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Dougal arrived on Tuesday 23rd February 2016
Went to his new home on Sunday 26th June 2016.

Dougal's arrival and a brief history
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Dougal - black Greyhound
Dougal is a friendly, playful black ex-racing greyhound who has a few white 'snowflake' spots on him.
Dougal has no earmarkings but his previous owner thinks he was born in 2012. He weighs 28.9k, is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. He is playful, loves a fuss, his toys and tennis balls and 'puppy plays' with the other greyhounds here, nibbling and rubbing his face alongside theirs and playing rather submissively with them. He walks lovely on the lead, travels well in the car and used to go walking regularly with a labrador and patterdale terrier when in the kennels. Dougal gets quite excited when he see other breeds of dogs out and about but because he loves playing we believe he is wanting to play more than anything else, and is something that is getting better.

Went to his new home on Sunday 26th June 2016.

Dougal's Diary
23rd February 2016
This lunch time Dougal arrived.
25th February 2016
This morning Dougal went to the vets where he was neutered and received his first inoculation because he arrived with no inoculation card. All went well and we collected him in the afternoon and brought him home.
7th March 2016
Dougal loves to play with Ebbie, Ned and any other greyhound here who will let him. He plays like a puppy and he's constantly sneaking things from my ironing basket and running off with them - just hope this is a passing phase and it passes fast! He also loves taking any clothes Stuart leaves on the bed and dragging them in the kitchen or living room.
His previous owner/trainer said when I mentioned the ironing and clothing to him that:
"Hes some boy, he used to steal the dog coats and take them to his bed, and he can also get a coat off with out undoing the strap but don't ask me how I never found out - he hated wearing a jacket!".
10th March 2016
This afternoon Dougal went to the vets for his second inoculation and to have his neutering stitches removed.
26th June 2016
This afternoon Dougal's new owners arrived, completed the adoption paperwork and took him home with them. When they arrived he remembered them, gave them a lovely welcome and walked happily off with them to their car and to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
27th June 2016
We heard today that Dougal had a good night and slept downstairs because he wouldn't attempt them at all. His new owners said goodnight and left the doors open. He managed to get halfway up the stairs today but is finding it a bit awkward coming down, They led him down then he went half way up when his new owner went to do the school run and Edward said he just fast ran / stumbled down them a little later. They presume he will work it out himself. He has been very good on his walks even with the other dogs, walked past two cats. There was one particularly large dog that started pulling towards him and barking that set him off. Otherwise they were stood with a dog with him quite happy.
He is eating well and drinking. He is also exceptionally good at fetch with a ball in the back garden and he loves it. The children have been giving him lots of kisses.
He loves his new bed and toys, knows they're his and never bothered with anything else (teddy seems to be favourite).
They are all loving him, he is well behaved and loving.
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Dougal - black Greyhound
In our garden
3rd March 2016

Dougal - black Greyhound
4th April 2016

Dougal - black Greyhound
8th May 2016

Dougal - black Greyhound
8th May 2016

Dougal - black Greyhound
Enjoying the sunshine
8th May 2016

Dougal - black Greyhound
8th May 2016

Dougal - black Greyhound
8th May 2016

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