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Jewel arrived on Thursday 12th May 2016
Went to his new home on Wednesday 28th September 2016.

Jewel's arrival and a brief history
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Jewel - Black Greyhound
Rummy now called Jewel
taken prior to his arrival here.

Jewel - black greyhound
20th May 2016

Jewel - Black Greyhound
24th August 2016




Jewel is a black ex-racing greyhound who was born on 6th February 2013 and weighs 32k. He is house trained, neutered, inoculated and microchipped. A lovely dog but very timid until he gets to know you. He came here because his last trainer said he couldn't get him out of his kennel - always right at the back shaking and refusing to move. The only way to get him out was at feeding time.

Here Jewel loves playing with his toys, and once he gets to know you will come for cuddles especially if a 'human' food treat is involved. He's okay with other breeds of dogs, walking on a lead and travelling in a car.

The golden rule with Jewel is you do NOT touch him when he's in his bed. You can walk past him and say hello but NOT touch him or show signs of going to get him otherwise he becomes very defensive and at this present time may snap - past memories and lack of trust coming to the fore. This may change of course but this is the way he is at present. When walking near his bed avoid looking at him in his eyes or bending down towards him, speak to him gently without looking at him and walk past with your arm hanging limp by your side with the back of our hand towards him, we smile and ask him if he's okay. If he wants to say hello he will do so by coming to us and touching the back of our hand.

So, the rule is, if it's time for his walk and he won't get off his bed even when you show him his lead and say walk, come on - then you don't go and he misses his walk. If he later comes to you and you are okay to take him for a walk then hold his collar and put his lead on, then he's quite happy to go, but if he goes back to his bed you hang the lead back up and don't go near him.

Jewel loves his food so he's always there waiting for it at meal times. He's a bit of a guard dog is Jewel when new people visit and is very, very insecure around certain men. When he comes to you he is a very loving dog and adores being stroked and made a fuss of. Given time, plenty of understanding and TLC he should get there and make someone a super companion once he gains their trust.

Went to his new home on Wednesday 28th September 2016.

Jewel's Diary
12th May 2016

13th May 2016

20th May 2016
This afternoon Emily, one of our volunteers took Jewel for a walk up Whitbarrow Scar. Not too sure at the start, but he soon began to relax and enjoy himself.

26th August 2016

Since moving Jewel onto the Burns food a few days ago he's been sleeping throughout the night, last night however, he woke me up around 3.00 am. Thinking he wanted to go out as he used to do I got up, but when I came in the kitchen the immersion heater alarm was going off so I switched the pump on to move the water around so it would stop. As I walked on to the back door thinking Jewel was following me I discovered he wasn't and had gone back to his bed, he had woken me to let me know something was wrong. As I walked back to my bedroom I called him a 'thank you, Jewel, there's a good lad' into the darkness of the living room. No other dog had moved.
This afternoon when I came downstairs from completing the guest's bedrooms and walked into the conservatory I felt my hand being nibbled - it was Jewel, he was so happy to see me he was nibbling my fingers - bless him!
28th September 2016
This afternoon Jewel went off to his new home. I popped a muzzle on him prior to leaving and suggested his new owners keep his lead and muzzle on in the car to make it easier getting him out when they got home.
I walked with him to their car and helped him onto the back seat because he wasn't for going in there. Once in he lay down, gave me a sad look and went off to his new home where we hope he will have a long and happy life.
This evening I received an email saying " Thought I'd reassure you he's alright. Took a bit of getting him into the house at first, was happy trotting round the garden sniffing everything. Gradually made it through the back door into the conservatory which he seems to like. Eventually made it into the kitchen and now he's laid on the floor in the living room. Hasn't come near the chairs/sofa and doesn't seem interested in his bed yet. Tried to coerce him to look round the house but won't venture.
Been for an evening walk which was pretty brisk, seemed in his element and didn't seem to want to come back. Seems more relaxed than in the car, was petrified bless him. Will keep you updated."

31st December 2016
We heard this evening that "Jewel is well and happy. He's a changed dog completely, tail never stops wagging and his character is really appearing. No mishaps in the house for a while either, he's just very lazy."
1st March 2017
We heard tonight that Jewel's owners think him amazing. Lovely news!
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Jewel - black greyhound
.In our garden
7th August 2016

Jewel - Black Greyhound
In our garden
24th August 2016

Jewel - Black Greyhound
24th August 2016

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