, but his owners didn't feel it was 'them' to do such a thing.
Robbie was perfect at home but they said they had lost confidence taking him out walking and it had knocked back his confidence as well.
When Robbie arrived back he came with an antiseptic spray for the broken skin on his leg to help it heal and when his owners left he went very quiet and sad. He obviously loved living with them, such a shame about people insisting on letting dogs off lead to cause issues to those on a lead - and then not owning up to their responsibilities - shame on them!!
With having Robbie such a long time as a foster dog we said when we re-homed him that if he came back he was then going no where, he was staying with us and that is what he will do. We are going to adopt him and he will become ours. He's a super dog and will be so again once he regains his confidence and settles back here again, until then he will need a few days of TLC to settle him.

This afternoon Robbie went for his annual check-up and booster inoculation. The vet found him fit and well and he weighed in at 37.8kg.
Click images for a larger view

Robbo - Black Greyhound
A picture of Robbo taken
before his arrival here.

Robbo - Black Greyhound
In our garden
24th August 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
At Ginny's house
24th August 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
25th August 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
Watching the Golden
Retriever and her toy
1st September 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
In our garden
12th October 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
Going for a walk
31st October 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
Watching a video on a mobile phone
25th November 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
Tablets are good to watch.
26th November 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
Taking a closer look!
26th November 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
Oh wow!
26th November 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
Such fun watching things move
about on a computer!
28th November 2015

Robbie - Black Greyhound
Watching football
28th November 2015

Robbie - Black Greyhound
29th November 2015

Robbie - Black Greyhound
24th August 2016

Robbie - Black Greyhound
8th May 2016

Robbie - Black Greyhound
8th May 2016

Robbie - Black Greyhound
28th November 2015

Robbie - Black Greyhound
28th November 2015

Robbo - Black Greyhound
Robbo prefers watching the news on
the mobile phone to eating Stuart's fish pie!
29th November 2015

Robbie - Black Greyhound
In our garden
8th May 2016

Robbie - Black Greyhound
8th May 2016

Robbie - Black Greyhound
24th August 2016

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