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Dogs welcome, large or small, one or more. A Greyhound haven!

The voluntary work Jenny and Stuart started in July 2004 is a memorial to their darling Penny. Without her coming into their lives none of this would have happened.

Please ring for an appointment to come and see the greyhounds and have a chat. You are most welcome, but as we run a bed and breakfast it is essential you ring and arrange a date and time to visit.
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When adopting a greyhound the suggested donation is £150.00 which goes towards neutering, inoculations, upkeep etc. Some people give a little less, while
others want to give more. We are quite flexible with this, and with this we provide:
Martingale Collar, Lead, Muzzle and 4 weeks free cover with the insurance company PetPlan

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Fosterers are a valuable part of greyhound rescue in that another greyhound is living life away from the kennels and taking the first steps towards getting used to the family way of life. If you live in the South Lakes or the surrounding area and would like to foster a greyhound until we can find him or her a new home.
please contact Jenny or Stuart
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Would you like to become a registered volunteer and walk a Greyhound?
Volunteers offering to take a Greyhound for a walk, an afternoon out or a stop-over play a very important role here at the branch.
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for those in our care until we find them new homes.
(also pilchards in tomato sauce, sardines and tuna in oil, dog biscuits, Dentastix)

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
Please contact Jenny or Stuart
T: 015395 52394 or email us

which is what we use for the greyhounds in our care until we find them new homes.

May we thank all who have donated, it's much appreciated.
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Beech Hill House, Witherslack, Cumbria LA11 6RH

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Sandy came to us as a foster dog on Sunday 4th November 2007
and we formally adopted him on Saturday 30th August 2008
Read Sandy's story while he was being fostered by us

Sandy's Diary
30th August 2008
This afternoon Stuart and I decided Sandy, who we were fostering was going no where and we were going to formally adopt him. (Read Sandy's story)
31st August 2008
This afternoon we all went to the Greyhound Awareness Day being held at Waterhead in Ambleside where Stuart broke the news to Al, the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue Homing Co-ordinator that we had found Sandy a new home - he was amazed, and even more so when we said it was ours. In a way I think he was quite relieved, because like us he knew that Sandy needed an experienced Greyhound owner to help him move even further forward. The funny thing is we've been running our bed and breakfast since the 1st July - only two months and if someone had come along who had a b & b that allowed dogs before we started doing ours we might have thrown our arms in the air with horror at the thought and said 'no way!'. However, it just goes to show that where there is the will there is a way. In designing our bed and breakfast we've done it in such a way so as to accommodate not only our guests, their dogs but also our dogs as well. It's taken some thought - and fine tuning but we've managed it and meeting all the people and their pets will do Sandy and all our future new fostered Greyhounds the world of good.
24th September 2008
Went for a quiet walk with the dogs last night to find a group of young lads coming down the road from the village then following us along the back road. I know the lads, but the problem was the remote control car they were steering all around the road. It was making a dreadful noise and darting all over the place and poor Sandy saw it coming round the corner and started to shake. He became so unsettled I thought he wanted to kill it so to be on the safe side I put his soft nylon muzzle on him, more to protect the other Greyhounds than anything else if Sandy because very upset and lashed out at one of them as fear can have this effect. The lads seeing me struggle stayed in the pub car park but alas, they didn't stop playing with the car - if only they had, but they weren't to know. Indi charged down the road to see what it was, decided it was boring and came running back. Kell wasn't too sure but was more concerned about Sandy prancing about and Sandy, well he couldn't take his eyes off it. I was very aware of the five stages of aggression and was desperate not to let Sandy get too far down that track. I phoned Stuart for help but before I had chance to speak to him I had to hold Sandy again and when I put the phone back to my ear it had switched itself off somehow. I tried twice more to ring him but the signal kept disappearing and I was about to put the phone in my pocket and take Sandy by the collar and physically force him to turn away from the noise when I spotted a car coming down the road towards us. My immediate reaction was 'no, that's all I need' because we were in the middle of the road and both Indi and Bobby were off the lead and wandering down the road sniffing the verges, when I suddenly realised it was Stuart. My phone had rung and he had heard me trying to sort Sandy out before it switched itself off. Realising I wouldn't ring him during a walk for a social call he immediately got in the car and came after me. Once the car stopped and the back door opened Sandy couldn't get in there quick enough! All the Greyhounds in the car we drove home, got them out and all went for a quiet walk in the opposite direction. Sandy had never seen a remote control car before and the way it was being driven 'aggressively' along the road I think he thought it was something coming to get us!
19th November 2008
This evening we took Sadie to training classes to help her socialise with other dogs. To help her relax more we took in Sandy as well so she could watch him wandering around the other dogs and show her there was no need to worry about them. He was very good, wore no muzzle, joined in with the class and did the 'snake' walk around a row of dogs with their owners. We took him in to give him to help Sadie and likewise himself - he did us proud.
26th February 2009
Sandy went to the vet this afternoon.
16th March 2009
The teeshirt idea didn't work because it became loose and stretched as he ran around the garden causing him to get caught up in it. He came in the house covered in mud where he'd tripped on it even though I tied it fairly tight so as to prevent thissort of thing from happening. A bit of thought about what else I could do to stop him licking the wound and I decided to tie a sock to his harness and put that on him. He looked very silly in it - and he knew it, but if it stops him licking his leg then so be it.
17th March 2009
Sandy went to the vet again today and was put on Metacam and antibiotics.
18th March 2009
19th March 2009
The Metacam and antibiotics Sandy's been put on sem to be working because he seems less inclined to lick the wound and its looking a little less angry, but not yet healed. The harness and sock was a superb idea because it keeps the wound covered so he can't lick it, but allows air around it and doesn't restrict him from running.
27th March 2009
As Sandy's leg has healed so well we decided the time had come to remove the harness and sock, which makes him look more like a dog and less like a freak, but at least it worked.
4th April 2009
Because Sandy still isn't brilliant meeting all our guests especially if they are unsure of dogs we have decided to start him on an intensive 'meet and greet' course!!
26th April 2009

After Bobby fell in the kitchen shortly before he died and I was helping him after his fall Sandy was concerned for him but I had to put him and the other Greyhounds behind the safety gate at the end of the kitchen leading into the living room to ensure none of them accidentally stood on him. Sandy disappeared into the living room with Indi out of the way, but after Bobby died we let him back into the kitchen so he could see his body as this will help him understand what has happened and will help him get over his death better. He quietly went up to him and had a look but wouldn't go any nearer that about a yard and then wanted to go back behind the safety gate. After we buried Bobby in the garden next to Penny's grave we fed all the dogs then let them out with supervision because of the new grave. They all ran straight to it and sniffed the area where Bobby's body had lain on the blanket on the grass for a minute or so before we lowered him in. Sandy sniffed the ground then sniffed the soil on the grave before wandering off to do his toilet.
The rest of the night he was very, very quiet and grumbled at us if we went near him so we thought it best to leave him to do his own thing tonight.
27th April 2009
Today Sandy has been very quiet, given us a few grumbles and come for a few cuddles. Maybe because of Bobby's death, maybe because the others were very quiet and maybe because we were so upset as it was a very sad household. Sandy has never seen Stuart and I so upset - its all new to him and thus the reason for his grumbles, something he does if he is feeling unsure. At lunch time we took them all for a walk then called into the pub for a snack and to raise a glass to the long and happy life Bobby had with us. It was a sad and weepy day and all the dogs were very, very quiet all day.
This evening we decided that his feeding place should no longer be in the conservatory where its been since he arrived but in Bobby's place at the other side of the raised feeding bowls with Indi in the kitchen. He was funny. He was really unsure about this and we had to hold his collar whilst he stood as far back as he could to allow his mouth in the bowl. His eyes were fixed firmly on Indi, who was eating her food and ignoring him whilst he gulped his food down as fast as he could in order to get away as soon as he could - no prizes for guessing who has taken Bobby's place as 'pack leader' - Sandy's reaction to eating from the raised bowls confirmed Indi had taken this position and Sandy, knowing his position was trying to play it safe.
28th April 2009
Sandy seems happier today and enjoyed his trip in the car with Stuart after lunch as a break from being in the house.
27th July 2009
This evening Sandy injured his shoulder while in the garden after tea.
28th July 2009
We took Sandy to the vet today regarding his shoulder injury and as we thought they decided to keep him in and stitch him up.
31st july 2009
This afternoon we took Sandy to the vet for a check-up because they wanted to check all was okay because the area he hurt himself is in an awkward spot on his shoulder and they wanted to ensure the stitches were holding.
6th August 2009
This afternoon we took Sandy to the vet so his stitches could be removed.
27th August 2009
Sandy is now greeting all our guests when they come into the house because he's finally realised they all want to stroke him, which he loves. He's also so much better with all the dogs coming to visit, which is possibly because there are just so many, that is, unless one tries to put their feet on the swing gates between the hall and the conservatory then we hear a low grumble from him letting the other dog know that feet are NOT allowed on the top of the gate!
15th october 2009
This morning we took Sandy to the vet.
7th December 2009
For many, many months we've been taking Sandy out wearing a harness because when he first arrived it stopped him pulling on the lead. I'm not sure what happened this afternoon but for some reason we took them out for a walk and forgot to put his harness on. It was only half way along our walk we suddenly realised that he was walking nicely by our side with the lead attached to his collar. It was lovely to see so in future we are going to walk him more this way only using the harness if we have foster dogs that need that bit more work and the harness is Sandy's 'belt and braces' so to speak in case we come across a situation where we need it.
12th December 2009
This evening as we walked around the corner of the pub we came face to face with a terrier off the lead and Sandy, who dislikes small dogs running around his back legs got a bit uptight so we backed away and used the pub wall to keep him out of site of it until they put the dog on a lead and went into the pub.
We were going to take them all in the pub after our walk but with the terrier going in there and Sandy becoming stressed we decided to take him home and because of Misty, our current foster dog's laid back approach to life we left her with him. When we got back all was well and we received a lovely welcome from the pair of them.
23rd December 2009
Sandy really made it a special night this evening. Tess had just arrived and was laying on the dog bed near the TV, Dakota was laying on the settee with his head on my lap and Sandy was laying on the duvet by the side of the settee I was sitting on when Indi suddenly climbed off the settee she was on and went to lay on the duvet next to Sandy. She hasn't gone to lay with another dog or allowed another dog to voluntarily lay with her since our Bobby died. She often cuddled up with Bobby so for her to go and lay next to Sandy on the duvet made a lump come to our throats because she's decided he's now her companion now Bobby's gone. To make our day Sandy let her and they lay with their feet entwined all evening. It was a wonderful moment and one we thought we might never see because Sandy won't let any dog touch him when he's laying down or on
his bed without a grumble so it shows he has come to accept her.
3rd January 2010
Sandy is still not happy about having the muzzle on all the time in the house but the moment its not on he licks the cut on his leg caused by jumping the fence into the field on Christmas Eve. We don't often get snow here so we never thought that a good snow fall that has frozen hard reduces the height of the fence!

Guess who's now got the job of raising the fence? The cut has been healing really nice until this afternoon when Stuart dropped him and Dakota off at the house while we went in the pub with the other two - it was too busy to take all four in, and when he left them in the house he forgot to put his muzzle back on! We arrived back home to a lovely greeting from Sandy minus the muzzle and minus the lovely scab that had developed and was healing nicely. Oh well! He's the silly one because now he has to have his muzzle on even longer.
5th February 2010
This evening we took Dakota, Indi, Sandy and Solo into the pub 'early doors' where they all lay on the floor in front of the fire and went to sleep.
18th March 2010
21st October 2010
This morning Sandy went to the vet for his annual check-up and inoculations. All was okay and he weighed in at 35.9k (79lbs).
22nd October 2010
This lunch time a new arrival appeared in the pack. Maisie is a young lurcher (Greyhound x Labrador) and Sandy knew she was not pure Greyhound. Normally he accepts new members to the pack with no problem other than an odd grumble to put them in their place, but his body language was different this time, which made us realise he knew she was different and because he can be funny with other dogs and we'd not had one in our part of the house before we had to watch to make sure he would accept her. She just ignored him and before long he was following her around besotted by her.
24th October 2010
Since having the run built in the paddock we've been able to let Sandy off the lead for a good run, which he loves and its doing him the world of good. He loves the space to run, play or just have a sniff around. He used to run and push into the others as they ran around the garden, which some of them didn't like so we had to muzzle him to prevent any nips, but since being able to run in a straight line in the run he's been much better and will actually run with another dog instead of running into them all the time. If he starts that trick Stuart takes him to one side and grumbles at him making him have time out and he's beginning to
realise that if he plays rough he doesn't play at all.
26th January 2011
Sandy has been charging round the garden today with Blue and Penny and came in with a nose bleed and a 2" cut down his nose, which we bathed and gave him some Metacam. How he did it we are not sure or who did it, but it looked as if a tooth caught him somehow.
9th February 2011
Sandy got hurt while running in the paddock late this afternoon and had to go to the vet for surgery. He started going in to shock almost as soon as we got him in the house so we took him to the vet straight away. He left here around 6pm and it was 10.15pm before the vet phoned to say all was done and he was coming round. He weighed 36k. He's on a drip and been given two kinds of painkillers and antibiotics by injection, and they are keeping him in overnight on a drip as this will help him as he went into shock. The big cut on his chest behind his elbow came together okay, but the on his leg will be more difficult to heal due to it's location and lack of skin to pull everything together. It was a long night here without him!
10th February 2011
This morning the vet phoned to say Sandy could come home this morning so Stuart went to get him. He was pleased to see him and pleased to be back home. He had stitches in his leg, under his arm pit and on his side, but the ones on his back didn't need any. However, he was covered in bruises and had one or two smaller nicks, which the vet said would heal on their own. We put the safety gate across the kitchen doorway so Sandy could go in the living room or bed room and be in peace while Blue and Penny stayed in the kitchen all day. However, Sandy took to the crate in the living room and made that his bed, the door was open so he could come and go, but he felt happier being in the security of the crate and to be quite honest we were pleased because we knew none of the others would stand on him as they moved around the place. .

14th February 2011

Sandy's been sleeping in the crate in the living room most of the time since he got hurt and this afternoon I popped my head round the corner of the door to see how he was. He was laid on his back with legs akimbo, which is the first time I've seen him do this since he got hurt. What a good sign to see them asleep on their back and this indicates the wounds on his side are not as painful as they were. They certainly look less bruised today and look as if they are healing well.
He enjoyed his walk this afternoon, but as I was putting his coat on and straightening the bandage we put on his right leg to stop him licking the stitches and area the vet couldn't stitch I thought his wrist looked slightly larger than the other. While on our walk his bandage began to slip so I decided to slip it off over his foot and put it back on again when we got home. As I was doing it he winced and had a bark, which at first I thought was because with holding the other dogs I was doing it one handed.
When we got home I wanted to get the bandage back on his leg as quick as I could so as to stop him licking and after he had his chew I let him in the garden. I don't know what I touched as I was straightening the bandage before he went out, but he gave a sharp bark and grumble so I'm going to have to watch his wrist and leg as he's obviously in pain. It may be he twisted during the incident and even though he's on antibiotics I hope it's not becoming infected.
15th February 2011
I know the vet said to give him the Metacam 4 or 5 days, but because of the way Sandy is I've decided to keep him on it a little longer. His antibiotic course doesn't finish till Saturday night so I will see about stopping his Metacam the same time.
He's been doing very well as he's not attempted to lick any wound on his side and the ones on his leg we are covering with either a crepe bandage or a dressing held on with the sticky roll the vet gave us. The vet was more concerned about the injury to his leg than the others as there isn't much skin to hold things together and could easily part. With him practically living in the crate at least he's resting so there is less risk of him damaging the stitches.
He's still very wary of Blue and Penny as they walk past the crate, but he is no longer growling at them as he did the first couple of days.
16th February 2011
Sandy has lost a lot of confidence around Blue, he's okay again with Penny, but Blue he keeps a sharp eye on and stays in the crate unless he needs to go to the garden to do his toilet. Won't go out if Blue is out and walks around the kitchen table to avoid him if he's asleep on the dog bed. We have an issue here and I'm slowly piecing together what happened and seeking how to resolve it. It appears we have inherited a pack because Blue and Penny were with the same owner before he retired through ill health, then they went to another kennel for a few months together, then they came here. Although Blue and Penny have been with us since the beginning of December, something happened last week in the paddock and it was one pack against another. Sadly, Sandy was the one who got it and the annoying thing is he won't fight back - he will growl, but he stands and takes it. Thank God Stuart saw it start and got there in time.

17th February 2011
Now we know we have a 'pack within a pack' we can work towards adjusting it and from now on Sandy and all our dogs are going to eat from Blue's dish as well as I am so as to lower his position within the pack and raise Sandy and our dogs up above him. That and as well as Blue and Penny always being together we will ensure they are split and Penny will be allowed to mingle with out pack and leave Blue out on his own. Neither of them will walk together and neither will be allowed in the garden without a muzzle on until we have a resolution.
18th February 2011
Sandy and the others didn't quite know what to make of being offered Blue's dinner and being allowed to eat some - Blue, muzzled at the time, was going to have a heart attack when he saw them!
19th February 2011
This morning was Sandy's last antibiotic and having had Metacam for the past 10 days we decided to stop this also.
20th February 2011
Well Sandy hasn't bothered with his injuries and the bandage on his leg has mean't he's left that alone - until last night! When we saw him this morning the bandage was off and so was the nicely healing scabs on his legs and the one on his side had been well and truly licked. Not being able to put an Elizabethan collar on him because it won't fit in the crate with him we had to think of something else. I got an old short sleeved jumper and put that on him, which covered his sides and his leg. He looked funny, but if it stops him licking then so be it.
21st February 2011
This moring Sandy had worked out how to lick the wounds through the jumper!
This afternoon we took him to the vet who cleaned up the wounds, took the stitches out the big wound and cut a flap of skin off the wound on his side, which is the one he badly licked. He's back on more antibiotics, we've to start the Metacam again and this time he is having a muzzle on covered with tape to stop him licking through the gaps. Asking the vet if she thought licking on the Saturday night tied into having no Metacam that night or was it a coincidence she said he was probably still feeling very sore and not having the Metacam triggered him to lick. What a shame I stopped it, but the vet originally said four or five days and I did it nine!
If Sandy is in his crate Blue leaves him alone, but once Sandy starts to move to go outside Blue is there next to him so he will be muzzled for some time until we are certain he isn't going to do anything else to Sandy. We have been told that if we see no change then for the sake of Sandy, Blue may have to go into kennels so he doesn't get the chance to do anything like this again.
25th February 2011
This morning we took Sandy to the vet again. We were asked not to feed him in case they decided to keep him in. This they did because the area on his side that had 'broken down' needed further surgery to have it re-stitched. When we collected him in the afternoon the area had been re-stitched - it was quite large and the scabby patches on his back had been cleaned off.
2nd March 2011
Stuart took Sandy in the paddock the other morning and as he came back in the garden through the gate Blue had a real grumble at him for coming back into the pack. Sandy just ignored him. After Sandy came back from the vets and walked into the garden Blue did the same, but not as bad. Thankfully on both occasions he was wearing his muzzle. Since then we've been lead walking Sandy along the drive and down the road as opposed to around the garden because the others bump into him and it's very muddy and unsafe under foot. Sandy enjoys his short walks and now Blue is becoming quite used to him going away and coming back to the point he's accepting it no problem.
4th March 2011
At last the wound in Sandy's side has stopped weeping and today has been the first day I've not needed to bathe it with a Hibiscrub solution to keep it clean. He must be feeling a bit better because he's not been sleeping in the crate in the living room where he took up residence from the time he got back from the vet after the incident happened, instead, he's been sleeping in the dog bed in our bedroom or on the settee. He's still wearing the muzzle, bless him, because he's a monkey and will NOT leave the wounds alone, but will lick them incessantly, which is not good. His muzzle is all taped up so he can't lick through the holes - even the two drink holes in the bottom! We couldn't believe he was licking his wounds through those! The problem with that is we have to watch he has enough liquid because his muzzle is so taped up no water can get in for him to drink. We had thought about putting a teeshirt on him, but the last time I did that just before he went to the vet on the 25th February he learn't he could lick through the material if he made it wet enough. We hate keeping the muzzle on him, but think under the circumstances it's the best thing to do.
Just before lunch today Sandy was on the settee resting when Blue came over and climbed on next to him. When Sandy grumbled at him his behaviour was quite submissive as he carefully lay down and curled up in the smallest corner he could get into. We watched at a distance to be on the safe side - Sandy had spread out on the settee and Blue curled in a ball - perhaps Blue was saying sorry!
8th March 2011
Sandy and Blue walked side by side quite happily this afternoon on their walk. For more than half and hour they were so close together they were almost touching at times and not once was there a stare or a grumble. We were so chuffed to see them walking side by side with no problems.
9th March 2011
This afternoon Sandy returned to the vet and had some of his stitches removed. The vet took them all out with the exception of the middle four, which they wanted leaving in another three days. The vet said it had been a nasty wound and would take some months to heal properly. The reason he still lifted his leg when standing still was because of the muscle and nerve damage to the area. The couple of little lumps I noticed yesterday on his neck the vet said could be muscle trauma, in which case it would disappear and we were to keep an eye on them.
When we came from the vet we drove over and visited Flash and Tiger on our way home, went for a short walk with them then called in for a cup of tea and a chat, and where Sandy lay on the carpet and slept with the others.
When we got home we all went for a walk before it got dark then we fed the dogs. I don't know if it was the stress of going to the vet's or if he did a little too much walking, but Sandy didn't want his tea and when he came in from the garden he took up residence in the crate again - the first time for a few days. As this indicated he wasn't feeling too well I took a look at the wound - it was a little warm and red and Sandy gave me a grumble, so I knew he wasn't feeling too well. We let him rest for the evening, but he was limping a little when he went out for his last walk. The vet had mentioned this afternoon that the wound was a deep one and would take some months to heal properly as a number of muscles and nerves would have been damaged and will take time to heal.
10th March 2011
Commencing a couple of days ago Sandy and Blue will walk side by side on our walks from now on - they seem fine walking so close and their body language, which we are watching is amicable.
11th March 2011
Sandy has gone back a step today. Since some of his stitches were removed and we thought things looked good he's not been eating all his food and he's been sleeping back in the crate. The wound looked a little red, but I didn't think overly warm. However, during the night he's been licking it and it looks a bit sore this morning and it's 'weeping' where one of the stitches was removed. We bathed it with diluted 'Hibiscrub', gave him some Metacam and put his muzzle back on. When I phoned the vet for advice she wasn't sure why this should be as it looked so good when she saw it a couple of days ago. She advised we kept the remaining stitches in until Monday, to give him more Metacam and she will put some antibiotics out for us to collect for him. She mentioned with it being such a deep wound some of the muscle and nerves would have been damaged and when nerve endings repair themselves they tingle. For some reason dogs can take pain, but they can't take a tingling sensation, and this is possibly what he is feeling.
18th March 2011
23rd March 2011
Blue and Sandy were happily wandering around the garden together while we were doing work outside.
15th January 2012
This evening we went to the Watermill at Ings for a meal with some friends, and because they are dog friendly we took Goldie, Indi and Sandy with us. They were all as good as gold, loved the pasta treat we gave them as we finished our meal and totally ignored the tiny puppy and Staffie at the next table.
18th March 2012
31st May 2012
With Stuart being away working at the moment Sandy decided it was time to keep me company at night so slept on my bed. He must have liked it because he was still there in the morning.
13th August 2012
Well, only Sandy could loose a toe nail greeting someone! Sandy thinks our friend Rick is one of the best people in the world and goes absolutely bananas whenever he sees him. He visited tonight and as always Sandy gave him a wonderful welcome - well quite mad really! We took Sandy, Indi and Solo to the pub for a drink and as we were walking up the drive I noticed Sandy's foot was bleeding. When Stuart examined it his toe nail was 99% hanging off, so with a tissue he pulled it free. Sandy never even flinched. When we got back we bathed his foot and cleaned the drops of blood from the conservatory floor. We think he caught his toe nail on the table or chair leg as he was prancing around.
18th March 2013
20th January 2014
This morning we took Indi and Sandy over to Dan and Christine's because they are looking after them while we are away in South Africa on holiday. Sandy gave them a lovely welcome and made himself at home immediately. He'd remembered he'd stayed here before and it was good fun!
18th March 2014
9th December 2014
The skin on the top of Sandy's rear end has been sensitive for a few days now and the dabbing of diluted Hibiscrub on the area has eased it, but not got rid of it. A couple of days ago we noticed he was chewing and scratching all over his body and upon examination found the sensitivity had spread.
We have never bathed Sandy since the day he arrived here on the 4th November 2007, to be quite honest he has never needed it having had a beautiful coat and skin the entire time. That, and the fact if we'd tried earlier he may have growled and snarled at us, or worse!
Today however, we had no option than to give him his first ever bath.
13th November 2014
This afternoon Sandy went to the vet for a check up where he weighed in at 35.5k
17th December 2014
This afternoon we took Sandy to the vets where he weighed in at 35.4k. He's had a sore right eye for the past couple of days and bathing it hasn't made much difference because it is still very red and looks painful. so we thought a trip to the vet was appropriate.
31st January 2015
We received an email today from Christine who is looking after Sandy and Indi while we are away in Africa. She says the dogs fine although Sandy is limping after chasing a horse up and down the dividing fence in the field with Fen this morning. 
1st February 2015
Having got back from holiday yesterday afternoon and lit all the fires to get the house warm, this afternoon we called round to Dan and Christine's to collect Sandy and Indi. When we walked through the door it took a second or two for the penny to drop that it was us then we received a lovely welcome. They have both been fine while we were away.
Yesterday morning Sandy and Fen were chasing around the field together following a horse who was running alongside the fence in the next field. Not sure what happened, but Sandy came back limping. It doesn't look too bad today, but he looks very sorry for himself, so when it came to tea time I gave him some Metacam.
2nd February 2015
It's very obvious that Sandy has really hurt himself because he struggles to stand up, tries to shake himself but can't, is not his happy jumpy self and has taken to the crate. We phoned Ken Woodacre (the bone man) and asked if we could take him down to see him and an appointment was made for tomorrow.
3rd February 2015
Sandy was not too sure about being examined and man-handled by Ken, and although muzzled there was no grumbling just a yelp when he untwisted his groin muscle and released a sciatic nerve down his back leg. Walking back to the van Sandy looked happier, gave a little hop then a shake and a wriggle, which shows he's feeling better.
4th February 2015
This morning Sandy came for his breakfast, looked at it and went back to his bed. Not sure whether this was because he didn't like what I'd given him or if he wasn't feeling too well I put his dish on the floor in front of him and walked off. When I turned round he was still laying down, but eating his food. Afterwards he went to the garden to do his toilet then came back inside to his bed. Ken did say to rest him for a couple of days so this is perhaps what he's doing!
18th March 2015

5th August 2015
This morning Sandy went to the vet where he weighed in at 33.30k

Sandy's recent blood test showed his kidneys are okay, but his liver enzyme is slightly up but nothing we are to worry about because it is so small - the top of the range is 112 and his was 83. This means that he is okay to go ahead with his dental.

21st October 2015
We took Sandy to the vets this afternoon for his skin biopsy to try and find out why his skin is the way it is. He weighed in at 32.6k.
He lay on the table as good as gold while the vet took samples using celotape, a sample of his hair with folicules attached was taken and 4 sets of skin scrapings from different parts of his back. That done he was taken in to the operating room where, under local anaesthetic he had 3 skin biopsy samples taken from different parts of his back and 7 stitches inserted. The vet was going to do it under sedation, but with Sandy being the way he is and 12 years old Stuart suggested to the vet it be done by local anaesthetic so long as one of us was there with him because he trusts us Sandy was as good as gold throughout the who procedure and afterwards came prancing down the corridor looking for his treat. The vet was amazed and said he couldn't have done that with any other dog other than a greyhound. It was the first time he'd done it without sedation. Afterwards we took Sandy to Romneys pub for a treat.  What a star, we are so proud of him.  We just now need to await all the results.
23rd October 2015
We heard this afternoon the results of the celotape and skin scrape samples show no yeasts, mites or fungus. His hair was found to be in the TELOGEN or resting phase of the hair growing cycle. We won't get the results of the skin biopsy until the end of next week. Good news so far, but it still doesn't tell us why his skin is in the condition it's in.
31st October 2015
I've been very worried about Sandy recently because not only is he having problems with his skin, but his back legs are quite wobbly now and a few days ago he started having accidents around 4 or 5 am. His bark has become quite croaky so I don't always hear him trying to wake me up so he dribbles every where he walks. If I still don't hear him or one of the other dogs don't wake me for him then he does it where he is and goes back to bed. I remember Bobby doing this when he got older but his bark was loud enough to hear so we never had accidents - I put him on Burns complete food in place of the Country Value Greyhound Complete and his waking in the night suddenly stopped. We bought a bag for Sandy about 4 days ago and we switched him fully onto it immediately - we've had no accidents from him for 3 nights now and he's able to last through the night and go out with the others between 6 and 6.30 am. What remarkable food the Burns is, just wish we could afford to put all the dogs on it.
5th November 2015
We heard the results of Sandy's skin biopsy today which shows no immune problems, nor is it hormonal, and thank goodness there are no signs of skin cancer, which is what the vets thought it may have been, Hearing this was a great relief.
12th November 2015
We are really worried about Sandy who was 12 years old last March. His wobbly back legs are very bad this morning and his breathing isn't relaxed as it normally is. We took him to the pub tonight and while he was waiting to go he was jumping around like a 1 year old and Stuart had to physically calm him down to to put a lead on him as to stop him hurting himself. Just hope his 'mad 2 minutes' hasn't done him permanent damage.
13th November 2015
Sandy never ate anything all day, had a drop of water and a bowl of milk and that was all. He lay in the kitchen on a dog bed and never moved, when we got him up to go out to the toilet his back end just wobbled all over the place and he walked with his back hunched and panting with the pain. By lunch time we were so worried about him we phoned the vet and took him in for a check up at 3.50 pm. The vet confirmed he'd injured himself while not acting his age before going to the pub last night. He'd not broken anything, but he'd hurt his hip, back leg and possibly his side. He was given a strong pain killing injection and we've another here to give him at midnight tonight. Stuart will be doing that and then pain killing tablets to help him feel more comfortable and hopefully make him feel well enough to want to eat. Hope he has a decent night's sleep tonight and he's feeling a little better in the morning.
14th November 2015
Sandy still not eating - not even roast chicken and chips!!! Somewhat worried.
16th November 2015
We phoned the vet on Saturday night because we were so worried about Sandy - The vet said he'd danced around the conservatory waiting to go out and either banged himself or over did it. He said it was a bit like a 70 year old playing a game of football and deeply regretting it over the following few days. He said not to worry he wasn't eating so long as he was drinking plenty, which he was and to keep his back end warm with a hot water bottle and blankets. At night he slept covered in front of the kitchen fire, which is the warmest place in the house. Yesterday Stuart managed to feed him some cooked chicken and cheese from his hands. This morning he was a little less wobbly and came for his breakfast, although he didn't eat much unless it was Stuart feeding him. I think he's slowly getting better, but we've to take him to the vets on Wednesday for a check-up and we've to watch in future that he acts his age!
It's been a very worrying time - not had a dog done this before. It's been hard keeping the other dogs quiet and relaxed to give Sandy chance to heal. Hopefully he's slowly on the mend now and the vet doesn't find any permanent damage.

18th November 2015
Sandy trip to the vets this morning for his checkup showed a slight improvement, but the vet still can't pinpoint the exact location he hurt himself, if he hurt one area, that is if he banged himself. If it was generally being too boisterous for his age and his aches are in general they are healing, but he is still very poorly so he's on the strong painkillers for another week.
Sandy ate 2 Wheetabix in milk followed by some roast chicken and chips for his tea. Just hope he doesn't think this kind of diet is going to be the norm when he's feeling better, but we have to get some food down him somehow and dog food is a definate no, no at the moment.
19th November 2015
Sandy is still not a happy chap. He's walking a bit more now, but still arching his back at times. Eating, but not enough and being very fussy. The past couple of days he's not seemed able to settle at all - first one bed for a minute, then outside and straight back in, then another bed, then a cuddle. The vet said not to worry it's all part of the healing process, but I wish he'd put a bit more weight back on.  He used to be a big solid dog, but not anymore - at least we still have him, don't think I could handle loosing him so soon after Indi.
11th January 2016
This lunch time we drove Sandy over to Dan and Christine's house where he will be staying with Fen while we are away on holiday. He loves staying there and knew exactly where he was so as the van pulled up he was up and ready to get out. Up the drive and in the house before we knew it. When it was time for us to leave he seemed to know he was staying and he and Fen watched us drive off from the living room window.
9th February 2016
An email arrived today letting us know Sandy was fine.
13th February 2016
This afternoon we drove over to Dan and Christine's to collect Sandy following our return from holiday. When we rang the door bell and went inside it took Sandy a minute or so to realise it was us, and when he did, he came prancing over to to say hello and for a cuddle. He'd been fine while we'd been away and had put some weight on, he looked very well.
18th March 2016
21st June 2016

This morning Sandy visited the vet
for a check up because his back end has become more weak. After a thorough examination she suggested he have a break from the Metacam which he's been on for a while to see how he is.
22nd June 2016
Day 1 with no Metacam.

21st July 2016

Sandy's not been eating properly lately, he's loosing weight, his back legs are very wobbly and his breathing has started to become laboured. I noticed yesterday a clicking sound with each breath so we feel he is nearing the end of his life.
It was very hot yesterday and all the dogs were struggling to keep cool. Sandy stayed on his bed in the kitchen in front of the kitchen sink all day, but he was struggling to breath without making a noise. We put it all down to the heat.
Last night he never moved an inch in his bed and when I first awoke I thought he'd 'gone' till I saw his ear flicker. He just about managed to stand up and very wobbly went in the garden to do his toilet. After serving the guest's their breakfast he lay again in his favourite position on his bed in front of the kitchen sink. Its cooler today and his breathing seems a little more comfortable to him and he looks less pained in his face.
He's hardly eaten anything all day, but enjoyed the couple of dishes of milk we gave him.
Twice today when he's gone to stand up his back legs haven't held him and were starting to swing his back end around causing him to loose balance had we not been there to help him. Bless him.

SANDY - 22nd July - Passed away at 11.25am on Friday 22nd July 2016 aged 13 years 4 months old.

04/10/2015 - Given a Seleen Shampoo bath
27/09/2015 - Given a Seleen Shampoo bath
21/09/2015 - Given a Seleen Shampoo bath
18/09/2015 - Given a Hibiscrub bath
27/07/2015 - bathed with medicated shampoo
22/07/2015 - sprayed skin calm on skin
25/04/2015 - Hibiscrub bath
18/11/2014 - All tests come back confirming all is okay.
13/11/2014 - 2.30pm Blood test for lab profile testing
11/11/2014 - Annual check-up & booster
Urine tested - okay
Blood test - okay
11/09/2014 - Advantage (half way down back only due to rash at back end that needs bathing with Hibiscrub daily)
15/11/2013 - booster & annual check-up

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Fawn Greyhound
12th February 2008

Fawn Greyhound
Sandy taken whilst on holiday in
Ireland on 12th February 2008

Fawn and brindle Greyhound
Sandy and Dakota enjoying
the snow in our garden
21st February 2010

Fawn Greyhound
In our garden
4th March 2010

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again.

Fawn Greyhound
15th July 2010

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again.

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again.

Sandy - fawn greyhound
16th April 2011

Indi with Sandy in the garden
With Indi in the garden
24th July 2011

Fawn Greyhound
In our living room
8th December 2011

Fawn Greyhound
At the annual Christmas Fair
Newton-in-Furness Village Hall
11th December 2011

(Solo is asleep on the floor)

Fawn Greyhound
Greeting all who entered

Fawn Greyhound
even the staffie puppy!

Fawn Greyhound
who wanted to play!

Fawn Greyhound
Its alright for some, but
where is mine!!
(Solo is asleep on the floor)

Fawn Greyhound
In our living room
1st May 2012

Fawn Greyhound
Sharing an afternoon
nap with Jenny
8th May 2012

Fawn Greyhound
In our garden
21st May 2012

Brindle & fawn greyhound
A return visit from Shepherd
7th July 2012

Fawn Greyhound
Cuddling up
23rd August 2012

Group of Greyhounds
Dee, Sandy (front left), Solo
and Chloe enjoying some
attention in our garden
10th March 2013

Fawn Greyhound
In our garden
12th March 2013

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again. . .

Fawn Greyhound
. . . and again.

Fawn Greyhound
In our conservatory
27th April 2013

Fawn Greyhound
In our garden
9th June 2013

Fawn Greyhound
In our garden
21st April 2014

Fawn Greyhound
and again . . .

Fawn Greyhound
and again . . .

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
17th September 2014

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
17th September 2014

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
17th September 2014

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
17th September 2014

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
17th September 2014

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
17th September 2014

Fawn Greyhound
In the pub
9th February 2015

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
In Romney's pub
21st October 2015

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
and again

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
8th December 2015

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
In our kitchen
6th April 2016

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
8th May 2016

Sandy - Fawn Greyhound
8th May 2016

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